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APU Wars : AMD A10-7700K vs Intel Core i3 4330

1d 14h ago - AMD APU v. Intel APU, let's see which has the higher performance. | PC

Wii U vs. PS4: MIT's New Interactivity Software Could Change Both Platforms In 2015

2d ago - Who would benefit more from THAW, MIT's new screen interactivity software? | PS4

Is iOS 8 Too Big For Your Device? Try This Trick So You Don't Have To Delete Your Games

3d ago - When Apple declared iOS 8 as “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store,” they weren'... | iPhone

Evolving with the times: GameStop experiments with new tech to keep customers in stores

3d ago - GamesBeat: Beacons and mobile apps will shape the GameStop shopping experience at brick-and-morta... | PC

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (XB1) Review

Now - Ken mows down massive armies in the latest Musou game. | Promoted post

Could our games look as good as this music video?

5d ago - GotGame writes: It took 94 cameras to make the face in Duologue's new video. Will this be how gam... | Tech

Well, That Was interesting - 9.15.14

5d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale gives his weekly ruminations on gaming, tech, and everything else.... | Tech

Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $100 RGB Mech Keyboard, $30 500W PSU, $450 GTX 780

5d ago - GamersNexus: "We didn't feature a Weekend Sales Roundup last week due to the greatness that was P... | PC

VGU Logitech Stress Test: Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse Surface Test

7d ago - The second Logitech stress test is finally upon us. How does the G602 mouse cope on so many diffe... | PC

Nintendon't - Dodd Scientifics

7d ago - The once branded 'savior of video games' came to the realization that they needed to modernize th... | Wii

The PS4 And Xbox One Are Already Out Of Date

8d ago - Nothing makes me laugh more than the ongoing obsession with the Xbox One’s difficulties rendering... | Tech

How big is big? The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus size chart

9d ago - The monster iPhone 6 Plus makes most phablets look like a smartphone for ants. And the iPhone 6 i... | iPhone

Don't lose Faith in Steam Machines just yet

9d ago - To say Valve had a rocky start with Steam approach towards the living room would be an understate... | PC

TechTrek: Lasers and Drones.

10d ago - Technology has been increasing overtime. Now it is time to look at a grasp of how far technology... | Tech

iPhone 6 Debate Proves to Gamers That Resolution Doesn’t Matter

11d ago - Launching the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 spawned two sides to an argument – one reasons that, in... | PS4

How to choose the right gaming PC

11d ago - In general, purchasing a new PC is difficult, but buying a computer designed to play high-end vi... | PC


11d ago - Nintendo announced a new 3DS and new 3DS XL, named the “New Nintendo 3DS” and ”New Nintendo 3DS X... | Tech

VR vs. Gear VR

11d ago - VRFocus - If you’d asked any virtual reality (VR) enthusiast about mobile VR this time last week,... | PC

7 things that will absolutely definitely happen at today's Apple keynote (lampoon)

12d ago - "At 6PM BST (10 AM PDT) today, Apple will hold a much-hyped and hotly-anticipated keynote. The... | iPhone

Why VR Is Not The Future

13d ago - VR has been getting a lot of buzz lately with Facebook’s Oculus Rift leading the charge and Sony... | PC

Well, that was interesting: September 9, 2014

13d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale picks his top gaming and tech-related stories of the week, along with... | Tech

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

Unpossible and the Motion Control Lie

13d ago - While there's not much to say about Unpossible, there's a lot to say about motion control, its fa... | Wii

Nintendo R&D; The Weirdest Products They’ve Ever Made

14d ago - Nintendo is a company that is known for their ability to come up with new and innovative ideas fo... | GameCube

The Blind Gaming Mouse Showdown #1

14d ago - Six gaming mice enter our showdown, but only one will emerge as the champion! | PC

Sony Xperia Z3: The New PS4

16d ago - The idea was to take the gamer out of the living room and not restrict him/her to the TV screen.... | PS4

I Don't Mind Quick Time Events

16d ago - Harjit actually doesn't mind quick time events. Yes he said it. In fact in some games such as The... | Tech
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