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"by the time Sony starts the "next gen" race in three years, Xbox consoles will be a quite a bit closer to Sony's consoles than most people thought possible. X is going to do well."

the gap is now over 30mil units worldwide. by the time the XboneX is out, I guess it will easily be over 35mil by then. the only way for the xbone to "be a quite a bit closer to Sony's consoles than most people thought possible&...

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3 more months of total embarrassment of Xbone sales until November

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what about the cancelled content of ME Andromeda season pass? classic

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by looking at sales number of FIFA and how much they spent on Ultimate Team. - according to EA

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maybe your BS detector is allergic to BS

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LOL this is GOLD!

did you mean rape?

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because story doesn't matter, right? /s

no wonder Phil Spencer was calling SP games' future in jeopardy and what xbox guys are getting giddy about at the moment is to be getting PUBG early access

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I can't wait for somebody to start calling them Sony Foundry in here...oh wait...

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the xbone won't surpass the 360 number. I doubt that it's already at 30 mil anyway.

aside from the Wii which was an anomaly, the console that won a gen was always the console with better 3rd party support. the 360 had that last gen yet the PS3 with a 1 - 1.5 year disadvantage matched it in the end. so what makes the xbone which is inferior there and lacking in exclusives has a chance? the X is not gonna help it sell another 50mil - not before Sony call it a day and ...

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LOL...I'm a fanboy because I prefer my sticks in parallel to each other? f**k other people who have preferences other than yours, right? because if their preferences are not aligned with yours, they are automatically a fanboy! /s

nice logic you have there, FANBOY! I guess all those 3rd party USB controllers for PC are made by fanboys chinese manufacturers too because they prefer their sticks to be symmetrically placed! /s

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you shouldn't because the sticks are symmetrical and that makes it the worst controller /s

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Not gonna happen. Sony is not gonna be MS and act as a joke for the whole internet like their Xbone reveal was or thhe recently "biggest exclusive" claim

Why would they ever wanna do that? To please the xbox crowd that have always troll them and alienate their own fans? Again...not everybody is a joke like Greenberg is.

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WTF? Since when was asymmetrical analog scientifically proven to be the right design? It's not and it's down to preferences. Personally, the worst official controller I've ever used was the Wiimote followed closely by the N64 and the original Xbox controller

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it depends though. the last Project Cars left a bit of a bitter taste with gamers in general considering how it was buggy and perform less optimal than the promised 60fps on consoles and then shortly after release they blatantly announced that they are gonna move on to PC2...with the original game still need fixing and contents! I don't know about others but I was like WTF? not enough scamming people for the 1st and they already committed to scam people the 2nd time? ALREADY?

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@The 10th Rider

but remember NFS Rivals that were locked to 30fps on PC? oohh...I remember it well and how PC elitist were outraged about it. F**K the devs for designing the game the way they want, right? /s

I hope PC gamers are Happy SE is gonna release FFXV with the behemoth 170GB install. because apparently every PC gamer and their grandma have 4K to 8K setups nowadays! /s

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"Small time dev teams DON'T have the manpower nor the resources to put their time into finding crap wrong with the game hence the EA option................YES the players do it for them while paying so the dev team can divert themselves and the cash injection into other areas and hiring accordingly if needs be..." that why Epic is doing it too with Fortnight? Epic is such a "small time dev teams" too now?

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Agreed. But devs are getting the blame for their choices most of the time since last gen and especially this gen. When a game run 1080p on consoles, PC fanatics are quick to assume it will run flawlessly at 4K on PC. 60fps on console, 144fps on PC confirmed!! If these aren't met, they pull out their pitchforks and call for the devs heads and call them lazy, parity, incompetent etc.

I'm actually disgusted by these elitists voicing their disgusting sense of entitleme...

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That is exactly the thing people always forget to mention when comparing console games with PC. "What kind of PC?"

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"Forza Motorsport 7 Is Microsoft's 'ONLY' Killer Game of 2017"


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with the hype that it has at the moment, I don't doubt it

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