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If that is how a game should be reviewed, a CoD game should be reviewed at 4/10 at the most and ALL SPORTS GAMES should get a 2!

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and yet the 360 with over 50% failure rate didn't get delayed. strange....

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looks like Test Drive Unlimited

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their own games? what games? are you suggesting that they are making something we don't already know there? I really doubt it

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it's already too late for a wake-up call IMO. they should have done a Switch with the X and go all out next gen and make exclusives for it. this gen is already done and dusted as far as competition is concerned. the PS4 won. some might blame them for immaturely killing the Xbone but why even bother? if the games are there, people will go with the X just like how they introduced the 360 after only 4 years of the original Xbox and they made Sony work hard last gen to keep the PS3 relevant. ...

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he prefers quitting gaming altogether over picking up a PS4 where all the games are. that's how hardcore he is

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Kingdom Hearts reference?

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the gap in the US is closing to 3mil and if in the US alone it's being outsold almost a million this year, I can't only imagine the massacre it's receiving worldwide

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PS4 checkerboard Pro will outsell Xbone checkerboard X easy

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nobody in their sane mind thought that it would make a comeback ala the PS3

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Best they can do is maybe 3 bucks

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let's be honest now. If you can monetize from your looks, you would do it too. most artist have only their looks to sell nowadays anyway. look at Jennifer Lawrence

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kinda weird they didn't lock it at 30fps though for original PS4 and 60fps off on Pro

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22 freakin GB update?? that's a whole lot of indie games that can fit that size

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Yup. Last gen when they were fresh from the success and diversity of PS2, we initially had more diversed lineup but production cost went up several folds due to HD and devs found out that gamers aren't that diversed anymore and big name FPS soon dominating. Smaller studios were closed down and the days when only big publishers are around came.

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The power of the name "Blizzard"

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Actually, we now have less FPS IPs than previous gens due to the death of many IPs last gen no thanks to CoD.

Now we have CoD, BF, SWBF, TitanFall, Overwatch, Destiny, Wolfenstein, Metro, Halo...Far Cry(?)...and...I can't think of anything else that is significant. Borderlands is no more, Doom only has 1 game so far. Back in the days we had more

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