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I can't believe that it has been 5 years since it was released. time flies. but the thing is, it still looks gorgeous in its original form. one of the finest looking games last gen for sure. #1.1.4
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is it just me or the water droplets animation is really annoying on screen? I think it's because they are just there to make you think you're driving in the rain but the fact that they are not affected by any gameplay element like physics, speed or cornering really bugs me. it kills the immersion and just stood there in front of you like an infinite loop gif! it's half-assed at best and I think they should have done a better job with it. #2.2
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what a prick! I meant that for castillo. #5.1.1
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this is nothing new. smugglers have been selling consoles since last gen. although the ban was there, the enforcement was not that strict to begin with. it was easy enough to find the PS3 and 360 there last gen if you know where to look for them. although it was already easy enough to get games from the open market Hong Kong, now with the ban lifted, it will just make things "official".

and I hate the term "smugglers" the article is using like they are som... #1.2
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looks like it will be another chaotic open world game with crappy story like part 2 was. not that I'm complaining, though. the thing that I love about JC is, the gameplay screams, "F physics! chaos FTW!!"

can't wait but hopefully the microtransaction things will be kept reasonable. #1.1.3
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that is one hell of a game breaking whale! killer whale LOL! #3
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hahaha...NO #13.1
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You kinda overestimated Halo too much over there. As big as Halo might be for the Xbone, The declining CoD is still going to outsell it regardless. #5.4.1
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Batman: Do you bleed?
Superman: I don't have to wait for it next year! #1.9.1
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I'm salty? Why? It needs to start somewhere and if this is a success, you can bet your master race ass every other games after this will follow suit. #1.3.2
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catch the snitch and everything is forgotten/forgiven. 150 points to Griffindor! #8.1
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all hail the PC MASTER RACE! oh no...DLC? now paid mods?? NOO....

http://www.nooooooooooooooo... #1.3
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only in xbox fanboys' world where the console in 3rd place is "the clear winner" LOL

I guess now, the console in 2nd is the clear winner for obvious reason, right? LOL too funny! #1.1.3
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NO! Sorry can't agree with this. Admittedly, there are a number of crappy campaigns for shooters out there and some are just plain lazy and tacked on but at least they made an effort on it to try to please those who love to play SP first and not jumped directly into MP. I am one of them. but there are many great ones too which makes the game itself even more awesome and I hope many devs will continue putting a decent efforts towards their SP campaign or even coop.

Droppin... #1.1.4
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Kinda make you scratch your head when there are people out there even thinking that it's in-game. Halo will never look THAT good. At least not on the Xbone.

I don't even like Halo but has always watch its trailers, commercials, reveals and stuff since Halo 2. Even I know Halo has always use CGI for marketing. #3.1
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"Really fixed yet"?? The game is fully playable since before 2015 amd now it's already the end of April. Seriously, get with the time, dude! #6.6
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The Xbone's patch practice is contagious and now is spreading to pc it seems. Hopefully the PS4 won't see any patch as unreasonably sized as this ever.

But hey...this got nothing on 65GB for GTAV #1.1
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No campaign...

I stopped reading right there to know that I'm not gonna buy this EVER! From Titanfall to this, I can't justify buying online only games anymore.

But regardless, this looks great. #1.2.6
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8 month? The game was released less than 6 months ago. 6 months is not much of a "support" IMO. I think the reason it will not be supported much longer is because it's not doing well commercially.

It's such a shame though, as I would love to have a go at it but I only have a PS4. Huge Insomniac fan here and I'm hopeful that it will come to the PS4 later. The sooner the better. You can do it Insomniac! #5.3
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Seriously, elusive? Why? Because it's 900p? #5.2
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