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unimaginative coop? WTF? please give JUST ONE EXAMPLE of a coop that is so imaginative that has came up for the last 5 years! I'll wait.

deducting points for something so vague is unbelievable seeing many other games with fairly standard coops gets a pass. what about SM3DW with it's generic and offline only coop, IGN? oohh...9.6/10! IGN TROLLING at its FINEST! #1.1.5
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mehh...who cares. I bet we'll get AC Rogue Definitive Edition sometimes next year. #1.1
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like I said, they didn't wait for DC's online to be perfectly running before running their reviews and damned it with bad scores and Polygon even "updated" their review for it even before the online is even decent! it was kinda controversial too since they are so deep inside MS's pocket yet their earlier score was higher than FH2 for some reason! but whatever their reason was, I think it's just fair that MCC got the same treatment but like I said, we'll see IF th... #1.6.3
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I'm now just waiting for Polygon to post their "updated" review! #1.1.5
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ehh...didn't hold them up during DC launch. so, why should Halo gets a different treatment? should they wait for Ubi to fix the glitches in Unity too before reviewers start giving scores? #1.6.1
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I am really excited for the sequel! they can't just leave it like that after that Sly4's ending. #1.3
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I'm not gonna conplain about the PS+ version because I got lucky and downloaded it midnight of launch day and upgraded from there at discounted price. Have to wait almost 2 weeks for online to be up and running is still unacceptable though but I used the time waiting to finish the campaign which are quite good. Now that the online is up, I hope they can fix the random error connecting with the server thing pronto! It's annoying. I'm actually playing right now and the game spams th... #1.5
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when are those games releasing again? as far as exclusive is concerned MS has NOTHING in the 1st quarter of next year while Sony has games all through the year like they did with the PS3. the always, will have stuffed end of the year while hanging on to multiplats for the rest of it which will not work very well this gen considering the PS4 is outperforming it both in performance and sales! #1.2.2
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...for the next? already? WTF? so they are gonna leave Unity broken as it is? #1.2
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too late. I think they are working on it already. at the very least, I think they will release AC Rogue definitive edition for PS4, Xbone and PC. #2.1
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Merc 1? I think they went out with a bang with The Saboteur! such an underrated gem IMO #3.1.1
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RARE didn't make the new Killer Instinct. #2.1.3
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blame the one making the hardware you code your games on, not the one who badly code it! NICE one UBISHIT!

when your game has unreasonable requirement on pc yet still buggy, and it's not even the best looking game out there, you're doing it wrong! #1.1.2
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they did make a DC2 which was the Wii, which was basically, 2GC put together but they casualized the hell of it.

Insulted the whole industry? yeah, while making a fool out of themselves in the process! in terms of getting with the time, they can't be even more backwards! #1.2.4
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I don't think that I'm the only one but I love cutscenes. but they should make it skippable after the first time, though. #3
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AGREED! more story DLC PLEASE! #1.1.6
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no! it has always been TV TV TV Sports sports sports...watercooler! LOL #1.3.1
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"this issue is overblown by sites to get hits!"

"DC is worst!"

"I played online just fine and some of my friends too are fine"

BAAM!...ranks reset! #1.1.4
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I would have love for 3D to stay. the PS3 clearly lacks the power to run 3D games at their full glory but couldn't change the fact that MS Apocalypse was amazing in 3D and some other games too. I hope we didn't see the last of 3D yet. #1.1.3
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wow nice CE and only $70 bucks too. I hope it won't be too expensive when it arrives in my country. I really like what I see. #1.2
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