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I'm so intrigued to get this. I couldn't be happier when the trailer was first shown. can't wait for this!

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I don't know what the xbox fanboys are smoking but Forza has nothing on this GT Sports visuals.

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Run "Some" Xbox One games better? Some? Not all?

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make excuses for the xbox platform all you want but if consoles are really THAT unprofitable, how the hell does the PS division able to carry the weight of Sony? if the money is really NOT THERE like you said, why isn't MS just stop making one instead of spending more money making more? and if software are so profitable, why isn't MS making more of them in-house instead of buying them? but hey, MS has always been about buying, less developing on their own. it&#...

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Of course Spencer is already thinking beyond this gen. They already lost LOL!

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RPG element? Woohoo...suck THAT unbelievers! My other comment suggesting that this will have some kind of RPG element in it got disagreed a lot. I knew that there will be some kind of RPG-like system when I saw those XP points popped up.

Regardless, I'm very excited ahout this. Hopefully we can get the release date soon and hopefully too, it won't be too long of a wait! GoW3 came out in 2010, roughly over 3 years after the PS3 release. So, following that pattern, Ma...

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"Well done Sony, on detaching the games from millions of fans."

Sony is so evil because they don't give this game and PS4 for free to all the fans of Spiderman! this is hands down, one if not THE dumbest article in awhile here!

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people mocked Sony for using the term "console exclusive" earlier this gen with their indie games and then came SFV and the upcoming NMS also with PC release, and xbox fanboys were like "not an exclusive" banter. but now, all Xbone exclusives are going to PC, they are the one right now championing the term "console exclusive" to justify their games not available on the PS4! karma is a biatch isn't it?

just accept the fact that the xbone now...

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The thing is, if you want to play xbone games at 4k, you could just upgrade your GPU to gtx1080 or 1070 and play them this year instead of waiting for Scorpio next year. Sure they might cost more than Scorpio, especially the 1080, but hey, if you're already thinking about building a rig, why not just go for it?

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My favorite Marvel character done by one ofmy favourite dev! Match made in heaven for me personally!

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The thing that is just finally coming closer in size to the PS4 while still not as powerful and just finally using bluetooth controller and have internal power brick like the PS2 was and its relevance might be short-lived by the Scorpio next year is the winner of E3? You serious??

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You have a PC, right? Install Win10 and buy it there. No need for Xbone. Problem solved!

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This new gameplay shows just how robust and dynamic the gameplay is going to be. Multiple ways to fight and approach the game and it looks stunning! Can't wait!

42d ago 3 agree0 disagreeView comment about shafting the current owners! First, they flipped the switch on Kinect, then they put all their exclusives on pc and now a slim version just 3 years in is going to play the games better. THAT is NOT how you convince people to embrace your product! Good job killing your own brand MS!

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It's an RPG, right?

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That's a really good question. I hope announcement will be made about it sometimes this year. Spiderman woohoo!!

I'm not a huge comic reader. Which version of Speiderman is this?

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Now Sony is just showing off LOL! Insomniac making Spiderman? That was out of nowhere and it looks awesome!

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