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Worst comeback ever!

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Well..they did consider the 360 as a "success" but the PS3, which sold more despite released a year later was a "failure". You just can't win with xbox fanboys' logic

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Are you calling him a checkerboard gamer? Or perhaps a dynamic one? LOL

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"Was it worth it?"

OMG are u kidding? The game was already great before and now PD is starting to add free contents as they promised. Playing it with my G29, the experience has been awesome so far

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what? at almost the same time Nintendo announced 10mil lifetime Switch sold since march, Sony announced they sold 10mil in June to November alone. believe it or not, the gap between the PS4 and Switch has grown bigger this year

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barely 720p beast!

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hey, Nintendo fanboys are hard at work defending and parading the Switch like its the 2nd coming and that's a system so much weaker than the original Xbone, even, because it says NINTENDO. so are you admitting that all Nintendo fanboys are blind?

90d ago 1 agree1 disagreeView comment would be an embarrassment if the Switch can't outperform a machine from 11 years ago!

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why are we blaming Sony and MS for not helping the IP which didn't sell all that much on the PS3 and 360? it's not even their own IP and both of them were not short of any hardcore 3rd party games last gen. Nintendo were desperate and approached Platinum but even with their aid, Bayo 2 was not a big seller on the Wii U because their fanbase don't care for other games but Nintendo's own! now they are trying to resell it again with close to no improvement on the better selling S...

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consoles are not doing very good in Japan anymore. the PS4 is still under 6 mil there after 4 years. so 500k after a year is actually good enough for Sony. Switch is doing it differently with their hybrid concept and Nintendo knows well that handheld is huge in Japan especially theirs.

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smoother running games = better gameplay games.

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during the beginning of this gen, expecting next gen to be 4K60fps is a bit much considering even the PS4 had to do 900p to achieve 60fps in games like BF4 and had to use temporal reprojection 1080p technique in KZSF for that elusive 60fps. but thanks to the mid-gen refresh with the Pro and X, expecting 4K60fps for next gen is no longer a luxury but a must when there are games out there already doing it this gen. anything less than 4K60fps next gen would be a disappointment.

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TLoU won over GTA V though

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160? for 2017? good luck

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he is the expert! he is wearing his all the time.

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I think there are more delusions than salt in here. just how the hell did Nintendo owned this year when the PS4 sold the most hardware and software and have more exclusives and have over 2 times the amount of games rated over 75% on Metacritic?

Nintendo fanboys are the most delusional fanboys out there!

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LOL that's just mean. I think the Xbone owners are hurting Phil's feelings. he just wants to check on you guys every once in a while through the Xbone. He can't do THAT if the console if off, right? so he turns them on just to say "Hi"

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I know it's not specifically in that genre but for me, close enough. You see...I can't even push myself to play Zombi, the Wii U port. Horror or thriller is just not my thing. Remember Alan Wake? That first creepy shadow guy on top of the stairs in the beginning? Yeah...I stopped playing there! In TLoU, Those clickers scared the shit out of me, man...I was suprised myself that I finished it. The reason I didn't platinum TLoU was because I'm too scared to play it the 2nd time ...

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they play the same games over and over. GAAS! just what Phil ordered

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and some goof here are saying Switch won 2017. what are they gonna say now?

buh buh buh...Zelda...buh buh buh...Mario...

GIVE IT A REST! Nintendo did great this year but the PS4 just did better!

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