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1 billion units sold!
ahh...what a sweet sweet dream

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dude PS4 has no gamez!
it's sarcasm btw

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GR2, NiOh, KH 2.8, Yakuza 0, Tales of Berseria and soon Horizon ZD and they just recently gave GoW3 Remastered + Alienation for January and LBP3 + Until Dawn for PS+ this month too...that's just OVERKILL! with complementary 3rd parties like RE7 (PSVR exclusive content) and now For Honor and upcoming ME Andromeda...which are bound to sell more on the PS4 regardless, haters be damned, Sony is coming out gun blazing!

gamers are like;
"Sony, WTF? save some for...

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sadly, it was real. he said it right after the reveal. Mehdi was the main presenter at the reveal event too. it was hilarious then, and even more hilarious right now LOL

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but is this really true, though? the game just had its beta very recently, right? I heard nothing but good things from the beta (I didn't personally participate) but how come it's a mess now? if it's true, then WTF was the beta for? was it really a beta or a playable demo?

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The only thing I'm gonna say here is, good luck going forward with those small uSD cards.

DLCs are huge nowadays and those uSD cards are gonna run out of space fast with just a couple of DLCs. This alone is already a sign that the Switch will be left in the dark or in the dust contents-wise by 3rd party games. External HDD is a quick solution to this and the Switch is in need of this feature the most but it's not gonna be there at launch.

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It's a ridiculous world we are living in at the moment because somehow this too is becoming an issue for some. It's sad that creative freedom is now lambasted by personal agendas of a minority group of people yet being so overblown. I can understand if Aloy is designed like those from DoA Xtreme or the likes but she's far from it and is very well designed for the game she is made for. I'd say props to GG for sticking to thier vision.

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But some hardcore xbox fanboys still thinks the Xbone is a suceess while labeling the PS3 as a failure. F**k logic

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giving...? money to R*?

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eh...they are going to rent out these games for free for a month each to their Switch network subscribers, remember? if they keep making this, how are they gonna attract people to subscribe?

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seriously, what is this about pledging support for 3DS? last time I heard the Switch is not the 3DS replacement and they are not yet working on the successor for it, right? so which one is it?

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Awesome. Regardless of review, I'll be getting this. Can't freakin wait!

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one of my most annoying Platinum trophy ever. the game was released broken and the loading times at launch were atrocious! I still have a recording of one instances when I restarted a challenge and it loaded for over 6 minutes! it has improved now but I have no intention to go back. JC2 story was just as mediocre but at least the game was not a mess like JC3

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Wow seriously, F off haters. Sony didn't promised anything regarding the boost mode before they launched the Pro. And not a single game from the beginning of this gen was promised that they will run better on a more powerful PS4 later on too. They just said that devs can patch their older games for Pro mode. The only thing they promised was all new games onwards will have Pro mode and that's it. They shouldn't even bother with this boost mode to begin with because all it does is i...

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They might want to charge for the browser later down the road. For subscribers only LOL

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Halo 5 going F2P?

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by your logic, Steam users are the worst of the worst! those Steam sales are damaging the industry, right? /s

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you just want those with less power, right? at least those are better than Tegra

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"For me I did not want a console the same as the ps4/Xbox one I wanted something different..."

I think many wished the Switch to be as powerful as those 2. Imagine a Nintendo's console with the PS4's power and Nintendo's IPs. Wouldn't that be wonderful? And 3rd parties can release their games as usual like they do on those 2 too due to the parity in power. That particular console would dominate the market easy. That's how you set yourself diffe...

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I believe nVidia is not to be blamed for the PS3 issues. In fact, Sony initially didn't even want to put a dedicated GPU in the PS3 because they wanted to do it solely using the CELL BE just like how they used the EE in the PS2 but it was too drastic and they decided to couple the CELL with the RSX, a nVidia custom made, underclocked 7800GTX. It was not supposed to handle graphics alone but most 3rd parties did it anyway to unsatisfactory results because CELL is kinda alien to them at fir...

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