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so...PC is the worst platform because it has way worst games than the Life of Black Tiger? got it...

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you're missing my points to a great extent!

what I was saying was, expansions which expand the original games are highly welcomed because it adds more to the experience and to the lore of the original games but most DLCs nowadays aren't THAT! they are basically items that should have been in the games in the first place, map packs included!

it should be...if your games are popular and there are lots of people playing them, reward them by making fr...

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paid DLC contents shouldn't even exist in the first place! I agree completely. they should give DLCs for free to us paying customers but instead, paying customers are getting screwed and spammed with DLCs of contents should be in the game in the first place! those who benefit, are pirates on PC who aren't only getting these games for free, those DLCs too with a simple modding of codes! damn it publishers are trying to squeeze as much money from those who chose to buy legit. it feels l...

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I love it how now every article is about bashing the PS+ but last gen, when XBL Gold didn't offer anything but online MP, journalist were quick to defend it for it "offers superior online experience and cross game chat". it shows how heavily biased these journalist are against Sony. they jacked up the price to match the XBL but why is Sony the only one getting the flak? hypocrites!

hey, I'm not defending the price hike and I was one of the most vocal again...

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xboxenthusiast...enthusiastic about that microtransactions, ha?

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LOL how naive can you be?

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what do you mean by PSP version? is it something like events for Driveclub? I love that format.

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what's this game about? something like Mario Party?

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just give us one studio that makes multiple IPs in different genres before you blast ND like that. if not, you're just a hater! F off troll!

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That's because yesterday, it was on the X. they just want to be consistent with their vocabulary. they can't both be "glorious" now isn't it?

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YOU SHALL NOT PASS! - until you buy this pack for $2.99

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I bought the GoTY edition for the 1st game for dirt cheap during the last Steam Summer Sale and I think it's a great game. was kinda interested in this too but now...I think yeah...several years down the line for dirt cheap again for me.

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"They're the Activision/ EA of the gaming industry..."

LOL what industry do EA and Activision are from? Is it not the gaming industry?

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WHAT? how did the go from Barca to Fulham? Well...great news for the 5 Fulham fans whom are going to buy the game, I guess

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AMD be like "if you can't beat them singlehandedly, beat them doublehandedly!"


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Thank you. The devs said it themselves but I got disagrees like I'm Bobby Kotick. SMH

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Monolith on "how to kill your franchise in one simple step"

Should have learned from MS to not announce the mt until after release so at least your game could get great reviews first and when the reviews are done, slap it with mt! Genius

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what? they are trying their best to prevent cheaters on an already unlevel playground. so...good for them

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good for them

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good for you! I'm facing a huge problem with Win10 right now. wished I didn't take the free upgrade!

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