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Sleeping Dogs is pretty much True Crime 3 wasn't it? #1.1.3
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"rebound" LOL seriously?

the US media is hard at work downplaying the PS4 success. there was nothing wrong with the PS4 recent numbers. it's just that the Xbone has the better promotions all around. "rebound" is not exactly the word to describe the numbers for the PS4. #1.5
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"misleading"? from a PR person? NO FREAKING WAY!! /s

remember the "I can't just flip a switch", "there will be no Kinectles SKU" "TR is full Xbox One Exclusive" "TR is not timed" thing? not misleading at all! /s #6.1
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I also doubt that the price will be back to $399. I think this "temporary" thing is more a marketing push than anything and they will make the price permanent (not with free games) announcement after January NPD.

after seeing how much they can sell by pricing "just" $50 cheaper than the PS4, I don't think they would want to kill the momentum by reverting to the old price again. #1.1.3
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is this just a rumor of already confirmed? if confirmed, then it's another win for Sony. proving all the speculation wrong. the PS4 will still cost more than the Kinectless Xbone though, I think they should at least release it for the same price to make a bigger impact. #1.3
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since the PS3. #5.1
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I have to agree with this. I personally give it a 7/10 at the most and that's coming from a huge LEGO games fan.

sure the game mechanic is almost unchanged from any other but for a game that says "beyond" in its name, and have like 7 planets to expand the story, it feels restricted compared to #2. I'm disappointed because I expected so much more.

#2 was great and LEGO Marvel was the best yet. this is a step back IMO and I hope the next LEGO... #1
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By eagles, you meant FREEDOM? #2.1.1
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Ryse was last year and calling a game with so many constant graphical glitch as "best graphics" is a stupid thing IMO. #13.1
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"People are starting to realize Xbox One is awesome"

by awesome you mean, cheaper than PS4?

and come on, "comeback year"? the sale surge only happen after the price cuts and insane deals. "comeback months" is the more accurate term. #1.1.5
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I think Sony announced 10 mil at Gamescom, not E3, right? #3.2.2
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"You can't prove it or we will never know how I truly feel because there arn't any such articles pertaining to "Spectacular selected Forza Horizon 2 sceeenshots in 1080p" from Dualshockers or Gamingbolt after launch."

1. I said "I bet". a bet doesn't have to be proven or it won't be a bet anymore

2. are DS and GB obliged to publish article about any game in particular? I don't think so. they publish what they... #8.1.2
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LOL @Nintendo

don't you guys have things to do other than trying to speak for the industry like you guys are still "relevant"?

come on, seriously, why do you guys even care how other people make their games and tell their stories? did other devs insult you mama and killed your dog or something that you guys feel the constant need to downplay/criticize their games?

I'm not gonna say you guys at Nintendo are stuck in the past... #1.1.11
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eh...if this is about Forza, I bet you'll have a different tone.

but if you hate them websites making articles about DC, why don't you go make your own about what ever other games you like for a change instead of hating on articles you don't even have to click if you don't like it in the first place?

it's the end of the year, what else do you expect? GoTY, graphics of the year kinda articles are gonna pop up frequently. #8.1
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trying hard to diss DC as only graphics, ha? it plays just as beautifully as it looks. but you won't know that because you don't play it. TROLL! #9.2
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I think you mean Burnout Paradise? and don't bother replying to 2020, he's just a troll! #1.4.1
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might sound strange but the flow theme is quite popular even outside of the PS ecosystem. I know it's quite popular among the Android custom theme users too. #1.2.5
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I think you should apply for Greenburg's position at MS. With that magnitude of spin, he'll seriously feels threaten.

xbox fanboys logic;

PS4 released in like 100 insignificant countries, "the PS4 sold more because it is released in more countries, duhh..."

the xbone already released in China, (1/7 of world population) and still losing, "China is not a big market duh..."

... #1.1.16
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*RENT #1.2.3
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Elements trophy has some ridiculous requirements. the last round of the championship requires you to lead the race for 1m30s and the race is only 4 laps and the heavy snow OMG!! I drove solely based on my memory of the circuit and couldn't even lead for even a minute! #8.1
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