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Samsung Reveals Galaxy S6 and Edge Compatible Gear VR

6h ago - VRFocus- As expected, electronics giant Samsung has today revealed a new version of its smartphon... | Android

Steam VR Uses ‘base stations’ to Track Physical Location

6h ago - VRFocus- When Half-Life developer Valve announced that it would be showcasing new virtual reality... | PC

Opinion: Is #HTCVive Really Valve’s VR HMD?

6h ago - VRFocus- Earlier today VRFocus reported on a rumour that Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC was soon... | PC

Epic Games on HTC Vive: Stay Tuned

6h ago - VRFocus- Tomorrow marks the start of a long week for virtual reality (VR) as both the 2015 Game D... | Tech

Warner Bros. Unveils The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine”

Now - The official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine” - has been unveiled by Warner Bros. | Promoted post

World of Diving Dev Teases 'Exciting Update' with HTC Vive

6h ago - VRFocus- Today saw the announcement of HTC’s new virtual reality (VR) head mounted display (HMD)... | PC

Dev Leaves Epic Games to ‘Focus on VR at AMD’

7h ago - Virtual reality (VR) is most definitely the hot topic of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Sa... | PC

HTC Vive Dev Kit Detailed, Release Revealed

16h ago - VRFocus- Today sees the announcement of the HTC Vive. The Taiwanese smartphone maker lifted the l... | PC

Owlchemy Labs to Demo Steam VR Title at GDC

16h ago - VRFocus- Quickly following the reveal of Vive, the HTC head-mounted display (HMD) confirmed to be... | PC

Countdown to GDC 2015: Two days to go - Who's at the Expo?

1d ago - It's all well and good that the entire games development industry is in San Francisco for a week;... | Tech

Khronos Group Trademarks "Vulkan", Possible Name Of glNext

1d 8h ago - Next week is going to be one of the most interesting tech weeks of recent years, as both DX12 and... | PC

$350 PC competes with PS4

1d 10h ago - Pixel Dynamo looks at a comparison of Shadow of Mordor running on the PS4 and a $350 PC and poses... | PC

(WGB) Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker Review – Something The Neighbors Won’t Appreciate

1d 10h ago - Baden of WGB: "Despite having been on the market for a while now Corsair’s SP2500 speaker set con... | Tech

Why GDC 2015 will be a glimpse into PC gaming's future

1d 23h ago - PCworld writes: Heart racing. Vision a bit blurry. Head starting to ache prematurely. Stress risi... | Tech

MIND: Path to Thalamus Dev Reveals New VR First-Person Control Concept Olive VR

2d ago - VRFocus- Fans on indie developer Carlous Coronado’s first-person adventure videogame, will know t... | PC

Review: Sharkoon's Skiller Pro is a good gaming keyboard (for the price) | News10

2d ago - Are you of the mindset that an effective gaming keyboard should cost around $100? If you are,... | PC

DirectX Developer Blog: DirectX 12 at GDC 2015

2d ago - Attend our technical sessions to learn the latest about DirectX 12 Advanced DirectX12 Graphi... | PC

MyRPG Master Now Available On Steam

2d ago - For all the RPG fans out there, MyRPG software is designed to allow anyone to build their own rol... | PC

Exclusive: DirectX 12 Will Allow Multi-GPU Between GeForce And Radeon

2d ago - A source with knowledge of the matter gave us some early information about an "unspoken API," whi... | PC

OSVR to Make UK Debut at EGX Rezzed with Radial-G

2d ago - VRFocus- Earlier in February VRFocus reported that popular sci-fi racing experience Radial-G woul... | PC

ZTGD | Kingston HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Headset (Hardware) Review

2d ago - Ken McKown writes: Gaming headsets are kind of a fascination for me. Being a father and a gamer m... | PC

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Google's AI is beating humans at Atari games

3d ago - This computer program, called "Agent", is really good at Space Invaders. | Tech

Upcoming gaming personal assistant AI GEOFF takes on the Nvidia Shield

3d ago - This week James introduces his voice-activated assistant GEOFF to his new Nvidia Shield. It doesn... | iPhone

$511 Budget Gaming Home-Theater PC Build - February, 2015

3d ago - GamersNexus: "We put together a computer that'll look great in your living room entertainment cen... | PC

A New Idea Could Change The Way Virtual Cities Are Created

3d ago - A project named OpenHattan is proposing a new idea that could revolutionize the way virtual citie... | PC

Samsung brings Nightmares to Your Mobile

4d ago - In a promotion from Samsung for their new V.R. (or “Virtual Reality”) device -something that ever... | Android
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