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the Switch is technically "disc-less", not "all digital"

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can't believe that was almost 5 years ago

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is it just me or PUBG looks better than this?

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correction....$60 EACH! so that's 3 X $60!

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it's just something that Nintendon't

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use the HDMI IN

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"Microsoft actually bet quite a bit on new IP this generation..." - QB, SSOD & Recore are all 3rd party new IPs. "paying" has never been a problem with MS. aside from SoT, NONE of their 1st party studio came up with a new IP this gen. at least none that I can remember that have made any impact

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Xbox fanboys wish this game has MT just so they can finally say "LOL" to PS fanboys. easy as that.

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Earlier last year, the PS4 had many more exclusive releasing earlier compared to this year, notably Horizon Zero Dawn which was released end of February 2017. with the release of GoW and then Detroit this next 2 months, the PS4 will definitely eclipse last years YTD numbers by quite sum margin.

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which was why at first people thought Sucker Punch was developing it

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it's pretty easy to do for Sony with their amazing studios when their main competitor keep shooting their own feet since before the gen even started.

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the thing is...Sony doesn't own Insomniac. It's just amazing that Sony was able to summon Insomniac to develop it instead of all of their other studios. I guess Insomniac do love Sony afterall

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1TB of salt in True 4K, made possible by 6TF of computing power

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Honestly, nobody outside MS knows the numbers. You guess is just as random as his

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LOL it doesn't! Even if it does, where's the numbers? MS doesn't give out numbers

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The weakest bark the loudest

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actually, Japan is the only region left where the Vita actually do well. so...yeah, Japanese love handhelds

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"You can’t get a pc with a 4K monitor as as well as ram and processor for 450 you guys are talking crap..."

the xbonex doesn't include a 4K monitor for 450 too. but here you are...calling other people talking crap! it takes one to know one, ha?

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dude, thanks for the news on Spec Ops. usually there will be news on here if they are giving away games like this but somehow I missed it maybe? thanks again!

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and Xbone owners said resolution didn't matter. but we all are

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