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you play your PS4 at construction sites? no wonder those buildings take years to complete! LOL

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it's the same as xbox bosses got together and said..."oh crap...Sony is releasing exclusives one after another and we have like nothing else to show. what should we do?" and then someone said "We can make a more powerful Xbox One and call it True 4K beast!"..."And then we keep talking about for over a year it to distract our fans from the lack of exclusives they are getting." and they just went with that idea. ;)

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sure...blame R* for Nintendo's decision. Nintendo should have seen this coming even from before launch. that's what happen if you give options. publishers will opt for the cheapest way possible. of course it's an honorary thing for R* to pay more and use the bigger card but the question remains....this is a port of an old game that they want to cash in for the 2nd or 3rd time, why should they spend extra?

and my guts are saying that the Switch version will sell ...

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the dock is more an accessory than an actual hardware. there's nothing in the dock that actually helps boost the Switch capabilities at all. it's nothing more than a simple TV-out device which will trigger the Switch to operate at full capacity when docked as it detects HDMI and external power and when un-docked, the Switch just simply run on a power balance mode in order to save battery and not use too much power.

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"In either case, it was all business decisions" let the consumers foot the bills for every corner Nintendo and R* has decided to cut.

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if I get a dollar every time articles are written about blaming Sony for not allowing x-play, I would probably be able to afford the X by now

16d ago 4 agree0 disagreeView comment're gonna spend another $100 on top of the X? wow...

even though we can just easily uninstall other games to make space for new games, installing even 1 game with this size sure stings regardless. the price for 4K HDD-wise and bandwidth-wise is insane!

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a crappy game you don't even need the X to run it

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just checking....yup...the definition of "True 4K" has permanently been changed. congrats MS for this achievement.

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my money is still on PS5 releasing in 2020.

as long as games only differ in the resolution department and not framerate even after the X is released means Sony has nothing to worry about. they have enjoyed superior resolutions since 2013 and I don't think they care THAT much the X is going to take that crown for now, certainly not after they already sold almost 70mil PS4.

even IF (that's a big IF) the X is capable of 60fps in games where the Pro w...

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LOL this game wish it can be as solid as Knack! seriously, bring your trolling somewhere else!

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if that's indeed the case for the "casuals" and they are all in the know of which console run games best, the Xbone would be already dead by release when it was launched with BF4 running 720p, and the Pro might have flown off shelves and easily outpacing the PS4 Slim by now. but those are not really happening now, is it?

most of the initial purchase of the XboneX will be from xbone owners looking for an upgrade!

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more than you pity Helios?

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"There hasn't been much in the way of a real story,..."

yet Zelda and Mario with basically no story at all beside save the princess got praised to heaven's high! and Nintendo fanboys were flipping when people say Nintendo games get free passes!

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When Sony is dominating and there's nothing to stop them, journalist is finding a way to bash Sony. Suddenly now violence in video games is an issue again. WTF? So desperate. If you love rainbow so much, Mario Odyssey just launched. Go play that!

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they even think that the X is gonna help the xbone outsell the PS4. so...

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somebody should give Reggie this image

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did you just seriously compared Mario with Forza?? I can't even...

I don't know whether to take that as a compliment for Forza or a humiliation for Mario.

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LOL such a weak and ignorant defense! Sony dominated so much made you think it's PSX or something?

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