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"The Switch is primarily a JRPG machine."

do you know what is the real JRPG machine at the moment? the PS4 and Vita.

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"Every game should be a Switch game and here is why."

let me tell you why not instead. it's a weak ass system and downgrading all games just to be played on it is not the way to go for developers!

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where would you put Nier Automata though?

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yeah...because with all those floor space Sony will just leave them empty just so MS can't take them, right? /s

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but lack of AAA 3rd party games contributed to the early demise of Wii U and the Wii before that became a shovelware console

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no. just wait for E3 before purchasing anything. if we get lucky, Sony might drop the price of all PS4 variants. I am holding off to by a Pro myself. my 4KTV is ready

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did you forget they just gave Prey a 4?

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It's kinda funny that there are still xbox fanatics out there that really are thinking that the Scorpio will help MS wrestle the top spot from Sony this gen in this so called console war. The only place where there is a fight left with the Xbox team is in NA with them trailing like 2mil units, others are already done and dusted. But I guess winning in NA means winning the whole thing for MS. Other regions be damn

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Quote of the day

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Yeah...because expanding the Switch's storage is oh-so-cheap like the others. Because we can totally get a 500GB SD card for the same price of a 500GB HDD, right? Oh? What's that? There's no 500GB SD card? And the 256GB already cost an arm and a leg? Who cares? Certainly not Nintendo!

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Hopefully with a good story like the 1st game

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Destiny 2 not coming too LOL

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at this point of time, it would be news if the Switch gets any 3rd party game releasing day and date with the other platforms and if it doesn't it's not news. many have predicted that it would be the case anyway

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Free...rented...whatever! There are great choice of PS+ games on the Vita

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Not even with all the free games from PS+?

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seriously @moldybread, none of us here are really surprised that you'll be here the first thing to put blame on Sony for everything. but let's just ask ourselves this one simple question first. is crossplay between Steam and other services like Origin, Uplay or Battlenet possible or a common thing on PC? I don't think so, right?

So, why are we quick to expect things to change so drastically between locked down consoles when even on an open platform as the PC, no...

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that's like a secret code saying that your wife monitors all your comments LOL

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bigger is always better ha?

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so...dead games?

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Kinda reminded me to the scenes in Ant-man when Luis explains his story

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