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even BF4 still has a relatively big player count on the PS4. more than PC even.

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the game that keeps on giving

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Collecting dust since release? LOL haters will be haters and can't change the fact that it's hard to find since release.

I think Sony was focusing on big markets first with the PSVR and Pro. I'm from South East Asia and both are really hard to find. In fact, I have only ever came by 1 Pro which was absurdly overpriced by one shop here and has never seen any PSVR yet. The limited amount of units they got, all sold out within arrival.

I really h...

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"Not every new game will sell millions and be a huge success"

The first Knack sold around 2 mil units. VGChartz has it at 1.74mil and that's only retail. Digital included, I think it's safe to assume it sold over 2mil copies.

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Can't wait. Absolutely love the 1st. My 1st PS4 Platinum too.

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Bowser is Koopa.

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60fps is hard to do because old source code...bla bla bla...but just because our fans love us so much, let's put microtransactions in it. no source code needed for that! /s

I got lambasted to hell when I said all MS games going forward are going to be microtransactions heavy but look where we are now! what now MS apologists?

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"A lot of sony gamers dont want BC because they are convinced no one hardly uses it."

Who told you that? You really think that the reason there is no BC on the PS4 is because PS4 gamers don't want it? Sony decided on not doing it, what else can gamers do about it? Constantly nag them? Riot? It's their platform and they have never promised BC. And it's not like they disable or brick all PS3s after the PS4 release so your old ...

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"Remasters" are already a thing is this industry whether you like it or not. Why start complaining now? Or are you always complaining everytime there's remastered games? MS and Nintendo does it too, you know. Gears Ultimate Edition? Recently released MK8 Deluxe...rings any bell? Even games on PC are getting them too. Metro Redux? Darksiders Deathinitives Edition? Warmaster Edition? Starcraft is about to do it too, right? CSGO (basically a remastered C...

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Why can't we all be more civilized in our argument? Is it too much to ask for? You guys sound like those CoD kids who always found a way to fuck others' moms while being on the other side of the planet!

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What the hell ia this article talking about BF4 dying? The PS4 version alone still has over 20k players peak per day still. And even on the PS3 there are over 10k peak in 24h. Dying? I don't think so

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LOL worst pocket commenting ever! Sorry guys

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"bug third party studios"?? You mean Bethesda? Or Bioware? Hehehe

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Yeah, already noticed the jab but couldn't edit any longer. Nicely played there.

I did commented before I watched the whole thing, though.

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Scorpio exclusives? is it the same gen as the Xbone but still has its own exclusives? doesn't make sense unless it's a next gen machine for them

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the problem is...all they have ever done were Remasters. at least Sanzaru did amazing with Sly 4 and calls it their own.

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but Xbox does, right? GTFO troll!

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and I'm here just eagerly waiting for Digital Foundry to show their true colours once the Scorpio is released. all this gen, they have been trying to negate the PS4's advantages in almost all games with

"aside from the bump in resolution, there is really nothing separating the 2 versions as the image quality is similar on both and no matter which version you're getting, you're guaranteed the same experience"

but when there is a ...

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like never before? like how? 4K? PC has done that. anything else?

Major Nelson - full hyberbole, no substance, as always!

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