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You finished it in 4 hours. Doesn't that means that the game really not have that much substance to begin with?

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Turn10 won't listen. as soon as reviews from big sites and the usuals have settled down, they will flip the switch to allow the use of real money for credits

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to the article...


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that was last year, right?

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Driveclub is still one of the best value for money game this gen has to offer.

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I don't know why Xbone fanboys are so happy and proud with the XboneX beating the Pro spec-wise. it's released a year later than the Pro, shouldn't that be a given? if not, it would be embarrassing for MS and they have enough embarrassment this gen already.

oh but please don't EVER put Sea of Thieves in the same sentence with Horizon when talking about graphics. 4K or not, native or not, Horizon shits on SoT graphics easily!

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LOL at PS4 haters here. 1 exclusive jumping to the PC and suddenly "no need for a PS4".

you guys do know that aside from this, there are like so many other PS4 exclusives released this year, right? I know the number is overwhelming if you are looking from xbox fanboy's perspective

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for the mean time, it will likely be only MS will push for Win10 exclusivity but other games will still be supporting previous Windows versions.

plus, Windows game mode is pretty crappy right now. why even bother adding it if it makes your games run worst than without it?

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" I hope the pressure isn't getting to them"

doesn't look like it but GREED sure has gotten to their head!

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"Turn 10 already put the nail in GT SPORTS coffin."

says one of the biggest and most vocal xbox fanboy on this site!

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you don't have a xbone? you should be missing out on it based on this review. how?? /s

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"Most likely"?

LOL who else?

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"The PS2 only came out a few months before the GameCube and Xbox..."

WHAT? a simple google will tell you that the PS2 was released in March 2000, while the GC was released September 2001 and Xbox November 2001. that's a good year and a half gap from the GC and a year and 8 months form Xbox.

only a few months...come on!

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"have you seen a sea of thieves, halo 5, sunset overdrive, gears 4, forza horizon 3, forza 7, cuphead Pro Vs OneX comparison yet?"

not on the Pro but 4 out of those 7 you mentioned are on PC. no need for the X, right? and do you see how pathetic the library of Xbone that you have to use almost 2 - 3 year old games just to find a true exclusive?


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if 4K is the only important point, I'd upgrade my GPU because I can play all multiplats and xbox games on it and I don't have to pay for XBL.

but exclusives are important to me and am a huge fan of Naughty Dogs (TLOU2 now quick!!), Sony Santa Monica (GoW better be epic!), Sony Japan Studios (Everybody's Golf, Gravity Rush 2 and Knack 2 are awesome games this year...bring on SoTC) and Insomniac (Spiderman WOOT! WOOT! can't wait for the next R&C but where ...

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they are too happy to be staying in Early Access and reap money from suckers and then release DLC one after another while still in Early Access to suck more money from people. now, Fortnite is coming and it's actually getting released while PUBG is still basically a beta. people will call them out for trying to scam people using Early Access. that's what they are pissed about

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" we are concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known"

for example, just think of FPS as a genre. does one FPS really THAT different form the others? I don't think so. the same with this. it's like 2K saying EA is wrong for doing NBA Live and Blizzard saying other hero based shooters are Overwatch copy and need to be taken down.

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I think they are pissed because now they actually have to push for quicker full release and they are feeling like being forced out of their early access heaven. if they stay longer in early access and Fortnite fully released first, then people will start calling them out

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apparently not for Bluehole. for them, imitation sounds like lawsuit!

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they shouldn't have made it in the first place IMO. Overwatch is too big an IP in that genre already and it's from Blizzard. they hype is still high and everything else coming to this genre will be compared and overshadowed easily. the same can be said for Agents of Mayhem too, I think. sadly, no other game will thrive in this genre at the moment because Overhype has established itself as the go-to game for this. before Overhype, there was a massive gap in this genre with only Team Fo...

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