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LOL cardboard crowd is so photorealistic, right? /s #4.7.2
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Your joke is too real! #6.1.2
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The awkward moment when getting a popcorn is considered offensive! #1.2.4
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I wonder if no jump would be considered "last gen gameplay" #12.2
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By rolling! #11.1
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Maybe because it ain't funny? #3.1.3
12d ago by badz149 | View comment this article trying to say that 1080p is PS4 and gameplay is Xbone? Or Wii U? Or is the article strying to say that we can't have 1080p AND great gameplay? In his delusional world, gamers can only choose one but never both?

OMG, what a terrible delusion he's having? I guess when he sees inFamous Second Son he'll start saying "what is this witchcraft?"


Yeah, you keep arguing about the word "... #1.1.10
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Not really. Aside from the Nintendo's usuals, there aren't really anything worth playing on the Wii but people bought it in droves because it was a trend back then. It still is the best selling 7th gen console but it has the worst game per console attach rate. Not so much about software. #8.2
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Lol according to Respawn, fps is king but wtf is this? 30fps is king now? #1.2
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The reviewer is looking for clicks and attention.

"Hey! Look at me, I gave inFamous SS a low score compared to Meta. Go to my page to read why!"

Dumbass! #10.1
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"When Sony presented Playstation Now nobody worried about internet connection..."

Wow, you have such selective memory! When PS Now was unveiled, many issues were raised by gamers such as price, double charging for games we already have, resolution, fps, just a rental, and guess what...connection issues like lag, latency, consistency and stuff!

You're trying too hard to play victim here. Plus, this demo still doesn't pr... #1.1.59
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TLoU? Why you ask? It's not like it's the most critically acclaimed and most awarded game in history or anything, right? /s

OT, I'm glad he decided to go away. He's nothing but an attention whore and often can't hide his fanboyism despite being a "self-proclaim" PROFESSIONAL! #1.2.13
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I had this 1 DUP guard at a car checkpoint pointing his finger at me saying "you're not supposed to be here" or something and then a car just hit him and he got stuck to the car still pointing at me and the car just keep going like nothing happen.

I LOL hard seeing the car turn to a corner and gone with the guard still stuck on it. I was busy laughing and when I think back about it, I should've followed the car and take a screenshot or share the video. #1.1.3
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it's now official guys! for you pc only gamers out there, this is good news! you don't have to buy new GPU every 2 to 3 years as your old and weaker card will perform just as good as the newer and better cards if you give it some times!

but seriously, what a joke! #1.1.20
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sorry somebody got spoiled about Infamous 2 there but you really shouldn't read any further.


Cole shouldn't be dead. If he's dead, it means that no more conduits exist. the reason conduits like Delsin still exist should be because Cole took the evil path in Infamous 2 and led the conduits reign power. Augustine also said that she became a conduit during the fights with conduits and the reason DUP was formed in the first place was for... #2.1.3
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RFoM was my 1st ever FPS and man...was I glad I picked it up! the PS3 was AUD999 at the time and right before they introduced the 40GB model, I picked it up at AUD978 and it came with an extra SIXAXIS and RFoM + Motorstorm.

I was planning to trade RFoM in right away as I hated FPS but I gave it a try because Insomniac made it and I love Insomniac for R&C. long story short...the game was amazing and I was hooked! the SP is so atmospheric, leaving deep impressions, the stor... #1.1
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LOL suddenly the 360 can remote play with the Xbone now? #1.5.5
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it's even funnier that people forget to mention Fighter Within. what was it then? a forgotten turd? #1.1.14
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I don't think the "running into cover" thing is real. unless until SP confirmed it but I ran out of juice too while playing and Delsin kept running until he reached the edge of the rooftop I was on and stopped. I was not in the middle of a fight though and had he kept running down the building, it's the enemy's territory.

I said that it's not true because I also ran out of juice while playing Knack and Knack just ran straight to the wall too.
... #1.1.11
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that trolling tho hahaha #4.5
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