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Gamergate gone too far

36m ago - "When it began it was something that was so outrageously silly that I didn't believe it. Then onc... | Culture

#GamerGate: Threats of Mass Shooting and Rape- Interview with Brianna Wu + Jennifer Allaway

39m ago - The hashtag is a very familiar, if not unwelcome sight to those who monitor the industry as an in... | Xbox 360

12 video game characters who can’t swim (and why)

40m ago - GamesRadar: Water is the most essential element of life. We need it to survive. But don't ever fo... | Culture

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy VII

40m ago - WC: To this day, opinion remains divided on Final Fantasy VII. Many believe it to be one of the g... | Culture

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Digital Downloads vs Physical Copies

44m ago - UM: "Invariably, when a video game console announces that it will be digital-only, all hell break... | Culture

The Witcher 3 opening sequence features Yennifer and wince-inducing summons

50m ago - GamesRadar: The opening cinematic for The Witcher 3 is out in the wild, and it's a doozy. Called... | Culture

The Joker And Harley Are The Next Figures In Square Enix’s DC Play Arts Kai Line

1h ago - Square Enix’s DC Variant Play Arts Kai figurine line-up is continuing with the Joker and Harley Q... | Culture

Fails of the Weak - Volume 214

3h ago - In Fails of the Weak #214, Geoff and Jack bring you fails in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Bat... | Culture

Spooky Games Are Not Always Scary

3h ago - Plenty of horror games offer a great time, even if they’re not very frightening. | Culture

The 8 Most Insane Video Game Conspiracy Theories

3h ago - 8CN: Everybody loves a good story, and a good story that totally happened to a cousin of your bes... | Culture

Retro Halloweekend: Maniac Mansion

3h ago - This week's edition of Retro Halloweekend has us look at the classic point-and-click adventure ga... | Culture

Why the man behind Final Fantasy went free to play

5h ago - "Free to play games are ten a penny on the app store. At least they would be if they cost anythin... | Culture

Gaming needs more remakes

5h ago - "Having always been a GameCentral reader a few comments regarding Bayonetta in the Inbox recently... | Culture

Awesome Sunset Overdrive Death Animation Montage

5h ago - Usually dying in a video game can be dispiriting or annoying, but it doesn’t look like that will... | Xbox One

Serotonin: Feeling safe in your hometown

5h ago - SEROTONIN: In both games and real life, a safe, familiar hometown can go a long way. | Culture

Why you should be Looking Forward to the SMITE World Championships

5h ago - It's going to be a hot time in Atlanta during the heart of winter when the SMITE world championsh... | PC

HATRED's Controversy, Is It Necessary?

5h ago - As many of you may have seen, a game called HATRED has be making some waves recently due to its g... | PC

Actress Felicia Day doxxed after expressing GamerGate concerns

5h ago - The truly honorable intentions of the GamerGate movement gets another black eye. And I use the wo... | Culture

You Can Now Get Retro Gaming Socks

6h ago - More gaming merchandise that's a little different from the norm is starting to pop up online, the... | Culture

Super Smash Bros. announcer tries his very best at the Pokemon theme song

6h ago - RN24: Nintendo fans may not be familiar with the name Xander Mobus, but they probably know his vo... | Culture

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

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The Dangers of Speaking about GamerGate

8h ago - People that are involved in the game industry will have surely heard about the movement known as... | Culture

Digimon vs Pokemon – fight

8h ago - Dorit Vaknine likes Pokemon. Dorit also likes Digimon. Which is better though? There's only one w... | Culture

8 games that baffle you with their insane intros

8h ago - GamesRadar: Welcome to the wonderful world of video game opening cutscenes. They’re mostly used t... | Culture

Throwdown Ep. 08 – “Murder Simulators”

9h ago - The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes: "On today's episode we look at the bigger picture and ask... | PC

Radio Show Covering GamerGate Faces Harassment

10h ago - Video Game Sophistry's latest show asks Brianna Wu and Jennifer Allaway to speak about GamerGate,... | Xbox 360
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