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That's why EA is partnering MS

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there goes one of the last great xbone exclusive

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LOL what spin? I'm not a MS employee that I need to spin clear math. you suck at math? I'll help you with this simple calculations

theoretical units calculation:

1. right before the Switch sold its 1st unit:
PS4 = 60mil (I don't remember correctly)
Switch = 0
GAP = 60mil - 0 = 60mil

2. after a year of Switch
PS4 = 80mil
Switch = 15mil
GAP =...

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release date. nothing else!

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WTF? I am using a 30Mbps connection (10Mbps upload) btw and I have never got to wait THAT long for any game EVER! the last one I downloaded was Mankind Divided (~42GB) and it took less than 4 hours

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I'm saving that

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oh I think they got the message loud and clear but they lack talent.

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Japan's numbers didn't help the Switch to outsell the PS4 globally, though. Believe it or not, the gap between the PS4 and Switch worldwide is bigger now compared to the time before the Switch was even released. as amazing as it is selling, the Switch had never be able to close its gap to the PS4.

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"Brain dead apocalyptic survival"

LOL that's an awesome pun befitting of this game's reception so far

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"it's not as easy as flipping a switch" - MS

*flips the switch*

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"BC is the best thing EVER!" - shouts every single xbox fanboys!

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HEAR HEAR THIS SONY!! Thieves in Time was such a great addition to the franchise and it would be criminal for them to leave it hanging there. I want to know how they will be reunited in the end DAMN IT! SLY 5 NOW, SONY!

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What is? The Switch? I agree

4d ago 2 agree2 disagreeView comment this case, you don't even own the game, similar with PS Now

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The hacking card R4? I would love that too.

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that last one though...

"Atreus you are gonna give your old man a heart attack!"

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" it seems counterproductive not to put software (if it can run it) on a hot selling gaming console."

Nintendo fanboys always use this argument whenever a 3rd party game skips their beloved system. but can you guys actually back it up with credible fact? what other 3rd party games are selling gangbusters on the Wii, Wii U and Switch so far? it's not a new perception in the industry that Nintendo gamers mostly only buy Nintendo&#...

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yup, they were having no issues with crossplay before but now with Battle Royale fever taking over, they suddenly have a beef with Sony about it. genres die eventually, nothing last forever. no need to put the blame on Sony if less and less people are playing your games every passing days. their mother company is making the change for CoD to focus on Battle Royale, the hero shooter genre had its time, but it's time to move on...

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