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no Spiderman? wow

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I'm really looking forward to concrete genie.

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I think it better. it has been a while and taking any longer will kill the hype

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wait...2nd of June or 6th of February?

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Ape Escape is long overdue. They only did mini games collections and cheap MOVE game last gen which didn't do the franchise justice. Hopefully we can see a new entry soon

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still an award. that's an award too many! are you trying to encourage devs to start competing for that award?? who can come out with the most obnoxious practice of the year?? GOD NO!

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"Sony needs a break from goty awards anyways. Can’t win em all."

WHAT?? you're saying like Sony took a break this year from releasing a great game! Sony have been ruthless this year with 1st party games and seriously made MS looks like Atari! what's sad is not that HZD didn't win GoTY, but won nothing at all! that's just highway robbery for such a great new IP

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seriously...robo dinos! how the hell didn't robo dinos win??

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"It didn't win that category because it has far less physics to the combat itself than Zelda Breath of the Wild."


do you hear developers?? physics wins you GoTY!

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come on...there's no story in BoTW or Mario. if you still consider "save the princess" as a "story", what are you? 10??

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you don't have any credibility here as you're the most vocal supporter of EA's scam in SWBF2. go pay your way to win in BF2

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"It's probably the lack of relatable characters."

and you are praising BoTW?? Link is paper-thin if we're talking character-wise. there's no depth, close to no story...NOTHING! even the freakin Knack has more character than Link TBH! Aloy is a more developed character by a landslide compared to Link!

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Best selling PS4 game is UC4 at 4 mil+?? WTF? It's not the best selling game on PS4 but it still sold like 10mil copies already by now.

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this year Black Friday, the 1TB PS4 Slim was sold at that price and Sony just reported they have the biggest Black Friday ever or something along that line. so yeah...$199 is really the sweet spot that people are comfortable to spend it seems.

The PS3 never had the opportunity to reach that sweet spot this early during its lifetime due to high production cost and only managed to do $199 in 2013 but only the 12GB version - 7 years after it first launched! I think it's sa...

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beating the PS3 is a given at this rate. they even upped their fiscal year end target to over 80mil units recently too.

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I wish I have the same combo but personally, I still can't justify buying a Switch at that price. and in my area, the Switch cost more than a Pro. that's just local retailers here marking up the price because it's hard for them to get supply of it but still, what a ripoff! so, I'm still PS4 + PC here

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they shot the other foot when they announced all their games are gonna be available on PC. seriously, who eevn thought that it was a good idea?

"we are selling a console here, but you can still play all its games with higher graphical settings, higher framerates and free online on PC even if you don't buy it. but still please...please buy 1."

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fun doesn't matter now. what matter is how many pixels are on the screen!

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like how MS make all their games playable on PC? Sony is not THAT desperate and foolish. plus, why would they want to unnecessarily pit themselves against Rift and Vive on PC when they have one massively successful platform to dominate all by their own? just doesn't make sense! having everything on the PC will not help them sell more hardware and when less hardware is sold, less games on it will be sold too and those software money where all the revenue really is, is gone!

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