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Wait, how is it possible to sell 1 and a half consoles? :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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Can't believe that there are still like 4 more JRPG's out for the PS3 this year. JRPG's are the best, absolutely love them. This game was a piece of art, even more beautiful than Eternal Sonata.

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I saw this review yesterday. It is in Spanish, translated into English. I don't think it is a 'proper' reviewer anyway, so it is most likely a leaked copy. The review doesn't really go that in depth, so it wasn't really well written, more like a grade school assessment. Either way, I don't expect this game to be getting 9's or 10's.

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I was really excited at first, but the more and more I saw of it, it looked more generic. Plus, I'm worried the community will be too small, and that there will be too much lag.

So many variables on my end that I can't risk pre-ordering it. I'll wait and see.

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Reviewers have been awfully harsh on a few games later in this gen cycle. It's like they only all just decided that we want new IP's, instead of sequels. Funny thing is, military shooters get away with it.
I am not saying this reviewer is right or wrong, but I think most people are disappointed in the double standards of reviewers. One moment they want new IP's, and the next they are telling us how innovative "Military shooter 69 " is...

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Don't know why the disagrees, I think you are right.

The PS1 network adapter, along with the PS3 backwards compatibility, were very good in concept. Sony had no choice to abandon them as they are very risky. The backwards compatibility was awesome, but they neede to find a way to bring the price down.

And who could have used the network adapter for the PS1? Shit, I didn't even have internet until 2000, and the download was like 56kbps tops.

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Nice article. I love the more light hearted, good feeling that Japanese games bring. So many western games are so serious, that they become ridiculous and too cheesy.

Also, 'cute' girls are f***ing sexy!

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I think Uncharted should be given a rest. That way, in a few years into the PS4 cycle, when everyone is asking for a new Uncharted, they can give us a game with Nathan Drake's son as the main protagonist. You could then have the Drake/Sully relationship move toward an actual father/son relationship.

I don't know, I just really loved Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, the Harrison Ford/Sean Connery banter was hilarious and legendary.

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Exactly what I am always thinking. Puzzles, smart ones at that. And for god's sake, we need more stealth!! Maybe they think stealth doesn't sell as much as action, which is funny considering Dishonored did well, and we have a next-gen Thief coming out.

EDIT: @Yi-Long

The sci-fi thing was cool with the amazing ending of AC2, but I agree they should have dropped it, or never included it. How can they conclude the Sci-fi overlay story without making AC:...

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Well, to be fair, he knows how to fu** them.....and stomp their faces in...

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Yeah you could still consider Halo 1-3 as a trilogy though, as 3 wrapped it up nicely (the flood). The new trilogy is venturing off somewhere else. I get what you mean, but for arguments sake let's just allow it.

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I agree, but then the vocal minority (weak, pathetic angry little kids on the internet) are usually an easy target for the media, so then all gamers are put under the same banner.

" The latent racism, homophobia, and misogyny online are black marks on an otherwise great hobby."

I say that all the time. But as you said, you can't change people. The anonymity makes anyone think they are invincible.

Some of the things said on the i...

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Well said. Although, I'm one of those weird guys who puts story>gameplay>graphics. So long as the gameplay isn't *completely* terrible (Spec Ops).

I think Crysis 2 is a prime example that graphics don't mean anything if you have a dull story and poorly executed/bland gameplay.

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I used to be the same, but unfortunately I have limited time and money to afford both, unless Microsoft blow me away at their reveal. There is a lot I want to fulfill in my life, as well as getting out of some of the troubles (mostly money related) in my life. I can't see myself getting both consoles again, at least not until one is cheaper down the road.

If I had the money, I would no doubt get both straight up. But I learned the hard way tha...

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Yes I generally listen to customer reviews, as you know it will most likely be honest, as they paid for the game.

I subscribe to Gameinformer, and boy oh boy, them and IGN hand out 9's and 10's left and right. Their reviews are almost always above average meta score.

I actually read the whole thing, and it was very well written, and I was constantly agreeing.

One thing I always thought about though is that imagine if you were a revie...

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"And you've got $45 extra to spend on Steam."

Or KFC. Dem herbs and spices...

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I'm completely fine with this game getting 8's instead of the usual 9's and 9.5's, so long as they review the next CoD, Assassin's Creed and Battlefield the same. GOW takes the hit, yet others get away with it. Oh well, still a better game than those I mentioned.

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Nice avatar. Terms of Rampagement.

I do think Sony should support 3D however. It really adds to the experience. We just need cheaper and better 3D TV's. I don't want to buy one if I am the only person able to watch it, as those glasses are expenisve (no, not those cheap shitty ones from the cinema lol).

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Nothing says Gearbox like outsource.

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"....Witch Hunter 3...."

I LOL'D.......hard.

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