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you guys must have missed it when he said "no fees", "better graphics" and "better frame rate"

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Not just Argentina. In my area, the Switch costs more than the Pro

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how the fvck did Epic Games fallen this low to resort to Early Access from making blockbuster like Gears last gen? they own the freakin UE4 lots of studios are using for god sake, but did they just forget how to make a proper game all of a sudden??

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9th Gen for Nintendo, maybe...but from my point of view, the Wii U was so crappy Nintendo needed their 2nd 8th gen contender, thus the Switch! its best games are Wii U ports and if rumours are to be believed, other Wii U games like Bayo2 are also gonna make the jump to the Switch too as if Nintendo is trying hard to make people forget the Wii U even existed!

I hope people or Nintendo fanboys specifically, should just stop claiming the Switch as a 9th Gen console because it&...

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JC3 is an OK game. But get ready for hours of installation. Easily the worst intallation time on PS4. You will be playing on the Boom Island for a very long time before you can even start the 1st mission.

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"Because the future of SP games is in jeopardy"

- Phil Spencer

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that's rich coming from someone who said Mario Kart 8 is better than any racing game this gen.

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better pray it doesn't die early first LOL

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in 2020 it will. the GTX970 can aready achieve 4K60fps in many games right now especially if you tone the setting down a notch or 2 from Ultra. and that's a $300+ card. so what makes you think $399 PS5 is not possible in 2020?

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what I meant by cartoon physics is physics that look like they make sense but unrealistic. it's like preferring NFS driving mechanics to GT for example

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achieving native 4K60fps 3 years from now for $399 is absolutely doable. Sony knows $399 is the magic point where people can easily accept it. lookng at how adamant they were on sticking to $399 even with the Pro, I think they will make the PS5 $399 too in 2020.

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the PS4 single handedly carry this whole gen much like the PS2 did during the 6th Gen. the Wii U is a failure while the Xbone is slowly falling behind the 360 in terms of sales in the same period. last gen can't be replicated again if you count handhelds because if the 3DS is struggling to achieve PSP numbers, nothing else can do anything to revitalize that segment of the market. mobile is taking over and it looks to continue that way.

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I don't think RDR2 will sell GTAV numbers but 1 thing for sure, it will slow the GTAV momentum down a bit in term of sales. 4 years on and the damn game still charts high in the top 10 in major markets. that's some pretty long legs it has but with RDR2, we'll start seeing GTAV sales dwindling.

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"realistic damage" they said

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but the game will need to have revamped GUI though to make it works better on consoles. the UI especially the invertory makes full use of kb+m advantages and I think will work horrendously on consoles with controllers.; it will take too much time and those are the time you don't always have in PUBG. you need to do them quick or risk getting killed early. the game is seriously fast pace

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so...I guess you were buying all multiplats for the PS4 since the start of this gen, right? or was you one of those in the 900p vs 1080 don't matter camp?

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yeah, that was why MS invested heavily for it last gen and Sony this gen, right?

you're clearly a better businessman than all those Sony and MS execs combined. /s

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that&s an old story where Xbone were having buy1free1 promotion at the time of Destiny's release and all those bundles for the PS4 was not counted as software sales but as hardware sales instead. If I remember correctly, PS4 Destiny bundle is among the best selling bundle alongside UC4 bundle. these 2 bundles includes special colored PS4, that's why there were selling exceptionally.

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most hillarious part...6:55 ~ 7:05

"PLAYING CRACKDOWN! Crackdown 3. this is so much better than Crackdown 2!....I never played Crackdown 2..."

how much did they pay this guy? this is PC footage and they put a noob playing it. who the hell at MS really thought this is the best way to promote this game?

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