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You do know that Sony is a Japanese company, right? What they really care about is the number at the end of their fiscal year which ends in March. Plus, how many times have sony released their numbers publicly? I remember the 1 mil first day, 6 mil at E3, 10 million at Gamescom and no official announcement since then. I believe we will have the real numbers from them by March and 20mil is anything but impossible at this rate. #25.2
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just like in real life. rain and snow make it harder to drive at high speed #7.1.1
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should have put it as "I regret NOTHING!" #1.2
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A remastered version of a remastered games on PS4? and so it begins...

SMH #1.1.3
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it was a success until SE announced FFVII port for the PS4! what a huge let down! #1.4
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talking strictly about the look, you've got to be playing DC on CRT TV and Forza on HDTV to even say that Forza look better. #1.5.1
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yeah, I know what you mean, just messing with ya. :-P

I myself can't wait for the DLCs for DC. the weather update comes with the tease for the next 2 events DLCs which says "coming soon". can't wait. #4.1.2
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GT6 is already out there. go get it, son #4.1
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what tested my patience so much in the events were the drift challenges because they force you to drive purposely bad just to make the car slide and drift. they were 2 events that almost made tried so many times, I don't even remember how many. 1 was in the original event and the next was the one on Yadapali, India using the Renault Dezir.

aced them both but didn't even wanted to aim for the best scores lol.

I have Platinum the game and still...the we... #8.1.2
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smart car eh? #7.2
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I love how the weather effect the behavior of the cars while racing. I was playing just now and my god I slid and spun so many times on tracks I've played so many times on when they were dry before! just to prove that the weather is not just cosmetic but added depth to the gameplay which is very nice! now races are getting more challenging but the online races still need more rains and snows!

I already Platinum the game 2 days ago but I'm still coming back for more. l... #1.3
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pubic hair? what is this? Raiden in MGS2? #3.4.1
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increasing the supposedly "limited" numbers will make it even less limited but yeah, 20k consoles would make more sense considering it's the 20th anniversary edition. but I think they made 12,300 units 1st and then will increase it to 20k later on and make it available in other countries too. #3.1.1
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I have the standard black one bought on launch day. to satisfy my craving for different colours, I tone it down to DS4 instead of the console itself. now I have black, red and blue. white and silver (if the make it available) will be next. #2.1
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there is always eBay. but get ready for the onslaught of insane prices.

back on topic, so, this is another 12,300 unit sold in just 2 hours. PS4 is killing it! #1.1.4
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yeah, I don't know what are these talks about MP issues anymore LOL. clearly trolling. not only that they already fixed the MP, the challenge mode is also already online. I just Platinum the game last night but I'm still playing for the challenges and not to forget the upcoming weather update.

there are still at least 4 more expansion DLCs in the making too. Japan can't come soon enough. #1.1.2
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I didn't say anything about issue or problem or anything for them to focus only on US and UK market. it's the biggest battleground afterall. #9.1.2
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the idea behind it is brilliant but the execution is uninspiring and oh, they need to learn on car handling too. just plain suck! #4.1.2
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the game is almost a year from release and here you are talking about "downgrade"? seriously?

remember Infamous SS and all the downgrade BS articles after it was released? the game turned out to look better.

that's Sucker Punch. this is Naughty Dogs! they will definitely do better. #1.1.21
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was here for the good sport considering Phil's comment but you're just degrading his messages. if 10/10 is all you care about, you must be pretty happy Halo MCC got 10s all over the place and the game works great! oh wait... #1.3.9
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