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considering those crazy Steam deals of for the game every sales season, which is the reason why it sells so much on PC, IMO...I doubt any executive would be too happy. as of today, in my country at least, the game cost US$1.95 and the GOTY US$2.67.

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the way they just ignored Onimusha is criminal

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don't even bother arguing with Nintendo fanboys.

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"i wish sony marketed the pro like microsoft, instead they sent out a mixed message that made people feel like it wasnt needed and only the most hardcore should even consider it."

and sound like they are trying their best to alienate their current userbase or future slim buyers (their bread and butter) like what MS is doing? I don't think that's a good idea moving forward with the PS4.

MS now seems like they can't breath without ment...

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the series skipped a whole gen of console cycle and even this gen is already 4 years old! the wait for KH3 is one hell of a torture!

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now only exclusive matter? why? have you seen this?



there were 143 game rated over 75 on the P...

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Everybody's Golf
Knack 2
Patapon, Parappa & Loco Roco Remaster

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"Meanwhile 100% of true X fans have more fun playing with the beast of console"

while Sony fans have been playing with power and exclusive games for the last 4 years, thank you for admitting that xbox fanboys weren't having any fun on the weakass Xbone!

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and they are doing it double time with SWBF2 and NFS Payback

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"Exclusives are basically just an excuse to have bad hardware"

I wonder what was MS excuse for their 900p box when they released it in 2013!

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"Although lately they are releasing their games on PC and in some cases like Minecraft across all platforms."

Minecraft was already on all platforms before MS bought it. MS didn't make Minecraft. they didn't even fund it or anything. they just bought what was already there!

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LOL you really believe THAT? the devs at PUBG is now only milking their "Early Access" status for the worst while gamers and media alike are letting them!

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by GOTY you meant "Goof of The Year", right?

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already happened I think

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it would BUT they won't make them. why take the risk when more of the same still sell like 10 mil every 2 years? Pokemon fans are too spineless to demand for more innovations from the devs and they are being taken for granted! all they need are new pokemons and they are set no matter if the games aren't that different from the last!

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40% market share of what? the current gen as a whole or just next year? I don't see the PS4 letting up and give away market the Xbone gone out of business next year?

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LOL Bethesda? and make Star Wars games look last gen and full of bugs? I don't think Disney would want THAT

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"the 4k blueray player alone is worth it,..."

it's really not. I think there are cheaper UHD BD players out there and to be honest, UHD BD market is not THAT huge (yet? or maybe ever?, who knows). Streaming services like Netflix are starting to pumped out 4K now too and high speed internet is becoming a norm and more affordable for many. if you could afford UHDTV, you most probably already have a decent connection.

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Wins Black Friday against $199 PS4? that would be an achievement although I think it's unlikely

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