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always an excuse

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I'm still playing DC right now and I got it at midnight launch! go figure

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30 bucks for a remastered 9 year old games? Those Activision's execs are nuts!

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Seroously...what is their definition of "top"? Sales? Metascore?

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I have 4 DS4 but thanks to Driveclub, I now only got 1 that is flawless. The other 3 have this trigger issue! I love you Driveclub but damn you for destroying my controllers!

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THAT is not the cover for CoD4 MW though

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Are you Ron Mattrick by any chance?

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My1st playthrough on Normal for every Uncharted were 8H, 15H and 12H. If this is anything like UC2, there's nothing to complain from me.

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Cheating on pc onlie game? I'm shocked! /s

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PS+ is still cheaper than XBLG and offer more contents for more platforms every month compared to XBLG and in May, GWG is looking like it's back to it's usual crappy nature but PS+ is the one that is really in needs of improvement? WOW

First, it was "360 the best console ever" and now this? Crappy journalism at its best!

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Where are the big talkers from last month? LOL

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As much as I love Uncharted, but the key to attarct higher PS4 sales lies in the hand of GranTurismo! It's still Sony's best selling franchise afterall and the worst of GT still sold better than any given Forza. No no no...this is not about trolling or starting a franchise war but just wanting to show how influencial of a franchise GT is to the PS brand. Can't wait for GT Sports

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Awesome news! Insomniac deserve it. And thabk you gamers for giving this franchise a chance!

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But the Spiderman game IP belongs to Activision, not Marvel. Marvel owns the character while Sony owns the Movie rights.

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But that was before they bought Evolution if I'm not mistaken. It was awesome! I spent so many hours on WRC Extreme 2 back then. But damn sucks Sony have let them go. Driveclub sold considerably well and still arguably the best looking racer out there with a tight gameplay to match! I've gotten alll the DLCs, platinumed it and still play it regularly now and I bought it midnight at lauch! It's safe to say, this is the longest I've commited to a single game in my life! I played...

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I might give Tropico a go since it's free. Perssonally I'm most excited for TTR World Tour. Been waiting for it since its announcement. Loved the 1st one on Android and Vita and now we are getting it free on PS4! AWESOME!

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Almost no game in its 1st year too.

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Sold less than they anticipated it seems

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Your internet sucks!

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that still cracks me up everytime!

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