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Nintendo's logic. and try to find EddieNX and he will definitely says Nintendo made the right call. maybe even the best call they have ever made!

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Driveclub is a disappointment only if you played it for a month after launch then stopped. that was when its online didn't work but after that, it was all smooth and sailing and with arguably the best value for money Season Pass this gen. and then there's also a great Bike expansion too which is stellar as well.

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nah...a Nintendo handheld topping Japanese market. kinda expected, right? seriously who didn't see this coming?

if the PS4 is able to claw back and retake the lead from Switch, then THAT is a news people wanna hear. until then, this article will be a ghost town for awhile

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how the table has turned. I wonder where are the those pesky Nintendo fanboys now who were always here mocking other consoles' owners for spending money buying new console just to play remasters? the moment Nintendo does the same, they gobble it up like no tomorrow! eat your full serving of crows Nintendo fanatics!

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I think this article is on point. before the Switch, there has never been a great game on a weak hardware like EVER!


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wait for Scorpio...and still won't be able to play all those PS4 exclusives?? what's the point?

this article is clearly directed to those looking to buy a PS4, not another multiplat box.

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Banking on Assassin's Creed? Against Sony's CoDWW2, SWBF2, Destiny 2 and RDR2? That's like spanking a tiger with a feather.

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Xbox one exlcusive!

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Ah...maybe it's the different time zone thing. I'll check back again later I guess.

Edit: it's 6.40pm here May 13th, still no sale. Hopefully that sale you guys are talking about is not region specific

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you represent Japanese gamers now? it's a Japanese commercials for the Japanese, why are you even being triggered here?

you don't care about their gaming taste? big deal...they don't care about xbox either and Sony is doing a good job providing them with games they actually care and want to play! don't be so butthurt your beloved brand has no appeal outside the states!

back on topic, Sony is feeling the heat fr...

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90% off? care to provide a link? I checked Steam and it's not 90% off like you said

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from the start? that was why we had many original Xbox exclusive back then and last gen with "Only on Xbox 360" printed on the box? you are saying they started the Xbox brand to have a multiplat box?

now you're just talking out of your rear!

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"Sony is saving PS gamers face from getting annihilated by Xbox gamers."

Nah...I think Sony just doesn't want PS gamers to suffer with all their games have to be downgraded to 900p everytime they want to crossplay with Xbone just because Xbone can't handle 1080p.

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"Platform Is A Barrier That Shouldn't Exist"


What else can you say when your employer already decided to have all their games as multiplats, right?

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"...but throwing money at games to limit access seems to be the most anti-consumer practice out there."

Just like what MS did with RoTR? Were you one of those who opposed or applauded MS back then?

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Maybe...just maybe...the reviewer is pissed that this happened to a "retail" copy of the game unlike other games they reviewed using review copies before.

They used to receive early copies, and many times yet to be patches copies of games for their review so just they can publish their review before the game launch, so maybe...just maybe...they were willing to tolerate bugs in those games, expecting them to be patched by launch. but this was not like that. They ha...

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Seriously, just name 1 other significant new game Capcom has released this gen. Aaide from DR3 and 4 and then RE7, what else? Ypu can't deny how lacking they are this gen compared to the last

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so...this is all what Capcom is doing now, ha? remasters and many other exciting IPs...wasted just like that! come on Capcom. what the hell happened to you guys this gen?

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did Sony forcefully took your money to make it and force you to buy it or else they will kill your family or something?

hate on it all you want but I think you shouldn't mock Sony for it because they have been working hard to make sure the PS4 have steady stream of games in an awesome amount and many of them are exclusives too! this is where Sony differs greatly from MS and Nintendo where they take more risk and are willing to release vario...

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52% from 105mil is 54.6mil. Sony already announced 60mil shipped on March 31st. So, you're already dead wrong there.

But if this EA estimation is only for PS4 and Xbone, 105mil is another 45mil from PS4's current total of 60mil and if I'm being generous, let's just say the Xbone is now at 30mil, which means, they are only expecting 15mil units combined sales for 9 months? That's kinda low, isn't it?

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