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Yeah, pc gamers be like "oh no, what games are going to max out my Titan GPU now?" #1.2.4
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Nice job from 343. When your own Halo is not as good, get redemption using the "better" Halos before you. #2.4
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Really? I thought it's Sony because they are on fire!! #23.1
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"News like this is posted to put doubt in peoples mind the xb1 can do 1080p and 60 frames. The agenda is to give the impression the PS4 can do 1080p and 60 frames with ease, xb1 can't."

Dude, seriously. Konami doesn't have to do shit to tell people the bone have problems with high res and fps, many other games have already done that! Even their most touted exclusives like Titanfall and the upcoming Sunset Overdrive aren't 1080p and you're seriously b... #14.3
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Focusing on a team not even in any European competition. Nice call /s #3
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Watch Dog and Wolfestein are both available on last gen consoles too but sales data shows that the PS4 version sold the most, if I'm not mistaken #3.1.4
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Wow..I though that it's a given that sports games would be 1080p60fps this gen? #5
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Completely different is just Reggie pushing it too far. The only difference is it's crossplay compatible. It's like saying Xperia and Galaxy phones are completely different. Yeah, right! #1.3
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He is right, you know. #7.1.2
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People need to learn. These so called downgrades are not downgrades to begin with. They are just like live action trailers to promote their game using mostly impossible to achieve render as far as current hardwares are concerened. At least, that's how I take it.

But seriously, who the hell honestly thought that "that's how it will look like" when they first saw Watch Dog and The division? I didn't and I don't think there were any "actual gamepla... #1.1.2
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MS didn't buy Halo. They owned it from the beginning. They did bought Gears though. #13.2
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There is one critical difference between Bungie and Insomniac. Bungie was owned by MS while Insomniac has always been indipendent.

Bungie HAD to make Halo exclusively for Xbox but Insomniac CHOSE to make R&C and Resistance exclusive to the PS. Insomniac make games for who they want and now they chose the Xbone, so...good for them. Bungie too can now make games for who they want and they chose to make a multiplat under AV, so...good for them too.

It's... #10.1.2
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Pfft...even if he's mad at them, what's he gonna say and do? Bungie is independent and not theirs anymore. They made Bungie went so far as to buy themselves out of them and that's pretty much unheard of in this industry.

But for all we know, maybe Bungie didn't make any of those deals with Sony but Activision did. They already have a lucrative deal with MS over CoD and they must have wanted a similar deal with Sony too. Destiny is a new IP from a highly acclai... #1.1.3
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I don't have any of those game! YEA for me! But my backlog is as huge as ever! So many free games, so little time! #1.3
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Seriously, why are people disagreeing with this? If you watched the E3 live, there were many gameplay clips in that trailer and I sure as hell those are running 60fps because of how fluid they were unlike the PS3 version. #4.6.1
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you mean puppy, right? #1.1.2
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I waited too. Not really THAT excited about the game but it's GTA and for me, I just have to play it just like I did all the other GTAs before. There are even cheap used copies out there but I still waited. I don't know why but I really wanted the PS4 version. And here I am, just waiting for it to come. #3.4.1
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We're talking about the next gen consoles here and that's why your talk about piracy is moot. Sure the game was pirated on the 360 and PS3 too but it did sold almost 40mil copies since launch.

There is a HUGE reason many devs are focusing on console launch 1st before PC's and trying to say otherwise makes you sounds delusional. There will be huge GTAV community on PC for sure but many many of those copies will be a pirated ones. Grant... #1.1.7
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"Miyamoto commented that many other studios may just be trying to make games that may seem “cool” to the public, but Nintendo tries to concentrate on making games fun"

Yeah because all those so called "cool" games are not fun at all, right? /s what a douche!

And is Mitamoto admitting that their games are not "cool" anymore? Why is that? Is it because being "cool" is too mainstream? Hipster confirmed! LOL #1.2
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EA has many more popular IPs than Activision but make silly decisions one after another like they are trying to sabotage themselves while Activision make all the smart moves.

Case in point, Titanfall and Destiny. Both have potential to be huge but EA somehow blew it with xbone exclusivity, delaying 360 version, Origin exclusive on pc and the game lack contents and depth while Destiny will be available anywhere! 1-0 for Activision.

Both started not so great w... #1.1.6
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