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you do realize that this is "STEAM survey", right? most people on Steam play games and all games run on Windows and not much on anything else. so...there is really no point suggesting other OS as far as this article is concerned.

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"Quantum Break has an amazing story, decent and cool visuals, but everything else is close to average or mediocre at best according to most reviews."

I think DF called the story "cliche" and aside from the detailed faces, the game really falls short at about everything else! if we are talking about the Xbone version, the images are mostly blurry (720p upscaled, what do you expect?), shadows quality are terrible, lots of texture po...

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is it just me...or this sounds awful lot like a PR video?

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1 ending? so much for being "multiple choices" like many has claimed around here! that's just...LAZY! why even bother create the illusion of "choices" for the players then? didn't the learn anything from ME3? can't they at least make 2 endings like inFamous? completed under 10H WITH live-action cutscenes and all they can do is 1 ending regardless of any choices made throughout the game? were they running out of budget of something?

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TLoU still holds that and will be for a long time! Almost 50 more than TW3 which is 2nd on the list. But where is Uncharted 2 though? I think it shpuld be up there somewhere too

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I don't know the length of the game as I have yet to play it but 8H gameplay for a linear game is SHORT no matter how you want to spin it! What's with the apologist attitude you're showing there? But Let's hope QB is not 8H because that would be disappointing!

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Deluxe edition? I see...SE is taking a page from EA's book

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Yeah...the pre-order bonus for the Xbone version is the free PC version. Why?

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They did with Bolts & Nuts and it sucked!

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Jumped into the Win10 bandwagon the moment it appeared on my laptop and I didn't like it. And this comes from someone who has learnt to tolerate and like Win8.1 (we don't talk about the abomination that was Win8!)

Built a rig and installed 8.1 again but after the release of DX12 and announcement of games coming excluaively to it, caved in and upgraded AGAIN! and to the surprise for no one, I still don't like it! Damn...hope the games are worth it!

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While we are on this topic, can I pre order for Xbone in order to get the free PC version and later sell/give the code of the Xbone version to others?

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"Quantum Break representing the best of Xbox One and Uncharted 4..."

QB is a multiplat though and is rendered at a very low res on the Xbone. Hardly "the best" IMO.

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So...what is so wrong about PS4's UI? Is it as clunky, messy and slow like the Xbone UI? The PS4 already install games multiple times faster too and the only missing amd constantly requsted feature for the UI is custom folders.

It's easier to show progress when yours are a mess to begin with!

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One...maybe 2 months of good GFG, and now this? Seriously, I've played so many AAA games on PS3 and Vita last year thanks to PS+ and I think the service is as excellent as ever! But it seems like nobody is praising Sony for it! But now MS is giving 1 AAA Xbone game and a couple of OLD 360 games...they are generous! The double standard is strong with this one! But guess what, even minus the games for PS4, PS+ still is giving more contents to its subscribers every month while costing $10 ch...

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MLB The Show is the only baseball everybody needs right now!

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Do all video game ads claim "actual gameplay footage"? I don't think so. And I've never seen any McD's ads ever saying "this is the actual Big Mc you will be getting"! Stop trying to defend Ubiscam!

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Not until the stop using bullshots and impossible to achieve renders as their marketing videos and call them "actual gameplay footage"!

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Nintendo really have shot themselves in the foot with the Wii. So much success yet so much damage done too!

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ACiT was the pinnacle for the series and probably the best action platformer ever made IMO...A masterpiece! This remake is a looker for sure and hopefully we will get something the calibre of ACiT again in the future!

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"...up to date with overhauled visuals and such"

I think it mean "out of date"!

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