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"people spend upwards of $1000 for one videocard,..."

and there's a reason none of those cards are selling in the millions!

the pricing of the Scorpio is indeed a tricky one even for MS. the wait will be interesting. Sony has played their card and 399 is a pretty hard price to beat especially for Scorpio that is rumored to be using the new AMD architecture announced just recently. I'd say they are putting M...

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@-Foxtrot, @naruga

come on, how can you call it a failure when they are selling out almost everywhere. it's hard to find in stores and they got sold out as soon as they got restocked. most in Asia hasn't even get them yet! I know this because even the best game store here in my area has not been able to get their hands on it since launch! it seems like they are struggling to meet demand as it is and here you guys are, calling it a failure! here, it's not just PS...

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Bethesda yeay! NOT

what is there to celebrate when all it gets is a 6 years old game! not even the new game they released last year, FO4! and Bethesda, really? they are the last dev you want to be on board if your hardware is weak as it is! even on PS4 - most powerful console this gen, they screwed up! and Skyrim Definitive Edition capped to 30fps? even on the Pro? you sure Bethesda is worth cheering for?

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way more?? of what? 3rd party support? that why it launch with only 4 games? and is that why even Ubisoft is reluctant to make any exclusive for it like they did with Wii and Wii U? just bunch of old ports!

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you mocked the Xbone for being a "weak" console yet you are willingly going to spend £60 more for the Switch that is way weaker but for you is a "powerful" hybrid?

seriously you Nintendo fanboys are delusional on a whole another level! the Switch is now awesome because as a handheld, it has power? pfftt...if power is what you seek in a handheld, why didn't you guys flock to the PSP or Vita and buy them in droves? HELL N...

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that girl nailed Aloy costume perfectly. the moment she ran onto the stage was almost Aloy like

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yeah, damn Sony for making a console people want to buy and devs want their games to be on, right? shame on those Americans who don't support their brethren Xbox exclusively! /s

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2013? try lower

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Just Sony pushing all the right switch. Awesome!

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And I thought I have heard it all.

Call it what you want but Steam on PC is already an existence like XBL on Xbox and PSN on PS. It's just THAT massive

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It's not like the game would be on sale if you wait a month or 2, right? Steam almost always have the best price

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"almost like a joke"?

You sir, are very kind. For most, it is already a joke of a device!

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just look at the videos on youtube man. some serious work has been put into this.

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the Pokemon mod is awesome. OK I gotta buy this game now. early access or not

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VGChartz is not a credible source just like how Wikipedia is not a credible one for research. but in their defence, they only estimate based on RETAIL copies only. digital not included. so I know Halo was was announced at 5mil months ago but that has to include digital. just like how they only have UC4 at 6.59mil but Sony already announced 8.7mil sold earlier this month - unlike Halo or Gears 4 though. Nobody outside of Sony and MS knows anything about those digital numbers. just like how Ste...

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I remember only be able to beat that hoverbike level ONCE. and the following level is just as unforgiving.

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you make it sounds like a NFC reader is expensive. it's NOT!

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2nd? by the look of it, the only place for the Switch right now is a distant 3rd!

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collector's editions without the game itself is kinda a thing now ha?

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the Switch won't play Wii U's games to begin least not natively for the lack of optical drive. so I guess it's safe to assume that your Wii U digital purchases die with the console because they are tied to the console, not account, right?

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