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Gaming Rebellion Presents: The Greatest Games... Ever!

1m ago - At Gaming Rebellion, we feel that certain games tend to go under appreciated or over looked by th... | Culture

PlayStation Plus once again shafts PS4 gamers

17m ago - PlayStation 4 gamers who subscribe to PlayStation Plus are gonna get shafted once again as all th... | PS4

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

15 Hilarious Nintendo Pranks to Play on Your Friends

1h ago - April Fools' Day is a great time to play some pranks and play some games. By Matt at Guff. | Culture

How to be the Best Teammate You Can Be

2h ago - We all could use a little guidance when it comes to multiplayer. With this guide, you will learn... | Culture

Logitech to Sponsor Insomnia54

5h ago - If you didn’t already have enough reasons to head to the Ricoh Arena this weekend, Logitech have... | PC

Hideo Kojima Joins Naughty Dog [April Fools]

5h ago - After the shocking news last month that Hideo Kojima was to leave Konami, it appears that the leg... | Culture

Project CARS: Free Lykan Hypersport Car To Reward Fans Patience

5h ago - News Diverse: The Lykan Hypersport is just the first in the line of cars in Project CARS that wil... | Culture

The Witcher 3 Gets Beard and Hairstyle DLC [April Fools]

5h ago - Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is easily one of the most hyped game of this year. It is also the closin... | Culture

Nintendo Joins the Remaster Crowd with Superman: Remastered [April Fools]

7h ago - SATIRE--Happy Pointless News Day! Ryan Johnson | The Goofer's Lounge SuperFans rejoice! Your... | Culture

Exclusive Battlefield Hardline Interview with Designer Ben Gaciu – Multiplayer, Mods & E-Sports

7h ago - COG writes - On a recent visit to Visceral Games in San Francisco we sat down with designer Ben G... | PC

9 Bizarre Video Game Facts You (Probably) Won’t Believe

8h ago - Here are some weird and wonderful things about classic titles, famous characters and treasured de... | Culture

Ken Levine Discusses New BioShock Title [April Fools]

8h ago - Mike Potts sits down with creative director Ken Levine to discuss details about the upcoming titl... | Culture

Nintendo Direct Information Leaked [Satire]

9h ago - Ben Tedds writes "Shock and surprise today as the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, due for re... | Culture

Hideo Kojima Joins the Push Square Team [April Fools]

9h ago - Push Square, the internationally recognised PlayStation publication operated by Nlife Ltd, has t... | Culture

The Weakest Link: Why the Hero of Hyrule Sucks

9h ago - Link gets all of the glory but Haogamers thinks he deserves scorn. Check out Iain and Drew’s atte... | Wii

Humble Indie Bundle Ballyhoo

9h ago - Tired of all those high rez graphics? Sick of people touting things like "DOS"and "Atari" as retr... | PC

Zombie Army Trilogy Is A Big Fat Survival Mode Sandwich

9h ago - Ian Cooper battled the horde in recent release Zombie Army Trilogy and lived to tell the tale – j... | PC

Rebirth Coming to 3ds WiiU and Xbox1 [April Fools]

9h ago - Blind of Isaac official site: that’s right, in only a few more months each and everyone of you w... | Culture

Why the current gen of consoles has failed to live up to their NextGen promise

9h ago - James Tubbins was promised a "next gen" experience and he feels cheated. He writes "When next-gen... | PS4

Announcing HCS Indianapolis presented by PGL

10h ago - By Official HCS- We’re excited to announce the second LAN tournament of Season 2 in the Halo Ch... | Culture

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

This Steam-Powered Gaming Console Is Totally Fake, Totally Awesome

10h ago - As part of its annual April Fools' Day pranks, ThinkGeek today announced its first game console,... | Culture

Tekken and Lord of Vermilion Collaborate For An April Fool’s Title

10h ago - daadSquare Enix and Bandai Namco have announced their latest collaboration title between their re... | Culture

Yandere Simulator Official HATRED Trailer Released, And Super Yandere 64 [April 1st]

10h ago - Yandere Simulator, a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who seem... | Culture

Fallout Skills in Real Life

10h ago - Wouldn’t it be great if certain aspects of your character could be improved because you put in so... | Culture

Today in Gaming History: March 30-31

10h ago - Patrick Scott Patterson of G4@Syfygames writes: "It is exciting to be part of G4@SyFyGames and... | Culture
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