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A Fat Man Tells You About Fitness Apps

42m ago - John The Braptist for Fully 'Avin It writes: Remember Wii Fit? That was fun, wasn’t it? Pretendin... | iPhone

Life, The Universe And Gaming: There Is No “Us Vs Them” In Videogames

2h ago - An opinion column via EGMR that looks at recent gaming feuds in the industry and discusses how th... | PC

For gamers, combating online abuse not easy

3h ago - While most attendees of Penny Arcade Expo come to the boisterous convention to play games, bag sw... | Culture

Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, and the State of Episodic Games

4h ago - 8CN: Telltale Games has gained a lot of attention recently, after winning several game of the yea... | PC

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

New MGSV Ground Zeroes themed HDD covers for PlayStation 4 revealed by Kojima

6h ago - Kojima unveils several new Ground Zeroes themed PS4 HDD covers. | Culture

Why P.T. Isn't Beyond Criticism

6h ago - I wrote a piece recently about how Hideo Kojima’s playable teaser for Silent Hills, although pant... | Culture

10 Problems Only Gamers Will Understand

7h ago - Gaming is supposed to be a relaxing activity. Except when it's not. | Culture

Meet Kôna - An Indie Survival Adventure Set in Northern Quebec

7h ago - CanadianGamer writes : As the summer is wrapping up rapidly to lead the way to fall and winter se... | Culture

You won’t believe what Japanese gamers can use to keep warm in winter

7h ago - This Tokyo Game Show, Japan’s BES Co. Ltd will be showcasing three different products designed fo... | Culture

Interview with Adam Sarasohn for Tales From the Borderlands - PAX Prime 2014

8h ago - Not a whole lot has been revealed about the newest installment from Telltale Games, Tales From th... | Culture

Load Screens & Super Mario Speedruns

9h ago - Gary Overby has noticed something has been wrong lately. Every time he’d fire up one of his machi... | Culture

Will Toon Link Return?

9h ago - It’s been 12 years since Toon Link made his first debut in the Legend of Zelda series. Since then... | Culture

Film Comes to the Defense of Games

10h ago - Bob"MovieBob"Chipman: It's not the end of journalism as we know it. Film journalism has already t... | Culture

There Will Be Blood: Mysterious New Game Teased at Mighty No. 9 Panel?

13h ago - Hardcore Gamer: Made to look like a gaming magazine circa the 1990s, when two flyers are put toge... | PC

Insert Coin to Revive: The State of Arcades

13h ago - Sam Foxall from VGU: 'The recent announcement of Pokkén Tournament caught many by surprise. Not o... | Culture

Super Famicom Box Art Collection Kickstarter

13h ago - Kotaku: "The book is the goal of a new kickstarter by Super Famicom Guy, who explains that the a... | Culture

Batman and DeathStroke Arkham Origins Figures Available, Joker and Robin Releasing in January

15h ago - Collectors of videogame themed-figures, it’s time to start collecting for Square Enix line of Pla... | Culture

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection #PAXPrime Showdown 4v4 tournament finals

18h ago - The Halo: The Master Chief Collection #PAXPrime Showdown 4v4 tournament finals. See who scores t... | Xbox One

What Happened To Game Manuals?

18h ago - MegaJon28 writes " Game manuals have always been included with games since I can remember. Most g... | Culture

PAX Prime 2014 Cosplay Gallery

22h ago - New Gamer Nation releases its Cosplay Gallery for the second full day of PAX Prime 2014 directly... | Culture

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

Well, That Was Interesting 8/31/14

23h ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale provides his take on the most intersting gaming articles and topics fr... | Tech

Mega Man Powered Helmet and Stand Now Available for Pre-Order

23h ago - Carl Williams writes, "Capcom are not ones to shy away from the demand of gamers, unless it is fo... | Culture

Top 5 Football Games

1d ago - From the Madden series and NFL 2K to NFL Blitz, Tecmo Bowl and more, the 411 staff counts down th... | Culture

'Gamers' don't have to be your audience. 'Gamers' are over

1d ago - Gamasutra: I often say I’m a video game culture writer, but lately I don’t know exactly what that... | Culture

Halo PAX Prime Showdown: LIVE

1d ago - Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PAX Prime 2014 The videocast starts a little after the... | Xbox One
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