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Indeed they have changed. Before, you need the Xbone to play its games but now, not anymore! That's one hell of a change!

12d ago 11 agree7 disagreeView comment might be the case by the time it becomes $10 but we will never know. SWBF is a solid game that lacks in contents, so if the game+DLCs will be available for cheaper later, there might be spikes in player numbers too, hopefully. BF4 has a healthy number of players still playing although the same can't be said for Hardline but that boils down to the perception of it being a shallower game than the more popular BF4.

I am in no rush to play SWBF though, so I'll...

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This is a game that I will eventually get on a later date when I can get it for dirt cheap. I waited for BF4 premium got to $10 on PS4. I think I can wait a little bit more for this to be at the same price too.

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I think it's more to do with frustrations than anything else. If the game has been released, I doubt we would see this kind of dispute

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The worst kind!

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Is there any really good fighting game story?

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The bigger question in "why was the pc version downgraded too?"

Are they gonna tell us they don't know the spec of pc that gonna run it too?

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Strong narrative, powerful storyline, great actings and beefy campaign is not your style then. Uncharted 4 is not your crappy 5 hours campaign with next to no substance. Personally, as a huge fan of the series, it's the best in the series IMO. For me, UC2 still has the better pacing and setpieces, but UC4 is the better game overall.

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Pokemon GO is as casual a pokemon game as you can get. It has nothing to do with core gaming experience. Congrats to Ninty for making so much with such a shallow game.

But are they gonna shift focus to mobile only after this? Looks plausible and if that happens, Nintendo will be just like Apple - so much money, yet irrelevant as far as core gaming is concerned!

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Why are people making fun of this? Privacies are being invaded, some guy is dead due to the game. It's actually not a laughing matter.

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THAT is the new competitor for the PS4, now? LOL

I still doubt it will sell as much as the PS4 this Christmas though. many young gamers gaming on current gen consoles weren't even born yet when the NES was around. Nostalgia can only do so much these day.

RARE collection is a good indicator on how retro games are selling right now. I don't remember it smashing records anywhere. it's pretty much a blip on a radar and...

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LOL you were serious, ha? HAHAHA

I own the PS4, alright but I also still have 2 working PS3s. 1 at home and another one at my mom's house and I also still have my RDR copy too + Undead Nightmare. consider RDR as a Xbone exclusive because I can't play it on my PS4? LOL

sad, very very sad!

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I honestly think that these are just emulators installed on Raspberry Pi with mini NES casings.

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LOL, good one there, Mr. Comedian!

By the time the Scorpio is out, the PS4 would already be around 40 mil units ahead. "The greatest lineup in Xbox history" didn't help the Xbone to close the gap, so what makes a multiplat only Xbox suddenly have a chance? Keep dreaming, buddy!

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LOL not sure if serious. But if you are, that's just pretty sad, dude.

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I've been wondering about the same thing. I think they just paid him to pay the game and say good things about it aka commercials. I don't remember him giving any score for it. I'm not a fan of the guy but "bribe" is a big accusation

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Yeah...except you can't bring hololens everywhere like you do your phone or if you're willing to carry your laptop around for pokemon hunting

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