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oohhh...I still remember the defense towards the game when it was released and found to be a buggy mess.

"the game is CPU intensive, so the weaker console CPU is the culprit that bottleneck its performance"

or something in the line of that was thrown into the argument from left and right. so, where are the apologists now? so much for "CPU Intensive", ha? SYUPID people will defend even a turd and believe ANYTHING from a liar! #1.1.11
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"completely broken at launch"? ok, now you're just exaggerating. the game was perfectly playable offline. and then they already promised before hand that the weather will come in December, which they delivered.

I'm sure the promised PS+ Edition will come sooner rather than later but I personally got the PS+ Edition on Day 1 and upgraded for cheap to full edition from there. it was taken down the next day. #1.1.2
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ehh...watching the DF fps analysis, this is to be expected. the fps is all over the place and fluctuates to no end, and not to mention never even hitting the promised 60fps when some graphical settings are turned ON. based on that alone, graphically it will be a bit of a mess #2.4.1
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you mean EVOLUTION? #14.1
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"PS4 = great console
X1 = great console but for some reason every PS4 owner has vowed to bash it"

here we go with another Xbone owner playing victim.

sure, all Xbox fanboys ever do is praise the Xbone without hating on the PS4 even for once! /s #1.1.17
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Australia is nice and all but the cost of living is too high. buying my 1st PS3 there for AUD 978 still feels fresh to me although it was almost 8 years ago! #1.4
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1440p will NEVER be a 'thing' in the living room tv market. we've witnessed that the TV industry just straight away going from 1080p to 4k right now. so the next mainstream res for TVs will be 4k. #4.2.1
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exactly! 4k is nice and all but it's achieved for a premium at the moment. it won't be mainstream just yet but when the next gen of consoles come in a few more years, the market will be ready for a mass adoption of 4k gaming.

but the sad truth is, when that happens, elitist pc master race will start bragging about 8k instead. you know, since being at the same level with peasants will kinda give them cancer and all. #1.12.1
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so...your 4k capable pc cost $400 too? where can I buy it?

seriously though, 4k is great and all but it can't be achieved at the price the consoles are being offered. simple as that. it's the question about value and with that in mind, a $400 pc is sure to struggle to match the performance of the PS4 too. that is the better and fairer comparison to make.

but with years to come, surely there will be a $400 pc that can outperform the PS4 of today but th... #1.10.2
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4k TV is no big deal at the moment because there is almost nothing broadcasted is that res and 4k medias are still a very rare thing.

it's pretty much like driving a supercar on small rural roads - it's nice and all driving a supercar but you can't really feel the power due to the road condition. #1.8.2
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1080p vs 900p on similarly priced consoles


1080p vs 4k on a $400 console vs high end pc costing at least doubled.

your argument is very GOOD! /s

while we're at it, let's us all whine to Toyota on why their Camrys are not going as fast as the Ferrari, shall we? #1.2.3
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Most console only gamers were hopeful about the game and it looks like CDP delivers. This looks very very good and 1080p nonetheless on the PS4! Consoles gamers are in for a treat.

but most pc master race were doubtful because for them, the PS4 or consoles in general is crap and can't produce great game with great graphics. now get ready for the bragging about 4k, ultra settings, 120fps etc. From the master race group because they can't stand cheaper consoles having g... #7.3
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I must admit that this looks very very good! Way better and more detailed than GTA V remaster. Well done CDP. #1.1.4
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And you will find anything to make you feel better about playing on pc too. WHICH is more pathetic considering this is an article about the PS4 version but you still feel the need to show your superiority complex here. Seems like you can't really enjoy the game unless you put down other's preference and choice to play it on console, ha? Pathetic! #1.2.4
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Like I said, I expected them to be longer, not bite size. Like multiple episodes or missions for the Arrow or Bizzaro World for example. But NO, they crammed everything lin short episodes which are very hard to enjoy because they are LITERALLY too short. Even the Lantern planets chapters in the original game is longer than these DLC BS! #1.1.2
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I love LEGO games so much I bought the season pass for LEGO Baman 3. Needless to say, it's literally the worst DLCs EVER! every new packs feels rushed and can be finished to 100% within 10 minutes each! I was expecting something worthwhile, not bite size episodes I can finish while pooping! NEVER AGAIN! #1.1
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not if you have a huge backlog of games. thank you PS+

*cries in the corner in shame of my backlogs #5.2.1
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your comment is 14h old and I'm here still scratching my head as well. #2.1
17d ago by badz149 | View comment're in full support of using mods online? you do know that sounds really stupid, right?

mods are acceptable but keep it offline only. you paid for your game so mod it all you want nobody cares! but going online, is about the community, modding your game will ruin the balance of the game and give a disadvantage to others. allowing mods online is the same as supporting cheaters online which are just as bad! #12.1
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this is what I don't really like with the pc gaming community. the whining even when they are totally unwarranted!

I support mods, I do but with GTAV, it's gonna be a bit difficult because the offline and online portions of the game share the same assets. if you tinker with some of the asset aka mod them, it will be brought over to the online part of the game. so I think R* has all the reason to ban these mod users if the ever go online with their mods on. it's t... #1.3.1
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