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And...what will that proves? That there are no real sim out there and because of that, we can call this arcade racer a sim too? No thanks.

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If you are in no rush, wait until it's $5! I got many great games on Steam for that price and I'll sure pick QB up later when it's $5 too. Win win for me

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And if you think FH3 is a sim, GTFO noob!

A sim doesn't allow a lambo to brush through thick bushes, forest and sandy beaches with ease! Freakin amateurs!

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Yep. Milk it...milk it to death!

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Driving sim? That alone is enough reason to dismiss this review.

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"The PS4 Pro is more like Sony reacting to Scorpio. 4k graphics as well as VR"

I know those engineers at Sony are amazing and all but nobody knows about the Scorpio until E3 and even now, it's barely words of a 6TF "monster". But you're so convinced that Sony came up with a counter product and is all ready to sell it in just 5 months? Are you 12?!

And for you Sony is the one reacting with VR when ...

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Why play catch-up if you already lost, right Spencer? Focus on what still possible but it's still a bit moot when your best games play best on PC. There's still UHD BD, right? Cheer up

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I'm so excited for this...said no one!

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Unlike MS, Sony is also in the business of making standalone 4K BD players. I do think that their decision to not include the 4K BD playback on the Pro is so the Pro will not cannibalize their standalone division's sales.

I also have no doubts that the PS4 or at least the Pro is just a FW update away from 4K BD capabilities like the HDR was for the original PS4.

I care very little for it btw, because I have only ever bought like 8 BD my entire life fo...

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World domination complete. Next...Mars!

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It's a damn shame they are no more. Love the Saboteur very much. One of the few games I really enjoy to Platinum.

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At that price, it's pretty much DOA! There is just no way it will be as powerful as the Pro considering the time when it was announced and with Sony at their full force marketing, I don't think the NX will have any chance to shine.

I honestly think Nintendo has missed the mark big time in terms of the release of the NX. Shouldbhave released it this year instead of 2017. It will be an embarrassment releasing a weaker console after the Pro.

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"Not yet"?

So...without reading the article, the author think it's better to wait until Scorpio comes?

Edit: not quite, but it does sound like it's saying "don't expect too much from the PS4 Pro"

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With 5 games!

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Xbox fanboys will continue to downplay Driveclub for its initial online issues but failed to recognize it was already playable online in a months time and before the end of that December, they already patched in the promised weather. All in less than 2 months after release.

And they will defend MCC no matter what although it was still broken 6 months after launch.

DC is a solid game and a fun game to play off and online. Arguably still the best looking ra...

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For those Xbox fanboys still in denial about the Scorpio being next gen, think about the Wii and Wii U and even the Xbone itself. They all play all ot almost all their previous gen games and that's what you call backward compatible!

Sure the Scorpio will play Xbone games just fine, but will the Xbone be VR compatible? No! Unlike the original PS4, the Xbone is already not getting HDR like the S. And MS are saying they are leaving it to the devs to make Scorpio exclusives...

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of course price matters! always did. why did you think the PS3 didn't takeoff like the PS4 against the 360? why did you think a more powerful $400 console were outselling a weaker $500 one from the get go this gen? and why do you think at $350, the more powerful PS4 still outselling the weaker Xbone?

PRICE! it will be a huge deciding factor. Sony is in an advantage already with the Pro. if the Scorpio is not gonna be $399 next year, it's ...

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a failure even the Dreamcast would be called a success conpared to it.

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right now, if they look up, Sony is looking at the sky, MS is looking at Sony. but if they look down, they will both see Nintendo.

the "FACT" that you were talking about is obsolete. both Sony and MS don't even consider Nintendo as a competitor anymore in the console space. now, THAT's a FACT!

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