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WTF is this author talking about? according to Nintendo enthusiasts here, the game is perfect with no issue

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What I don't understand is, why is Nintendo constantly taking jabs at Sony these past months? what has Sony done to them in recent years? Sony have only good to things to say about Nintendo recently but since the cross-play debacle and their collaboration with MS, Nintendo have been taking jabs at Sony every chance they got.

this article is one thing. it's rich coming from a company which has only been doing pre-recorded presentations for the past several years.

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I have yet to play any of them except a little bit of Fortnite. So you are saying this is even lower than the free H1Z1?

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For Nintendo, they would count to 11

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WHAT? remember the PSN fiasco 2011? there were no solid evidence for any leak of actual info and credit card got hacked but Sony shut down PSN and issued warnings anyway and urged users to changed their credit card and so on but gamers were up in hands trolling and even going as far as trying to sue them for it.

so what's different this time? this is personal data actually sent out to strangers. why is it "isnt a valid reason to sue them ...

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LOL so...according to you, I don't have a PC to play all my PC games? sure my PC is not 4K capable, but I'm more than happy to play them games at 1080p on my R9 390.

4d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment's only evil if Sony is doing it

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seriously...somebody...anybody ...SUE THE HELL OUT OF BETHESDA ALREADY!

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isn't this kinda very very bad?

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ever heard of PC? I've played all Gears 4, Forza Horizon 2 & 3, Forza 6 Apex, Forza 7 WITHOUT Xbox

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exactly. but MS isn't so stupid to allow Sony to have more reason for gamers to choose them over MS own console

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exactly. this is EA we are talking about

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is anybody really surprised by this?

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that has been established a couple of years ago. no more xbox exclusive

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LOL Phil. don't be a hypocrite. if you have the chance to acquire Naughty Dog, or Santa Monica studios, are you gonna say you're not interested because they now only make PS games?

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straight from

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"Oh, you mean the optional service like Game Pass"

for an "optional" service, they sure talk A LOT about it and is banking so much on it! gamepass this, gamepass that...bla bla bla...

who're you kidding? it looks optional but MS is putting a lot of effort to make it their main.

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I don't even care about the censorship because I've lived in Japan many years ago and I know how it's like there and this censorship is nothing new. personally, I'm kinda surprised myself they took this long to actually implement it in games considering how much censorships are applied to other stuff over there in Japan.

and I don't know why my ID is relevant here but here, both are mine

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