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Disc-less? And let Sony dominate retail sales even more? Yeah, Sony would really love that! #1.3
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That's it? Nothing else? No wonder nobody cares about it LOL! #10.1.2
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LOL you are missing the point to a whole new level! Please...can you please give us the list of peripherals in this world that are usng wifi direct as its interface? #10.1
42d ago by badz149 | View comment! I voted for Viking because I love Stick it to the Man. Grow Home doesn't appeal to me much but I won't mind trying it for free. Bummer that I have to churn out money for Viking #1.3
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Am I the only one here thinking that BC is not as huge a feature as many fanboys here trying to make? Don't get me wrong. It's a nice feature but is it a must have? Personally, I don't think so.

Just like how xbox fanboys are saying 1080p vs 900p doesn't matter. Only the PS fanboys say so. I guess this is a similar case. BC only matters because xbox fanboys say so. #1.1.23
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Love it to no end! Been playing it since launch and now I'm elite lvl 75! Can't wait for lvl 76+ challenges! I hope the support continues. Instead of more cars, I hope they focus on adding a new country with at least 4 more tracks to race on.

Oh and I hope they can randomize the online races to have more tracks to be featured. Some of the tracks aren't getting featured enough while some others are featured too much! #1.2
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Have not been playing CoD since CoD4, my much have changed since then? I got KD ratio of 2:22 from just 2 matches in the beta LOL! #9
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WTF? Aren't these shots old? I think I've read an article using the same shots like a month ago?

But regardless, it's interesting to see how many will praise the graphic of this to no end while ignoring that NFS is arcadey as hell with hollywood physics espescially from that one camp who constantly barging into Driveclub's articles and downplaying it as "it only looks good because it's not a sim and not open world"! #1.3
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how do you know he didn't already succeeded stealing a Vita before? this sure doesn't sound like it's his first time #8.1
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I think the thief is an xbox fanboy. he wanted a PS4 but don't want the sale being registered by NPD, so he stole it!

I kid, I kid #1.2.5
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the beta is listed as FREE on my local PSN here. I thought it was a bit odd because I read somewhere on N4G that you need to pre-order to get the beta. so I downloaded it anyway. will play the hell out of it. this will be my first CoD since CoD4. 2007 was a long time ago! LOL #1.2
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Xbox execs are literally delusional when they are ahead and even when they are behind, it seems! #1.1.13
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Search "BAMM! There it is" on youtube and you will know. #1.5.3
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Based on xbox fanboys, remote play is crap on an average connection while this 1080p60fps will work awesome because of xbone. #10.1
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LOL you trolls do know that Remote Play can be done on any smartphones and Tablets too, right? #6.2.3
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PS4 is selling because of hype? LOL!

That is why software sales of the PS4 outselling everything else combined at the moment, right? Forget the games, hype sells console! /s

Wanna know what really sells on hype? The Wii! The software attached rate on that thing is terrible! #1.1.14
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So much for pulling those out of your ass!

Plus, technically, the PS4 has more RAM because it has a dedicated 256MB of DDR3 RAM for background process. #1.1.5
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that's capitalism for ya.

and all these gazillions of money claimed to be "LOST" by piracy is also not entirely accurate either. most of the pirates aren't gonna buy the game anyway for various reasons. they either;

1. didn't have retail access to the item in the first place, so buying is not an option

2. din't want to spend money on it in the first place, so even if given the option to b... #1.1.6
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upgraded from 8.1 to 10 on my laptop. I have few games installed as the laptop is still pretty new and I don't like gaming on a small screen but I tested with LEGO Marvel but man...does it suck!! the game crawls like a turtle! #2.3
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Instead of pointing fingers, why don't you go out of you bubble of "game with great graphics must have mediocre gmaeplay" first? How about u judge DC by playing it instead of just reading reviews?bcan you do that? Because if you do, you will know that DC is anything but mediocre like you're suggesting! And then there's The Order 1886. Go ahead and bash it all u want because it's lacking and not many will try and say you're wrong!

You can worship... #15.2.1
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