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WTF dude? a free game is a free game

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It's just how most reviewers roll these days with anything nintendo. Best zelda game, 10/10. here comes best Mario kart, 10/10 again! Next is the best splatoon ever 10/10!

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So much money but no games! Weird, right?

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"MS pays me with quality games, quality hardware, and quality services"

not much, then?

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Scalebound...never forgetti, mom's spaghetti!

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what else do you expect from the generation that needs to be constantly reminded "don't do this at home" everytime there's a dangerous stunts on TV?

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I don't know if it's just my R9 390 that I didn't update to the latest driver but at max setting 1080p, the FPS is all over the place. wouldn't call that "well optimized"

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this is like saying who bought the GTX1080 is out of luck this year because there is going to be the more powerful GTX1080Ti coming. or in your face whoever bought Galaxy S7, the S8 will blow it out of the water! WTF this needs an article? I mean if both of them are out at the same time like how the Xbone was underpowered compared to the PS4, then gloat all you want but with a year difference, tech is moving forward and 99% of the time the newer device will be more powerful...unless if you&#...

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nah...just give me some well made exclusives please and I'll be on my way.

oh...what's that? no exclusives served here? oh well...

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what? does this means that Vega is simply not ready yet? kinda look bad on AMD's side when they didn't even release the direct competitor for GTX1070 and GTX1080 when nVidia is now already released the 1080Ti. what gives, AMD?

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when it comes to MS, never say never!

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Other games from other publishers would get massacred if they try to do what Overwatch did contents-wise

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meh...most probably will be high-end PC footage running on Windows. it's not the 1st time for them too and with all their games running on WIn 10 now, it's going to be easier for the to do it.

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if Nier Automata looks like crap to you, your standards is too high.

2B or not 2B

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4K boobs, man...

native! not some checkerboard fake ones! /s

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haven't you heard? LEGO City Undercover runs at lower res on Xbone than on Switch

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so...all PC gamers who upgrade their GPU so their games can have better graphics are no gamers too? got it!

all you Switch owners looking to play BoTW with better graphics on the Switch are sadly no gamers! the Wii U version have the same gameplay, you graphic whores! /s

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who ever says graphic is not important in 2017 is either a hypocrite or Nintendo fan

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just stop with the PS2 analogy already and start looking at the launch date for PS2 vs NGC and XBOX. PS2 was launch in early 2000 vs Sep 2001 for NGC and Nov 2001 for Xbox. you expect Sony to release a console more powerful than it's competitor that was only going to be released over a year from them? just doesn't make sense! the PS2 however did launched after the Dreamcast and and the PS2 was more powerful. as far as modern gens are concerned, only Nintendo has released weaker consol...

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I don't know if it's dying but if the 3DS is struggling to reach PSP numbers with all its games...I guess that market really is being hit hard by mobile

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