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"Xbox has won what 2-3 months in 4 YEARS of sales"

if we're talking worldwide, NO, the xbone never won a month this gen. any deficit the PS4 had monthly in NA is easily overturned by sales from other countries by several folds. the PS4 is over 30mil units ahead for a reason

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not GTA? RDR? Max Payne? Mafia? NBA 2K? nothing? really?

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welp...say goodbye to any possible new IP from T2. if this is any indication, RDR2 will be full of MT for MP. hopefully they don't do it for SP.

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exactly what I'm thinking. I have a 4KTV but has been on the fence about the Pro. but after a long consideration, unless my current PS4 died, I won't be getting the Pro but if it does (hopefully not), I will go straight for the Pro, not Slim.

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suddenly now this technique gets praised by xbox fanboys. back then when GG used it for KZSF, they were up in arms calling for Sony's and GG's head calling them as liars!

bunch of hypocrites!

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this is another release first fix later mentality at its finest. not only games are getting this treatment, but now consoles too?? that's one hell of an expensive "fix"! $500!

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tell THAT to MS where they bought Mojang for over $2b. or to Facebook when they paid $19b for Whatsapp which is a free app!

it's not really about what these company currently have but more about their potential

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go exclusive? and lose all those sales from all platforms just so they can sell Minecraft only on the one of the lowest software selling platform?

MS is not THAT dumb!

they bought Mojang not for exclusivity but the future prospect of Minecraft. they just want to own it for the profits.

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"EA made big mistakes by release TitanFall 2 on holiday last years which have two well know AAA games. Battlefield 1 and..."

I think they purposely did that and now Respawn have no leverage against this acquisition. EA is a crappy gaming company but you have to admit, they are smart businessmen albeit shady and slimy af!

Respawn wanted to stay indipendent, went to EA for funding and kept the IP but EA obviously had ot...

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even the mighty Facebook uses this kind of implementation, so what do you expect? it's not that your phone is THAT crappy you can't run both at the same time, right? during online gameplay, only the chat app will be useful, so I think keeping it as a separate messenger app is the way to go. plus, this app offers only optional way to communicate, unlike that other new gaming tablet that highly depending on the app to do everything.

personally I like it because I don&...

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Sony had to separate the RAM on the PS3. they had no choice because the GDDR3 was simply not fast enough - both in speed and bandwidth, to accommodate the CELL, so they used the faster XDR RAM instead. The earlier design of the PS3 didn't even include the RSX GPU because the CELL is said to be capable to handle GPU task on its own but alas, it was not a viable solution and the RSX which was weaker than the 360 GPU was put in instead. earlier games on the PS3 was inferior to its 360 counte...

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lowest score yet?

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for 2017? no no no NOPE! according to reviewers and Nintendo fanboys out there, BoTW has the best open world of all time! GOAT!


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LOL anything goes with you as long as you'll be able to troll the PS4, ha?

the PS4 is at the top, you goof! you really think the xbone or Switch had more software sales than the console that already sold like 20 million more than those 2 combined?

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"most dumb"


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so...1 game, which is an exclusive and ultimately has MARIO in it sells a lot and it suddenly means 3rd party games are selling well on the Switch? this doesn't prove anything.

come back when 3rd party MULTIPLATS on the Switch start outselling the other versions....if they ever come out at all that is!

for example, the newly release Sonic game has a huge gap in performance compared to the PS4 and even the 720p version of th...

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"How much time will you guys give the Switch to be the biggest revenue console for Ubisoft?"

I would give it all the time that it wants. the only reason for this time is the "Mario" game and the Switch is new and people are buying more games for their new hardware. Even Knack which got unfavorable reviews back when the PS4 launch sold millions so...if you think Ubisoft is gonna have more sales on the Switch in the coming yea...

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I think you should get out of the forest you're currently living in and get some fresh air and back to reality

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I've always wanted to try the game and have put it in my Steam wishlist but it has never been at the price that I'm willing to cough out. so...yeah...this is awesome. Free is free

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