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come to say the exact same thing. which version of Project Cars does this guy compares Driveclub to? 4k ultra setting? if yes, then I would agree but seriously, DC graphics is up there with the best! #3.1
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I'm currently undecided about this. as huge a fan as I am, if the game is solely about the 6 movies I have seen countless times, where's the fun in it? why don't they keep with MARVEL Super Heroes 2 instead of Avengers? the 1st game is still the best LEGO game available with a storyline of it's own which what made it great!

playing the movies again in LEGO style parody already getting tired, coming from the old Star Wars Saga, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pira... #1.2
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no Xbone version? is it not coming? #1.1.10
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it was just yesterday xbox fanboys were rejoicing over BO3 selling better on the Xbone based on NPD although Sony has the marketing right.

so...think again! #13.1
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I don't think it's broken, dude. maybe...just really suck!

no offence. ;-P #10.1
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The game is already up and running on the Asia PSN. Love the game on Vita although I haven't finish it yet. The left analog stick for my Vita is broken, that's why. Great game and I'm tempted to buy it again on PS4. I'll highly recommend it for those who have not try it on Vita. It's a great game! #1.7
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"but if ps4 was outselling xb1 while at the same time selling less than the ps3 it would be a worthless trophy"

If? IF?? Do you even read your own "if"? Forget tthe PS3, the PS4 is outpacing the best selling console of all time! #5.1.2
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So...what you're saying is, people can't prefer the PS4 over the bone without being called a sheep? Wow...what a loser!

Looking at your comment, I guess you also prefer the 360 over the PS3 last gen, right? But the PS3 clear has more and better exclusives hands down.'re a sheep too? Nice to know #1.3.7
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They are not fans of the game because they refuse to buy another cobsole just to play it? LOL talk about being delusional! #7.2.3
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"X1 is usually known to sell more digital copies than PS4...except in rare cases, and the COD Console bundle sold embarrassingly low"

LOL stop spreading BS and start backing your claims with facts please. #1.6.3
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LOL do you need more salt for your already salty dessert? #1.12.5
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You're right. I personally think that Dimensions can wait and they should've released this instead.

I think they thought it would suddenly do Minecraft numbers during the holiday just because it's also a sandbox crafting and building game but I think they just buried it alive under the heavy hitters much like how SE and MS did to RoTR.

The BD release of Age of Ultron was the perfect time for this. I was furious too when they first announced that t... #1.1
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Don't you worry about Cyberpunk. CDPR is pretty much like Bethesda now. Nah...maybe not as huge but they have enough fans. Cyberpunk will do just fine because of that. #2.2.3
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For MS, it seems like the last 3 months of the year is a whole year, so Black Friday might as well means the whole month of November. #2.1.4
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By changing the SKU altogether. They realised that PS2 native BC is too expensive to maintain so they removed PS2's chips, reduced the atorage size and reduced the USB port from 4 to 2.

Xbone's case however, aside from unbundling Kinect, there is no change. Released 2 years ago at $500, now retail at $300. #1.5.3
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Seriously, what is this "issues" with PSN that I'm hearing people talking about? PSN has been working great this past couple of years and I have no problem what so ever. Are u sure you're not stuck in 2007? Or what year was it that they took it down for over a month due to the attack?

If you keep conplaining about how the PSN is troublesome or lackluster, I think you don't even use it, I think you don't even own a PS4! #9.2
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And MS worshiper like you will hate on everything Sony. So, what's the difference?

The only party pitting this PS2 emulation with BC on Xbone are the haters and media. Sony never once said that they are doing BC and this is what they call PS2 games emulation, much like the PCSX2 on PC. We aren't calling the PC as PS2 backward compatible just because it can run PS2 games, are we?

What Sony has said was they are not doing BC:
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I guess they just think that it's kind of a waste of an engine if only FFXV uses it. so, with the engine is already up and running, why not make something else with it and to maximize hype and profit, why not revisit one of the most requested game of all time, right? so here we have it, FFVII remake.

the only thing from the original that will be left is the characters and story but everything else will be different. not that I'm complaining because I prefer action RPG... #1.1.20
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Played for several hours last night and it was fun. It's pretty balanced and challenging. Most important is, it encourage teamwork. It also runs pretty smoothly too. No issue what so ever so far. Only TDM on 2 maps available, though. Given how small the maps are, they should make sure there will be a lot more maps will be available at launch. I'll definitely play it again for as much as I can till the beta ends. #1
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Never understood? Seriously, how long have you been gaming? This argument about graphics has been going on since like forever! Which TV offers the better image quality, which monitor have better refresh rate and response time, which GPU gives higher framerate, BD vs HD DVD, streaming vs disc...I can go on. Console A vs B is just a part of that on-going and neverending discussion!

Last gen it matters when there were extra vegetation or when it was 720p vs 640p, but now that it... #7.2
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