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they could change the name to 3DS and see it flies off shelves! the big N came up with the name New 3DS LL, MS can name theirs 3DS XXXL #4.1
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now you're just being sarcastic! you knew they make original stories for the LEGO games because they are not based on a specific movie or story or comic. they did the same with LEGO Marvels too and it was equally good! #1.2
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MS has a really good chance to win Nov in the NA but the PS4 is not letting them go easy even with the exclusives and CoD marketing! LBP3 might not be a huge seller like Halo and it's on the PS3 too, but with GTAV+TLoU bundle, it's gonna be one hell of showdown!

it will be funny if the Xbone wins this month though, because the fanboys will be celebrating forgetting that the Xbone is now $50 cheaper than the PS4, less than a year after launched at $100 more and they ha... #1.2.6
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what really funny is, it's the race of 1st and 3rd! the 2nd one is just jogging around like nobody cares LOL! #1.1.10
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I don't know about you guys but I prefer to send PSN messages using my PS App on my phone. back before I got my headset, I always do it this way. faster and I don't have to go to the XMB just for messages. #1.3.3
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just like the the previous entry, the story revolves around Batman and Robin. so...I don't think they put it as LEGO Batman means anything like they worship Batman over any other characters. the game is about Batman! #1.1
36d ago by badz149 | View comment knew how much it sold already compared to Destiny? what else does you crystal ball tell you? #1.2.2
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you got into the alpha? do we need to register for it or something? or is it just random invites, which I highly doubt. #4.1
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still doesn't change the fact that he said what the others are doing are "boring"!

what an arrogant prick! #1.1.1
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AGREED! the game itself is awesome, gameplay and battle are enjoyable, the characters are likeable and the story is pretty good too.

It didn't get enough marketing though and was buried beneath the hype of other games which is sad! #3.1.1
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Toren sounds pretty much like Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. I freaking love that game! #3
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hopefully they stay true to their words and RARE is forever freed from Kinect. to those who disagreed, c' has to be said! a joke, of course!

I love Battletoads too and still can't forget how nightmarish was to play through it. I would love to see them revive it and bring it back and shove the difficulty on gamers faces in a new way, not just as arcade re-release! but any lesser will just make it NOT Battletoads and I don't think RARE can stand a backl... #1.3.2
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Battletoads Kinect! #1.3
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from what I read, there were initially no good guys bad guys thing until the Helghast got too good at what they were doing back then and their existence started to threaten the others. their approach was too extreme and they got banished and restarted from scratch and take things by their own hands there after. they might have been persecuted but attacking Vekta was totally wrong and it was the beginning of their own downfall. something like that...I think.

but the universe i... #1.1.3
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much improved! such better! wow

on topic,

I have the original black, the blue one and the red one and really like to get the white one just to have one of everything. the original black has worn out a bit at the left stick and I'm getting one of those grip cover to "fix" it but the blue one is a bit loose at the R2. too much Driveclub might have caused it but shouldn't have happened this early in it's life cycle. I just had it for like a... #2.1.1
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seriously, Knack is not kiddie at all. it's hard even on normal. #1.1.3
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if you are still saying that DC is not working, you clearly don't play it. so shut up! #2.1.2
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I can't wait too.

A bit off topic, why aren't we getting any news on PS4 FW updates 2.01? It completely fixed the rest mode issue. Or did I miss the news?

EDIT: nevermind. I missed it. #1.1.3
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Some of you guys here acting like Sony paid AV so they don't use MS own servers! It's totally their own decision why even bring #noparity BS like Sony doesn't have any dedicated servers to begin with?

You guys do know that even RFoM, the launch PS3 title, used dedicated servers to host its massive 20v20 MP, right? Many other PS3 games used deicated servers too. This has nothing to do with Sony but more about AV wanting to put everything under its own. Why do you t... #1.1.12
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You do know the meaning of the word "anniversary", right? It happens every year, not just some years in particular. #3.1.2
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