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Seriously Ubi? Are you guys even trying? You treat pc gamers like criminal, your Uplay sucks and the downgrades for your pc versions are terrible. Change those, then start talking! #1.1.2
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So that means what they see and play over there was the game how it runs on Windows, not Xbone. They should just put it there "this is a representative of the Xbox One version" or something but no, they put a freakin Xbone and Kinect there to try and deceive them that they are playing on it instead! That's dirty false marketing! #1.1.2
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You got tgat totally reversed! If a game is worth having/keeping, people buy it. It's because they think the game is not worth getting that they spent their bandwidth to illegally download it instead! IMO #8.1.1
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I'm here just to:


at fanboys saying that it will never be on the PS4 and to those other fanboys freaking out like "exclusive" really means what it supposed to mean when it comes to MS!

their only true exclusives are HALO, Forza, Gears and Fable. others are always questionable. #1.1.31
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trolling sat its finest! In No Man's Sky's case, Sony clearly said "exclusive platform debut" which means the game will come out on PS4 first in other word, "timed exclusive"! at least provide link/proof where Sony claimed NMS as "exclusive" or you're just saying BS!

and with Destiny, you are just spreading BS again! when has Sony EVER claimed Destiny as exclusive? what they do is market the exclusive DLC jus... #1.2.21
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yeah, blame Sony fanboys! that's the solution for everything!

the only good thing that could come out from EA Access is their upcoming games selling less and less on Xbone because they will be put in the vault soon!

c'mon Xboners, don't buy upcoming FIFA, Madden, NFS, BF or any other EA games! let's see how much they love you guys when all of you just wait for the games to appear in the vault a few months later and in the case of BF, fixed, un... #2.1.4
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with what, you ask? 10 MILLION PS4 sold through BABY! boom headshot! #4.1.2
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click bait? seriously, think about it!

they started with some games and you guys are already celebrating. forgetting the fact that their demos for new games are now behind a paywall! I guess you xbox guys really love paying for something that should have been free in the 1st place, ha? like how you need to have XBLG to use FB, Twitter, Netflix etc. and now you guys are happy demos are put behind paywall too? talk about being a sheep!

it's bad enough that... #2.3
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this is like Starcraft meets Dead Nation! looks awesome! #1.1.3
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I dig the art style of the game and is really interested to know more. #1.1
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it means that Snake travel through time to get the PS4 1st! #2.1
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I think they made it a huge announcement just to piss back at SE and CD like saying

"just look at the potential customers you're gonna miss out on, suckers!!" #1.1.10
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looks amazing indeed. have been waiting for more news and footage since the 1st reveal and now I just need the release date! #1.3
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what are you talking about? this is a new game altogether, not a port for the original WHICH is still exclusive. #5.3
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definitely put a HUGE smile on my face! love the game on Vita and now, the new one is coming to the PS4?! SWEETNESS!! #1.3
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leave it to SE to make all the wrong decisions! #1.1.6
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wow, TR is such a huge deal now? I thought CD and SE needed the other platforms to break even with the reboot and the sequel is becoming the least selling current gen console's exclusive? LOL

but on a serious note, MS must have banked-in quite an amount for this! #1.2
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yeah, the game does so well, Crytek is perfectly happy with it! NOT! #2.1.3
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I voted and commented too! hope Sony listens. #9.2
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wow you have levitated yourself to another level of stupidity!

"how many demos have we gotten this gen, seriously. We got some Lego demos and kinetic sports. You all were just looking for another reason to complain."

you act like this gen has started 3 years ago! this gen just started last NOVEMBER 2013, which is merely 8 months ago and you are expecting tons of demos comparable to last gen which are already over 8 years o... #1.3.4
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