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"No one thought the PS3 could close the gap with Xbox 360 but it did. Never say never"

Given how strong a brand the PS2 was, people actually expected it to surpass the 360 earlier than it actually did last gen. Given the year (year and a half in PAL regions) headstart, it needed to outsold the 360 constantly year after year and it did, something the Xbone is NOT doing to the PS4!

While sometimes it's good to be optimis... #1.1.24
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Respecting the dev is one thing but do they respect us gamers, the ones which are the reason they have jobs to begin with? This is a product they want us to spend our money on but they are releasing it in a less than desirable state knowingly, which is irrespectful IMO!

I can understand if the pc version is unoptimized because there are countless configurations of PC out there but consoles are fix hardwares. So, if a game is launched broken, it means that they released it in... #4.3
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+999% for the Nathan Drake Collection? WTH? all of them over there waited for Black Friday to go out and buy it together? sold more than Halo 5 for god sake! good to see it's doing good! #1.1
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I have used them both and personally I think the G27 is the better wheel although undeniably maybe because I'm already used to G27. But that's also saying that there is no real improvement with the G29 over its predecessor and really, the only reason I bought it is because the G27 is not PS4 compatible. what annoys me the most is the shifter doesn't even come standard with G29 unlike with G27 which I think is a bit underhanded considering it's pricier at launch than the G27! #3.1.3
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I love the game and it's fun...WHEN IT WORKS! it works most of the time but retrying challenges has become a waiting hell. There's no way in hell I can tolerate the terrible loading times and the whole broken SE account thing. Personally, I'd rate it 7/10. #1.3
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Respawning after death is never an issue but retrying challenges is a hell of a waiting game! It's not in fixed time either, it varies with every retry! I retried a wingsuit challenge 1st and 2nd and the loading times varied from 30 - 40 sec to almost 2 minutes! EACH! The worst I encountered so far is retrying a bombing challenge with a boat where it takes way over 3 minutes!

Shooting range only take like 10 sec to retry though, so I guess the bigger the challenge area, t... #1.5
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Candidate for GoTY? LOL NO! Just...NO!

On a serious note, it's a great fun when it works but it's repetitive. The story is bad, voice actings are crap, the character models are last gen, loading times are atrociously long and the whole thing with its SE account is broken! I got disconnected so many times it's not even funny and then everytime it attemps to reconnect, it interru... #2
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The comparison shows nothing from the loading screen. Let me tell you this, while the better performing PS4 version is gladly welcomed, they should sort out the problem with long loading time on the PS4. I mention PS4 because I don't know how it goes on the xbone, not trying to be a fanboy or anything.

The loading times varied a lot depending on the scenario from ok(around 10 sec) to absolutely ridiculous(over 2+ minutes)!! These occur a lot when retrying challenges and... #1.1.6
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You also missed the point where he stated that the AI in Halo 5 is stupid and always make playing alone frustrating! That was why he played with his friends. What's wrong with that? I would be pissed too if an AI right next to you doesn't even try to revive you and is too stupid to drive! Joe included these parts too in his Halo 5 review. Maybe watch it first before judging next time?

And collectibles are also a way devs use to prolong their gam... #22.3
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And xbox gamers are all saints? Seriously, get your head out of your 4$$ and look at the bigger picture here! The game is great (according to reviews) but the deal with MS has literally killed it! It's not getting the exposure and sales it deserves due to money hating by MS! It was highly anticipated, delivers quality in spades and the predecessor sold over 7 mil units maybe even more!

But the geniuses over at SE thought ditching the dominant brand of console of the gen w... #13.2
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Maybe he love the game and such a huge fan? And also have money to spend? So, why not? #10.1.1
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While I agree that reviewers should play SP campaign till the end and MP extensively before posting a review, but playing on Normal is perfectly fine unless the game doesn't have difficulty settings to begin with. You can't claim a game is long just because you died repeatedly on the hardest difficulty. That's just lazy game design. And let me tell you this, if a game last a mere 7 hours even on the hardest difficulty, it is SHORT!

And games shouldn't be revie... #22.2
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"Realistic" and "Just Cause" mix like oil and water! They don't! #1.12.1
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Doesn't have to be exactly like Gears but the shooting could be a lot better. The driving mechanic is also pretty weak IMO with car handling worst than GTA V.

But the worst of all,..loading times! The load times between missions and between retry is absolutely ridiculous! I'm talking abot the PS4 version. I don't know how it compares to the other versions but the loading time is getting on my nerves! Seriously, how hard can retry be? Why does it jeeds to take 30+... #1.1.6
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"Could of been prevented if they didn't release it around Fallout 4. Even a child has more common sense then that...."'s about having confidence in your product and marketing it right! You don't know anything about any of it because you're not doing marketing! /s

But seriously, anyone with a thing called a brain would have already seen this coming since the announcement of the date! #1.1.33
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Seriously, what kind of "difficulty" that we are talking about here? I have Platinumed DC and Bikes but don't get me wrong, I think DC is fairly moderate in terms of difficulty minus just some. I admit Venom Hot Lap is among the hardest there is and in the DLC, Venom Hot Lap 2! Can't remember how many times I tried and now I can't even repeat them for similar or better time. They are just THAT hard.

But aside from that, I think you can naturally get bett... #1.1.4
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20 mil? And I am the fanboy? LOL

The xbone is yet to pass 10 mil in NA, so what makes you think that iy has already done over 10 mil everywhere else? Fanboy or not, I'm talking sense here and you aren't making any! #6.2.6
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There is nothing in that article suggesting that MS has shipped 25 mil xbone. Nice try! #6.2.4
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Seriously, which quarter report are you reading? From another dimension? There is no such report saying that there are already 25 mil xbone shipped! Care to link any evidence for your claim? There is just no way the Xbone is already passed the 15mil mark. Even VGChartz is not stupid enough to over estimate the xbone numbers THAT much! #6.2.2
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25 million shipped? LOL so the Xbone is actually just 5 million behind now? #6.2
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