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DDoS protection? WTF? Is THAT even a thing? #1.4
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Axios usual trolling comment aside, the point that people missed here is who would buy this thing? It might be superior to PS4/Xbone but it's inferior as a PC and that'a more important IMO.

Seam machines are geared towards gamers - passionate pc gamers. They don't buy a rig just so they can say "my rig is a little bit better than current gen consoles". Yeah right.

Plus, unlike consoles with fixed hw, this thing will cripple in performanc... #1.1.7
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I don't know about you guys buy why is the article pic just put the DS4 to represent the PS4 while the other 2 are the whole console? Hmm...I'm a pretty particular guy, so it bugs me to see it like that LOL. #1.3
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The original didn't move the Vita much if at all so I don't expext it to he a system seller on PS4 all of a sudden.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love Tearaway to bits and I couldn't have been happier when Unfolded was announced although admittedly I prefer they continue it on the Vita with a larger scale of adventure as I think the Vita really needs it but I'm still happy Tearaway will still be around and this is a day 1 buy for me. It's just that the ma... #1.1.5
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Yeah, because Vita games are 1080p, right? And expecting 1080p from a $99 console is so realistic, right? #4.5
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I have had the Vita TV since launch. And it just got updated recently to have the PS4 Link like the Vita. I use to play my PS4 games in other rooms and it's nice but they have to update it so it can use the DS4 quick. Just like how it is lackluster with Vita games compatibility because there are no touch screen and touch panel at the back and camera, it's lacking too with just the DS3 because the absence of touch pad. #1.1.4
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Ideally, remote play works everywhere with wifi but it requires quite a fast connection for it to work away from home though or the connection won't be sustainable. #1.2.2
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But holy hell you remote play at your office? Using your office internet? How do you know I'm not your boss? :-P #1.1.2
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Seriously? "Filled with"? The author acts like there are only 10 games releasing this year and remastereds and sports games are like 7 out of 10 of them! Sure the remastereds are getting the spotlights because people like the author like to make a huge fuss about them like the publisher put a gun on their heads.

I don' share the same perspective as the author as I quite enjoy it this year and next year would be much better. #1.5
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Did Sony's amazing lineup of games on the PS3 last gen convinced you to pick it up over the lack of exclusive 360? I don't think so and your username and comment history proved that you're a big xbox fanboy. Of course you would choose the bone.

Talking about how exclusives are the huge influence to choose a console this gen is a huge hypocrisy from the xbox camp. Remember "exclusives don't matter" or "better looking multiplats are where its at&q... #7.1
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There's always remote play for that, though.

Can't wait for its release. RIME has been on my radar since its initial reveal. Looks very atmospheric qnd I love those #1.1
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"And now this article basically saying what most gamers that arent just smitten with the Ps4 has been thinking."

says someone who is clearly smitten with the Xbone! how ironic. #1.1.16
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you mean, new "official" market for consoles. all the previous gens consoles have been sold in China for ages in their so called "black markets". the console ban law has been loosely implemented in the first place making it possible to get these consoles literally everywhere. #2.1
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watch MS spin this off as "Xbox One TF Bundle Sold Out at retailers everywhere"! LOL

I kid I kid.

but honestly, this was the best bang for buck for those interested in the Xbone this early in its lifetime. #1.4
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ok..."comprehensive" . whatever THAT means! #1.1.5
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what? what do you mean by beating it? the story is so crappy and short it can be finished in 1 sitting! getting 100% on the other hand is quite tedious. #4.1
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first of all, "shotgun" and "range" don't come hand in hand. you want shotgun, you sacrifice range and if you want range, don't choose shotgun.

second, the only shotgun that damn mofo deserve is the one use to blow his head off! I'm still wondering why they didn't make it possible to shoot the dog every once in a while in the original game for bonus point or something? If that happen, I bet no one will care for th... #1.2.3
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you really think "da powah of ze cloudz!" thing was made by Sony fanboys? try again!


when Sony talks about the cloud, they talk about what they already have and their plan for it for the future. their PSNow is already in a Beta and already has tentative launch window for both US and UK. so, what's your point?

while what MS talk about regarding their cloud plan is a f... #1.1.5
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Duck hunt Dog? What's he gonna do? Laugh you to death? Meh...if Wii Fit girl is already in, it won't be a surprise if anything else will be included at this point. #1.2
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