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just stop with the PS2 analogy already and start looking at the launch date for PS2 vs NGC and XBOX. PS2 was launch in early 2000 vs Sep 2001 for NGC and Nov 2001 for Xbox. you expect Sony to release a console more powerful than it's competitor that was only going to be released over a year from them? just doesn't make sense! the PS2 however did launched after the Dreamcast and and the PS2 was more powerful. as far as modern gens are concerned, only Nintendo has released weaker consol...

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I don't know if it's dying but if the 3DS is struggling to reach PSP numbers with all its games...I guess that market really is being hit hard by mobile

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now you're just explaining the Switch commercial. but... a fully fledged tournament? really? with such small screen and only 2 people sharing that small screen and you call THAT a fully fledged tournament? better just enjoy the BBQ and go home if you want to play your video game THAT much.

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KH3 might even be a next game for all we know considering how much we've seen since 2013. 4 years since E3 2013 and, 7 years since Birth by Sleep on PSP and a 12 years since KH2! crazy how people still wanting this game all these years and SE is so blindingly stupid to ignore this kind of demand!

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I don't really care if it does but if the PS4 and Xbone users have to wait much longer just so the development of Switch version can catch up, then that's messed up! they have remastered the old games TWICE now and even the "vaporware" FFvsXIII was already released now as FFXV and yet no news or new footage of KH3 which had a showing back in 2013 aside from a brief one at Jump Fiesta last year! how much longer is the wait for this?

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even cheaper than a smartphone, a Raspberry Pi can do it too. the external casing can be 3D printed if you really want it THAT much.

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I would add Sly 4 to the list. That ending was made for an awesome sequel opening. I hope Sony is not canning the IP

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getting old games is not the Xbone's problem. it has BC, remember?

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I take it you were talking about the Wii U? Yeah...such a bummer of a console. Great exclusives yet close to no 3rd parties. I really got what you were saying. We're lucky we have a console that's doing great on both fronts this gen. No wonder it's winning with such a huge margin. 25+mil gap in 3 years...OUCH!

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that is why there's no exclusives anymore on the PS4 too, right? wait...

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yeah...sure...rely only on multiplats and see how far you can go.

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Xbox group...?

they were the ones that has constantly, since the announcement, touting that the Scorpio will use both Ryzen and Vega chips from AMD and faster 12GB of RAM and so on...most were proven wrong

you meant that group, right?

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never once I said that this is bad news. I even supported it but I see it as one of those things that is wrong with gaming community these days. that includes both providers and consumers

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"Physical items like the media reader, ps2 hardware and usb ports..."

they removed the PS2 parts so they can sell it cheaper. native PS2 BC was not a sustainable business decision and people weren't willing to pay more to get more, was a decision they had to make. still a bummer though because those original 60GBs were the best console ever made IMO! all PS1, PS3 and PS3 greatness on a single console! another thing they real...

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my point was, these kind of power weren't available during the launch of the original PS4 and Xbone and I gave the example using nVidia's offerings because those were the top of the line GPU at the time of release for both of these consoles. if we take AMD, it's gonna look more ridiculous because 1. they didn't have that kind of power back then and 2. their TDP is even worst!

In short, the PS4 at least, launched with the most power they could get out of the ...

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looks just as good as BoTW

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this game would have already been released if only Capcom have let Sony and Studio Japan be more involved in the project but they decided not to let Sony interfere. I guess they want to keep it as theirs and prevent Sony from locking it down it as their 3rd party exclusive IP like they did with Demon's Souls and Bloodborne.

but what good does that do for them, though? it's beyond ridiculous now. how much longer is the game going to take for development? even RE7 whi...

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bought them all and love them and I keep them in my collection after I Platinum them. didn't buy NMS though. I'm too well-informed to let myself buying into games I don't have any interest in. your point is?

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they are too busy delivering the games to even be bothered by this by the look of it.

Xbone owners will look for anything no matter how irrelevant to somehow show that their locked down Win10 pc is still relevant. now, it's all about BC, the power of Scorpio and this refund policy for them! that's all that's left I guess, when you have no worthwhile games to talk about!

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