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...IF you can see 2 bananas! #13.1
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it's LITERALLY a banana! #9.1.2
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ps4 exclusive? what? Oneechanbara was exclusive to the 360 last gen, right? wow didn't even know this game is coming.

but I'm here for the boobies! :-P #1.1.11
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yeah, let's compare games over a year from their releases and give the crown to the "WINNER"!

pathetic! #1.1.9
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I am mainly a PS fan for the exclusives and trophies but I also constantly game on PC for cheap games I can get my hands on from Steam.

but the delusions/arrogance of elitist pc gamers in this thread really disgust me.

"Yes. Because popularity says how good something is."

"...I can tell you the people I do know don't play the same game for very long. Constantly switching to new games and steam sale games."
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I believe the Kinect 2 doesn't cost even close to $100 to make.

this is just a marketing strategy:

1. So consumer will think the earlier $499 SKU was actually a great value

2. at the same time, not pissing off early adopters

3. to coup back R&D losses aka. to squeeze as much money as possible from people who are buying just the Kinect for anything else AND suckers who refused to buy the $499 SKU to begin with #1.1.5
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remember that Metal Gear and Final Fantasy are both older than the PS brand? #1.4
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as a narrator, maybe #11.1
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just for the sake of it - Antonio Banderas!

hey, it's like returning the favor for this

http://cloud.attackofthefan... #1.4
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Seriously, even the title itself is kinda dumb. "Best GPU"? Obviously it will be the best cards available out there, right? Duh...

The article should just suggest what's the minimum required for constant 1080p60fps and then it would be a good article.

Listing every card possible on a certain price range is so overdone and it doesn't have to be CoD at all. #1.6
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That's the point! It's not like there is an antivirus-like DDoS protection package you can just buy off the market. Plus, the current methods against DDoS attack is to divert the suspected DDoS attacks towards a certain IP away from the server.

It's a good counter measure for a common type servers or websites but it won't work too well with gaming server like PSN or XBL because time after time, there will be DDoS-like request when millions of people flocking i... #1.4.4
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DDoS protection? WTF? Is THAT even a thing? #1.4
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Axios usual trolling comment aside, the point that people missed here is who would buy this thing? It might be superior to PS4/Xbone but it's inferior as a PC and that'a more important IMO.

Seam machines are geared towards gamers - passionate pc gamers. They don't buy a rig just so they can say "my rig is a little bit better than current gen consoles". Yeah right.

Plus, unlike consoles with fixed hw, this thing will cripple in performanc... #1.1.7
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I don't know about you guys buy why is the article pic just put the DS4 to represent the PS4 while the other 2 are the whole console? Hmm...I'm a pretty particular guy, so it bugs me to see it like that LOL. #1.3
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The original didn't move the Vita much if at all so I don't expext it to he a system seller on PS4 all of a sudden.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love Tearaway to bits and I couldn't have been happier when Unfolded was announced although admittedly I prefer they continue it on the Vita with a larger scale of adventure as I think the Vita really needs it but I'm still happy Tearaway will still be around and this is a day 1 buy for me. It's just that the ma... #1.1.5
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Yeah, because Vita games are 1080p, right? And expecting 1080p from a $99 console is so realistic, right? #4.5
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I have had the Vita TV since launch. And it just got updated recently to have the PS4 Link like the Vita. I use to play my PS4 games in other rooms and it's nice but they have to update it so it can use the DS4 quick. Just like how it is lackluster with Vita games compatibility because there are no touch screen and touch panel at the back and camera, it's lacking too with just the DS3 because the absence of touch pad. #1.1.4
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Ideally, remote play works everywhere with wifi but it requires quite a fast connection for it to work away from home though or the connection won't be sustainable. #1.2.2
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But holy hell you remote play at your office? Using your office internet? How do you know I'm not your boss? :-P #1.1.2
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