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I wouldn't too if I had one. nothing against portable but I just had my Vita screen blacked out and my smartphone screen cracked by my kids when they accidentally dropped them. now my Vita have no picture and my phone looks terrible! kids...

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HDR with 10-bit panel - the only reason I still don't have a UHDTV. there are some non-HDR alternatives out there that are cheaper but I don't think they are worth it! I spent quite a lot for my 51" Samsung Plasma 1080p 3DTV back in 2010 and even now, the image quality is still superb!

I've been eyeing newer UHDTV but something good and similar in size or larger is still too expensive. hopefully they go down in price soon.

20d ago 1 agree2 disagreeView comment won't be $700. that Jaguar CPU alone is enough to warrant a price much lower than that. right now, even $400 is not too far fetched.

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are you new here?

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what now Xbox fans? aren't you guys gonna riot like the time you guys rioted when Sony removed OtherOS?

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twice the power? LOL that right there is a Xbox fanboys wet dream

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stings for the wallets maybe because I can't see how it would be cheap and by cheap I mean <$400! as for market share, I also can't see how it can stings it in any way.

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LOL they just have to put something from the Xbox camp up there, don't they? Halo Wars aren't gonna win anything GoTY wise

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Eh...I'm from Asia but I have a US PSN account just for the free stuff back during my PS3 days. I think you can buy these, activate the code with the free US account and still play them using your native account.

I already got the Darksiders games on Steam during the last Steam sales. But for $15, might as well just get them all LOL

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so...a 5?

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Yeah, such BS! I caught enough Magicarp to be able to get another Gyarados, yet didn't get a single shiny one. And what is the point of water festival if not that many Dratini or Lapras were spawned? Honestly, I was disappointed :-(

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Knowing Molyneux, this talk about regrets might be another one of his promises he's not gonna fulfill.

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how much will this game be on PS4, Xbone and Switch? $60? if that's the case, that's pretty low of them to charge that much for basically a remaster

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it's genius when Nintendo does it, but when Ubisoft did it with FC4 and Primal, I don't see people calling them genius. double standards!

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A couple of even all of those IP might have Mario in it.

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I don't know about other regions, but in Asia, PS+ members get 10%, sometimes up to 20% off for almost all new releases from all publishers

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Cow milking? Easy peasy. They are the master of it.

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Nothing against Halo but the only IP on Xbone I want on the PS4 is SSOD. Huge Insomniac fan here

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Ask EddieNX and he will say Zelda BoTW is perfect because it has gotten lots of 10s

Absolutely no flaw at all

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To massage Gamestop's balls? What about the puny on-board storage? Or expensive SD card prices? No? Nintendo makes no mistakes?

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