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Damn it. What ever happened to the term "make love, not violence"? #1.1
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What fact? Your opinion? Nope. Not fact, still opinion and everybody has one.

Fact would be something like "the PS4 is the best selling current gen console" which is totally undisputed.

And this is not Sony copying MS. They don't even have to because the dualshock configuration has kinda been their trademark for more than 20 years. This is Hori, a 3rd party accessory maker. #1.6.1
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51? What? There are more cars than that now #6.1
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I guess they are seeing that there are indeed a big demand for racing wheels this gen. there are already a couple of racing games to select from. even Asetto Corsa is coming and not to forget GT7 which Logitech wheels are so closely associated with.

glad to see Logitech is not leaving permanently. their wheels are exceptional but this might also mean, there might not be driver updates for G25 and G27 to make them work on the PS4. they must wanna sell their new wheels. hope I&... #2.2
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But to be honest, if T10 can push Forza 6 graphic and effects to look as good as Driveclub while doing 24 player races and maintain 60fps on the Xbone, it would be nothing nothing short of magic. #7.1
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Pod of War 4!

you heard it 1st here! #1.2.5
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when you put it that way, sounds kinda amazing! #1.1
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long gone are the days where you can just pop in the disc and play games straight away on consoles, without the need to wait for 45 minutes!

oh wait... #23.1
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...and listening to the jet engine sound while you're at it. I think you know what I mean. #13.1
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the true definition of poor mans PC. you know...because installs on PC take just as long.

don't take this the wrong way but I got my PS4 at launch and it still amaze me to this day how fast the PS4 installs are. to think that I was worried when they announced the PS4 will have to fully install all the games considering how long it takes to partially install games on the PS3. turned out, the installs on the PS4 is even quicker than initial loading times for most games last... #6.1
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I thought we are talking about installs, right? I prefer physical copy and I can't remember any of the games I have that installed more than a minute. and that's without the need to put the console offline or whatsoever. #4.1.10
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I still don't think that it will be nearly as precise as a mouse though. #1.3
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the PS3 didn't jumped from 60GB to 500GB in a year! it was more like 60 -> 40 -> 80 -> 160 -> 250 -> 320 -> 500 or something like that. that's why 1TB is perfectly fine IMO for the next PS4 SKU.

some of you guys are expecting too much and in such a short time too. 2TB 2.5" HDD is still not that common in many places in the world. I haven't seen 1 myself! and if I'm not mistaken, the one that can fit into the PS4 was just released not too... #1.1.4
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define "better". MCC being broken for several months after release is kinda telling another story! #5.2
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pI Platinumed all 3 with my AUS account but now I have moved on to my local account after PSN is available locally here. I really wish I can bring over my trophies but I know it's not possible so yeah...I'm gonna shoot for those 1080p60fps Platinums! #6.2
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why the Order? did you just forgot that we recently just got The Witcher 3? open world RPG and it looks great. compared to that, can't help but feels that Fallout 4 looks meh

for this article to even try to call it magnificent, well...there is this thing called denial! #1.1.9
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I just watched the trailer. is that Source Engine? not that I'm trolling or anything but for a current gen exclusive game, that sure looks...a bit outdated? #1.5
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GG last game was KZSF and to be fair, it was unfairly critisized by the critics as having "generic story" and "last gen gameplay". But you know what...out of the 3 FPS launched with the PS4, KZSF was actually the best in term of campaign, (although that is not saying much because the campaign for CoD Ghost and BF4 were way more generic and way shorter too!) And the MP had almost no issue while CoD was full of glitches and BF4 was broken for m... #1.1.9
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What's so hard to believe about that? It uasn't been THAT long since MS bought the IP and obviously Epic wasn't making anyyhing Gears related after Judgement. That was why they sold it. #1.1.4
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but yeah, curious to see if the hypocrites from the xbox camp will ever come forward to troll this. #1.3.1
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