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"But that took over two hundred hours, and there are STILL cars that I can't afford (8-10 million CR apiece)"


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don't forget Pokemon Go! and apparently many are hoping Mario Run would be the same

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like I said in my comment in another article, GOOD LUCK Nintendo

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casuals don't care for Mario or Zelda or Pokemon. even when they are interested, they don't want to pay for it.

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"The PS controller is a modified/updated version of the SNES controller"

what?? this one?
you blind or something?

"The MOVE is copy/paste from Nintendo Wii controller&q...

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"Why are they still selling the Wii U?"

What would you suggest they do with the yet unsold ones? The production has stopped and I don't think they are taking orders for it anymore too.

So? You want them to bury them alongside ET?

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@WeAreLegion dare you. This is a revolution I tell ya!

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LOL you actually believe Sony will copy the xbox controller layout next gen or sometime in the future? hahaha cute!

"This is an official licensed controller by Sony" - doesn't mean Sony like it or will use it. it just means that it can be plugged in to the PS4 without the need for adapter or anything else. and that's it. nothing more, nothing less!

evolution you said? are you implying the xbox layout ...

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"devs aren't abandoning the PS4 and XB1 for their mid-gen upgrades"

of course I knew this and devs would be stupid to do so because Sony said so and the PS4 is already at over 50mil units sold! who in their right mind is gonna be stupid enough to ignore a 50mil fanbase that is only 3 years old this gen? and also Mark Cerny has said that Pro enhancement would need only a small fraction of their total dev time to implement because o...

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delusionals Nintendo fanboys everywhere. this is not handhelds that we're talking about. sure the DS and 3DS were less powerful than the PSP and Vita but are more successful. but handheld is the market Nintendo already has a strong grip on. power matters in the console market. if you don't trust me, look at Wii and Wii U. the Wii sprinted out of the gate with its motion control craze but that eventually faded away and it was left alone by AAA budget games in the mountain of shovelware...

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looks interesting but is it really "done right" though? the analog placement alone already says that it doesn't do PS4 controller right! at least Razer Raiju is staying true to PS tradition and actually looks like the enhanced version of the DS4.

I know these are for esports thus they are going with wired but why aren't they thinking big with these? they can also make it wireless and more non-esport gamers would be interested to get 1 if priced right.

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and then they realize it was not sexy enough thus the current tracer

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$60 (+30 games) vs $300 (+ maybe 1 game)

fair comparison right there /s

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What else do you expect from a site run by trolls?

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online play should be free and it still is with the PS3 and Vita. I wasn't a PS+ subscriber before the PS4 because I know too well I don't have the time needed to play all those free games coming with it. but seeing how it's now required, I subscribed the day I got my PS4. but eventhough a I have to pay MYR129 (WTF? our currency is so shitty right now, that only equates to USD28.81?!) a year for it since 2014, I have never saved this much money playing these many games before in m...

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PS exclusives has to be "godly" for some people to consider them as exceptional or else, they are just "nothing special" while others' games just need to be good to be considered good. that's how high the standards of these wannabe journalist when assessing PS exclusives. it's true if you look at reviews, or the all predictable "no innovation" thrown at will everytime a PS exclusive is out. even temporal projection in KZSF MP and UC4 900p in MP is sti...

34d ago 2 agree1 disagreeView comment're giving them too much credit. but meh...they are one of the biggest flaimbaiter around for a reason though...

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I wonder what Dualshockers thought about 13GB patch for dead rising 3. Forget was Astronomic!

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I know it's not VR. It's cinema or theater mode or whatever you wanna call it but doesn't change the fact that you'll need a VR headset to make use of it. I just think this serves those hating on VR especially from the Xbox camp that has been calling as "gimmicks"...THAT gimmicks is a step closer to your beloved console too. MS aren't gonna wait on the sideline, they also want a slice of that "gimmicks" pie!

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