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I don't get the mentality of

"some devs deserve their games to be pirated"

that's just BS! you don't want to give them money yet you still want to play their game? WTF kinda entitlement is that? more like spoiled brats I must say! pirating a game for that reason just shows that you're nothing but a hypocrite!

bottom line is, there is really no innocent reason to pirate a game in this day and age where you can get you... #1.1.9
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The article got my attention at "...naked".

I was like ok...I'm listening. #1.2
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personally, I think FPS in general is a worn out experience! ESPECIALLY military FPS. how many CoD, BF, MoH and some others that we have gotten all these years?

there is nothing wrong with FPS in general but when you spam the market with literally copied and pasted assets year after year, it gets annoying! oh...and ZOMBIES too! damn those are annoying! #1.3
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not to trying to pop your bubble or anything but with some graphical settings turned ON on the PS4, Project CARS doesn't even touch 60fps based on the earlier DF analysis. I guess they will do it again for the final version of the game but I don't think there will be much of a difference if at all. #20.1
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"You don't see articles comparing Project Cars to Forza or PGR."


here you go #8.2
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talk about being butthurt! who says they can't look better? Project Cars did it but only if going Ulta and 4k on the pc but as far as the PS4 is concerned, DC does look better. #4.4
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did you really just go there? framerate? the framerate is the biggest culprit of Project Car's performance. they are all over the place. DC have it locked down to 30fps 99% of the time

and your comment history shows that you're an avid PS hating fanboy! #3.5.2
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on ultra setting pc it might but as far as PS4 games go, short answer is NO. #1.1.4
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I wonder if you'll sing the same tone when GT7 is released later on. you know, that 1 game that has proven to produce real world racers unlike the others. #2.4.1
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seriously, better in what way? DC is an arcade racing game and for what it is suppose to do, it does it exceptionally.

are we really comparing a sim to an arcade racing game now? you can't accept that there is a market for both? when it comes to graphics, nothing touches DC on consoles and that's just the fact at the moment but Project Cars is doing something what DC is not targeting of doing and that is what makes them different and it's a good thing. I can live... #2.3
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ok, how much effort was put into that? seems too serious for a supposed "joke". maybe the creator is up to something. fishing for Sony's attention to get a job, maybe? the atmosphere is already there, kinda reminds me of a PS2 game Maximo.

but whatever the intention is, thanks but no thanks for getting people's hopes up. but I still want to Sony to revive some of their old franchise back that they have a grip on the console market this gen. there are so many... #1.1.1
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price cut announcement. #1.1.1
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those cardboard crowds get me everytime LOL! #1.1.7
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oohhh...I still remember the defense towards the game when it was released and found to be a buggy mess.

"the game is CPU intensive, so the weaker console CPU is the culprit that bottleneck its performance"

or something in the line of that was thrown into the argument from left and right. so, where are the apologists now? so much for "CPU Intensive", ha? SYUPID people will defend even a turd and believe ANYTHING from a liar! #1.1.11
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"completely broken at launch"? ok, now you're just exaggerating. the game was perfectly playable offline. and then they already promised before hand that the weather will come in December, which they delivered.

I'm sure the promised PS+ Edition will come sooner rather than later but I personally got the PS+ Edition on Day 1 and upgraded for cheap to full edition from there. it was taken down the next day. #1.1.2
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ehh...watching the DF fps analysis, this is to be expected. the fps is all over the place and fluctuates to no end, and not to mention never even hitting the promised 60fps when some graphical settings are turned ON. based on that alone, graphically it will be a bit of a mess #2.4.1
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you mean EVOLUTION? #14.1
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"PS4 = great console
X1 = great console but for some reason every PS4 owner has vowed to bash it"

here we go with another Xbone owner playing victim.

sure, all Xbox fanboys ever do is praise the Xbone without hating on the PS4 even for once! /s #1.1.17
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Australia is nice and all but the cost of living is too high. buying my 1st PS3 there for AUD 978 still feels fresh to me although it was almost 8 years ago! #1.4
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