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yeah, seriously? Sony need to respond now that a weaker console that is selling 3 million less than their PS4 is now at the same price? I just don't get it.

the effect brought by the kinect-less SKU is still unknown and it seems like people have already forgotten that the PS3 outsold the 360 while priced higher for the entire generation.

and please stop spewing nonsense like "MS will win because of the games" thing! feels like a freakin deja vu... #1.5
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I'm not at all saying more of the same is bad. No where in my comment I said THAT but it's just the double standard in the industry and among gamers that I can't stand. Games from Nintendo are isntant golden despite being more of the same but when others do it, it's called milking or more of the same or any game "X.5" etc. And with Killzone SF and then inFamous SS people even stupid enough trumpeting the term "last-gen gameplay" (what ever the hell that is)... #1.4.5
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Yeah tuglu, that's 4 extra 'p' the Xbone is not getting! LOL #7.2.2
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Another game delayed to make way for another Assassin's Creed! What a surprise...NOT! #1.1.5
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"I'd definitely take Mario Kart 8 over anything available on both the PS4 and Xbox One right now."

You said that right after you said

"the games released on both the Xbox One and PS4 so far are basically just re-skinned/shinier versions of games everybody has already played before"

Which exactly what Mario Kart 8 is! Realize that number 8? Do tell me what have Nintendo released on the Wii U so far that is not a "r... #1.4.2
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Just because you don't play it, doesn't mean it's dead! #9.2
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Shut up Bundi. You haven't played the game! They are still many people online and the support for GG is great. Hater! #5.1.2
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You will always find full lobby. Still lots of people playing and it's quite fun. I prefer sci-fi like Resistance and KZ over real military like BF or CoD btw #4.2.4
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Being the only licensed MLB game on the market definitely helped too. Seriously, fans of MLB has not but 1 to choose from but good for them it's the best MLB franchise on the market for several years running too. No wonder 2K backed off! #1.1
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I'm not sure I agree with the score as I haven't play the game yet but from what I've seen, it's pretty much the same old same old game. Anybody who want to start bashing it for not having "next-gen gameplay"?

Ah...who am I kidding? It's a Nintendo game, the only game company delivering fresh new ideas to the market, right? #1.4
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They said last gen and current gen only. Wii U is a inter-gen, so it doesn't count! Just joking, they mightvannounce it later like they did WD

But on a serious note, the Wii U is so insignificant, their biggest 3rd party supporter also don't seem to care that much anymore. It's like if theycare asked about will there be a Wii U version, they'll say "meh...depends!" #9.1
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Instead of giving a straight answer like "sales are not as well as predicted, so we unbundled Kinect to make the price more competitive and give options to those who don't want it" he went out of his way to insult the PS brand with made up statistics! What a complete douchebag!

Hey Mehdi, where's your TV now?

Mehdi, go home! #1.1.4
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I don't really trust used cards but ironically I've sold 2 of my used cards before. Can't find any deals on eBay especially in my country where shipping cost a lot.

I think I can wait for it to drop especially when new cards are coming our way. I like pc gaming but don't want to spend too much on upgrading. My previous card was 4850 and before that GF8600. Several years between them #1.3.4
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if you have a good enough pc, always go PC when it comes to multiplats. I know that's what I've been doing for years now!

kinda off topic a bit, I'm still rocking the 6850 though. still waiting for the R9 series go down a little bit more in price. #1.3.2
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GTA V kinda put high end PCs to shame because none of them can run it! (yet!) #1.1.3
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that wasn't what the xbox fanboys were saying when multiplat sold more on the 360!

it was always "360 gamers buy more games!" but now multiplats are selling better on the PS4, it's "the game drought is real!"

that hypocrisy! #8.2
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Yes the PS4 support voice command with just a mic. Any mic you can plug into the DS4 #9.3.1
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Which will just show how much of a hoax the Kinect is since the beginning? I don't think so but it will funny if they do.

After all the things they said about the Kinect being an integral part of the console and how the console was designed around it and how the console will not work without it, in the end, it's nothing more but a peripheral like it should have been from the beginning as it can be totally plugged out of the console.

Can you imagine on... #9.2.1
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"Is Phil after PS aftrr dropping Kinect?" #1.3.5
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US = the whole world! /s

Just wake me up when xbox is producing GoTY one after another like the PS3! #1.1.5
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