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PC had 4K years ago as mainstream? I didn't know

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@The_Infected already has DLCs

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I'm sure Ubisoft are worried now!

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He's the best candidate and most suitable for it. Especially because Presidents can't be elected for the 3rd time!

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Over 3000 bucks and not competent enough for gaming. Sad

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"If you guys think that these games aren't selling more digitally your delusional."

There is no single definitive evidence or study showing that digital sales have surpassed retail sales numbers for console games. Sure games are selling more digitally nowadays but retail still represents a huge chunk of the total amount sold.

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I agree with Shin. people need to stop spreading false information regarding the checkerboard technique used with the Pro. the native resolution is 1800p or more precisely 3200X1800 pixels. that's way higher than your average 1080p and even higher than the QHD 1440p res that the PC crowd is so proud of even now. several 1800p images are then checkerboard to achieve the 4K 2160p res similar to how Remedy used 720p images to render QB at 1080p. it's pretty different from a simple upscal...

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CoD not very popular on PC anymore for quite some time now.

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900p "upscaled" to 1080p is not the same as 1800p "checkerboard" to 2160p. The former is done by HW upscaler but the later is done through rendering. Closest example we have is QB but it was from 720p to 1080p.

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crazy stuff

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LOL you really believe that? why? because SE is so broke, they can't even finish it? remember how long FFXV took from announcement to release? a company with no money can't keep a project alive for THAT long, period. you don't know SE well if you really think they have money problem during the development of TRoTR!

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"But right now PS4 Pro is definitely not a real 4K console. And should not be advertised as such."

they shouldn't?? not even with NATIVE 4K games on it from day 1?? WTF? if truly running games at 4K does not make it a "real" 4K console for you, what is? stupid much?

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I think it's safer to assume most games will be 4K30fps due to the CPU but even then, that's still one hell of a feat for a $400 machine and there's still HDR to consider too. Sports or simpler games can go 60fps though as expected but expecting bigger games to achieve it too is kinda pushing it a bit for such a weak CPU.

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R* just announced RDR2 for next year. It will be a good couple more years before we will see GTA6.

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Not just a foot, the whole of Wii U is already in the grave!

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"If i'm sat on a plane playing on my Switch, i'd love you to demonstrate the portable capabilities of an Xb1"'re describing the commercial now?

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I don't think that is possible. When you put in a new HDD, you will have to reformat it even if the HDD was from another PS4. The only way to keep your data from your existing PS4 is by backing it up to an external HDD and restore it to the new PS4. Thing is, it's a process that can take many hours to complete depending on your data size.

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Same here. I already Platinum it but I still keep my copy. So why not, tight?

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actually it can support both depending on the display. 4K for 4KTV and super sampling for 1080p TV

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even a 1080p projectors are still quite expensive, let alone the 4K ones. I love gaming on my 1280X800 projector when I was using the PS3. the sheer size of the projection is amazing over what any TV can offer. but now with the PS4, 1080p images tend to lose details and clarity which is a pretty noticeable downgrades on it so I use my 50" plasma. kinda have to make do with the smaller screen though.

I'm getting the Pro soon but 4KTVs are still quite pricey. but I f...

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