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4k TV is no big deal at the moment because there is almost nothing broadcasted is that res and 4k medias are still a very rare thing.

it's pretty much like driving a supercar on small rural roads - it's nice and all driving a supercar but you can't really feel the power due to the road condition. #1.8.2
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1080p vs 900p on similarly priced consoles


1080p vs 4k on a $400 console vs high end pc costing at least doubled.

your argument is very GOOD! /s

while we're at it, let's us all whine to Toyota on why their Camrys are not going as fast as the Ferrari, shall we? #1.2.3
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Most console only gamers were hopeful about the game and it looks like CDP delivers. This looks very very good and 1080p nonetheless on the PS4! Consoles gamers are in for a treat.

but most pc master race were doubtful because for them, the PS4 or consoles in general is crap and can't produce great game with great graphics. now get ready for the bragging about 4k, ultra settings, 120fps etc. From the master race group because they can't stand cheaper consoles having g... #7.3
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I must admit that this looks very very good! Way better and more detailed than GTA V remaster. Well done CDP. #1.1.4
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And you will find anything to make you feel better about playing on pc too. WHICH is more pathetic considering this is an article about the PS4 version but you still feel the need to show your superiority complex here. Seems like you can't really enjoy the game unless you put down other's preference and choice to play it on console, ha? Pathetic! #1.2.4
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Like I said, I expected them to be longer, not bite size. Like multiple episodes or missions for the Arrow or Bizzaro World for example. But NO, they crammed everything lin short episodes which are very hard to enjoy because they are LITERALLY too short. Even the Lantern planets chapters in the original game is longer than these DLC BS! #1.1.2
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I love LEGO games so much I bought the season pass for LEGO Baman 3. Needless to say, it's literally the worst DLCs EVER! every new packs feels rushed and can be finished to 100% within 10 minutes each! I was expecting something worthwhile, not bite size episodes I can finish while pooping! NEVER AGAIN! #1.1
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not if you have a huge backlog of games. thank you PS+

*cries in the corner in shame of my backlogs #5.2.1
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your comment is 14h old and I'm here still scratching my head as well. #2.1
87d ago by badz149 | View comment're in full support of using mods online? you do know that sounds really stupid, right?

mods are acceptable but keep it offline only. you paid for your game so mod it all you want nobody cares! but going online, is about the community, modding your game will ruin the balance of the game and give a disadvantage to others. allowing mods online is the same as supporting cheaters online which are just as bad! #12.1
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this is what I don't really like with the pc gaming community. the whining even when they are totally unwarranted!

I support mods, I do but with GTAV, it's gonna be a bit difficult because the offline and online portions of the game share the same assets. if you tinker with some of the asset aka mod them, it will be brought over to the online part of the game. so I think R* has all the reason to ban these mod users if the ever go online with their mods on. it's t... #1.3.1
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GTA San Andreas Stories! I'm sure many will kill just to play THAT! #1.2
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$250 for 1080p sweetspot? WHAT? that's $50 too much! #1.3
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why? you think he should just be satisfied with it and call it a day? the Xbone's direct competitor, the PS4 can do Remote Play since day 1 and now expanded the service to smartphones and tablets too. Remote Play also works with any network as long as it's fast enough and before you start calling it laggy or will not work or whatsoever, there are many evidence of Remote Play and Share Play done from across the globe. I don't blame him or anyone for that matter to expect MS to come... #12.1
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the pc is middle man just like the Vita or PSTV or tablet. stop saying it like this Xbone streaming will work magically with any monitor.

and please check your fact before saying anything or you would sound like trolling. There is no content restrictions for Remote Play. all PS4 games and contents can be Remote Play. #11.2.2
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your comment over there is the ultimate example of FANBOYISM!

NO! you didn't pay $60 for 15 years. it was $50 and only raised to $60 a couple years back.

NO! Gold is not matchmaking service, it's an online gaming service because without Gold you can't play online.

NO! PS+ has never changed in price. it was and still is $50 and NO! we are not getting any less but even more contents since the released of PS4.... #5.4.3
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"Edit: butthurt fanboys cant handle the truth lol, pathetic."

seriously...where is this "truth" you're saying? in your comment? I see nothing but opinions and wet dreams!

crackdown is probably not gonna make it this year, TR is timed and have been selling better on the Playstations anyway and "many more"? LOL sure, what is this "many more" games you're talking about?

yo... #4.1.6
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true game changers are Remote Play on the Vita and any smartphone and also Share Play. nothing is beating those just yet from the competitors! #1.1.7
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I thoroughly enjoy the SP thank you very much but I don't play it online very much. I'm not a huge online MP fan to begin with but doesn't mean I didn't enjoy GTAV. the only game I'm actively playing online now is Driveclub.

what do you mean stick stick with SA or VC? do I get to experience GTAV by sticking with those? MP is not everything gaming has to offer. #1.2.3
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selective memory at its best! this gen, DC was the most bashed game on the internet at launch bar The Order 1886! #6.1.4
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