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it's easy to have a great launch with the Switch when they basically hold off making new games for the Wii U and let it die and put all those games towards the Switch instead.

it's easy to praise to Nintendo for what they are doing for the Switch and downplaying Sony for their relatively weak PS4 launch but people then to forget Sony were still releasing blockbusters on the PS3 the same year they launch the PS4. can't say the same for Nintendo and MS!

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exactly. I wouldn't want Sony to follow the same path. remakes and remasters old old games once in a while is fine but totally banking on it like Nintendo and Mario and friends though? hopefully not!

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gg dude

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" will be doing some of the same main things PSN does for it at half the cost"

LOL it will be doing less than what the PS3 is capable right now for $20 more because PSN on the PS3 is free!

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If Splatoon 2 can do it, so can other game

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I thought I was the only one realizing that there's something off about the jump. I played the old games a lot of times and the remastered feels a bit off when jumping. it makes for very frustrating experience in levels requiring them especially in the 1st game on the suspension bridge.

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The power of the cloud!!

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"Xbox One is doing GREAT"??

"Only 283,034 behind the X360?" "i think Spencer is the right person to lead the Xbox business" - and the 360 had so many true exclusives during that period too. so the 360 is now tracking higher than Xbone because it had real exclusives while the Xbone has none. doesn't that means Spencer is wrong?

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buh buh buh...XBOne sells better than the 360 they said...

VGChartz was notorious for always overtracking the xbox numbers but the Xbone numbers are so bad even VGChartz aren't willing to hide it anymore

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So we should count the Switch as 9th gen and stack its sales with the yet to be announced PS5? That's like the dumbest thing I ever heard

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yup. fanboys who only want the next Halo, Gears and Forza. that's a real problem right there

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they nailed all of them except Woody. he got no charm of the real Woody whatsoever. all his scripts are flat in this reveal

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watch as PC gamers cry and say this game will be best on PC with 4K60+fps

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OK, I admit, that was funny.

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The Wii was an anomaly and the way it died further showed that it was an anomaly. far outmatching the PS2 yet fall way short at the end.

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nah...console gamers are already around their fingers since CoD4. there's no need to beat the dead horse on that anymore. no need to get offended by what I said earlier. what I meant was they sure know how to attract gamers even when the previous game was blasted by many PC gamers. not only for not being on PC but down to every single flaw it had. so much hate for a game they have not played. Many PC gamers even hating on CoD every year and that's nothing new. still...even with ALL TH...

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what...? where? not in Asia

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this year particularly has been great for PS Asia and according to exchange rates, we still have the cheapest PS+ subscription fees too. a year of PS+ in Malaysia is just USD30! that's kinda insane and greatly generous on their part and we already got Until Dawn several months back. I've already subscribed until 2019 myself. here's hoping for more awesome free games this year and the future

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1 less competitor in selling overpriced headsets

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