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I guess you missed this part of the Xbone reveal.

gaming first MY A$$! they only talk more about games after the huge backlash that reveal was getting! #2.2.4
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Who gives a damn, right? Just like RRoD on the 360, everyone has known about the issue too but let's just throw free extended warranty and everything will be forgiven, right? #4.3
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"Sony's performance so far this generation has been more about Microsoft and Nintendo's failings than about their stellar first party games."

LOL. I can understand Nintendo but MS too? Have you been living under a rock this whole time? The Xbone has been selling faster than the 360 and you call it as a FAILURE? whatever to satisfy your need to hate on Sony, ha? The Xbone did well but the PS4 just did it better. Give credits where i... #6.6
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"At least the SP of Halo was playable during the issues they've had... (I know, because I've played it)"

So did DC. (You might not know that, because you're trolling!)

"Driveclub was a completely broken mess..."

...said a troll!

Why don't you just stick with praising your beloved MCC and stop hating on games you don't even play? #6.2.2
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can a GTX970 be more powerful than GTX980? if the answer is yes, so...anything can happen!...I guess. #5
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"The Order has some of the worst gun and cover mechanics I've ever seen."



have you played it? #7.1.5
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"The hardware in the xbox and ps4 is hardly anything to get excited about."

sure they are no match for high end pcs but when things are done right, we got something like Driveclub. best looking racer out there hands down. #5.1.3
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uh...if everybody is taking that approach, 90% of us here wouldn't even know who Michael Pachter is. #3.1
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why even put the pic of The Division as the article pic here? Knowing Ubi and their recent track records, let's us all lower down our expectation towards it further to avoid major let down! #1.2
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"You never hear about gameplay, just graphics."

kinda remind you of the first Crysis and Crysis Warhead, no? all you hear about them was about the insane graphics that put high-end GPU to their knees at launch. but do you know they have great gameplay as well? you would only know if you've played it.

the following Crysis2 and 3 were amazing graphics-wise too but you heard A LOT more of complain regarding it's gameplay. doesn't mean they... #9.5.2
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not even close!

but before any of you start saying it will play better because of 60fps, you simply haven't play DC. #1.1.10
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I think we have enough dumb people called celebrities already to add another using kickstarter. Stop making stupid people famous! #1.3
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please don't say flop because if DC is a flop, I don't know what FH2 is. #17.1
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Sleeping Dogs is pretty much True Crime 3 wasn't it? #1.1.3
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"rebound" LOL seriously?

the US media is hard at work downplaying the PS4 success. there was nothing wrong with the PS4 recent numbers. it's just that the Xbone has the better promotions all around. "rebound" is not exactly the word to describe the numbers for the PS4. #1.5
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"misleading"? from a PR person? NO FREAKING WAY!! /s

remember the "I can't just flip a switch", "there will be no Kinectles SKU" "TR is full Xbox One Exclusive" "TR is not timed" thing? not misleading at all! /s #6.1
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I also doubt that the price will be back to $399. I think this "temporary" thing is more a marketing push than anything and they will make the price permanent (not with free games) announcement after January NPD.

after seeing how much they can sell by pricing "just" $50 cheaper than the PS4, I don't think they would want to kill the momentum by reverting to the old price again. #1.1.3
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is this just a rumor of already confirmed? if confirmed, then it's another win for Sony. proving all the speculation wrong. the PS4 will still cost more than the Kinectless Xbone though, I think they should at least release it for the same price to make a bigger impact. #1.3
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since the PS3. #5.1
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I have to agree with this. I personally give it a 7/10 at the most and that's coming from a huge LEGO games fan.

sure the game mechanic is almost unchanged from any other but for a game that says "beyond" in its name, and have like 7 planets to expand the story, it feels restricted compared to #2. I'm disappointed because I expected so much more.

#2 was great and LEGO Marvel was the best yet. this is a step back IMO and I hope the next LEGO... #1
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