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the PS4 is over 75mil and the Switch is over 15mil...what race? the PS4 already won the 1st Switch's year now btw.

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yeah...but due to PS4 selling over 20mil last year, the gap between the PS4 and Switch is greater than it was at Switch launch, believe it or not.

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LOL what was the last EA game I bought? oh yeah...BF4 Premium when it was on sale for $20 on PSN. good luck getting my money again EA, you scumbag!

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Asia is getting the same offer at the moment. A year PS+ with free FC4

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for what? another stroll through "console exclusives" announcements? no thanks

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"wait for E3" - MS slogan

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Like all TellTale games?

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"Opportunity" LOL

He's basically admitting that the value of SP games according to him and XBOX team is a mere chance of people willing to try it for $10 a month while competing with hundreds other established old games in the vault!

seriously...what a joke!

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Quenn of cosplay? LOL more like the whorest cosplayer around. She doesn't care about cosplay, only how much clevage showing she can get away with. I hate her cosplaying with passion. Bring disgrace to real cosplayer out there who are clearly passionate to the hobby without the need to show one's fake boobs

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It cam free with PS+ a couple months back, right? Both GZ and TPP. No real loss in trying them

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LOL nice. at least somebody got it. ma man! :P

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So is PUBG except you can ride vehicles

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Not even xbox owners themselves buy their slim 1st party offerings, so what makes you think non-fans would?

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Think about the kangaroos, man

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They are just happy they no longer have to pay full price for new games. Just look at Forza 7. They talk big about it but they hardly buy it. With game pass, no more spending $60 for new games.

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definitely not MS though

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Steam is doing a great service for gamers even without real competitions though. those crazy summer and winter sales are unbeatable

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nah...they won't want to miss on all those dollars which they are basically just raking in at the moment by being the host. imagine having a big house and you're hosting a party but everybody just pays you for owning the house but beers, food and almost everything else for the party are brought by those who still pay you. I know I wouldn't want to throw all THAT away. not in a million years!

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prepare for enraged Switch owner saying that Doom and Skyrim can run on Wii U

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the year is just started and MS slogan for this period of the year is "wait for E3".'s unsurprising

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