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In KZSF MP, there are indeed 1080 progressive horizontal lines all the time thus the notion of 1080p but it's not native 1920X1080p because only 960 vertical lines are rendered in real-time for any given time while the other 960 are still frames from the previous frame. These "screenshot" frames are blended together with real-time frames and generated as current frames all the time. This technique works because player movement are usually slower than...

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this is NOT the retail version of Driveclub. this is the version tailored specifically for PSVR. I think they toned down the graphical settings to lock the game @60fps instead of the retail's 30fps.

before it was launched, there were articles on Evolution trying to hit 60fps with the current graphical settings but fall short at somewhere around 40~50 fps like inFamous SS. they decided to lock it @30fps and put the extra horsepower for grap...

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MS already have. when VR really took off, they can be proud by saying, "the xbox one controller is thriving in that market! oh...and Windows 10 of course!"

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PSVR has a lower spec. that might had helped.

Oculus is owned by FB and I think they would want to recoup some of the 2bn they've spent on it! I doubt it is selling at a loss at $600.

the Vive...well it's HTC, a hardware/smartphone company that has always sell their stuff at a profit. can't blame them if they want to make money for every unit sold out of the gate.

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simple, the PS4 camera is more advanced than the PS3's EYE. same thing applied to the Kinect 2.0, it's not THAT hard to explain!

the MOVE on the other hand is already a pretty advanced and accurate motion controller. the best on the market IMO.

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@arkard & @Rayven

you guys need to watch Dr. Richard Marks presentation on PSVR. the external box add no processing power to the PS4. the PS4 does all the work for the VR to work and the external unit is not adding frames either. it actually undo all the VR-fication done by the PS4 to be shown on the TV. however it does provide audio processing but that is all.

KZSF multiplayer, a launch game runs 1920X1080p 60fps (vertical line temporal projection) and it looks gorgeous! call it 960X1080p if you want but the game does output 1080p after projection, not upscaled. so yeah...I think 960X1080p 60fps is not THAT tall of an order to begin with.

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pc games have always been superior fidelity-wise compared to their console ports, but it didn't stop multiplats to sell better on consoles most of time than not.

comparisons are gonna come by no matter what but the specs of these things are already known. PSVR is inferior by default compared to Rift and Vive as Sony have spec-ed PSVR to work on the PS4, which most are deeming as mid-end PC equivalent. from previews and hand-on reports, it seem...

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MS would have shut them down by now going by their actions lately! LOL

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my god...what a time to be alive! LOL

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"If that PC you CLAIM you built cost you $1200 then you dont know how to build a PC."

yeah...because everybody lives in the USA and have access to newegg or pcpartpicker! /s ever heard of anything outside the USA?

"Who even builds a PC and buys a AMD CPU? LMAO"

like A LOT of people? I don't remember ordering any custom made CPU just for myself from AMD. just bought it off the shelf like any oth...

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LOL how many times should you be told that no single franchise can save a platform! Mario and Zelda are no exception!

btw, I didn't disagree. just pointing that one out to ya!

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seriously dude, stop trying to prove that the required PC for the Rift and Vive is somewhat "cheap"! you do realize those are the MINIMUM for those device to AT LEAST work as intended, right?

I've recently built a rig with FX9370, 990FXA mobo, 16GB HyperX RAM and a R9 390 (a tad bit better than GTX970). plus a 120GB SSD, PSU, casing and 1TB HDD, it costs around $1200! maybe less in the US if you know where to look. but $1000 figure still...

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ILLUSIONS!! Sony is the DEVIL! how dare they announce only the Price of PSVR that people have asked since last year!! /s

it was ok when Oculus announced the Rift+controller ONLY for $599 and for HTC to announce the Vive+accessories ONLY for $799! were those ILLUSIONS too because they didn't mentioned the required ~$1000 PC to run them properly??

some people!

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you don't really get it do you? PSVR $400, OR $600 and HTCV (accessories included) $800! how's that not a win? although OR comes with a controller, PSVR + PS Camera (DS4 is enough if you don't already have MOVE) is still only $450 or even less if you know where to look!

this is not talking about "accessories" as a whole but this is about VR and with almost 40 mil PS4 already sold out there, the market potential is massive!...

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This just released? What? I already had it since day 1.

Almost Platinum it now but this game is such a let down. I have watched all the movies and there was really nothing be excited about it at all! Knew it would disappoint though from the moment they announce it but I bought it anyway because my kids love the 1st Lego Marvel which was so much better story-wise and gameplay-wise!

They did great with original storylines in their Batman series and Marvel Super...

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LOL! MS and their 180. If I remember correctly, their policy was what has kept FFXIV from appearing on the Xbone in the 1st place.

Hey...Don't get me wrong, I applaud the changes but MS playing all the good guy card right now and trying to show that they are open and flexible in their policies is kinda funny to see if you remember how they intended to start this gen with full restrictions and having total control over everything!

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There is no need to play victim as a PC gamer or play ignorance as console gamers because cheaters will cheat regardless of platforms. It's just that cheating on pc is way easier to do

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up till this time, nVidia has always brute force their way to the top of the GPU chain but DX12 changed all that with the focus now shifted towards low level API. of course more power still means more performance, but low lvl API is about optimized architecture which AMD with their Mantle is excellent at.

the recent Hitman DX12 comparisons showcased this perfectly with the R9 390 & 390X climbing up considerably in performance while the formerly adored GTX970 are getting s...

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