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by your logic, Steam users are the worst of the worst! those Steam sales are damaging the industry, right? /s

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you just want those with less power, right? at least those are better than Tegra

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"For me I did not want a console the same as the ps4/Xbox one I wanted something different..."

I think many wished the Switch to be as powerful as those 2. Imagine a Nintendo's console with the PS4's power and Nintendo's IPs. Wouldn't that be wonderful? And 3rd parties can release their games as usual like they do on those 2 too due to the parity in power. That particular console would dominate the market easy. That's how you set yourself diffe...

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I believe nVidia is not to be blamed for the PS3 issues. In fact, Sony initially didn't even want to put a dedicated GPU in the PS3 because they wanted to do it solely using the CELL BE just like how they used the EE in the PS2 but it was too drastic and they decided to couple the CELL with the RSX, a nVidia custom made, underclocked 7800GTX. It was not supposed to handle graphics alone but most 3rd parties did it anyway to unsatisfactory results because CELL is kinda alien to them at fir...

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Yeah, because there are no "m" variants for those GPUs that uses less power than their PC counterparts /s

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I waited for a sale not long after the Aussie launch 2007. AUD978 with an extra sixaxis and Motorstorm+RFoM. was a student back then but it was my best crazy purchase ever! died on me when I played GoW3 (Damn that Kratos LOL!) and moved on to the Slim that is still used to this day.

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JC3 has the biggest waste of sea/ocean area EVER! there is literally NOTHING in it, not even collectibles! JC2 had some collectibles in its waters but in JC3, water everywhere but nothing to do. GTAV has explorable waters and it's kinda cool

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LEGO City Undercover?? again?? LOL

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"...How Scorpio Will Run Xbox One Games;"

what? is that Spencer confirming that the Scorpio is indeed next gen Xbox with full backwards compatibility? like how they are doing with the Xbone right now?

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Without Itagaki too. What an overrated rockstar wannabe!

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You're the bigger fanboy here. You really think Zelda alone will be enough? That's exactly the level of arrogance that will setup the Switch for another early demise like its predecessor.

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That's exactly the attitude that will spell the downfall of the Switch just like what happened with the Wii U. Nintendo alone is incapable to provide a constant stream of exclusives to keep people playing. They will inevitably lose because even nintendo fans aren't willing to spend on 3rd parties on Nintendo's console.

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I think he was expecting the Switch to fail as well

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A disaster? In Asia, February will get us LBP3 and Until Dawn! Beat THAT!

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So, for you there is actually a game that is so innovative out there in this day and age? What game is that?

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2X stronger than Pro? 6/4.2 is only around 1.4X

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That is a hell of a wait. But with no games, you're not gonna miss anything during the wait. So...fair enough...?

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and there goes all their profit from all Rift sales. way in hell the Rift already profited as much as 500m!

Luckey & co. are gonna work extra hard now to prove their now $2.5b pricetag paid by FB is actually worth it.

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it's a damn shame too especially for their TV division. their TVs are among the best available on the market but people aren't really on the market for "best" TV as much as "best priced" ones. those 4K HDR bravias are amazing but the prices are a bit steep for most.

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the Switch is indeed currently "behind Xbox one by the same amount Xbox is behind PlayStation" if you know what I mean. and THAT is being generous to the Xbone

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