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pirating =/= stealing

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what online features? LOL

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get with the times? LOL

OK while you're at it, why don't you ask MS to put all their PC games on Steam too and allow crossplay between their servers and Steam? oh, and EA too, why not collaborate Origin and Steam? it just criminal because Sony don't wanna play with MS and Nintendo?

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AWESOME POST! stop talking about Crossplay EA when you are forcing people to play FIFA and all your games on PC through your own network only!

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I don't think Sony needs to confirm anything about this. it's Sony, not MS. we know there are more exclusive games coming

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can't wait for this game

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Nintendo fanboys: lazy developers, confirmed!

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LOL you really think most Switch gamers will play Fortnite? I'm pretty sure most of the don't care about it like every other 3rd party games on the damn thing!

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"Ps4 is the ugly kid on the playground who keeps to themself."

LOL keep telling yourself THAT! the PS4 is dominating the market and has the largest player base next to PC and is doing crossplay with all other platforms sans Xbone and Switch. the PS4 is the king of the field only sharing it with the best, which is PC. Xbone and the Switch are actually the ugly and poor ones, always begging to play with the king!

keep be...

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Sony has no crossplay with ONLY "Xbone and Switch" - 2 of the devices with the lowest player count around.

THERE, corrected it for you! Fortnite crossplay with PC just fine on PS4.

and do check your fact before spreading BS next time please! the PS4 has more crossplay games than xbone and switch combined!

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THIS IS CLASSIC! it's like you're playing so good and dominating in multiplayer, people call you hacking.

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my first CoD since CoD 4 LOL

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he's implying that you did!

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we knew that Ellie is a les from way back then, right? she had feelings for Riley I think during Left Behind if I'm not mistaken. and how do you know you're not gonna play as Joel at all in this game? did they tell us we are gonna play as Ellie in one part of the last game? they didn't. seriously, do you expect them to expose everything during E3? come on!

but the gameplay reveal was amazing. great graphics, tight gameplay, smooth animation and gritty + brutal l...

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he didn't hurt me or anything. I just want to give the truth before those original Xbone and S owners start believing in MS lies...AGAIN!

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suddenly now streaming is cool again because MS said so, ha? MS fans are SHEEP! LOL

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yup...looks best for the minority of Xbone owners

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didn't you get the notice? for team Xbox, the original Xbone and the S don't exist! because if they do...they won't be saying "play better/best on XBOX ONE" without the "X".

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