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the only place the Xbone is even close to the PS4 in terms of sales is the USA while getting stomped everywhere else. if the question is "can it catch up to the PS4 this fall?" the answer is unless it manage to sell 5 million units this fall alone, then NO!

being optimistic is one thing, but math and numbers don't lie. it took the PS3 6+ years to surpass the 360 and that's by selling more every year! the Xbone should start consistently outselling the PS4 1st... #1.1.5
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Crysis 3 on Ultra indeed looks great but ultimately feeels plastic and lifeless. WD? Man...even on the highest setting, it doesn't look THAT great! Makes me think that the early reveal wasn't an actual gameplay but rather rendered to look like gameplay. #1.1.15
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Serious, do any of you guys honestly expected something really special? From CRAPCOM? just because it's a remastered, do you guys really think SCAMCOM would actually go the extra mile like ND with TLoU?

Seriously, this reeks like a scam since the announcement! #1.1.5
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It will be bad for PS+ and GfG because there will no longer be EA's game in them as EA will only put them in their own vault! #1.1.3
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Seriously, this article is such a waste of the internet space! It's like saying your Ferrari is useless if don't have fuel! Duhh... #1.1.14
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It was announced as "making its platform debut on PS4" if I'm not mistaken and that pretty much means timed exclusive. #1.1.2
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Admittedly, I'm biased towards Sony most of the time - I think I should let that one out first.

To you guys who are seemingly 'angry' at Sony for rejecting EA Access, why exactly do you think Sony should embrace the service in the first place? Sony has their own PSNow that they have announced way earlier, already in Beta too, which will offer many more games from many publishers INCLUDING from EA themselves and as for offering old games in "vault", Sony... #1.1.6
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Crysis was a craze back then. Looking at how the industry is going, I doubt we'll see another "can it run Crysis?" kinda thing for a long time.

But WTF is this article doing here? Is it just me or it kinda sounds like a tribute to Crytek or something? Despite the doom and gloom surrounding them at the moment, they are still around, right? #1.3
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What you guys don't really get is this EA access is the way EA squeezes more money from their annual games people are not buying anymore like last year's FIFA, MADDEN, BF... #1.1.15
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What really funny is, to Xboners, EA is suddenly good again! LOL!

what happened to EA being the worst company in America? Or being evil for releasing rushed and broken games? It's all under the bridge now?

You guys are comical! #1.1.12
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This is pure comedy gold on the xbox camp!

May 2013 - TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, TV, TV, water cooler, Call of Duty, Call of Duty...

E3 2013 - $499! NO Kinectless SKU as Kinect is an integrated part of the system.

April 2014 - Phil Spencer: It's all about the games!

May 2014 - $399 without Kinect! It's all about giving options!

July 2014 - BETTER UPDATES THAN SONY WOOHOO...!! #1.1.14
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You're gonna have a bad headstart with that kind of spelling. #3.1.4
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Wrong console? The bone is supposed to have this feature too, right? #16.1.3
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Whatever happen to the ability to run games before it finished installing? #16.1
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60fps on PS4 and 30fps on the Xbox too. /s

on a serious note, on PS4, it looks like both of them are after the same ball while on the Xbox, they are after 2 different balls. #8.1.2
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meanwhile at QuakeCon 2014,

"XBL booo..." #1.1.6
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I'm not defending the fart DLC as per say but WTF is wrong with you people trying way too hard to hate on it? so what if it doesn't really fit the tone of the game?

does the mercedes kart really blend well with Mario Kart? I don't think so but I don't see people making an article bashing it. and teabagging doesn't fit in any FPS at all as it's stupid but people still do it because it's fun. remember dancing in SOCOM? does that fit the mood of the g... #1.1.16
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it does. you are basically playing the whole game with full support like trophies and online MP. #11.2
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the pricing is indeed the trickier part of this service. I would rather they put is as a subscription with number of games per month rather than per game per time basis. for example, $10 for 2 games for a month or $50 for 12 games a month. you can use them as many times you want but if you fell short like if you payed $50 but you only finished like 8 games, no refund.

seems kinda cheap, right? but considering not THAT many people will be hooked on the service 24/7, it's k... #1.3
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comparing android games to Vita games? like they are even remotely comparable? FAIL! #1.2.2
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