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It's kinda sad that MOVE support for FPS games are not there anymore. The move is so much better for FPS like in KZ3 and Resistance 3 were awesome! #2.1
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Only exclusive released in the last 3 months of the year countsed as games. Other months and 3rd parties aren't games anymore! Get with the time dude! /s #23.1.2
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Awesome console #4.2.2
73d ago by badz149 | View comment're saying you can't use PSTV at work? If you can remote play on pc at work, you can use the PSTV. Unless you're stuck with a laptop but you said pc #2.1.2
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Ehh..Sony didn't do anything about their remote play app got modified to work on all Androids and even on Windows already with Bluestacks and other Android emulators. So...don't be so sure about it yet. Plus, Sony has nothing to lose here as you still need a ps4 to make use of this and they already released the Android version for free too. They don't make money on the app but on console and game sales so i don't think they care that much.

Unless, if the app... #1.1.2
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You sure about that? I heard the Dreamcast got resurrected and is killing it this gen! The PS4 got no chance at all! #4.2
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Little that she knows that EA is just using her for publicity. and it has already started! prepare for the slew of EA marketing for this game with Jade Raymond this, Jade Raymond that etc. #1.3
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almost irrelevant in many places in the world, selling neck and neck with PS3 while released a year (a year and a half in PAL regions) early and a distant away from Wii sale numbers is called dominating now? LOL

I know English is difficult to master but you can't be THAT dumb to call THAT as "domination"!

maybe the title should be changed a bit. add NA at the end of the sentence, and then maybe the article will start to make more sense! #1.3.8
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You've listed 2 games xbone gamers barely bought! Oh...pc gamers have not care about CoD since MW2.

Seriously sound desperate! PS4 currently has the most players on almist any given game. Xbone and PS4 has about the same amount of 1st party titles this year and apparently you are among those who decided that only year end exclusive matters! Pathetic #3.7
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SE is kicking themselves in the nuts while we are speaking. This is one of those worst decision in gaming. Even CoD maintained 1st place in Japan for 2 weeks on PS4 for crying out loud. #1.1.4
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Ehh...recently 343i and T10 are getting the flaks by putting MT in their games...let's involve Sony's dev too even if it's misleading! Can't put all the blame on MS alone! #1.8.1
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I agree with "you should pay for good work" thing because nothing beats giving money to devs that really wotked for it and deserve it. From there, ideally, they are gonna be motivated to keep delivering the stuff while gamers can expect more to come from them. So win-win.

Putting that aside, it's becoming ridiculous when devs start churning out barebone products, yet still charging full price and then announce a slew of DLCs even before the game lauch! Of course... #1.1.11
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TRoTR is a SP game but didn't stop them from putting MT into it. #11.1.2
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Yeah, I think it's a clever play of words but just over a mont after lanch is still considered pretty new so...I still think they did try to lie and hide their true intentions. It's kinda shady and shameless IMO #2.2.4
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Seriously, you are gonna bring Driveclub into this? There has been 2 cars in DC that can be bought if you haven't obtain them - LaFerrari & Renault I forgot what model. That's it and it doesn't give you any sort of advantage whatsoever. And then there are the double fame boosters which are to help you lvl up faster. It's pretty pointless now that they are making certain manufacturers double fame like every week. this week is double fame for all BMWs.

How t... #1.8.1
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Wow what are butthurt xbox fanboys doing in this section? It's about DC and none are talking about other games before the fanboys came in. Still want to downplay DC no matter what ha? The game is great and over a year after release, there are still lots of people playing - old and new - not just because it's actually a very good game, but new contents keep coming! The game has sold over 2 mil copies and I won't be surprised if it's already approaching the 3 mil mark, and Evo i... #5.4.6
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There is more chance of EA releasing the ME Trilogy Remastered than ever make them available in the vault. I'm more than happy to be proven wrong though. But I just got ME2 from PS+ this month. Still yet to play it #4.2
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games programmed from ground up for Windows work better on Windows compared to Steam OS. wow such shock!...NOT! #2
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wireless all day everyday!

seriously, how the hell does anyone still prefers wired over wireless? the PS2 is a long time ago and wireless is definitely the way to go! I guess you guys prefer you phones to be wired too ha?

comeback my ass! #1.2
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New track? As in new locations? That is AWESOME! #1.1
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