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I'm not upset in the slightest. why would I be?

and yeah, I might have voiced my opinion on the price and I honestly thought it won't fly off the shelves. but if they consider 1 mil units in 8 months is good, then congrats. who am I to say otherwise, right?

but my earlier comment was to address that MS is willingly releasing a number of sales of the elite controller without being asked to but when it comes to the consol...

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are you also implying MS should just stop caring about Windows because they already have so much money? or for Apple stop giving shits about iPhone because they too already have so much?

that's not how it works bud! gaming for Nintendo is as much as Window for MS and iPhone for Apple. it's their bread and butter and how those kind of money came in in the first place. you think they can get away with much of that 11bil if they are to decide to leave the gaming indust...

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I'ms surprised MS is not announcing theirs too just to show off who has the bigger bank.


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I think that is because they are still supporting the PS3 version of PS+ and give AAA games there and I don't think they would want to cut too much into their earnings by also giving AAA PS4 games too at the same time. once they stop giving AAA games monthly to the PS3, I think we will see the PS4 getting AAA games instead.

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Steam can't afford to charge because PC is an open platform. If Steam charges, other distributors will grab that chance to offer their free online service and PC gamers will simply move over there. but honestly, with the amount of money Valve is making on Steam, I doubt they even need to charge anymore.

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you're not serious thinking about that 100mil only for online play, right? a significant amount goes to the devs of their free PS+ games every month. I think Sony bags 30mil at the most and the rest go to the devs.

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I didn't say anybody wouldn't brag about being in 1st place but what 1st place did MS won this time? There's no competition in this. Should they brag about whse sselling the most copies of Windows too? You know...since like this elite controller, there's nobody to compare it to.

And for the one company that brags about not winning, it's MS again. Did you miss those monthly bragging of active XBL users, total hours spent online or...

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and he I was thinking sales doesn't matter. but that's MS for ya! once they have something to brag about and even better, something nothing to be compared too, they start bragging!

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my only complain about Uncharted 4 is why the hell doesn't my Libertalia Edition come with the Triple Pack like the Digital Deluxe Edition? I paid premium for it and I didn't get the whole thing? DAMN!

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"everyone has their own definition of what exclusive means regardless of what it actually means"

seriously, that is just STUPID...and desperate! so now everybody can just define a word with anything they want regardless of its true meaning and they will still be correct? WTH is the dictionary for then?

what I'm saying: you are sad and stupid!

what I meant: you are confident and reasonable.

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This is exactly the scenario that I feared will happen and that's why I was strongly against it, still am, but we all knew those consoles are inevitably coming now.

I think both Sony and MS won't go too far with the pricing thus I'm thinking the Neo will be priced at $399 and with THAT kinda price, the original PS4 is all but destined to be shafted by those wanting a new console this holiday. Sure the PS4 alone has sold over 40mil unit but if the Neo is picking ...

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"Sony exclusives" wow, you guys are really trying hard to make this "MS exclusive" a thing ha? I don't think even Sony themselves had used the term "Sony Exclusive" like you just did. They announced NMS as "PS4 console exclusive"

Nice try though but NO, Xbone still doesn't have upcoming exclusive anymore. Multibox One!

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When Sony showed Indies, these fanboys call them Indiestation 4 but when MS does it, it's all good!

the thing is, MS showed Indies with 0, yeah, ZERO exclusive for the xbone to match! the MS conference minus the S and Scorpio reveals was basically Indies + multiplats! let that sinks in for you fanboys!

when Sony brought the Indies on stage, they have multiple TRUE exclusives shown too plus some multiplats with exclusive contents. Sony has NEVER made a...

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it's true that fanboys will defend anything. false marketing is false marketing. end of story!

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LOL keep dreaming! there will be Premium for BF1

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I wonder why did they ditched co-op survival from UC4. I truly loved it in UC2

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Nice. I Just bought the Premium Edition for $10 on PSN. Glad the game still has legs.

35d ago 6 agree0 disagreeView comment your definition, MS has been playing it clean all these times? LOL

They have already changed the definition of the term "exclusives", they started paying devs and publishers last gen for time exclusivity games/DLC, they knowingly shipped a faulty RRoD console and were trying their hardest to slide the issue under the carpet, they overcharged for propriety HDD and wifi antenna for the 360, they tried their shitty DRM scheme earlier this gen, they lied about...

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I think the realization that the xbone now has no exclusives has finally killed all his brain cells. he's just a zombie now - a zombie troll!

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but THAT was from last year. this article is about 2016 so you're going pretty off the the topic there

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