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Nintendo is 125 years old, but still has some growing up to do

6m ago - Nintendo’s 125 today! But if they want to survive another 125, they’ll need to pay attention to t... | Culture

Final Fantasy XV Fans Petition for a Return to Original Versus Concept

15m ago - After last week's TGS trailer for the upcoming (eventually) Final Fantasy XV, fans were divided b... | PS4

Springing Leaks: The Death of Surprise in the AAA Market

19m ago - Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'It seems that for every big budget game that is released now, we kno... | Culture

Top 12 Game That Hold Highest Developing Cost

37m ago - EasyGuidez: Playing a game is really easy than the making game, it’s much expensive. Games are a... | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Destiny - Exiled to the Fun Zone

2h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Destiny is fun. What it is not is: well-written, well-paced, smart. It's a... | Culture

Gaming Streams & Shared Experiences

2h ago - Gaming streams have become an integral part of gamer culture and this is partly due to the shared... | Culture

National Video Game Museum Finds Its New Home in Texas; Plans to Open New Location in April 2015

2h ago - After visiting numerous places and traveling circuits around the country, by early next year game... | Culture

Deus Ex & The Illuminati

6h ago - The Deus Ex version of the Illuminati starts roughly the same time as the real world group. It wa... | PS2

10 Things Nintendo Wants You To Forget About Mario

7h ago - WC: In the list ahead, we dig up the Italian plumber’s past and question whether the hero is real... | Culture

Celebrate 125 Years Of Nintendo With These Nintendo Inspired Drinks

7h ago - Nintendo247 author writes - A little known fact about Nintendo is that the company actually start... | Culture

System Shock 2: Surviving the OSA – Part 1

7h ago - GamingLives tackles System Shock 2. In the first of many diaries, Toffer prepares to deploy such... | Culture

Feel the Beat in Jungle Rumble, Swinging Soon to PS Vita

8h ago - Popular rhythm game Jungle Rumble announced by Sony for Playstation Vita. | Culture

Can gamers ever be satisfied?

8h ago - There’s a feeling of ennui surrounding Bungie’s new opus, Destiny. Articles are popping up all ov... | Culture

Gaming Journalism Is Dead

8h ago - How can game reviewers evolve? Max Sterling has some ideas. | Culture

Swatting Is Disgusting, And It Needs To Stop

9h ago - Today MMO ATK takes a relatively short look at a disturbing trend that's started to surface with... | Culture

Tim Schafer Discusses Grim Fandango Remake, Muses Conspiracies At The Fantastic Arcade

9h ago - Tim Schafer came to the Fantastic Fest last weekend to talk about what's perhaps his most highly... | PC

3 Ways Lords of the Fallen can Overcome Xbox One 900p Shame

12h ago - Twinfinite writes, "Fair play to Sony however; they have made it easier for City Interactive to s... | PS4

GameJournoPros: An alternate take on the entire debacle

14h ago - After being contacted by an individual in the GameJournoPros mailing list, a GamerHeadlines autho... | Culture

5 Games That Will Genuinely Make You Cry

14h ago - CCC Says: "I have been playing Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa 2 lately, and... | Culture

10 Times Just Not Giving A F**K Gave Us Great Video Games

14h ago - WC: By all means, celebrate Gone Home for it’s deep storytelling and innovative design. At the sa... | Culture

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post

What’s happened to games?

14h ago - David Walters - Recently there has been a lot of stuff happening in the gaming industry. In-fact... | Culture

Made Me Buy It: Destiny

14h ago - Video Games Made Me Buy It: "Bungie is back and sticking to what they know best by having a speci... | Culture

Nintendo celebrates its 125th birthday today

14h ago - NE: "Nintendo is celebrating its 125th birthday today having been established way back on Septem... | Culture

Check Out The Beautiful "Booth Companions" of Tokyo Game Show

16h ago - While in the west “booth babes” are often seen as a source of controversy and with no small measu... | Culture

Front Towards Gamer Radio 236: The Mortal Enemy of Hideo Kojima

16h ago - You know, Gamergirl may actually be able to take her own spot as “Permanent Guest Host” with the... | Culture
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