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It doesn't already? Kinda ironic because the DS4 has been working on Windows since day 1. I use it wirelessly to play pc games everyday.

The DS3 was a hassle to connect to Windows especially wirelessly but with DS4, it just works which is awesome. I think the Xbone controller is not too far off. #5.1
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They might include built-in battery too. Who knows #3.1
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CAPCOM and their incompetence of developing current gen games. remember Dead Rising 3 with its 13GB patch?

seriously, when they said they are gonna put more focus on remasters, can't they at least get their coding skills up to standard first? looks like, it's going to be a long gen for Capcom.

kinda worried about Deep Down now although that project has Sony Japan helping with it. #1.1.4
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bad for consumers?

please tell us again how competition in the last gen have help the industry for the better?

IMO all competition brings are who can deliver the most mainstream and generic games possible and which version is better so they can sell the most. where were the great creative, unique and niche games from the PS1, PS2 era? where are the great plaformers? adventure games were almost non-existence aside from few well known ones and the market is flo... #2.2.1
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price drop? again? like seriously? #1.3
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"I think we are all aware that PC gamers primarily purchase digital."

the keyword here is "purchase" and if you count the "purchase at $0" too, it probably have outsold the console versions already! #1.1.5
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"You do realize that with the release of Windows 10 that more people will end up gaming on DX12 than on PS4s?"

but you do realize DX12 is not gonna magically make everything better than the PS4, right? hardware will always matters and no amount of DX12 magic will suddenly make the weaker PCs or Xbone perform at the same level of the PS4. sure coding might become easier and more effect can be added to games thanks to DX12 but if you're expecting AAA games at 1080... #5.1.1
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$175 card card running the Withcher at 60fps? LOL there is so many information missing from that sentence for it to be remotely believable!

60fps? At what setting? For a $175 GPU, 900p medium setting is the best I can think of considering the GTX980 can barely sustain 60fps on ultra setting on that game. There was an article about it a couple days back.

Please...don't come in here spreading BS! #1.1.2
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there shouldn't be any downgrades to begin with. instead of revealing the game with "actual game footage" or "pre-alpha footage" or the likes, why not just call them "target render" or call them what they really are..."CGI trailer"!

showing glorious "gameplay footage" years or months before release just to build hype is a disgusting practice and gamers are also at fault for this. they are falling for it too freakin easily!... #1.1.3
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it's a very simple concept actually. the call it a reboot so they can do whatever the hell they want with it and when people say something like "this is not exactly a Battlefront game", the answer will be simple, "it's a reboot, so you can expect changes to the old formula" #1.2
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it's kinda funny, THAT was not what the Xbox gamers were saying when SFV was announced as PS4 console exclusive. I think it is more in the line of "the inevitable Super Duper Ultra SFV will be on the Xbone anyway". #3.2.1
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if I'm not mistaken, before the patch, Bloodborne had like 40s average load time. it's now already significantly faster since the patch though. #1.1.2
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based on master race standards, you guys need to scrap your pc right now! anything less than 60fps is for peasants, remember?

on a serious note, it's kinda disappointing that a single GTX980, the most powerful single GPU on the market barely manages 60fps on ultra at 1080p. #4.2
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and you are acting like the game will remain $60 forever. patience is the word and wait enough and it will be $35 too some day, maybe already during christmas! end of the year is basically FPS galore nowadays anyway. #6.1.1
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and I forgot how many tries did that fight take me on Titan mode. chaos mode actually made me stop trying LOL! got the Platinum for GoW3 but if they have made chaos mode as one of the trophies, I think I wouldn't have gotten it.

it's kinda crazy to think that the game still looks gorgeous on the PS3 and now they are upping it to 1080p60fps. kinda make you think what kind of graphics is awaiting for GoW4 #1.4.1
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"Not like PS4 where you have to hit a button first, same as Kinect now, just with no... Kinect lol"

pressing a button to turn the console on is so complicated or exhausting to you, you feel that you NEED a $100 camera so you don't have to press that button? LOL

it's not like you're gonna use that controller anyway for playing games, right? /s

but you're like, "oh no, I have to press a button, please MS sell me s... #1.4.3
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like you said, the software is the problem but how can they solve it when nVidia basically pay devs to use their propriety software? #1.1.1
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if they could make a new Onimusha, I would be so happy! #1.1.7
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what they are trying to do at the moment is using the Xbone as the skipping stone to gain significant market share on the PC gaming market in a short time. I don't know if they are planning to take Steam head on but I just can't see how Xbone game streaming to Win 10 will attract THAT many people to ditch Steam of GoG for GfWL. #1.3
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I am AMD all the way. I like their cards better and they almost always lower priced than nVidias' equivalent. my pc had the 6850 and it has served me well. now that my pc has been stolen, I'm looking to build a new one and I am still going to go with AMD.

what nVidia is doing is just crippling the market. this is nothing like the console war, it's actually a war against consumerism and I hate it! they could have just dominate with superior tech and better quality... #1.1.5
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