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salt....salt everywhere! #2.1.3
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I love it how the BAC Mono and Atom now have "friends" in the same league like the new Caterham and KTM. there is this new even with just these 4 cars and I LOVE IT!

I hope more stuff will come our way. I heard Japan circuits are coming and I'm looking forward to that. #4.1
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things are getting better and if you're a racing game fan, it's excellent! I've been playing non-stop myself and it's a fun game offline and online and even better with friends.

I have fun trying to master the courses and and the cars and try to beat the best times. I can't wait for them to release the weather update as it will make courses feel different again.

the courses are well designed, the cars are great, the AI is good, handling is... #6.1
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they were obviously only talking about the NA market. #4.2
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kinda like the RRoD then? BURN! #13.1
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yeah, science! #11.1.1
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yeah, when you can't win, drop your competitor to the ground, right? that will definitely change EVERYTHING! /s #3.2.1
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seriously, WTactualF?! #1.1.7
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how many times should this be said? ratio doesn't make profit, big numbers does! #1.5.1
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gamers were asking for AAA retail games for the PS4 and they gave you Injustice and all you are bickering about is DC? they said it will come when they have sorted out the problems and they are hard at work for the next big update for the weather. I prefer they release the weather update first and then release the PS+ version which includes the weather too. that would be PERFECT!

but this looks like a good months for PS+ in NA. I hope the Asian reg... #1.1.5
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but but but...according to some people over here, ACU is not broken and the issues are way overblown! yeah...right!

even Ubi is giving up on it, THAT's how broken it is. but giving away free games as compensation for Season pass is just like store credits though. it's an action that says, "we are wrong but we still want to keep your money. so please take any of these "unbroken" games for your money!"

The Crew - the beta alone screa... #1.2.11
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Mega Sale my ass! those prices are ridiculous for what they call a "sale" and a MEGA at that too! #1.1
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sales and not to forget constant free contents every month if you're a PS+ subscriber #1.1.3
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I'm in Asia unfortunately. #1.2.2
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it's frustrating regarding the the PS+ version, no doubt. I got mine at midnight of launch day and upgraded to full version for cheaper price from there but even then they already removed it from my download history after they have acknowledged the problem. I'm not affected but I do feel for those wanted to try it, though.

the weather has always been announced to come out end of the year and there was a recen article where they stated agai... #1.1.5
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damn it! I just checked and still not up here in my country. this never happens to any other games before but with DC, we are getting the updates and DLC very late compared to NA. the last 1.07 update was released almost 4 days after NA and it was frustrating unable to play online just because I was stuck at 1.06 for 4 freaking days!!

now with the new free DLC, I wonder how much longer we have to wait. I hope this doesn't screw up the online portion for those still not ge... #1.2
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LOL bias against MS and Nintendo? specifically towards MCC and Smash? where were you when reviewers gave high scores like candy to MCC neglecting the online issue or bad online like you said earlier on?

what the...we're in 2014 and you're saying you still only have 120GB in your PS3? WTH is wrong with you? LOL jk

but seriously, install a bigger HDD right now because there will be more these sales coming! #1.1.1
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size is another thing but what is with people in this thread spreading "quieter than the PS4" thing? the PS4 is quiet like a mouse and the sound you make pressing the triggers are way louder that the PS4 itself.

sure, the Xbone might be super quiet or whatever, I don't know because I don't have one but the PS4 is quiet too. the Xbox only gamers might find it amazing that the Xbone is quiet relatively in comparison to the loud 360 but the PS4 being quiet is s... #1.1.14
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didn't stop the media calling the phat PS3 a George Foreman grill before, right?

why should the Xbone get any special treatment for its size? nobody is denying that it's indeed bulky! #20.1
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