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I want to see a comparison. Hopefully Digital Foundry does it soon. I really think it won't be that big of a deal when they see how it stacks up to the 360 version.

It is over 5 years old, so I wasn't expecting it to have ME3 graphics.

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I was too poor to get a good PC so I bought the original Xbox version of HL2 so I could play it on my 360.

It lagged and had terrible loading times, so I gave up. I think I will fall in love with the game if I just buy that damn Orange Box.

You are not alone. Everyone talks about it and I have to quietly slip away.

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At least you didn't say Hannah Montana. You haven't have you O.o ???

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A whole $500????

You sir, are greedy. Share the love /s

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My favourite was the original Soul Reaver. It had such dark themes for a game back then. Scared me quite a bit if I'm to be honest.

Plus, those cut-scenes....

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Or just pull out the PS1 and/or "Phat" PS3 to re-live the glory days.

Damn, every time I say Glory days I get Bruce Springstein stuck in my head!!! lalalalalalalala

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Both are great. The only thing I have to get used to in All Stars is the finishing moves. I'd prefer SSB damage count TBH.

For a first effort, it is quite good. They should be commended. Looking forward to the DLC's in January and hopefully a sequel/continuation in the future.

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Yes but it is disappointing. They promised a better version. They took the time to make ME 1 with the ME2 or ME3 engine and still didn't get it right.

Just sums up EA. So many broken promises.

PS3 fans will still enjoy it, as the 360 version also had these issues. It's just disappointing they haven't been sorted out 3 millennia later.

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I agree. I was talking about XBLA. I don't even have the indie games in my country lol.

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I actually agree with the author. The downloadable part has always been in Xbox's favour IMO, too bad not so much in the retail part.

This year Sony has fought back very hard though; Journey, Dyad, Papo and Yo to name a few.

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I can't help but feel ripped-off with the console version. I payed $130 dollars for the limited edition, and the game was half as short as reported.

I felt for THQ going bankrupt, but they truly are A-holes. The DLC is horrible (at least the first 2). There are game breaking bugs that haven't been fixed, and won't be.

Thinking of reconsidering getting Metro Last Light and South Park day 1 next year :(

EDIT: Never said it was bad, ...

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Sony do it also, but even worse. They get exclusive content in Assassin's Creed games and Batman AA, and they can never go over to the Xbox.

Funny how people always forget. Microsoft aren't the only ones who do it. And yes, I think it is bad for gaming, as it is crap for gamers.

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Agreed. After playing Lost Odyssey for the first time this last few days, I can't see myself looking forward to any other JRPG's other than Ni No Kuni at the moment.

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They have also changed the face since the E3 demo right?

It looks different, and I preferred the old look TBH.

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Kill-streaks and dedicated servers.

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No that was the one 5 minutes ago. This one is number 2358235.

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As opposed to 99 percent milk by other franchises.

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There was already an article that said it was already in development for next-gen.

Don't know if that is true though. Halo Wars 2 and Halo 2 Anniv are likely, though if Halo 2 came out in 2014 it would be its 10 year anniversary.

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I agreed, as it is still likely.

However, I think that the rumours of a Halo Wars 2 would make me think it is coming out next year.

They said they didn't want to release a Halo 2 HD, as the only reason they did a CE HD was because of the anniversary. If they are true to their word, Halo 2 CE will be in 2014, to mark its 10 year anniv.

They will most likely continue the yearly release trend, but the CORE (1,2,3,Reach, 4) Halo games have tr...

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You wont be disappointed (considering it probably costs a WHOLE $2 now).

Pros: Great Story. Great Characters. Fantastic soundtrack (very, very good). Cool weapons. Puzzles. Quite a decent length.

Cons: Gameplay could have been tighter (still good).

Another con, which doesn't really detract from Prey's awesomeness is that if you get headaches when playing upside-down, you are in for a real treat with Prey.

It has one ...

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