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Lock up an IP that's not selling very well? Seems like a very good move therez /s #4.4.2
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fanboy or not, this video doesn't do Driveclub's graphic justice at all. I play it everyday and I'm pretty sure it doesn't look as bad as that. it's like it was played on a 720p TV or a low end projector. #7.1
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the only thing we are already certain about is it will be pirated like crazy on pc, like any other games before it. #10.3
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best yet, if they include a surprise GoWIV demo like that FFXV Episode Duscae in FF Type-0. one can dream, right? #1.1.2
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Xbox gamers' year is so short, it only has 3 months in it! the other 9 months don't matter, like always! #3.2.6
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that's what happens when you skip math at school and just went "F*** it, I'm gonna do gaming journalism!"

the gap is widening and if the gap is a girl doing yoga, it's pretty much almost a perfect split by now! something like this; #1.5
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my god they take their April Fool seriously! PWET FTW!!

LOL #1.3
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what do you expect from journalism these days? nitpicking about Sony is the thing they do their best to make Sony looks bad. the fact that PS+ covers the whole PS4, PS3, PSV and PSP doesn't matter because on PS4, there's still no constant AAA retail games being given, so their logic is, it's not worth it! those hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of games that comes with PS+ for the PS3, PSV and PSP doesn't count here! - conveniently for them!

pathetic... #1.2.1
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seriously, WTF happened between them? if this is not an April fool joke, it's terrible news and something big must have happened there. after several decades together, the fallout THIS magnitude in such a short time is unthinkable! #1.2
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Mind blown? Seriously, how? It's just a short CGI ad with no action or whatsoever. I'm trying my best not to sound like trolling but although admittedly I'm not a fan, can you please tell me how this is anywhere near mind blowing? This is a 100% honest request. #1.1.1
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you're using it in your house with 70Mbps connection and still you call it mediocre? what? that's kinda strange because I7m on a 10Mbps connection and remote play works flawlessly on my Vita TV and Z3 Tablet Compact. even PSNow put the minimum requirement at 5Mbps. something just doesn't add up #6.4
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this is exactly how KH3 and FFXV will perform later on in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if SE make those 2 games exclusive to the PS4 in Japan liek they did FFXIII based on this number #8.1
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I'm on the Malaysia PSN and when the Lambo and pace setter packs were released couple of days ago, there was this free buggy for download alongside the Peugeot Onix. at that time, I was thinking, well that was quick, because I don't remember them saying the buggy is gonna come together with the lambos. so I bought it anyway but when it came to downloading it to my PS4, it was gone and no longer in my download list and purchase history. much like how they removed the Driveclub PS+ Edit... #2.1
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why not all of them? the PS2 didn't get to be the most successful console in history by selling just a couple types of games. Bloodborne is nice, no denying that but for me, The Order was nice too and how happy am I that games like Tearaway is coming and how I hope something unique and charming like Puppeteer will make its way to the PS4 too.

Diversity is the word and that's why I have always been with Playstation. I just the masses too are more open into accepting d... #5.1
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why is SE even bothered to release it on the Xbone to begin with? it was rather awkward because they made FFXIII exclusive to the PS3 there last gen when there were more 360 at that time then the Xbone right now. #1.2
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nVidia will lose sleep over this. watch how they will spin this news if true. #2
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so...the article in a nutshell;

"this game is too hard for me, so it sucks!"


he's not a fan of the series, never played any game in the series before from the look of it and he's also not very good at it. but "hey...I'm a journalist and I'm at IGN, so it's not my fault, the game just suck and I'm gonna make an article to whine about it!" #1.5
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seriously, we have never been able to even pause in online multiplayer and somehow somebody out there is dead serious thinking suspend/resume would do the trick? smh #1.1.12
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What you are trying to say is, the argument is worthless unless it's covenient to MS?

Nowhere in his comment did he mention "this gen only" but he mentioned "HD collections", which Sony has been doing right since last gen.

You xbox guys are hillarious. Always moving the goal post to suit your personal agenda! #8.3.3
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