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Yes, but there have been times when reviewers have made mistakes in their review, and metacritic doesn't let them change it. So if a game is unfairly marked down by a mistake, and the reviewer acknowledges this, they should be able to change it.

Also, I think Simcity should be marked down for how poorly it is working now. Who cares if they fix it LATER? So many games are marked down because "it isn't worth the $60 price tag", but t...

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Yeah he only'plays on PC and Xbox. He will receive a shitstorm next gen if he gets the PS4. Put it this way, he doesn't care what game it is, he will be harsh on it if he has to (ODST got a 6). He is honest, he doesn't care about exclusive this or that, so I respect his reviews.

I don't always agree with his reviews, a lot of the time I do, but at least you'know you are getting a damn honest one.

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Lmao, Twilight series.
In Bramstoker's Dracula, Dracula could turn into a wolf. So the author must watch too much Underworld and Twilight.

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How did you get so many agrees with stating any facts? VG Chartz is undertracking both the 360 and PS3 by 4-5 million, given the fact they both announced they had sold 77 million.

God it really shows the immaturity on this site (and stupidity) when someone can spout nonsense (without showing any facts) and get agrees. You must be a tin-foil hat salesmen, coz today you just made bank.

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Hopefully we will see them return on PS4/720. I have been asking for a good Legacy of Kain game for years. I want at the very least a remake of the Soul Reaver, I love Raziel.

OT: Tomb Raider has outdone itself this time. Very good that they could put a more modern touch on it.

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It always is for some reason. Tales of Vesperia, Darksiders to name a couple. Just go to, find a game, click into it and under images it will have the box art for every region. Japan always gets the Kickass cover. Good luck to them I suppose, I'm jealous.

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Except their model for sports games where they shut the servers down after 1 f***ing year. Other than that I totally agree (Spec Ops, The Darkness 2, Rockstar games etc).

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Agreed. I was intrigued when they first revealed it ages ago, as Starbreeze are quite awesome. I didn't get to play Syndicate (it was banned, EA) but The Darkness is one of my favourite games of all time.

This game looks like it would fit right in beside some of the amazing downloadable titles we got on PSN last year. I really hope they can nail the story element.

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Yes and no.
Poorly, because we all wanted it now, but very smart. The Last Of Us needs to stay relevant during the whole E3 thing, so the demo being released around there will ensure some media attention prior to release, because, let's face it, we will all be playing it E3 or no.

The pre-orders for TLOU are amazing seeing as it is a new IP, and with the demo being released that closely to its launch, the pre-orders will sky-rocket.

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Spec Ops was quite an enjoyable game, with some great graphical/artistic moments and a cool story, quite unpredictable and dark. The game-play was a bit hit and miss (it pissed me the F%$K off some times lol) but overall an enjoyable experience.

I won't even touch the controversy surrounding Resident Evil 5, that was ridiculous. Duke Nukem was a horrible game, so I couldn't care less for that, its game-play was worse than FPS games released 10 years before it, no exag...

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Loved the Assassin's Creed games. Played 1, 2 and Brotherhood. Picking up Revelations tomorrow for $20.

Screenshots from an Assassin's Creed game should be taken with a grain of salt. They touch them up pretty blatantly, as the lighting always looks better in the screenshots.

That being said, I will most definitely be picking this up for the PS4. This will be like another AC3 performance wise on current-gen consoles.

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Wow lol, he isn't allowed to congratulate MS but everyone else is allowed to praise Sony and get millions of 'agrees'? Lmao go home kid, this site is farked.

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Agreed. Will be a premium or pro bundle, with PS+ subscription, maybe a couple vouchers for the PSN. If I can remember correctly, the PS3 and 360 came with '$5 off next game' cards, or a few of them. That would entice people to buy more games at launch.

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Correct. And if you call out a troll, you get disagrees. Happens to me all he time (depending on what console the troll 'belongs' to - I won't say which one as it is irrelevant).

But, at tbe end of the day, who cares? Go to any other website, and they aren't one tenth as bad as N4G. This site is basically the joke of the internet when it comes to gaming, as there are no fans, just fanboys.

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Original is one of my favourite games of all time, legendary. The Darkness 2 was a really good game, but compared to the first, it comes nowhere near.

I hope they do 'The Darkness 2', and continue on from the first, rather than have a sort of comic book/game cross-over. It felt like'it was trying to please'both crowds, when it should have stuck to its gritty, dark and dare I say 'realistic' roots. The comics are the comics. The game was the game, and a...

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Agreed, but then you are in every Gears Jugment article talking shit.
Pot calling the kettle black much? Hypocrites are idiots.

OT: Why do people care about the metacritic? It is a stupid score. If you enjoyed previous GOW games, why would you not get this?
Read the content of the review, and make your own score. The score from reviewers doesn't really mean anything if they know how to detail the pro's and cons.

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Wow. I never said I agreed with the review, but just bitching about it is stupid. Game-play is not everything, by that logic most sequels should be higher rated than their predecessors.

Besides, 60 FPS and above refers to game-play, hence why I added it into my original comment. Damn kids grow up and learn comprehension. People are so stupid on this site. Now hit the disagree button and I'll send you a nice special little sticker that you can ...

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Ya I got an invite to the beta, but didn't play it because it was PC only. At least now I can play it before buying it. I hope to god it doesn't fail. The only thing stopping it is how active and large the community is, a d whether it is too ambitious for current gen.

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Taken out of context. Going by your logic all PC games running on ultra settings, at 60FPS and above with surround sound are 10/10.

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At least EA are still bitter and charging full price for it. I'm actually surprised Criterion have lifted their game. I was watching old videos of Xbox vs PS2 games, and the Criterion games always looked as if they wanted both to be even, when one console was significantly more powerful than the other.

So, I am surprised they took the time to improve the Wii U version.

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