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LOL like they weren't already for all these times!

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All lego games are easy Platinum. You just have to sink time into them with all the collectibles

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Nice. Didn't expect it to but I'm happy it's doing great. Way to go PS gamers. Let's show them action platformers still mattter.

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That's just a way life saying it hates you! Same here but I'm keeping my games I couldn't find the time for for retirement! 24 years from now, I'm gonna retire rich and pursue a life of full time gamer!

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If you can't understand it, fine...but something just doesn't sell over 150mil units for being "average" or "nothing special". You can only ride on hype for so long before the console die with the hype like the Wii. The PS2 was different. It truly was a great console that offers games for everybody at the time. Basically THE only console we needed that gen! This was translated by its numbers and dominance and people talking highly ab...

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Activision aren't stupid. I give it 6 months after release before they announce the standalone CoD4 remastered.

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It already looked like Big N gave up on Wii U snce last year and the NX announcement was just the last nail in the coffin for the poor thing. But despite that, it still baffles me on their timing for everything! Why announced it last year just to release it next year? Right now, we are seeing a full year annihilation of the Wii U where the console die a really long and painful death thanks to Nintendo themselves! Not just the nail, they even shot it with the final bullet in its head by delayi...

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No, really. And I said, "personally".

After the abomination that was Win 8, 8.1 update was greatly welcomed. Got some getting use to, but over time, it was clear that it was indeed better. I was holding on and only installed 10 on my laptop and did/'t like it. After all the announcement of Xbone games going to Win 10 and DX12 promised features, I caved in and installed i10 on my PC. So far...still not liking it. And the fact that it crashes more times than th...

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in order for something to qualify as HD, it must be displayed at 1280X720 resolution and above. the VGA box displays 640x480 images, so technically NOT HD! I can hook my PS2 on my HDTV too but doesn't mean the PS2 was a HD console. the original Xbox was. although not all games were but the console does support native 720p output.

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I personally think 8.1 is better than 10!

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if your criteria of "best" is "having the worst failure rate in history", so yeah! no previous or upcoming consoles would beat that record EVER!

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this is too much! how many of these articles are we gonna get until E3? or until some sort of official conformation or denial?

I love my PS4 and am still not on board of this upgrade-able console shit! but hey, if they think this is the way forward, I'd say go on, just don't render my existing PS4 useless!

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the power of FREE mainstream OS!

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technically, the original Xbox was the 1st HD console! at least get your facts straight!

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"exclusives"?? really? like REALLY really? if the rotation of Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable is your thing then...sure!

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"PS4 doesn't have games like X360, and It did not impress graphically,"

LOL no wonder you guys are drooling so much over 720p QB! is it because it's about the same image quality as a 360 game?

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not so awesome when you drop them in prison!

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No it's not! CGI or not, it's still 2005 tech at best.

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Nah...receipts all long gone. Didn't expect it to happen because my DS3s lasted for the whole gen. Lesson learned.

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I mean, can't they just give it away as pre-order bonus or something instead of charging for it?

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