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If you just got the Xbox one, try to find a new copy of Gears 4 because it comes with Gears 1-3. I bought my copy not long after release but I still don't have a xbone yet LOL. I think that's the best way to get into the series

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since when did Gears have a good story?

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but according to xbox fans, play anywhere and gamepass have helped games to sell better

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yeah, BF3 and Yuri's Revenge were great free games

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"Over hundreds of Forza fans complained about this on the forum of Forza official site."

so...all Forza fans are having this problem?

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LOL The Xbox One with its services and then there's the Switch with its accessories!

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Pacific Rift is the best arcade off-road racing game EVER MADE!

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now they are your favorite game store?

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it's a free update. of course they are not gonna put too much efforts into it. are you guys new to EA or something? what's in their mind right now is not how to fix 18 but rather how to cope with the CR7 moving to Juventus situation

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Don't forget free multiplayer

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That is why Nintendo is so low tech yet so successful over there

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but nobody could have predicted GoW is selling as great as it is. Sure people expected it to do well but not to this extend IMO. as an SP only game, it is even taking the fight to the top games on Twitch...I don't think anybody would have thought it will do THAT!

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the thing is, people always say that Sony has the price advantage and that's why they are selling so well especially during the last holiday season when the PS4 was temporarily $199. people tend to forget that the Xbone S when for $179 during the same period and still got demolished! it's definitely THE console to have this gen and people know it!

Spiderman will strengthen the appeal for the PS4 this holiday season and with exclusive marketing deals with the biggest...

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"...heavy Shilling going on for a company because they take away the ability for backwards compatibility just so they can sell you the game again or will make you sign up to a service. All the while denying you other options to services like EA access and such.
Nor is it as bad as the forgiveness and excuse making for companies applying anti-consumer practices like locking people's accounts and not allowing cross play."


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when many PS4 fanboys here saying they don't really care about crossplay, they are called anti-consumer. so this Nintendo fanboy's "full priced game forever" supporter is what, now?

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Looks like they are quite behind their sales projection. the 20mil target is a big one but they lack the software support to make that happen this year. there's barely any high profile release on the system so far this year. huge AAA 3rd parties are skipping the Switch left and right and Nintendo has to rely on their own IPs from now on. THAT didn't work out too well for the Wii U but we shall see. Smash will undeniably sell well but it's up against big name IPs releasing around t...

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I'd say, it's their money, let them enjoy it how they want. but that is some serious amount of cash for F2P game. no wonder console game devs and publishers are drooling over the prospect of unlimited stream of cash through MT.

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yeah...those 360s burning houses back then were a terrifying Chinese made product!

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