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I think many xbox fanboys are a bit salty. These new games announcements aren't going like how they expected them to be. After being trolled to oblivion over 900p vs 1080p since the beginning of this gen, with XboneX, they were expecting more in the line of Pro 1440p or 1800p vs XboneX 2160p with all these promises of power for uncompromised true 4K from Spencer.

Not only that the XboneX is not capable of true 4K in most games, it's also doing "dynamic 4K"...

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Like...a lot of people?

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I wanted to buy retail but my store here said their shipment is delayed. So I bought it digital instead by taking advantage of the 10% discount for Eid celebration that ended yesterday. So far so good with the game. It truly is a nostalgia ride

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That's offensive af but somehow very funny. Don't drag me to hell with you LOL

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"3ds did not drop in price until after 5 years (2016 launched in 2011)"

actually, Nintendo dropped the price from the initial $250 to $170 in less than 6 months after launch. mostly due to losses, poor sales and of course the launch of the PS Vita at $250.

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not a hard task to accomplish IMO. Japan alone will help them tremendously with it and even in its biggest market, the Xbone is being outsold by the Switch. actually, betting against it at the moment is kinda odd.

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by smooth, I didn't mean fps, although folks at Digital Foundry has proven that BoTW is not the best at keeping its 30fps. when I said smooth, I meant the presentation as in cleaner image quality, less jaggies and better draw distance in this compared to BoTW but I know many reviewers will give 10 for BoTW's graphics but will somehow find graphics in Ni No Kuni 2 not 10 materials.

I'm not downplaying BoTW as not a great game. not my taste, sure but I acknowledge...

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"The combat in this game looks like a generic JRPG-hack-slash-hybrid."

so does BoTW. don't kid yourself

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talking about no backwards compatibility is not a shot towards Sony? how blind can you be? and if you think I'm delusional, what does Activision has to do with PS4 not having BC? none and the only reason BC is even mentioned here is because he was taking a shot at Sony. simple as that.

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this game looks awesome. but see how most reviewers will downplay it's graphics when they have been praising BoTW's graphics since launch. this looks so much better and so much smoother than BoTW will ever hope to look

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this is all Activision's doing. why are you even mentioning Sony? is it because Xboners aren't getting any love with quality remasters and remakes lately? jealous much?

49d ago 17 agree7 disagreeView comment might have something to do with Starcraft being one of the biggest IP in gaming!

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"Wondering how many PC gamers are using those great PS controllers.... none."

I use it on PC all the time! that's 1. so your point is moot!

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it's not like the Pro controller comes with the handheld itself. you gotta pay $60 for it and here you are complaining about the DS3 and DS4 that comes free with their respective consoles. no wonder Nintendo love you guys they nickle and dime you guys to the grave! congrats!

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it's US against the family! game on!

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35 here with 3 small boys - 7, 5 & 4! my PS4 mostly play LEGO games now and it's kinda frustrating a bit but I'm planning for the future. my other siblings have long left the gaming scene and I no longer have couch gaming partners. these 3 are my future gaming partners and I'll make sure of it LOL. they also like to play exploration and destruction type games like GTA, JC3, minecraft but that's not what I'm looking forward to. I've started playing Alienation with m...

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I guess this is a way Sony is teaching MS on how to properly do timed exclusive DLC? I'm not supporting it in any way but it must have been an pretty handsome amount Sony gave to Activision to be able to do this. none of them were able to do it for the almighty CoD but for Destiny, these contents might as well be exclusive forever seeing how it will only be out when the next game is already out. damn Sony...I guess you're not taking these timed exclusivity lightly, ha?

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"The awesome design of the XBOX insures it'll compete well with PS5 even though it doesn't need to. Probably will see an 8TF PS5 and the next gen XBox will dominate it at 14-16 TF"

hahahahaha. the Pro is 4.2TF and you're expecting the PS5 to be just at 8TF? do you think Sony is as stupid as your comment? and of course the xbonex doesn't need to compete with the PS5 because it simply can't! that's exactly the men...

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I guess they are gonna say "appeal for 3rd party AAA games are too limited" next and Nintendo fanboys will still defend them.

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correction, the 360 wasn't the 1st HD console. the original Xbox was.

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