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how many freakin times do you want Nintendo to remake, re-release, remaster that game before you start calling them cash grab like most Nintendo fans are calling out Sony for remastering their games ONCE?

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Switch XL

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"one of gaming’s biggest and most recent unspoken crimes."

what Sony did with the PS3 is what we call as natural progression, not a freakin crime! they gave it TLoU the same year they released the PS4 for god sake and it even got Persona 5 - GoTY contender for 2017! MS basically stopped supporting the 360 right after they released the Xbone.

and talk about being most recent, Nintendo just left the Wii U to die and now remastering its games to th...

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"Many PlayStation 3 owners cannot download their games anymore and many games cannot be played anymore"

And you obviously don't fact check very well. STOP SPREADING LIES!

I have 2 PS3s still running strong and have no problems downloading games I got from PS+ and games I bought digitally. You're talking BS!

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LOL are you guys joining the Xbone team now that the US is the whole world? The gap between the PS4 and Switch is bigger now than before the Switch was released. Believe it

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LOL I think the PS crowd was happy when it was first bundled in. Great comedy it was and just shows how out of touch MS was at the launch of the Xbone. But those who were strongly defending it was even funnier.

It's not entirely inacurate to say that Kinect was one od the reason Xbone falling behind this gen

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They will be free, right? I'm not gonna complain anout free updates and contents

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Your spin makes even Greenberg dizzy. Apply for his job quick!

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"Doom is the same game."

Framerate matters. So 30 vs 60fps makes a lot of difference between that version and the others

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Unless Nintendo starts focusing on online play for their games, I doubt many will care. Nintendo games are mostly SP and local MP which what makes this exploit very exciting for many

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Just showing how pathetic Nintendo apologist here. I didn't even mention Sony or PS but somehow you dimwits brought them in this conversation.

Sure everything got hacked eventually but Nintendo's platforms got cracked too quickly compared to the others nowadays. Watch the video and see how those hackers making fun of Nintendo's efforts on security. They should've done better with it and at the very least, have a protection from a hack that was already 6 mont...

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Easy there bud, don't choke on your phone while voicechatting on the Switch's crappy free online service

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Nintendo shouldn't have made their console to be so easily hacked IMO. this just shows how many corners they have cut just to market the thing

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at its current state, I doubt many would care about the Switch online LOL

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Wishful thinking. This kind of exploit almost always lead to piracy

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For most of the people in the world, Poland is considered as a "western" country

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So it begins...

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LOL really? So we are just going to make a list of games now? You do know that the PS4 had the most exclusives last year and also 3rd party games not even available on the Switch, right? Making a list of these games are just gonna show how one sided this opinion piece really is.

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Where did you find that Horizon ZD costed over 100mil? Last I heard, it was not even 50mil

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