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Battletoads Kinect! #1.3
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from what I read, there were initially no good guys bad guys thing until the Helghast got too good at what they were doing back then and their existence started to threaten the others. their approach was too extreme and they got banished and restarted from scratch and take things by their own hands there after. they might have been persecuted but attacking Vekta was totally wrong and it was the beginning of their own downfall. something like that...I think.

but the universe i... #1.1.3
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much improved! such better! wow

on topic,

I have the original black, the blue one and the red one and really like to get the white one just to have one of everything. the original black has worn out a bit at the left stick and I'm getting one of those grip cover to "fix" it but the blue one is a bit loose at the R2. too much Driveclub might have caused it but shouldn't have happened this early in it's life cycle. I just had it for like a... #2.1.1
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seriously, Knack is not kiddie at all. it's hard even on normal. #1.1.3
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if you are still saying that DC is not working, you clearly don't play it. so shut up! #2.1.2
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I can't wait too.

A bit off topic, why aren't we getting any news on PS4 FW updates 2.01? It completely fixed the rest mode issue. Or did I miss the news?

EDIT: nevermind. I missed it. #1.1.3
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Some of you guys here acting like Sony paid AV so they don't use MS own servers! It's totally their own decision why even bring #noparity BS like Sony doesn't have any dedicated servers to begin with?

You guys do know that even RFoM, the launch PS3 title, used dedicated servers to host its massive 20v20 MP, right? Many other PS3 games used deicated servers too. This has nothing to do with Sony but more about AV wanting to put everything under its own. Why do you t... #1.1.12
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You do know the meaning of the word "anniversary", right? It happens every year, not just some years in particular. #3.1.2
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F2P justcause of the microtransactions? #15.2.1
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Not just that, if not for the fun gameplay, the game is pretty crappy story-wise! Thank god it was made short in the last game or the stupidity is going to ruin the game altogether! #13.1
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I don't know why I got the disagrees but that's just what happened. the game itself it great but people need to learn to race, not cheat! #2.1.4
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what reputation? and how can you know that someone is a dirty racer or not? I'm level 47 myself and I've met these doucebags like in every online race I've participated.

like I said, spinning your opponent doesn't get you any penalty and that's why people do it. THAT and bumping your opponents at corners! if this is an arcade racer, getting bumped at a corner doesn't really have a great impact but in near realistic handling, it's a disaster! especi... #2.1.2
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wait until you play online and you'll meet douchebags that only knows dirty racing. spinning the opponent in front is the most popular dirty tactics now and there's no penalty for that. I truly love it when facing those racing for real because it's intense! but I can't remember how many times I was spun from the lead just because the douche at the back can't get pass with a faster car! DAMN! #2.1
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yup...sadly it's just temporary. I tried 2 times when it worked. but later on tried it again after some time passed and it's doing it again. man...I hope Sony could released 2.1 quickly! #1.1.9
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Japan? as in the country only or there will be Japanese cars too? I'm racing for accolade and I'm running out of cars to choose from.

I've played a good 9 hours online today and had lots of fun but when you're playing like 9 hours straight, the lacking in contents is prevalent.

still can't create challenges to send to friends though. although online is pretty much up and running. what's up with that? #1.1.2
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NICE! #1.3.3
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not FU? aww...that's kinda disappointing! #1.3
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my god...IT WORKS! verifying the email thing really works!

it really said that my email is not verified, which is kinda strange because I have been using the PSN for so long, so I just send the verification email, verified it using my email and WALLA...the Rest Mode bug is NO MORE!

thanks @NegativeCreepWA #1.1.5
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1 thing went wrong and it's a "complete disaster"!

seriously, share play is a tremendous achievement and it's safe to say Sony is the 1st to do it at this scale but NO...the Rest Mode is not working, so Share Play or not, 2.0 is a disaster! /s

gotta love haters' logic! #1.1.27
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yup, it doesn't fix it at all. tried and failed here too. seems like the best solution at the moment is to clean install the 2.0 FW but that's just too much work and not to forget you have to redownload and reinstall all your games again which makes it even more tedious!

some might ask "what's the problem with that?" for one, I'm only on a 5Mbps up and down connection over here and it's the "fast" side for my country. fast my a$$ and it... #8.1.2
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