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Things to do in Minecraft - Perfection

1h ago - Geoff, Ryan and Gavin put the pieces into the right slot and make the right selections. This week... | Culture

Fan Made Super Smash Bros Animated Short Gets a Teaser

2h ago - A YouTube user and animator, known for the science fiction animated series Free Will Revolution,... | Culture

Uncharted: Ambushed, a live-action short fan film, released

4h ago - Fortunately for fans clamoring for just a bit more of that sweet Uncharted goodness, a group of N... | PS3

STR CAST EP26: Indie Horror Nights

4h ago - In this Horrifc Episode, The Nerds Discuss: The Binding of Isaac, Neverending Nightmares, The Van... | PC

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

The console eSports revolution begins now

4h ago - As Sony launches a platform for PS4 tournaments, a new article takes a look at how the latest hom... | PS4

28 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time

6h ago - Andrew Ryan, Imran Zakhaev, Wheatley – the modern era of gaming has seen its fair share of memora... | Culture

Survey reveals the hard facts about online harassment

7h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The Pew Research Online Harassment survey shows that 16% of online harassm... | Culture

Ashamed To Game – Lament Of Our Culture

9h ago - SteamFirst: Right off the bat, I want to say that these opinions are truly my own, not that of St... | Culture

What Playing Dark Souls Has Taught Me

9h ago - Apixelatedview learns a life lesson from From Software's punishing RPG. | Culture

A History of Horror – From the NES to Today

9h ago - It’s almost the scariest time of the year, so let’s look back at horror in video games. | Culture

Yui Horie to sing Shironeko Project theme song

10h ago - It has been revealed that Japanese singer Yui Horie will sing the theme song for the Shironeko Pr... | iPhone

Is “Try Before You Buy” the Future of Marketing in the Games Trade?

11h ago - Nathan O'Grady - So this weekend Steam offered ten very different games to its users to play enti... | Culture

31 Days of Horror Games: Killing Floor

11h ago - Killing Floor is a gory, monster-filled horde experience you won't soon forget. And it's today's... | PC

The Importance of Timing Releases in Video Games

11h ago - Christian Camilleri - The industry of Video Games is one of the most successful industries in th... | Culture

2014’s best game characters to dress as this Halloween

11h ago - GameZone: "Are you one of those people that wait until last minute to figure out their Halloween... | Culture

The Halo Bulletin: The Elite Eight

13h ago - B is for Bravo - Earlier today, we announced our master plan for the launch of Halo: The Mast... | Xbox One

Indie Stash Cast – Ko-Op Mode Talks Experimental Games, Indie Game Initiatives, and GNOG

15h ago - Blane talks to Saleem Dabbous from Ko-Op Mode about their experimental approach to game design, h... | PC

The Home Button – Episode 3

18h ago - Emilio, Jean-Luc, Nathan, Ed and Matt are all current or former Champlain College students living... | Xbox One

Ignore death threats

20h ago - It always seems like the video game industry can’t go a single week without handling death threat... | Culture

It’s Time To Fix “GamerGate,” And Save Our Culture While We Do. | Marooners' Rock

21h ago - Adam writes: "It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write anything involving video game... | Culture

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

7 Grotesque Experiments In Video Games

22h ago - Everyone has seen gruesome experiments in games. Bloodied labs covered in mangled bodies and dera... | Culture

Unplugged: Are you tough enough to be King of Tokyo?

22h ago - UNPLUGGED: Live out your kaiju rampage dreams in King of Tokyo. | Culture

What Happened To Square-Enix?

23h ago - Over the last month, there’s been a lot of news coming out from Square-Enix in the wake of the To... | Culture

13 Video Game DLCs Everyone Would Pay For

23h ago - Sure, not all of these prospective additions are especially realistic, but then, that’s the whole... | Culture

Battlefield 4 lawsuit update: EA edges out a slight victory

23h ago - Earlier this week, on Monday, a federal judge ruled against EA shareholders – Ryan Kelly and Loui... | PC
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