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pretty much sums up MS's strategy since the last 5-6 years of last gen!

and they've been planning since December? LOL of course the did. because admit it, aside from QB, they got like nothing else to show since November till E3 and it will be September before we see something from them again!

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More games with unachievable fidelity?

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WHAT?? I can't turn off the brake assist?? I don't mind "semi-sim" or shit but it's BS if I can't even attack the corners like I want to because the car brake itself! Beta or not, this is not a way you attract new gamers MS!

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Been playing Forza 6 Apex beta on my pc yesterday. Seriously, how do I disable the driving assist? So annoying the car is pretty much driving itself and I only have to steer and press gas.

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and they said BF1 will outsell CoD IW this year! LOL I seriously doubt it

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glad to see gamers embracing action platformers like R&C again!

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So far, I'm voting yes!

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War? What war?

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So...18:7 in favor of the PS4?

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Yeah, that one. AWESOME!

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Holy mother of upgrades! Nicely done ND! And just for you guys' information, I've succeeded in my hunt for the Collector's Edition! YAY!! The entire area where I live got just the 1 and I got it! Take my money ND! You guys deserve it!

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That's just ridiculous! Outdated? Are you out of your freakin mind? Even with the 1080 out, I doubt the 980Ti will drop in price much. Right now, used, you're realistically looking at a figure around $500 at the lowest!

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Dude, seriously? For THAT you want source but for Fox79's ridiculous claim of "worst attach rate I've seen on any console...", I didn't see you asking for source! Double standard much?

Fact is, games in general sold more on the PS4 as proven by charts everywhere but there is just no solid numbers on attach rate available to anybody so claiming "worst attach rate" based on 1 game is a bit much don't you think?...

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These articles about CoD IW and BF1 are totally out of hands! Seriously, are we really arguing right now about which one will be better or sell better just based on like/dislike ratio of YT videos? These games are still months away, it's not even E3 yet for crying out loud!

But for the sake of arguments, both will sell in the millions like they always do EVERY YEAR! I think CoD will sell more regardless. CoD4 is a huge push! But none of them will be GoTY material! So......

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For such a barebone package, this is quite a number. Well can't really say I'm surprised. SWBF was barebone too and it sold millions. Seriously...what won't gamers today tolerate?

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The best reviewed game so far this gen! Congrats ND! Can't freakin wait for tomorrow!

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"Instead of making half-assed campaigns they should just release a mp only game and sell it for $40. Why shoehorn these missions and call them a campaign when it's not?"

dude, you have short term memory or something? They just released SWBF - a MP only game last year for $60 and there was a $50 Season Pass on top of that too! What made you think they will make an KP only BF for $40? For EA, those days are over!

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I'm not trying to defend ND or Sony here because 5GB is quite something. But you comment reeks of hatred towards them both. Were you THIS critical in your comment towards 13GB patch for Dead Rising 3? Or the recent 27GB patch for QB on PC? No matter how you look at it, 5GB is a miniscule figure compared to those and I'm still not defending it, mind you! Day1 patches suck! Buy nowadays, it's already like a normal thing for every single release, migh...

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"Did you ever know the BF or COD single players to be good?"

CoD2 was great, CoD4 was amazing, BFBC was enjoyable and BFBC2 was kinda good too! so...there

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Seriously, who ever buys a Collector's Edition fot any annualized franchise is stupid and rightly deserve to be scammed with overpriced poo!

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