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It finally rang a bell to me too. I remember playing original on PS2 many years ago but didn't finish it. I think it's a good game though. Although it's kinda strange they are remaking it for the Wii U instead of the more popular PS4 or even the Xbone.

But seriously, more of this kind of game is needed in this industry that is lately so drowned with FPS and RPG. I hope this will also come to the othr consoles. #2.1
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What a misleading title. It's 900p native, not 1080p. #1.2
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I am also pretty happy with what the PS4 can achieve at the moment because games like inFamous SS, Driveclub and The Order still manage to amaze me with their visuals. I think we all can agree that these games look amazing!

Sure high end PCs still have the upper hand but 4k is still not a norm today just like how 1080p wasn't in 2006. It will take some more time for it to be mainstream and I am ok with that. I honestly am hoping that next gen, 4k is in the checklist of t... #1.1.11
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If he has money to burn, why not? #1.3.2
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When did the PS4 have price cut? #1.1.6
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I guess you are too young to remember what MS did during the 360's years, ha? #9.1
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where? in the USA? ("US is the world" according to some of you clowns out there!) #6.1
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"If sony was smart..." LOL you really think they aren't? you do know that E3 is not the only gaming event being held through out the year, right?

you are basically suggesting that they should put all their eggs in the E3 basket but what surprise will be left for the other events? Gamescom (Sony won't hold a conference this year, though), GDC, TGS, PSX to name a few.

personally I would be happy with 1 or 2 surprises for E3 and more showing of... #2.2
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you're saying, the recycle of the same IPs over and over is your definition of awesome? LOL

no wonder the Xbox remains as the "year end gaming machine" because after all these years, those same year end games are still the only thing their fanbase is excited about. last year was an exception because the Xbone was new and they needed to show some games and they were heavily outsold but it seems like they have already back to their sa... #1.2.3
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YAY sales matters again! #1.1.22
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"Opinion: Why PS4's E3 2015 Press Conference Will Likely Disappoint"

and MS's will be all awesome and everything, right? yeah totally not biased at all! /s #1.2
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"Why Microsoft Has the Right to Brick Consoles"

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haters and fanboys aside, aren't you guys missing the bigger picture here? this just shows that MS has a direct control on the Xbones all over the world as long as it's connected to the internet and can do anything with it without the need to even come to confront you directly! so who's to say that they didn't really spying on you with the kinect from the get go? seems like they don't have to get permission to take control over the Xbone however they like.

... #1.1.29
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3rd person all day everyday!

adventure games should always be TPS IMO. being an FPS is the reason I can't get into FarCry or Dying Light for example despite so many people saying those games are great. I play FPS too but for adventure game like Far Cry, GTA, Just Cause, Uncharted, TLoU or Dying Light or Bioshock even...I prefer them to be TPS. I just prefer them that way. #1.1.3
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I just want them to remove all the restrictions on many Vita games that are still unplayable on PSTV. We can use touch control now with using the DS4. So why not just make them playable? #1.3
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It's awesome and all but I hope they will give us new tracks like they did with Japan. Please don't tell us that Japan is the last location they will add. I WANT MORE LOCATIONS DAMN IT! #1.2
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I don't get the mentality of

"some devs deserve their games to be pirated"

that's just BS! you don't want to give them money yet you still want to play their game? WTF kinda entitlement is that? more like spoiled brats I must say! pirating a game for that reason just shows that you're nothing but a hypocrite!

bottom line is, there is really no innocent reason to pirate a game in this day and age where you can get you... #1.1.9
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The article got my attention at "...naked".

I was like ok...I'm listening. #1.2
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personally, I think FPS in general is a worn out experience! ESPECIALLY military FPS. how many CoD, BF, MoH and some others that we have gotten all these years?

there is nothing wrong with FPS in general but when you spam the market with literally copied and pasted assets year after year, it gets annoying! oh...and ZOMBIES too! damn those are annoying! #1.3
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