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  At a Glance: Bifrost Entertainment

Bifrost Entertainment is based in the cold harsh lands of Norway. The bridge connecting the mortal realm to Valhalla, Bifrost represents the link b...

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The Best Five Mobile Games for the Thinking Man.

15h ago - So you think Candy Crush Saga is a little beneath your intellect? Well check out my very first ar... | iPhone

AMD Mantle Really Impacts Graphics

20h ago - GamingWorm says: AMD's Mantle API we all know about that. As running games on Mantle API improve... | PC

30 frames per second is bad

1d 22h ago - 30fps is slowly becoming a standard for this new generation of consoles as more and more games us... | Tech

Kinect may not be a hit with gamers, but it is poised to become a medical game-changer

2d ago - Xbox One’s highly innovative Kinect sensor may not be the biggest hit with hard-core gamers – Mic... | Xbox One

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

VR vs. Oculus Rift's Release Date - When is it coming out?

3d ago - VRFocus - While the prospect of the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset on PlayStation... | PC

The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's 1 of the most important games ever made.

3d ago - An in depth article on The Walking Dead: Season 1 and why it's one of the most important games ev... | Tech

Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - Mechanical Keyboard, Budget Case, 480GB SSD

4d ago - GamersNexus: "To celebrate the middle of Summer (also known as "oh no, its almost time to start t... | PC

Is the NVIDIA Shield tablet worth the money?

5d ago - If you’re a gamer like me, when you think of buying a new gaming console your thoughts probably h... | Tech

SLI & Crossfire in the Same PC

5d ago - GamingWorm says: Did you ever think of running two AMD graphics cards and two Nvidia graphics ca... | PC

What is the future of the PS Vita?

6d ago - Kutter28 shares his thoughts on the PS Vita's future. | PS2

GRID: Autosport PC GPU Benchmark - GTX 750 Ti, R7 250X, R9 270X, GTX 770, More

7d ago - GamersNexus: "Speaking of GPU testing, that's why we're here today. This GRID: Autosport video ca... | PC

Top 5 Best Gaming Accessories

7d ago - David shares his personal views on the top 5 gaming accessories that every gamer should take a lo... | Tech

Tablet Tips: A Gamer's Guide to Getting the Most From Your iPad – Part 2

8d ago - "Welcome to your new iPad. Here at Grab It, we understand the excitement that comes with owning a... | Tech

5 Things V.R. Needs To Do To Be the Future Of Gaming

11d ago - Virtual Reality is the hot new tech in the gaming industry but will it take off or fade? Skewed a... | Tech

Avegant Glyph: A Different Kind of HMD

13d ago - The Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus. GameFace. Altergaze. Dive. These are just some of the many hea... | PC

GOG And Abandoning DRM

13d ago - CCC Says: "Here's a confession for you: I don't use Steam. In fact, I refuse to. Besides only hav... | PC

System Builder Attempts to Find How Many Players a Single PC Can Handle, Theoretically It's 66

14d ago - Remember that argument that consoles are better than PCs because of local co-op? Well, system bui... | PC

VR vs. Nintendo

15d ago - VRFocus - No matter what you make of Nintendo’s current situation, no one can deny that they’d li... | Wii

The Ever Increasing Interactivity Between Video Games and Reality

17d ago - Oculus and Sony are developing new Virtual Reality projects that stand to bring a new level of im... | Tech

Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $268 R9 280X, $90 850W PSU, More

18d ago - GamersNexus: "This past weekend's deals feature a Radeon R9 280X at $268, a modular 850W PSU for... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

How Google cardboard project will change VR

18d ago - Google has done something very... Google. They are making VR headsets out of cardboard and making... | Tech

How Sony's Playstation Now Could Change the Face of Rental Gaming

19d ago - Sony's new streaming game rental service will be going up against current, better established ren... | PS3

Why AMD and Nvidia are fighting?

19d ago - These two companies have been going at it for as long as they have been out in the GPU market. Th... | PC

A Problem With The PS4's Recording Feature That Nobody Is Talking About

20d ago - Daniel from writes: "Brief recap: The PS4 and its controller have been built aro... | PS4

$393 Cheap Bastard's Gaming PC Build - July, 2014

20d ago - GamersNexus: "Larian Studios managed to release an amazing RPG gem just a few days ago. The compa... | PC
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