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hopefully not! if an unfinished game can be GoTY, that would be a disgrace to the industry. Unless they do what Blizzard did with Overhype...I mean Overwatch, where they release the game bare of contents and add contents later on...they might.

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won't call it garbage but I didn't expect early access is such a huge part of PC gaming already. I guess PC gamers are really into testing unfinished games and paying for it. I wonder why Star Citizen is not doing it.

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so all PC gamers have 4K capable rigs now huh? what a time to be alive! /s

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I think they will sell it separately later on just like they did UC4 DS4 and BO3 DS4

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"in the US"

other parts of the world don't really care about Xbox

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yeah...and a shallower game than this called Overwatch got 9.1. SMH IGN

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never on an Xbox before. and all those games scattered across multiple platforms have been remastered and released on the PS4

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re-release FF13vs? dude...never go full retard. how is something get re-released when it was never released in the first place? vsXIII was never released. it was changed to FFXV

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err...KH1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 are all available on the PS4. no other platform can say that it has the complete KH experience other than the PS4

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I would like to meet a child that can understand the over-convoluted plot of KH

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and some will brag about how they can download them in less than an hour!

seriously though, who the hell cares? forced 4K assets like this is unacceptable!

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what?? none of those games you mentioned are gonna released this year

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GoTY? with those SP microtransactions? that would be criminal!

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those facial animation needs lots of work. at its current state, it's bad...ME Andromeda kinda bad!

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WTF? JC3? hard? it's not hard at all and I'm not even THAT good in most games in general. you just need time and because all the challenges are basically the same and there are exploits for each challenge.

the other thing you need is patience because the game is badly optimized

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If that is how a game should be reviewed, a CoD game should be reviewed at 4/10 at the most and ALL SPORTS GAMES should get a 2!

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and yet the 360 with over 50% failure rate didn't get delayed. strange....

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looks like Test Drive Unlimited

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