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LOL you're gonna be really disappointed! #8.1.2
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What are u talking about? Sony has always supported their console for a long time. Even the "not so great selling" PS3 is on its 10th year already and Sony hasn't announce its discontinuation yet. So the chance that the PS4 will be supported long even after the release of the PS5 is very high. #1.5.1
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Seriously...where did this guy got the "fact" that the PS2 sold 150mil in less than 6 years? It took almost 10 years for the PS2 although the last 3 years of its life was not so great due to the existence of the 7th gen consoles. But I think it did around 120mil before the PS3 was released. #1.1.19
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the FXX K is a monster! #1.3
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LoL gotta love xbone fanboys basically saying 50% difference doesn't matter because them can't tell. Seriously guys, just because you're ignorant, doesn't mean the differences aren't there! #1.1.40
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It gets new contents, so it classifies as news? What's wrong with it? It's not Evo or Sony's fault this game still gets new contents to this day. #4.1
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Pretty sure. I have tried all my other headsets. Don't work #1.1.4
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I think the gold is using BT but that is because it's an official headset. I wish Sony would just make the PS4 support BT as much as the PS3. If it ain't broken, don't fix it! #1.1.2
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the Kratos character model on the PS3 itself still holds up as the best even now IMO. no matter how you look at it, there was barely any jaggies! got the game since launch in 2010 and it still amaze me to this day! #8.1
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that's what disappoint me so much about the PS4 at the moment. why the hell did they ceased support for BT headsets?? I have the SOCOM headset I use all the time with my PS3 and my phone and now I have Sony's own MBH-10 and SBH-20 headsets which I love so much but I can't use all them with the PS4. now I have to use my PC headsets and connected to the DS4 which is still good but I prefer the simple BT headset. not to mention that the G25/G27 wheels which are not supported too. #1.1
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At least SFV is exclusive to the console that is like 12mil units ahead worldwide while TRoTR is going exclusive on the distant 2nd place console and a rapidly declining last gen console. On paper, it's clear which one made the better choice.

Off topic, who else here have problems connecting to SFV beta server? I've been trying for 2 days but still no luck. #3.2.1
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Seriously...these are "gaming tournaments" we are talking about, not sports in any way! Categorizing it as sports in the first place is wrong! #1.1
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Not surprising considering the definitive edition ran at the same setting. #1.1.8
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"Sony use to do the same shit in the early days of PS3, that changed when PS3 began outselling the 360."

Seriously dude...stop talking BS! The PS3 has always outsold the 360 worldwide since launch. How the hell do you think the PS3 caught up and eventually outsold it despite coming out a year to a year and a half later?

And they stopped adding PS2 and PS3 numbers together last gen when they stopped making the PS2! Know yo... #1.1.15
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I was skeptical too at first and I am not a fan of survival and horror genre. I pre-ordered it because of ND and they've blown me away! Definitely one of the best and most engaging game I've played!

ND is getting my money with their every game, no question asked! #1.2
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Wow...that's like a notch or two higher than I expected the game to be reviewed. Will wait for more reviews. #2
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AussieGamer1 is banned?!

Damn...that's harsh but that guy is pure comedic gold! #10.3.5
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Horizon just looking "a little bit" better than FO4?! And you even have the guts to say Halo 5 looks better?

LOL somebody is blind! #10.2.3
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LOL tell that to Ubisoft with their problematic Tetris launch last year #2.4.3
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No matter how much people want to hate on DC, you can't go wrong with it for $20. If you love the original tour, I strongly recommended the season pass because there are a number of very good and challenging events in all the DLC tour packs release so far.

I got the game day 1 and pretty much still play it everyday eventhough I have aced all the tours. But due to that, I can't help to feel that the game has become 'easier' and less of a challenge now. I love t... #1.3
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