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Bastion was a pretty good game, but not amazing. The ending is cool.

Hopefully they can make the story more involved this time, and have nice break-ups between action.

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I stopped a few weeks ago, and lost the page.


Thanks, have been meaning to start putting them in again.

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One of my 'friends' claims to have a hacker friend who discovered that Beast and Horde are locked on the disc. If this ever sees the light of day, EPIC are going to cop a s***-storm.

I think they made this so 'light' to make back money on Gears 3, which had more content than any other shooter this gen IMO.

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I'll try a demo. Don't want to invest in something with poor support, connection and quality and a crappy TV show. Not saying it will have all this, just saying I'd like to try it first before I part with my Gil. I am invited to the beta also, so I may gkve it a try. I redeemed the first 40 or so Ark codes.

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If they make it exclusive to next-gen, you can be damn sure MS and Sony paid gajillions to have it that way. Why would Activision release on new platforms only and not release it on current-gen where they are guaranteed 30 million sales? Because Sony and MS would have to pay Acti an unspeakable amount of money.

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More freedom. I'd prefer them to stay exclusive, as they have been excellent thus far, so why risk getting screwed over by another publisher? If they choose to stay with Sony it obviously means they are happy and know what they are doing.

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I agree and disagree. It pisses me off when people buy a used game instead of the 'new' one, as they are being cheap trying to save $5. Another thing though is that not everyone can afford new games, and the restrictions will effect all of us.

I always buy used, unless I can't find a 'new' version of an older game. So, someone like me who buys 'new' is penalised, as if I want to lend it to a friend/brother, I can't.

Maybe devel...

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Banned? Well, I don't see them calling people whores on the internet. Also, why does it bother you? I know you are not the only one, but you are calling them attention whores, so you give them more attention by coming to this article? Not very bright if I'm to be completely honest.

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Lmao. No-one knows what the Ouya is except a certain percentage of the hardcore internet dwelling gamers (such as myself). Why would I buy this piece of crap to play angry birds or temple run on my 55inch TV? Waste of time. Absolute gimmick. Wouldn't get one if it were $10, as I would not, could not find a use for it.

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They would have been working on this after Killzone 3 in early 2011 or before. Now, what we saw will be old by the time it releases. So basically it can only look better. I really hope Sony invests in the MP and makes a killer 'app' for PS4. It can cement Killzone amongst titles like CoD, Battlefield and Halo for having massive MP appeal.

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Unless they make a quick Die Hard cash in (a few motnhs should be adequate time for them) then yes, this will be the stinker of the year. I'm sure Aliens CM is looking amazing right now next to this.
Cash-division can suck it. They knew damn well what they were doing, they had no intentions of making a good game. They wanted this game rushed out so it could be released during the second half of Season 3 on TV.

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Correct izumo. FF7 was the first FF to be a Juggernaut, thanks to massive advertising by Sony. Whether it was released on both Xbox and PS4 won't matter. I'm sure it will sell tonnes on both.

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Motorola Mobility sucks big time. I am using a Motorola Xoom 2 tablet and it has been nothing but a pain. Why would someone infringe on something so poorly executed? Funny though, as this new mignt anger 'some' of the people on here lol.

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Why would he ship them, when he can.... outsource the shipping... just like the games development. Someone should outsource this guy out of existence.

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Gears Judgment is blue and orange. Spec ops the line had a bit of that too. I think it is because they are conflicting colours, so they make each other stand out and can look beautiful together.

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Campaign was the weakest in the series. On a technical level you can see they improved the lighting and the amount of enemies on screen. It is a mostly very beautiful game to their credit, but the aftermath campaign has Gears 2 graphics at best. It was clearly scrapped Gears 3 dlc'in alpha stages chucked into this game for 'added value'.

EDIT: not hating on the game, I found it somewhat decent as a Gears veteran. But for anyone who is not interested in the multi-...

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Idiots. So basically they are saying that they aren't ready for next gen? Nobody wants to pay $100 for a digital game a month after release (Australia) and in the US the prices are high to I'm sure.

They just keep talking, and I am getting less and less interested in the new Xbox. Maybe they should just shut up? PS3 gamers will all be getting a PS4. 360 gamers will be getting either one, and are leaning towards PS4 more and more everyday. That is a fact, I know a lot ...

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Can't spell agreed without GREED. Unfortunately, Activision are the ultimate at this. I know EA have worse 'ethical standards' (arguably), but I would have preferred a good game from EA with an online pass and micro-transactions than a crap game by Activision.

Love Angry Joe reviews. Whether you like him or not, he is very honest and tells it how it is. He doesn't have any bias opinions tbh, he is harsh when he needs to be. Will be watching this in about half...

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Launches In PAL Territories......

......and no f**** were given.

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Correct. Although 3 is better 'now' because it doesn't have the same lag that Gears 1 had with p2p hosting. Judgment I was giving a 7/10, but after screwing around with it today I'd give it a solid 8. Quite a good game, if you like Gears MP. If you want an interesting, story focused campaign, sadly this isn't it. I am more of a single player story focused guy, but I can find some long lasting appeal in the MP.

Been hoping for a great story in a Gears game...

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