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"It really is no secret that Sony and PlayStation 4 are on the roll at the moment."

The answer is right there! #1.5
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the PS4 came out a year after the Wii U too and is already in front, so your point is? it's actually a valid argument considering how much more doom and gloom are surrounding the Wii U compared to the Xbone and how the Xbone is supposedly "selling well" according to MS, it's just natural to think that outselling the Wii U will not take too much effort. but here we are, with the Wii U still 2nd and Xbone 3rd and news about Xbone sales come one after another hinting at retaile... #11.1
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nah...too low. make that Xbox 792! #1.7.1
89d ago by badz149 | View comment that even necessary? for those who were interested in the game to begin with, they would have found a way to play it and what pc can't run the game? maybe not on ULTRA but pretty much any decent pc could of run the game on a lower setting.

and ever heard of the internet? you know, the thing you're on like right now to make that comment? no rocket science needed for anyone to find out what is going on in the Witcher's universe if they are interested. #7.2
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Already defining the generation that is still a mere 5 months old? Aren't you a little early on judging things? #2.1.3
90d ago by badz149 | View comment should I put this? MEGATON?! #1.1.10
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MNR not working? say what?? I've had both MNR and LBP for PSP working on my Vita since the launch of the Vita. I got both games for free from the Welcome Back program btw. #7.2.1
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fun? I played Kinect adventures and the move detection and lag is horrible. my character on screen jump almost a second slower after I jumped. I don't remember playing any Eyetoy games that lags more than those on Kinect adventures! #8.1
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in this new generation? comparing what? 1080p vs 720p? LOL no one would be interested in a one sided comparison like that! #17.1
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yeah, keep using that argument dude. maybe if you keep using it enough, those games you got from GWG could magically become newer games, like Halo 3 suddenly become Halo 4, AC2 suddenly become AC4 etc. no?

come back and argue about value against PS+ when GWG truly become "gold" not rusted old games costing like $5 each! #15.1.4
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The Wii U already has the price advantage but what it doesn't have is the specs and HDD space. And if you think Nintendo would sell it bundled with a game at under 200 anytime soon, you must be dreaming. The tablet controller is holding them back from doing a price cut even when the system is struggling and games are not selling even Mario is doing abyssimal by its own standard. #3.4.3
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@Major Nelson

Can't you flip the switch with this one? Enlighten us please...LoL!

And yeah, could you please use your own original sentence next time? plus this sentence is used if you're steadily gaining on the leader but your Xbone is still falling behind further! #1.1.20
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At first, NSMBU was touted as a system seller but it was a short boost. Then it was Pikmin 3 which will save the Wii U but it didn't happen. And then it was gonna be Wonderful 101, same story followed by Mario 3D World...this game is believed to be the true savior the Wii U critically needed but then the PS4 and Xbone happened and Mario could only do so much and faded to the shadow. It was kinda embarassing too when people compared its sales with Knack! Oh how the mighty have fallen. Next... #3.4
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Holding out for MK? Lol those Wii U are collecing dust on shelves and for you Nintendo is holding out? You're funny. #1.1.1
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KZSF is dead? So I was playing with ghosts yesterday? Or bots? Nah...the community is alive and well thank you very much! #22.2
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We still talk about Shenmue every once ina while too and guess what, it's basically dead. #3.1
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So? What about it? Is it not a legit news since it's from them?

I doubt that this is a mistake as everything regarding the Xbone version was removed from the site. The question is, why?

Is it because the movie is Sony's and the game is Activision's and they both want to hit back at the Xbone for the EA treatment it's getting? That would be funny #6.1
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The relationship between EA & Respawn is the same as EA & Insomniac with FUSE. EA publishes the game, dev keeps the IP. EA is a huge publisher and the game was going to be a multiplat from day 1 of development. EA already have their own CoD substitute in BF and they might have been a bit reluctant to spend too much on a new IP which ironically lauded as "from the creator of Call of Duty" and there is where Respawn got themselves into trouble.

... #1.1.29
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DAT face! LOL #1.2
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I've played the hell of this game on Android and ace all championships 3 times already using different accounts! Kinda disappointed that there isn't any command for brake and gas although understandable that those won't work too well on touch screens but I hope they will put those in the Vita version and it will warrant a buy from me. Steering left and right ala Angry Birds GO! Get old real quick and I hope there will be more cars to get. #2.2
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