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Cosplay of Kritika's Sexy Character Valkyrie Released To Promote Game

13m ago - Recently, the Korean publisher of Kritika unveiled a set of Valkyrie's cosplay photos. These phot... | iPhone

Image and details for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Robin Action Figure

20m ago - An image, along with several details, have been listed for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Rob... | Culture

See what games are coming out in 2015

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Beyonce Is Always on Beat with Super Mario Bros.

24m ago - Move over, Princess Peach; the queen is here. | Culture

FIFA 15 Predicts the Champions League Final

27m ago - The Champions League Final – the biggest game in club football – is upon us, and the internet is... | PS4

Virtual Reality Games & Responsibility for Their Possible Evils

27m ago - With the technology for virtual reality and headsets coming closer, Nerd Much warns that develope... | Culture

Celebrate Heroes of the Storm by Watching The Honest Trailer Rip It Apart

29m ago - Hope you didn't forget that Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm MOBA came out today! Because the Hones... | PC

Humble Nindie Bundle Adds Three New Games to its ‘Pay What You Want’ Nintendo Deal

30m ago - The unstoppable force that is the Humble Nindie Bundle – Nintendo and The Humble Bundle’s surpris... | Wii U

House of Wolves, Witcher 3, and Pornhub’s Dying Light – Twinfinite Discusses

33m ago - Another week, another Twinfinite Discusses. Welcome back to the show where we answer the question... | Culture

E3: Broken promises and missing product - G4@Syfygames

36m ago - In the spirit of E3 preparation, Grant Patterson takes the big three console manufacturers to tas... | Wii

E3 2015 Predictions: Nintendo

44m ago - GI E3 is once again upon us. Announcements will be made, and Nintendo will do doubt use the sh... | Culture

Does Brianna Wu really know what Gamers wants?

46m ago - Just recently indie developer Brianna Wu made some really tasty statements about what Gamers want... | Culture

TCG Tuesday: Modern Masters Weekend

1h ago - The modern masters weekend just passed and all sorts of tournaments took place all over the world... | Culture

Ted Cruz and the rise of politics’ “video game generation”

1h ago - Ars Technica: "Last week, The Daily Beast ran a profile of Republican presidential contender T... | Culture

Blog: Why I'm Increasingly Drawn to Open-ended Games

1h ago - USgamer: "A few years back, I asked a friend of mine why he preferred to stick with World of W... | Culture

Kirkhope Plays Ukulele for Yooka-Laylee

1h ago - by Playtonic Games: With only 15 days left for the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter, we thought we’d boo... | Culture

Let's Play - Depth

2h ago - Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and special guest Max Kruemcke become deadly sharks and terri... | Culture

Mega Man Animated Series Coming in 2017 From The Creators of Ben 10

4h ago - TheArabGamer writes: "Mega Man have be dead video game wise but at least we can look forward to s... | Culture

The Strange Duality of Sonic: The Hedgehog

4h ago - With Sega no longer going to E3 and Sonic Boom failing, Sonic the Hedgehog could very well go dow... | Culture

Are Top Ten Lists Actually Good for Us?

9h ago - Why do we all read top ten lists when we hate them so much? | Culture

Mega Man Getting a TV Show in 2017

9h ago - Mega Man has been out of the picture for the past five years, but it looks like that's all going... | Culture

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11 Games You Didn't Know Were Based on Books

9h ago - IGN: Novelizations of games are common, but how often does it work the other way around? It turn... | Culture

FIFA 16 vs Pro Evo 2016: Which game has the edge?

9h ago - Get ready for kick off and an all-out fight for supremacy later this year. Which team are you on? | Culture

FIFA 16, Women's Soccer, and Internet Outrage

10h ago - FIFA 16 is to feature women's soccer for the first time. Depressingly, a backlash quickly followe... | PC

MegaCraft - Super Mario Sunshine Part 1

10h ago - Matt, Josh, and Trevor check out Isle Delfino in this incredible Mario Sunshine remake! | Culture

Is Allowing The Public At E3 A Good Or Bad Thing?

10h ago - With E3 making the news with their plans to allow between 4000-500 members of the public to their... | Culture
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