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they have proven that it's already very hard for them to get with the time as it is.

kinda makes you scratch your head really....when they are selling the mini SNES with 30 packed in games you can play anytime for $60 and yet they are thinking of charging for their online and give 1 of those games every month and for that month only! 20 to 30 years old games!! what ancient mind at Nintendo that think that this is even remotely close to a good idea especially when Sony ...

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"but it's also including the Joycons..." you expected them to not include any sort of controller at all initially? why? because the "pro" controller is oh-so-cheap $70?

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Ehh...with 299 you're not gonna play Zelda. Unless somebody gives it to you for free. And I think you also might want to play it with a normal controller. That's another 70 bucks

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Taking a jab at Xbone exclusive is much too easy at this point it's not even funny anymore.

It's interesting to see if the Switch can survive this gen by not getting the heavy hitters 3rd party games which was the ultimate downfall of the Wii U. Exclusives alone won't save a system. It's the combination of both exclusives and 3rd parties that do.

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No loading? You sure about that? The Vita uses cartridge and there are loading screens in games. Even smartphone games have loading screens.

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Nah...a kidney will do just fine.

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What I think a bit ridiculous was how he could say that the joycon used separately "feels natural in your hands" with a straight face! Look at that thing! No matter how you look at it, it's small, too small for it to be in any way "confortable". It's like the joycon was designed only for kids or if they are talking about adults, then, it's clearly for hobbits. Last gen, many were calling the DS3 "too small" for their hands and this joycon goes down wa...

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I'm pissed that I still can't gen my hands on the Pro. it's still not officially available in my country. there are independent games stores selling them already but sold out the day they came. they don't even take pre-orders because they don't know how many they can get from the other markets. the thing is selling themselves

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of course they will have Zelda at launch this time around considering the game was originally announced for the Wii U, held from release to make the Switch version. it's basically a last gen Nintendo game ported to their next gen.

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you honestly just compared the Switch to a mobile phone?

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Nintendo take the world by storm?!


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it's thanks Trump now

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with the tablet not including any 4G capabilities from the rumors, better keep your hopes down for now.

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where did you get that 1.5mil gap figure? if you don't mind me asking

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"same could be said for Sony"??

Parallel universe?

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Please don't tell us you've already forgotten about "the greatest line up in Xbox history"

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You must be in a coma during the Wii U's early days. Game draught for months

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Sly 4 wasn't developed by them though. It was Sanzaru Games but the last I heard about them, Sony isn't tying them to anything 1st party related anymore.

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The PS4 is killing it!

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