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The Wii was an anomaly and the way it died further showed that it was an anomaly. far outmatching the PS2 yet fall way short at the end.

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nah...console gamers are already around their fingers since CoD4. there's no need to beat the dead horse on that anymore. no need to get offended by what I said earlier. what I meant was they sure know how to attract gamers even when the previous game was blasted by many PC gamers. not only for not being on PC but down to every single flaw it had. so much hate for a game they have not played. Many PC gamers even hating on CoD every year and that's nothing new. still...even with ALL TH...

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what...? where? not in Asia

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this year particularly has been great for PS Asia and according to exchange rates, we still have the cheapest PS+ subscription fees too. a year of PS+ in Malaysia is just USD30! that's kinda insane and greatly generous on their part and we already got Until Dawn several months back. I've already subscribed until 2019 myself. here's hoping for more awesome free games this year and the future

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1 less competitor in selling overpriced headsets

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man...Activision-Blizzard sure knows how to reel in these PC gamers

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starting 20th of July. and not just this and JC3, we also got GoW3 Remastered earlier this year as bonus game for Chinese New Year. PS Asia is awesome

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it's not even MS exclusive. Not only it will be out on Steam, It will also be available on Mac.

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like I said, other studios and games would be slaughtered if they ever try to do something like Overwatch. but because it's Blizzard's, it's 'A' OK. critics be like, will improve and contents will be out in the future but let's give it GoTY when it was released with minimal contents!

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November is never a good month to release a game nowadays with Activision and EA and sometimes Ubisoft too are hogging that last quarter of the year with the big hitters, monster franchises. let those big boys have their skirmish for sales in those last 3 months, there are 9 other months to release yours.

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"At least this one is also getting a PC release."'s not an exclusive then? what are we talking exclusivity and use Cuphead? I don't understand

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it was submitted yesterday but failed because personal YT channels aren't allowed hereon N4G if I'm not mistaken. but it looks like Saints Row IV minus the cell-shaded. even the gameplay looks similar and I honestly think SrIV re-elected looks better than that.

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biggest obstacles for 4K gaming and digital distribution IMO. no matter how you slice it, 100GB for a closed circuit racer is insane. open world games will take longer OR we will be seeing many reuse assets in a game just so they can save resources and games would look stale an uninspired. still, I hope they wouldn't mandate it for everybody because I think 4K assets should be offered to those who want them. not everybody has high speed internet. I personally have 100Mbps connection mysel...

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the problem when there are too many exclusives

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yeah, because Battleborn was so successful by being on all platforms, right?

just like Battleborn, this segment of the market is a risky business at the moment, thanks to the undisputed dominance of Overwatch. Paladin is F2P yet barely making a dent and you seldom hear about it and it's a good solid game. 4K60fps on the Pro too, you know. it's about as risky as making any military FPS at the moment because CoD and BF are dominating. E...

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Only xbox fanboys think like that

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outselling the lowest selling SKU at the moment? LOL that is a pretty low target for a "monster"

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