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no, I don't think Disney was the one locking the SW license under EA. I think it's more of the EA that we know, they pay a very substantial amount to Disney for the license in exchange for exclusivity like how they do FIFA and MADDEN. you can clearly see it in how aggressive they are in terms of monetizing that IP to rake in as much money for as quickly as possible like there's no tomorrow

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what quality? LOL

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they bit more than they can chew and they bit too much! instead of trying to one up themselves and impose more quality into their work, they took on more IPs and try to cash-in on those IP names alone. their engine remain unoptimized and now even a game people already paid for is cancelled!

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PES was and still is better than FIFA in gameplay. and ever since FIFA uses the Frostbite engine, it's not even a contest anymore. FIFA's gameplay is terrible and this comes from someone who has been with the franchise since FIFA96!

since 2014, PES2015 feels and play better than FIFA15 for me personally and I tried so hard to like FIFA's gameplay with the demos every year but just couldn't!

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not on console, NEVER! because EA has the licenses locked down as it's their biggest marketing tool for the their game. but play on PC and download the mods. there are dedicated PES fans on PC creating mods to change the fake teams in PES into their true teams.

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all FIFA players care about are the licenses and this year FIFA has added Champions & Europa League which were exclusives for PES until last year. So...sadly, even if they just repackage their game from last year with updated roosters and licenses, FIFA will still outsell PES by A LOT!

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so far, it's the PS4 for 2018. with the results for Spider-man still awaiting and CoD + RDR2 both of which the PS4 has the marketing rights are right around the corner, I think the PS4 will beat the Switch again this year. I think Sony will do something special for Black Friday too like last year

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AWESOME game! can't wait for the DLCs and possibly the announcement of a sequel or whatever

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they better. because their 20mil units target for this fiscal year seems a little too far still

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the base PS4 looked like crap?? gee...I wonder how it looks on the launch xbone or even the S considering it looks worse on those.

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with both FIFA (this year they even got Champions and Europa League from PES) and Madden NFL license, and people buying those games in droves every year, it's pretty unlikely that EA will crumble anytime soon

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"Also, why are gaming journalists such wimps? all they ever do is ask a question and just accept the reply without any argument. Why don't they grow a spine and call these people out? They are given the opportunity to be the voice for the gamers and they bottle it every single time."

because they get free stuff. start a rebellion and say goodbye to those free goodies, exclusive invites etc.

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the disney attraction attacks look dumb IMO! it looks like this game plays more like a Disney Infinity spin-off rather than a KH game

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can't you blame those who just decide to watch them on TY though? there are very little "game" or "play" in their games! you basically read and read and then watch the cutscenes!

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thing is, people, get tired of basically the same game with a different coat of paint. I've finished Batman I got from PS+, but I don't have the desire to play TWD and TFBorderlands also in my PS+ backlog as they are too little amount of "play" in their games!

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good read. so it all came down to their greed! being overambitious is not good especially when your company is a one trick pony!

why can't they just be like Insomniac? so composed and dedicated and so very successful! was it because they were once the king in the genre (the founders were from LucasArt) and can't stand not being at the top and swimming in money?

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yeah, because THAT worked out so well for Deus Ex and Tomb Raider! these games are a mess in one way or another.

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Smash?? LOL

maybe Switch GoTY because let's be honest, Switch has had a barren spell this year with the most notable release being Octopath Traveller and the other AAA 33rd party games are skipping it! so not much competition for Smash LOL.

overall, Smash has no chance. it's a fighting game with cartoon graphics and gameplay that has not changed much since melee! GoW, Spider-man, RDR2, MHW etc. are doing things the Switch isn't able to run. an...

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both can co-exist. and I will buy both again on launch day because I know they will be AWESOME!

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you do know that even for PSNow, Sony is still using the actual PS3 housed in bulks at their server centers? that's how complicated the CELL is to be replicated even Sony themselves are forced to use the original PS3 hardware.

"Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series, TLoU and GoW3 from PS3 to PS4 makes me think they can do the same with even older games that werent even utilizing the benefits of th...

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