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It's so funny that most xbone fanboys are now all up in arms supporting Scorpio. What ever happened to "the PS4 is doomed because the Neo is going to alienate the original PS4 owners", "mid-gen upgrade is stupid", "VR is a fad", "resolution/power doesn't matter" and so on? All of the sudden, "THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE!!" is the new motto for you guys. Hillarious!!

The way I see it, if according to Spencer that this is...

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At E3, THAT was kinda sad! First off, they obviously don't know how to keep things from leaking. And you can already anticipate the disappointment when they completely abandoned their "best lineup in Xbox history" tag! It pretty much meant that they don't have anything to show for it and it was a one off deal last year. It was a mediocre conference IMO.

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I think it was their worst E3 for since the last couple of years

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Nice try but NO! They would be crazy to put it at THAT pricepoint but 6TF GPU was highend for last year. This year's GPU has topped that and Scorpio will be released next year. A 2 year old 980Ti equivalent will not cost THAT much. I think they are shooting for $399 or...if they are going for the extra mile, $299 as the permanent replacement for the soon to be phased out Xbone S!

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THE DarkSniper is here. Hello...but please keep the optimism for Sony's conference at the low. DarkSniper doesn't want to be disappointed, right?

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What you missed is the new controller will be using bluetooth. Welcome to the 7th gen M$!

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Didn't stop Metro Redux from being released on PC, right?

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Yup, she got away with millions while Rafe got nothing and dead. Even Sam made it out alive with a mere pocketful of gold coins. Nadine is the biggest winner

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She's not the boss of a mercenary army for nothing

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that's the spirit!

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seriously, what innovation? putting un-interactive live action cutscenes in the game? what is so innovative about that? you can't even change the outcome of the story even given different choices. and, making live action is easier than CGI or in-engine rendered cutscenes too. one lazy choices after another IMO!

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they just recently brag about Halo 5's 5 million sold number. so...this being true is not so far fetched.

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thank you Captain Obvious?

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you mean "BAMM there it is!"?

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that's where you're are WRONG! only pre-orders got the free PC version. it's a pre-order bonus, not a cross-buy title. and even then, the free PC version didn't unlocked until after a week, right?

Considering retail is still the bigger chunk of the sales made in this market with digital at about 60% at the most, 500k units is a bit too much of a stretch!

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Uber Edition?? Sigh...

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thank god you're not a PC gamer! there will always be a new and better GPU after a year. you'll be waiting for the best GPU for like forever before you're going to get 1 and don't feel threatened for the better one coming next!

psst...don't get the GTX1080 because it's nothing compared to the upcoming 1080Ti. and even then, the GTX1180 will be even better still. oohh...don't even get me start with GTX1180Ti! It's ...

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