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Already lost a bubble today by butt-hurt 360 fanboys, so at least I can't lose another. If anyone buys this console knowing it has online DRM (presuming it does in fact have always online) then I hope they lose internet connection a lot and that XBL gets hacked and down for a month.

Anyone stupid enough to buy it deserves that.

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My personal favourite;

"I'm always connected to the I can f*** my career using twitter whenever I want to"

Seriously, the amount of funny meme's there is insane. Loved the one about girlfriend.

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Well said. I am connected to the internet all the time on my Xbox, whether I am playing single player or not. Howefer, for that to be a requirement is a big no-no for me. Will not be getting a 720 110% if it requires always online. The amount of trouble I have had with my ISP is ridiculous. Plus, I don't have unlimited usage.

Then again, Microsoft have only ever cared about the U.S.A only anyway. Oh well, I suppose I can get $400-$600 worth of...

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I'm not buying a 720 at all if it is online only. Not only that, I will immediately stop buying games for the 360. I'll buy all my multi-plats for PS3 instead. The nerve of these pricks is astounding.

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You are correct.

So many gamers are so stupid. 60FPS is possible on the PS3 and 360 (just look at CoD). It just means that your game will most likely look like rubbish (CoD) and have low resolution (CoD).

The problem is that gamers judge games based on graphics. If you see a game that looks like ass, most gamers don't care if it runs at 120FPS because it still looks like ass. Why would a developer make a decision that would harm sale...

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If he was apart of a game that had a loyal following, rather than the casual CoD crowd he would have had more luck.

Looking out for Human Element still.

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I had the same problem at first. The first 10 levels or so are difficult. What helps a lot is the roll perk from the talent tree. Trust me, every fight becomes a roll fest, and if you upgrade it it goes from 100% to 200% further. Once I got that it made the combat so much easier and allowed me to master other areas.

I'd say keep at it. I was a bit meh after 4 hours, but every other hour was amazing. The combat is supposed to be difficult at first.

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No point, just trying to crack a joke, lighten up the mood.

I bet 360 gamers are walking around right now acting like Ron Jeremy lmao.

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It took me 7. The length was decent, I actually wanted it to end because the campaign was atrocious IMHO. Seriously, weakest campaign I can remember playing. I have prestiged a couple times in the MP, so I'm not being a fanboy. I can't imagine anyone liking the campaign, it sucked.

It was only fun doing it on insane to get 3 stars on every mission, other than that, the campaign was pathetic, with a story so weak, it makes the Gears trilogy look like Bioshock lmao.

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But that is what Gears is about lol. Don't know why CoD gamers want everything to be like CoD. They ruined Gears and Killzone 3 MP.

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Coz Xbox users have no exclusives to play ;)

(I have a PS3 and 360)

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Hard to compare, as they were two different systems. Gears 3/Gears Judgment are still 2 of the best looking games this gen (just play them), which is on weaker 360 hardware. UE '3.5' as it stands has produced at least 2 games that make most other games look average (graphically).

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Not 'disagreeing', but I think the UE4 is more versatile. Having similar architectures (PS4/720) I'm expecting the PS4 to come out on top.

UE3 didn't ALWAYS run better on 360, when in the hands of good developers, the PS3 version was better. The Arkham games, UT3 to name a couple. Let's wait and see.

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I just disagreed because it is off topic. As it stands I have no plans on getting the new Xbox, but I just don't like s***-stirrers.

OT: If the new Xbox was more powerful than the PS4, which by now, it most certainly won't be, it would cost at lest $600. They put to much money into that Kinect garbage, so whether you like it or not, if you buy a "720", some of your hard earned is going towards Kinect. Not buying it.

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Yes and no. Gears 3 is still one of the best looking games this gen, or Judgment, so the improvements made during this gen allowed it to stay at the top with the best engines (on console).

Naturally, some of the ugliest games were also made by the UE3. It is more down to the developer I suppose.

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Agreed. 2K is the most respectable out of the Big Publishers. EA,Acti, Capcom, Sega have committed many sins. Ubisoft also milk AC to the point it is becoming stale (still loving Revelations though) . The only bad thing 2K does is with sports games.

Other than that, they brought out The Darkness 2 and Spec ops, as well as giving Rockstar all the time they need with their games. Plus, Bioshock Infinite and Xcom. They are a brilliant company who still have some desire to create...

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Mark of the Ninja and Dust definite buys. I got them ages ago and they are so worth the money. Castle Crashers and Deadlight are both pretty average games, I didn't like either of them. A World Of Keflings is super fun, whether you are an adult or child (good game to play with kids).

Nothing on there is for me unfortunately, as I already have the good stuff.

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Just bought it on XBL. First episode was free and the other 4 were 200ms points each. Awesome game, completed it yesterday. It has been on sale twice on both PSN and XBL. Disc version sucks and is way too expensive.

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Yep and then when EA offer to have Origin on the next Xbox, and Microsoft refuse they will chuck a tantrum and drop support of the new Xbox. Sounds familiar. Would be strange if next 'gen EA was with MS, and Activision was with Sony.

What a twist!!!

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Omg same. It was so thrilling. Had such a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe. I knew something was up the whole time, it was amazing. I just beat the game less than 2 hours ago, for the first time. Sad ending.

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