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Gamebase Announces Reach3dx Closed Beta Test

3h ago - Gamebase announced today that it has launched the closed beta test for Reach3dx. An anticipated f... | PC

Kinect may not be a hit with gamers, but it is poised to become a medical game-changer

9h ago - Xbox One’s highly innovative Kinect sensor may not be the biggest hit with hard-core gamers – Mic... | Xbox One

Cross Platform Play Comes to Nvidia Shield Tablet as War Thunder is on it’s Way

1d 1h ago - Enables SHIELD Tablet users to play against PC, PlayStation 4, Mac and Linux Players on the go or... | PC

Mad Catz Shipping New Range of Xbox One TRITTON headsets

1d 3h ago - Ditch that crappy ass mic that came with your Xbox One and order up a pair of these bad boys from... | Xbox One

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

VR vs. Oculus Rift's Release Date - When is it coming out?

1d 4h ago - VRFocus - While the prospect of the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset on PlayStation... | PC

NVIDIA Debuts "Shield Tablet" Specs with TEGRA K1 GPU; Shield Controller

1d 5h ago - GamersNexus: "No -- this isn't Maxwell news, though I do have some comments on that below. GPU ma... | PC

Nvidia Announces Powerful Gaming Tablet With A Full Press Release

1d 5h ago - NVIDIA has announced their new Shield gaming tablet. The unit is designed with gamers in mind to... | Tech

Next VRLA Meetup Dated, Detailed

1d 6h ago - VRFocus - While the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) remains as one of the key meetups withi... | PC

Oculus VR Issue Statement on Closure of Facebook Acquisition

1d 6h ago - The long-running story on the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR comes to a close today. The agree... | PC

Cyberith Virtualizer steps onto Kickstarter

1d 8h ago - Oculus Rift just found its new BFF. A new interview with Cyberith's Tuncay Cakmak takes a look at... | Tech

The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's 1 of the most important games ever made.

1d 9h ago - An in depth article on The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's one of the most important games ev... | Tech

Death Of Mouse - New Tech 3D Touch Is Arriving Soon May Be Revolution For Gaming

1d 9h ago - GamingWorm says: Anh Nguyen and Amy Banic from the Department of computing at the University of... | PC

Talking Xbox One, PS 4, Wii U, Oculus, Steambox, and More With Tech Expert Scott Steinberg

1d 14h ago - Tech guru and expert Scott Steinberg recently spoke with Skewed and Reviewed about the state of t... | Tech

Radial-G Dev: 'VR is here to stay this time'

2d ago - VRFocus - It’s no secret that virtual reality (VR) has made a run at the consumer market before.... | PC

Trinity VR Launches Kickstarter for Trinity Magnum VR Controller

2d ago - VRFocus - In May 2014 Trinity VR teased its upcoming Trinity Magnum gun controller for virtual re... | PC

Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - Mechanical Keyboard, Budget Case, 480GB SSD

2d ago - GamersNexus: "To celebrate the middle of Summer (also known as "oh no, its almost time to start t... | PC

Breaking the Threshold with Windows OneCore: a modern UI framework that works across all devices

2d ago - It seems that MS is getting closer to merging all of their platforms together and it may be calle... | Xbox

Nvidia extends SHIELD family with SHIELD Tablet and Wireless Controller

3d ago - In January, NVIDIA announced its new mobile processor called Tegra K1. It is the first SoC to inc... | Android

Is the NVIDIA Shield tablet worth the money?

3d ago - If you’re a gamer like me, when you think of buying a new gaming console your thoughts probably h... | Tech

SLI & Crossfire in the Same PC

3d ago - GamingWorm says: Did you ever think of running two AMD graphics cards and two Nvidia graphics ca... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Is this the 2014 NVIDIA Shield tablet?

4d ago - The image came courtesy of @evleaks, the source of countless confirmed leaks, who posted the abov... | Android

What is the future of the PS Vita?

4d ago - Kutter28 shares his thoughts on the PS Vita's future. | PS2

GRID: Autosport PC GPU Benchmark - GTX 750 Ti, R7 250X, R9 270X, GTX 770, More

4d ago - GamersNexus: "Speaking of GPU testing, that's why we're here today. This GRID: Autosport video ca... | PC

Women vs eSports

4d ago - A critical analysis of the controversy surrounding the IeSF/Hearthstone incident. | PC

Top 5 Best Gaming Accessories

5d ago - David shares his personal views on the top 5 gaming accessories that every gamer should take a lo... | Tech
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