Dev of the Day : Harebrained Schemes
  At a Glance: Harebrained Schemes

Harebrained Schemes is a small team of passionate game developers led by Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun, Crimson Skies, BattleTech, MechW...

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10 Greatest Second-Bananas In Gaming

2h ago - WC writes: In a time where superheroes are more popular than they have ever been, we felt it was... | Culture

The Fallacy of Feature Variety

7h ago - A game full of features, mechanics, and gameplay variety is nothing but a good thing right? Well... | Culture

Reflections On GaymerX: The Need For A Convention To Call Home

7h ago - An opinion piece detailing an experience at the convention GaymerX2 which proceeds to assert that... | Culture

I Should Trade In My PlayStation 4/Xbox One? LOL, Get The Hell Outta Here

7h ago - We are only eight months into this new generation of console gaming and already there are many ga... | PS4

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

The Best Quests In Videogames: Part Two

7h ago - There are so many quests in FFVII – going into space, finding the ultimate weapon, breeding a gol... | Culture

Do People Actually Bother With Relationships in Video Games?

7h ago - The author wonders why people even care about virtual relationships, as they don't fit especially... | Culture

Why are Let’s Plays so Popular?

8h ago - Adam from NoobFeed writes - Let’s Play videos are extremely popular. Whether it’s PewDiePew, Achi... | Culture

Countdown - Top 11 Party Games

10h ago - Geoff, Gavin, and Ray go over the top eleven party games. | Culture

The Xbox One Isn't Selling as Badly as you Think

10h ago - After June’s NPD figures leaked last week, many gamers are under the impression that the Xbox One... | Xbox 360

The Best Quests In Videogames: Part One

11h ago - Even against the backdrop of The Capital Wasteland – a teeming hub of madness and the strange – T... | Culture

Xbox One DRM Features Microsoft Should Have Kept

12h ago - Gamer Headlines writes: I have enjoyed my Xbox One since picking it up at launch – completely fre... | Xbox One

These PlayStation 1 'demakes' by NeoGAF artists will melt your mind

13h ago - NeoGAF forum members have been demaking modern games for the PS1 and posting their efforts online... | Culture

San Diego Comic-con 2014: No Ticket? No problem

13h ago - So you want to go to Comic-con but the tickets are all sold out? No problem, it’s a good thing yo... | Culture

Will Fatal Frame Come in the States Again?

14h ago - As you may know another Fatal Frame is out for release but this time it's for the Wii U. Seeing h... | Wii

No Matter What Microsoft Does, the Xbox One is Doomed to Fail

14h ago - Ever since their Xbox One reveal in May 2013, Microsoft has tried to remedy their slew of unpopul... | Xbox One

10 Ways Video Games Are Ruining Your Sex Life

14h ago - When you expect to unlock an achievement after every sexual exploit, you have a problem. | Culture

Daily Game Deals: 7/21

16h ago - Here are a few game deals from the major systems for today, 7/21. A variety of retailers, both di... | Culture

Gamer Mondays: The Withdrawal

16h ago - "As of today, the Destiny Beta has officially gone offline in order for Bungie to perform some sc... | PS4

Street Fighter’s Ryu is 50 years old today

16h ago - Ryu was among the roster of the original Street Fighter, which debutd in 1987 in the arcades. In... | Culture

The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's 1 of the most important games ever made.

16h ago - An in depth article on The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's one of the most important games ev... | Tech

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Ford Focus Electric and the Gamification of Driving | RPadTV

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Which Video Games Are So Addictive You Had To Stop Yourself Playing?

18h ago - Gamers can turn "just one more go" into five hours at the drop of a hat. | Culture

Gamer Angry Over Dragon Age: Inquisition Sexual Choices (Satire)

19h ago - Video Games Made Me Do It: "Earlier this year it was announced from Bioware that Dragon Age: Inqu... | Culture

5 amazing moments in Final Fantasy VIII

20h ago - ‘Final Fantasy VIII’ was a progression of the combined science fiction & fantasy world started in... | Culture

5 Final Fantasy Enemies I'd Not Share a Drink With

20h ago - Final Fantasy has a host of enemies that'd be a nightmare to share a drink with. This is the 5 I'... | Culture
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