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LOL I guess somebody are just too eager to make TF as something that is as huge as CoD like how many FPS were said to be "like-CoD" for the past 5-6 years now. and now they are trying to pass "like-Titanfall" as a 'thing' all of a sudden.

just forget it, TF is never gonna be as huge as CoD and this is not from a CoD fan. the last 1 I bought was CoD4! #1.2
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I was 12 at the time and was watching the race on TV. Senna was my favourite and obviously I was happy he was in front if I'm not mistaken. It was a shock watching it happened and chilled me to the bone when the news broke that the legend has fallen. It still does to this day and I stopped watching F1 after that. #2.1.2
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This is not just the case for consoles. PC is the same. If you don't believe me, try making a list of games that are DX11 only or Windows 8 only. The list would be puny because most pc games are still supporting lower DX like the evergreen DX9 and it was just recently many games stopped supporting WinXP and that was due to MS officially ended support too. #28.2
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Nice stealth trolling over there. Or do you still believe that the 360 are sold more than the PS3?

And "new engine"? Really? Their boss is Activision and they will just use the old engine and up the res and setting a bit and call it next gen just like they did with Ghost. You are too naive to even think otherwise. The difference will be like playing 720p vs 1080p, mid setting vs high setting on pc, nothing more!

If they reall... #27.2
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Seriously...I can't help myself with this statement;

"...gameplay will continue to take a back seat for prettier pixels,..."

Coincidentally this is a racing game, it sounds to me like you're saying that in order to make the game looks gorgeous, they have to make you drive the car from the back seat! Because no matter how you think about it, that's the only possible way for them to make the game unplayable as 30fps is sure as hell won'... #15.1
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sure let's us all play Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3 for the 700th time when we don't have Gold! /s #1.1.4
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Getting closer? LOL #1.4.4
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The game is delayed, true, but it's still the same PS4 as before. Taking 30fps to 60fps while maintaining the same graphical settings requires massive hardware muscle to pull and no magical coding can do anything about it even given all the time in the world.

I have no doubt they were targetting 60fps but with the setting thry have, 60 might be too ambitious. It was either turn down the graphic a notch and get 60fps or sacrifice 60fps for the universally acceptable and pl... #18.1
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I think what it really means is they were shooting for 60 but can't achieve it and fell short like 45 or something like KZSF and Infamous SS and then decided to lock it at 30 which defime the term "rock solid" like they said as it won't be hard to sustain 30 if the game is actually capable of 45.

I mentioned KZ and Infamous SS because they have a similarity with Driveclub as in they all uave stunning graphics! And looks like they sacrificed 60fps for a looke... #10.1
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Hopefully not. #18.1
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It might give you H1N1 too. #9.4.2
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I'm not. All I'm saying is, Netflix is also a multibillion dollar company. Not as huge as MS, sure, but every company has their own stronghold and so does Netflix in this.

Being multibillion alone doesn't guarantee success in anything you do. For example, MS's effort in Multimedia player market with the Zune, their Smartphone, their Tablet...are those a success yet? #1.4.3
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and Netflix isn't? #1.4.1
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so..I guess...good luck?

gaming related/oriented/spin-off tv shows aren't really something that too many people are interested in. they usually make money because they are games and sold as games but when it comes to the cinema or tv, they just don't have the massive appeal lots of tv shows have which are watched all around the world and Netflix have lots of those.

I'm not trying to be negative here but if MS have the money to do it, and I think t... #1.3
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Resolution and fps reveal have really stepped up their game this gen they are already becoming 'a thing' LOL

I also hope it will be 60 but 30 and looking like that? I don't think I'll be complaining much! #1.1.6
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You would like that very much wouldn't you? #6.1
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Are you serious? can't be or you're just dumb. Give us a console racing game, sim or arcade, in the past 10 years that only has 25 cars. Can you?

And I don't get this part of your comment;

"I just don't have high hopes because it was delayed a year and will probably have no customization or huge car selection"

How is a game delayed and in the end have less content? Do you thin... #10.2.3
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Generic gameplay? I was like

Are you sure you're commenting on the right type of game here? Or are you thinking about something else? #9.2
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Another stupid article that kinda forget that we can have both great graphics and great games!

Seriously, if any of you hate graphics so much, just stay in the corner with your Atari and CRT tv while the world enjoy the advancement in technology!

I hate this "graphic doesn't make a game good" argument that some people are trying to shoehorn into the middle of attention this gen when last gen, a minor, under-the-microscope superiority in multipl... #1.1.5
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