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Your mom didn't read you that famous fairy tale? It was said that when she was running when it was midnight, her shoe string broke and she fall off the stairs and she yelled "fanat-x!" all the way down.

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My national tv channels are still broadcasted in non-HD 4:3 resolution. Even our premium satellite tv channels are 1080i maximum. Even 4k BD is not available here yet. The only native 1080p sources that we have is BD movies. So, if you're just watching TV here, even 1080p is not even utilized fully. 4K sets are sold here but it hasn't take off just yet. Plus, who the hell would buy it here right now with nothing worth watching using all that 4K rendering power. Everything is upscaled ...

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LOL we somehow know they are preparing for it

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The PS3 continues to sell in 3rd world and developing countries. We don't really hear much about it though.

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who would buy these? I bought myself a 128GB for my smartphone for like $40. but that mostly because our currency is trash right now. it's around MYR170.

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Damn straight they are. They are testing waters with the Pro and despite the flak they got with the Slim, it's their strongest selling SKU at the moment. The honeymoon period of this gen is over and they are all about the games and contents now. I like how they are so forward thinking this gen with 3rd party deals, Securing and not to forget the future proofing of the PS4 with VR support and HDR from day 1. Who would have thought? Certainly not most of us.

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Because it is a portable

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It's more innovative than anything the PS4 and Xbone have ever done I tell ya!!

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Right now, it's already confirmed that the Scorpio will have VR whereas the Xbone and S won't. That's already a gap between what you are calling the same gen

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You're a true great hacker

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Stagnant? A company that has just released 3 new hardware last year alone is now called stagnant? LOL as always, Nintendo fanboys delusions know no bounds!

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Right...because one 30 year old games per month which will only be available for that particular month is totally awesome! /S

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And now the term Indiestation keeps geeting back and bites haters in their asses! Indie is a saving grace now, ha?

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The PSP sold over 80mil units. If THAT is not successful, I don't know what is.

And go troll somewhere else where common sense doesn't exist!

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Japan is not a real world now?

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Ehh...if you go and look for articles about what the xbone does better than the PS4, there were lots of bragging about this snap feature. Like it's oh-it's-incredibly-awesome -next-gen stuff kinda thing by many xboners. I also remember reading comments about how going to the PS4 from xbone is some sort of a "backwards move" because they wouldn't trade the awesome snap feature just for a better resolution too. Now suddenly it's a nuisance, crap, useless, hated, confus...

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"More Innovative Than Anything PS4 Or Xbox One Has Done"

what? more innovative than shareplay? I don't think so.

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If only the PSVR is readily available for many of us to buy. Hope Sony sort their supply issue quick because they wouldn't want to miss yhis window when many are still very excited to get their hands on VR. Wait too long and the hype die down and those potential sales gone!

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