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...and when Ken Kutaragi said that people will get 2 jobs just so they can buy the PS4, he was arrogant! #11.1
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MLB The Show is currently the only licensed MLB game available on the market after 2K stopped making MLB 2K and they are PS exclusive. #2.2
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new tracks?? OMG AWESOME!! been playing the game non-stop since launch and I'm always wanting for more and new tracks are exactly what I've been waiting for. and to top it off, Urban tracks? guys are AWESOME! can't wait for this!


I refused to buy the Season Pass the first time around because I was skeptical about them and boy did it disappoint me big time when I bought my 1st season pass which was the Season Pass for LEGO Batman 3!... #1.2
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"I will be playing Wii U in 2016 because I want to play games."

You're aware that the Wii U is the platform with the least amount of games available and upcoming, right? And looking at the way the Wii U is selling, you do realize by now that the NX might probably be oficially announced next year too, right? #9.1
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Dude...RDR does have MP. #1.5.4
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Power and innovations doesn't help the Vita to gain mass appeal against the 3DS. Handheld is a strange market. Power doesn't play a big role there. The most dominant handheld devices right now are not the most powerful but have massive brand recognition. 3DS is inferior but it dominates because of Nintendo and there are so many other smartphones more powerful than the iPhone but it dominates anyway because of Apple. #1.1.4
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Yeah, pc won because aside from MS who has a direct product in Windows on PC, Sony and Nintendo are totally feeling threatened by the PC sales! /s

Bringing the PC in a console argument is childish. And Wii U? Lol...that thing is already on life support! #8.5
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I think The Order 1886 is cyberpunk, right? #1.1.14
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Quiet Mountains? dude, I don't know if you've played MGS V but "Quiet Mountains" are already in it...if you know what I mean! :p #1.1.13
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The nature and timing of his resignation is not suspicious at all! /s #1.1.2
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where were you when MS paid to keep TRoTR away from other platforms? #4.1.8
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it tingles your grammatical sense? #2.2.2
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eh...3rd party has always been important.

3rd party is always the answers for all these following questions.

1. why the hell do you guys think that SEGA's consoles trailed behind Nintendo's?
- lack of 3rd party support

2. how the hell were the PS1 & PS2 so dominant?
- abundance of 3rd party support and exclusives

3. why the hell was the DC died a quick death despite being a great console?
-... #1.2
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never say such stupid things about a rumor before any official from the dev or publisher come out and deny it. by then, even if they are lying and the rumors are true, you have a backup. #21.1
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Even for a time exclusive, it's pretty terrible. What kind of an exclusive deal that allows the developer of the game to announce the release window for the other platforms months before they even release it the 1st time exclusively? This isn't timed exclusive DLCs like CoD but a whole game. #14.3
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"Well I hope it doesn't get pirated like crazy."

In this day and age, that's like saying "I hope the sun doesn't rise tomorrow" which something kinda exiting to see but most definitely won't happen.

Maybe this time around of the year, the sun doesn't rise in the artic and your wish might come true but who play games in the igloo anyway? #6.1.6
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Nah...the force is just weak for the Xbone. #5.1.1
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come to say the exact same thing. which version of Project Cars does this guy compares Driveclub to? 4k ultra setting? if yes, then I would agree but seriously, DC graphics is up there with the best! #3.1
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I'm currently undecided about this. as huge a fan as I am, if the game is solely about the 6 movies I have seen countless times, where's the fun in it? why don't they keep with MARVEL Super Heroes 2 instead of Avengers? the 1st game is still the best LEGO game available with a storyline of it's own which what made it great!

playing the movies again in LEGO style parody already getting tired, coming from the old Star Wars Saga, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pira... #1.2
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no Xbone version? is it not coming? #1.1.10
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