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another hate article towards 1886. I'm not surprised but having a couple of dose of this every single day is surely tiring!

I haven't seen any other game getting this kind of treatment before. seriously, why? #1.1.11
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I despise Win 8 as much as the next guy but 8.1 was decent although a bit sluggish on my laptop and my laptop isn't crappy either.

I still welcome any FREE upgrade as I'm using Win 7 on my PC and still loving it but Win10 does have an appeal to me unlike 8 and then there's DX12. #9.1.2
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"And it's free for pretty much everyone"

and here I am thinking Windows have always been free for years. If you know what I mean.

but seriously though, the kind of monetization they have in plan for it scares me a bit. #9.2.1
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you should care because you will get the free upgrade #9.1
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Same character? So if I rephrase the question as "why doesn't everyone be Nintendo?" #2
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Too much? LOL

Just making an excuse to chop it down and sell them separately like FFX & FFXIII. Pathetic. You're not fooling anyone here, SE! #1.1.6
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The pre-release hate received by The Order is almost unprecedented. The media is trying hard to downplay this game like no tomorrow it's disgusting considering most of them going gaga over anything CoD or AC related things every freaking year even when those games are basically recycled stuff from the year before. #1.1.8
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yeah, they claimed this every time. nothing new. #1.1.2
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best games of "2015" LOL! #1.5
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people don't understand. they don't put charger in every package because they don't want to be accused of "milking" chargers.

just look at the different variations of Marios they have made and people still call them milking it. now imagine putting the exact same charger with their "new" handhelds? "OMG milk that charger dry, Nintendo! shame on you!"

/s #1.1.4
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So...the rumors were true afterall. #1.1.2
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and you act Forza 6 is gonna be released next month!

it will be released during this fall at the earliest and I don't remember end of the year = all year! mehh...maybe for you xbox guys because since the 360, all their exclusives were released in the last 3 months of the year, EVERY YEAR! #1.2.1
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"The general consensus is that it is not a good game"

says who? reviewers who nitpick the game like no end and going as far as "last gen gameplay" notion?? what game has this so called "next gen gameplay since the beginning of this console cycle? WTF is "next gen gameplay" anyway? what are other games being lambasted in reviews because of "last gen gameplay" like KZSF? NONE! not even the generic, non-changing formula of BF4 and CoD... #1.3.1
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the devs over there seems still have the love for hardcore console games but the market...not so much!

you can say Bloodborne being an example of their love of consoles but from the get go, it's very clear that Bloodborne is aimed for the Western market or the market outside Japan. it's like they already knew that Japan is no longer the market for console games. #3.4.1
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I guess you missed this part of the Xbone reveal.

gaming first MY A$$! they only talk more about games after the huge backlash that reveal was getting! #2.2.4
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Who gives a damn, right? Just like RRoD on the 360, everyone has known about the issue too but let's just throw free extended warranty and everything will be forgiven, right? #4.3
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"Sony's performance so far this generation has been more about Microsoft and Nintendo's failings than about their stellar first party games."

LOL. I can understand Nintendo but MS too? Have you been living under a rock this whole time? The Xbone has been selling faster than the 360 and you call it as a FAILURE? whatever to satisfy your need to hate on Sony, ha? The Xbone did well but the PS4 just did it better. Give credits where i... #6.6
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"At least the SP of Halo was playable during the issues they've had... (I know, because I've played it)"

So did DC. (You might not know that, because you're trolling!)

"Driveclub was a completely broken mess..."

...said a troll!

Why don't you just stick with praising your beloved MCC and stop hating on games you don't even play? #6.2.2
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can a GTX970 be more powerful than GTX980? if the answer is yes, so...anything can happen!...I guess. #5
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"The Order has some of the worst gun and cover mechanics I've ever seen."



have you played it? #7.1.5
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