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in 2013 they said...

and 3 years later...

now, even 50mil is looking very distant...

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"It shows the interest in XBOX is rising - and that is a fact."

fact? I don't think so. I think most of the gains are from existing owner upgrading to the X instead of new owners.

see? I didn't say "that is a fact" at the end of my opinion like you did because I have zero evidence to back up my opinion. you should learn a thing or two about stating opinion as fact.

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if Polygon gave it a 10, it must be actually 11!

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" I agree but I wouldn't mind playing with all other consoles with 3rd party games. 1st party games makes sense to be just on one platform but I wouldn't mind at all if Sony let us play 3rd party games online..."

let me just stop you right there. The thing is, MS depends on these 3rd parties you're talking about. why should Sony help MS keeping their machine relevant? just doesn't make sense

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10% upgraded to X? you mean to say they already sold 3 mil xboneX? really?

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nope. not gonna happen. the only thing keeping the Xbox division alive is the Gold subscription. there's no way they are going to give that up

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yeah...but I'd say let them. the one year exclusive deal was beneficial to both parties and it just shows to Activision that if they do a favor like that, PS gamers will definitely give their supports. N'sane Trilogy was one of the best selling game last year and I think it was partly due to it being exclusive. they already got their investment back thanks to the sales on PS4 alone, I think, and it was a great remaster. it doesn't hurt to have everybody else also get a taste.

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at the very least, they have stopped putting those 2 in their Skylander games and did Justice with the remasters.

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LOL jealous much? Disney OWNS Marvel. but despite having the top of the line arsenal in movie making prowess, they lack competency in game development. When was the last time Disney or Marvel even came up with a decent software for their IPs?? I can't remember TBH! they stopped with Disney Infinity if I'm not mistaken and is now only looking for a more competent dev and publisher to produce games for their amazing lineup of IPs. Sony got Spiderman, one part due...

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for Spiderman. but didn't SE got the rights to make an Avengers game?

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those are EA's

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yup...the old MvC were great with comic books characters. those movie characters ruined it in Infinite

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whenever you have no answer...bring in the PC. CLASSIC! you're trying too hard!

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I don't have a xbone, so I don't know how PUBG looks like on it, only based on YT videos.'s THAT bad? worst than this? but what I do know is how Rules of survival looks on mobile and I personally think that mobile game has better graphics than this.

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I meant graphics wise

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the Switch is technically "disc-less", not "all digital"

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can't believe that was almost 5 years ago

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is it just me or PUBG looks better than this?

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correction....$60 EACH! so that's 3 X $60!

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