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But even the 3DS is not selling as much as the DS. The PS4 is set to surpass it this year by the look of it. Mobile has really put a dent in the handheld market

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No, you just forgot who's commenting

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And then he starts to build walls and suddenly the PS4 and Sony altogether is deported!

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@Silly gamerAr

You win this comment section! I APPROVE!

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You knew it's gonna be bad when it's just January and they already talked about E3 and it's "the year of Scorpio" when the freakin thing comes out at the rear end of the year. SMH

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LOL You would succeed as a lawyer. Or are you already one?

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Ms didn't make any MP3 player called Zone though...

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putting a timeline on Zelda is just Stupid! there's no point setting a timeline if every game is about saving the damn princess over and over. Nintendo don't really put these games in any order or manner because if they do that, like how ND does Uncharted, for example, people will expect the story and narration to be consistent to the timeline and eventually end somewhere. if that is the way it is, they can't milk the franchise forever now does it? MILKING is the keyword here

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Ni no Kuni and Nier will be released on PC too

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yup, only those games that make sales chart matter, right? /s

and to think that MS fanboys are trolling PS fanboys for "only playing sales, not games" is mind blowing!

I guess that's why CoD still sell best on the Xbone in the US, right? screw quality and variety, all we want is chart topping games! /s


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All MS published games have microtransactions and all of them kinda bad

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sure...Nintendo doesn't need 3rd parties help them become irrelevant!

the Switch need to show strong 3rd party supports from the get go and fans will need to help buy those games. if not, in 3 years, it will all be forgotten and a mere blip in the market just like the Wii U

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..."just like Sony and Nintendo"

what? Nintendo?? the company that rely on its mascot over and over and put him in almost any game imaginable? THAT one?

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really? I thought "greatest lineup in Xbox history" was for 2015 only. I don't think I heard them parading that slogan last year

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what? oh wait...ok I thought you meant Xbox One. you're right but still Xbox app is free with Windows, right?

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my post was actually about hoping that all games from now onward will be UWP and cross buy. but for the reasons I listed I just don't see it happening outside 1st party games

would be nice if it happens though. I know I would jump in. great deals are great deal regradless of console. that is why I bought Gears 4 physical copy although I don't have an xbone...YET

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you wouldn't have said that if you don't already know that Spencer is already talking shyte here. seriously, what epic lineup?

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dude, that was 2015

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yeah but just like Cross Buy on the PS3 and PS4, I think it will be limited to 1st party titles only and very VERY limited numbers of big 3rd party titles and that is if MS make a deal. no publisher wants to lose money and I'm pretty sure they would rather you buy separate copies for separate devices. and if all UWP games are gonna be this way, I think it's safe to assume right here and now that the platform won't be supported much by big publishers. if you don't believe me, j...

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now hoping for Alienation to get the same treatment. really love the game. now I just need to get the Pro.

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