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Colossus with Wanda @ #5 though...LOL

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just over a year after launch? are you high?

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2:1 is too generous at this point. worldwide, the PS4 outsold the Xbone heavily every month. by heavily, I mean from 3:1 to 6:1 in many markets and in Japan, where the Xbone barely sell like 1000 units per months, the PS4 is selling at the rate of 100k-200k units per month which is a ratio of 10:1 to 20:1! if we are talking strictly math here, in order for the Xbone to have 1:2 worldwide ratio to the PS4, it would have to outsold the PS4 heavily in its strongest market - NA and UK but even in...

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In before Nintendo fanboys boasting about XenoCro2.

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it was the Industry's darling. I remember clearly the time Nintendo fanboys calling it the perfect size for handheld and trolled the Vita for being bulky and everything not suitable as a portable. but now all of them suddenly love the "impossible-for-pocket&qu ot; size Switch and suddenly the Vita is "too small".

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did you just suddenly forget about the Wii U? or did it never happen? I mean the Wii U. Nintendo doesn't care and their fanboys will still cheer about it for them.

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I have 2 PS3s still running but if Sony decides to stop production, I'll buy another 1 for backup. I still have way too many games on the PS3 I still have yet to finish LOL

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in before xbox fanboys boasting about playing RDR on Xbone via BC

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Probably because SE expected both the PS4 and Xbone to be neck and neck this gen like the last when they decided to go multiplat. FFXV was the same. When they saw the PS4 dominated, they decided to go PS4 exclusive for the I.5, II.5 and II.8 remasters. I think KH3 will be PS4 exclusive in Japan only

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"most people"? Do you have a statistics for that claim? Or else you are just guessing

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No just...No! PS1 was weaker in spec but it handles 3D models better than the N64 while also having the better storage medium in the form of CD compared to smaller size yet more expensive cartridges the N64 was using. That was why it won. PS2 was weaker, yes, butit was also relesead alnost 2 years earlier than both the Xbox and GC. How would it be more powerful? Just doesn't make sense. But it was in fact more powerful than the Dreamcast before it. Get your facts straight

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All the PS3s out there didn't stop working once the PS4 was out. There are no longer that many people playing it online' that's why they are shutting it down. R&C was never a big online IP anyway

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Power does matter! Who are you trying to kid? The PS4 has proven that not only games matter, power too to a certain extend. How many high profile games are still going to skip the Switch because of the lack of power? A LOT and yeah...please tell us again why power doesn't matter.

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DR3 aleeady released on PC

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I came up with this username in 2002 and still uses it today in almost all of my online accounts. 16 years and regrets!

what I really wanted to change is my email add that I use for this account. my email domain changed recently and it has been a hassle everytime I get an email from PS. and then I had a working US account last gen and no I can't access it because I forgot the password after I changed it during the 2011 breach and I can't access my mail...

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MH is huge in Japan and it will sell whatever platform it's on over there. I remember it single handedly revitalised the PSP in Japan when MH Portable was released. Nintendo saw that and secured it the last few games for the 3DS.

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Just finished Telltale's Batman I got for free from PS+ as my first Telltale game. And's only slightly more interactive than point and click adventure games from the past. How in the hell does anybody could compare their games to those made by Quantic Dreams is beyond me. The amount of total "gameplay" in that "game" in total is less than 2 chapters of Heavy Rain. Personally I refuse to acknowledge that Telltale's games as "game". Never again...

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that part is gold!

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