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good for you. you basically just borrowed it for free there

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"Nier Automa, Persona 4, Nioh and Hellblade say hello on PC"

dude, MS has like 3 so called "exclusives" this year - Halo Wars 2, Forza 7 and Cuphead and all them are saying hello on PC! are you really gonna compare those 3 and then list Nier, NioH and Hellblade when there are Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, KH 1.5+2.5+2.8, Digimon World, Horizon ZD + Frozen Wilds, MLB The Show, Drawn to Death, Parappa+LocoRoco+Patapon+Wipeo ut R...

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@Bennibop @Obscure

even IF they signed with MS, the game will be on 2 platforms at least. all MS games go to PC, so no need to worry if you don't have an xbone to play it on.

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"thank you gamers for getting the government involved in our hobby because of one game"

what are you? 10? If you aren't you should remember how GTA was labeled as the "reason for violent behaviors" years ago. this is definitely not the first time governments are looking into video games related issues

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Sony sold over 80mil PS3 though. neck and neck with the 360 but somehow the 360 was a
"success" whereas the PS3 was a "failure".

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Sony just countered the X launch by launching their Black Friday deals early everywhere! those $199 PS4s are flying off shelves! $100 cheaper than Switch, $300 cheaper than X.

thanks to that, the impact of the X initial sales aren't gonna be significant at all at least in NA - where it matters most for MS!

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"Unless you're making a percentage off of those sales, then who gives a damn about how much they sell."

where's your new Wii U game now?

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considering the 3DS family has a big fat NINTENDO printed on it, seeing how it trails the PSP is not something that you can consider as success. the handheld gaming market is really getting hit hard by mobiles.

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"With the way it has been doing against the PS4 it was believed that the xbo was significantly behind the 360 but this tells a different story."

what does that even mean? are you measuring the xbone success using the 360 as the performance indicator? if THAT is what you're doing here, of course it doesn't look too bad, BUT still it's over a million units behind now and is going to lag a lot more because the 360 hit its stri...

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in China

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Blizzard has been doing it differently in China. I can see similar things happening elsewhere if this becomes a law. if lootboxes are deemed as illegal, they will find another way to implement it.

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if they are purely cosmetics, I don't think they are bad design. that is really giving players a choice to customize the looks of their characters as they want (meh...maybe not really how they want it as lootboxes give items in random but still...that's how lootboxes work, right?), but pay to win? that's crossing the line in the douchebaggest way possible! and then on top of THAT, purposely making in-game credits hard to come by while offering credits that can be bought with real ...

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"why the hell has Nintendo not done this with Pokémon"

why would they? their fans still eat up regardless. easy money

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MS might be thinking that changing internal HDD might be too hard for their fanbase seeing they have to issue statement to tell people to plug in their power cord properly or risk bricking their new shiny X! letting them open the box and change the HDD? might lead to world war 3!

safety first

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Over-design? If it can't handle basic connections most people today are using, that's crappy design!

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you are telling us that Steam isn't a monopoly? Windows itself is not a monopoly? in which universe?

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that wasn't ironic. Ironic is if that site says something like "exclusive matters". but this? this is just desperate!

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Xbox exclusives are already dead though...

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unless upcoming multiplat games are starting to play 60fps on the X but only 30fps on the Pro, the X has nothing but resolution to boast about. the games will still play the same. 4K is not THAT mainstream yet and most gamers even on PC still game mainly at 1080p. and xbox fanboys are really calling 1440p res on the Pro as something of a lesser quality? LOL talk about over-exaggerating things

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Beyonce is ugly...and old

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