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is the Arcade edition still console exclusive for the PS4?

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"Please don't cost an arm and a leg."

LOL this is nVidia we're talking about. it will!

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after over $150mil of people's money? it's not gonna be THAT soft for them if they don't deliver!

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you could have upgraded your PC for cheaper than buying the X and play this game at 60fps. maybe not in 4K but 1080p or even 1440p at 60fps was already doable on a mid-range cards

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WTF? are VR headsets gonna get smartphone like refresh after just a couple of years too now?

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If 60fps is what you after, why didn't you play it at its best since launch? It was already 60fps or higher on a decent PC

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they are just reaping the benefits now. the PS4 is now a profit machine seeing how they were able to offer it for $199 during the holiday season

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COLOSSAL! perfectly fitting for their upcoming classics remake IMO

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and Nintendo fanboys were celebrating the Switch as the "winner" of 2017 because The Switch sold 10mil units and it was a "record year" for Nintendo.

LOL Sony sold over half what the Switch sold its entire life in just 1 holiday season and like double the amount this whole year. seriously...where the hell did these uninformed fanboys pulled their winner card? their rear end I assume

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DLC? lots of them

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it's an old game. what do you expect. I also got it for like $2 during sales a couple years back

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PES is a far better game IMO.

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a game with basically no story besides save the princess is best at narrative? LOL what is this? kindergarten?

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kinda scratch my head over that one too. out of all the games in the market, the only game that might have more freedom to it compared to LBP is maybe...Minecraft.

the things you can do in LBP since LBP2 are amazing

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I don't think I was dreaming when Nintendo fanboys are singing "most powerful handheld ever made" about the Switch. so yeah...can't say THAT is not about power

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"Sony tried convincing people that the Pro was a potential 8.4 Teraflop console while talking about half-floats. MS delivered a 6 Teraflop console capable of 4K for just $500 which every PS fanboy on this site claimed was impossible for over a year straight while calling MS liars."

the Pro (and Switch too, if I'm not mistaken) supported FP16 or half-floats while the X doesn't. so they aren't lying. and MS actually announced the...

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MS's venture with HD-DVD was just a cheeky attempt to delay the inevitable. they were not involved with the technology side of it even one bit but just want to slow down the momentum of BD

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IRONIC, isn't it?

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"but since it became optional I don't see why people would want to see more variety go."

err...MS is the one making new models without the Kinect port and now discontinuing the adapter altogether. not the people. what are you talking about?

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