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" it is officially industry standard outside of PC gaming"

it's actually industry sub-standard from Nintendo

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all those multiplats they show on their stage this year will add 4K in their names. like Cyberpunk 2077 4K, Metro Exodus 4K and so on...

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FIFA players are the most casual you can find and they buy those UT lootboxes in droves! that's why EA loves them

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if I don't pay for PS+, am I stuck with no options to backup my save files from my PS3, PS4 and Vita to external drives? NO! Are my saves tied to a specific console and I will lose them when my console broke down? NO!

so stop talking BS and defend Nintendo's shady practice!

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they can make microSD backup for free and not tie it to a specific console but for Nintendo, that is considered as money lost. why let them do it for free when you can charge them for cloud storage instead, right? it's ridiculous but they are trying to make that subscription looks more appealing

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Every 3DS or Wii U ports are huge news for Nintendo fans. It's all the Switch is having this year so far

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Where are your source though? VGChartz?

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In 20:1

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God of Awesomeness! the game truly deserves it

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Ever heard of Bluetooth? Does the Switch have it or lack of it too? Seriously, just stop trying to defend this design flaw. It's embarassing!

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making SP games is indeed easier but making GOOD or GREAT ones is a different story! the way you are lumping together all SP games into just one category somehow disgust me like you're trying to downplay them as something insignificant! if it's so "EASY", why can't every game be amazing like GoW, HZD, BoTW, SMO, TW3 and so on?

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I hope beside Sony and Nintendo, ALL devs/publishers dive head on to GAAS all at the same time and they cause saturation in the market and there will be less money to be made there than they thought they would. thiat would be hillarious!

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your MS loving self won't understand the value of SP games anymore because your head is already buried so deep in the future of Microsoft's G-ASS! WTF you gaming for if you are just gonna count how many dollars you can save per hour the longer you playing said games?? if that's you measure for games' values, I'd suggest you stick to PC gaming and Steam sales only because there you will get dirt cheap games and you won't lose much even ...

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it's developers putting unnecessary online components in SP games which are the true threat to SP games. their greed takes away immersions from SP games thus resulting in gamers not caring or investing time in their half-ass SP campaigns, not that gamers in general not caring about SP games anymore!

maybe it's in their grand scheme of things to slowly but surely lure more and more gamers straight to MP for every game and treat SP component as the lesser priority whe...

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save to microSD is FREE but cloud, you need to pay. MONIES man...MONIES!!

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there you are...

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next gen you will be able to voice chat with players around the world without your phone, you know. I've seen the future

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Nintendo fanboys will find a way to spin this as a positive

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other games got 10 with much less before. GoW is truly a masterpiece you really have to experience it yourself to appreciate. so of course troll reviews giving it anything less than 8 is gonna get bombarded with heavy complains.

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