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Polish? Like...people from Poland? And Bug? Like...those flying insects? Come on, don't throw out meaningless words now, EA!

Just release the damn game already like you always do for us - paying beta testers out here so you can release patch after patch until the next E3 when you announce the sequel and say you're sorry!

Oh and while you're at it, make the ending sucks again so you can release the 'real' ending later! Make it as a paid DLC... #1.1.4
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for me it's the SP campaigns! so refreshing and full of humor and the stories are quite good and enjoyable compared to BF3 and BF4 where you're just a disposable soldier in the uber-generic storylines like one of those movies directed by Micheal Bay! all KABOOM but no substance!

MP are awesome too with full destruction and stuff!

it boggles my mind how in the hell did they come from awesome BFBC to poop like BF3 and BF4? I'm talking about the camp... #1.3
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You can't just compare Hardline with Destiny like that and say that Hardline is recycled stuff while Destiny feel fresh. that's taking a jab at EA (not that I say it's not justified) while praising Activision when Activision is just as bad at recycling stuff with CoD year after year since 2007!

Destiny is a new IP but even then, many who are currently in the Alpha is saying that it's more or less feels like Halo and I didin't mean it... #2.1.2
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Especially Pacific Rift! The game is fun and all but at level 7 and above, the AI are straight out cheating and brutal. No matter how good you drive, 1 small mistake and 5 or 6 of them go straight pass you! Always crash you in the process too! #12.1
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Of course they will now admit they did wrong with BF4 because they want people to think that they are really sorry and believe that BF Hardline will be better. It's pure PR move to try to market their next game, nothing more!

I think gamers should vote with their wallet and stop being paying beta testers! Let's all send a message to EA and to all publishers for that matter, by making hardline the worst BF launch ever sales wise. #1.4
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Finding the diamonds almost made me insane! 5 playthroughs!! and the companion app is not helping either. I hated the final guardian before the final fight with the orb! #9.1
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Worst game ever? You clearly haven't played a lot of games then. #1.5.1
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yeah...and they might have a chance selling 2 million this gen. #2.1
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damn you beat me to it! #5.1
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Gabe should be #2 because you know he won't be there if you give him #3, if you know what I mean! #4.2.3
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what? King Ken should be there for making gaming mainstream! #4.3
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"find the next new thing"? more like "find what's the next game to put Mario in", right? #1.3
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generic? you mean you comment, right? #1.7.11
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so...even Visceral is doing BF now ha? just like how AV CoD-ed every dev they can get. way to go EA! #1.3
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It baffles me when dev do this. It's fair enough that people will not be able to hack you and you won't be able to participate in any online activity if you play offline but WTF is that have to do with everything you've gained online until that moment you decide to play offline being reset to 0 and gone altogether?? Your stats don't get reset in any other game if you decide to play offline but seriously, WTF is this shit Ubisoft?

Can't anybody play a SP ga... #1.1.30
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"Technical masters" LOL!

You can't call somebody who can't optimize their own code as "masters". What Crytek do best is waste resources! 8GB is not enough? Tell THAT to the majority of pc gamers for a change. Standard laptops come with 4GB and most PCs are 8GB DDR3 + 1 or 2GB GDDR5. if their games are gonna eat 8GB of RAM, most PCs will be bottlenecked first before the consoles! #1.1.11
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After almost 100% overtracking the Xbone sales last month, I'm kinda surprised vg(poo)chartz is still submitted here. WTH mod? Can we just agree to ban VGC from now on? It's for the best. #1.1
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No freakin way! MW collection? Why?? I hope that this is not true. #1.1.11
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I think they are missing the biggest don't here.

at E3 this year, DON MATTRICK and you'll be fine LOL! #1.1
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When a console goes all digital, retailers aren't gonna get those software sales profit and it is a bigger profit than selling hardware. And in the case of Gamestop and others, the more lucrative used game market.The only reason any retailer is supporting any console is so they can sell their games and if there's no software to sell because a console goes all digital, there's no point for them supporting it and Nintendo is not exactly in the position of playing the market god here... #1.1
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