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just over a month after GoW. NOICE!

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they are certainly not winning over Sony. that's for sure.

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"Sony has a hold on the market, but they're losing grip to nintendo."

LOL clearly math is not your strongest subject. the PS4 has outsold the Switch since its launch last year and the gap between the 2 now is even bigger than before the Switch was even out. how is Sony losing grip to Nintendo when they are selling more PS4 than the Nintendo did the Switch? just doesn't make sense!

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felt bad? why? I a PS fan and it's not like we don't have a slew of NEW exclusive games we can expect from Sony and 3rd parties every single year. I don't feel bad at all because I'm not the one cheering and celebrating over OLD games! LOL

I'm not bitter at all. enjoy your OLD games. cheers!

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the FPS market is dominated with huge IPs - namely CoD and BF and then Destiny too to some extent. the only reason SWBF is selling is because of the SW banner IMO. So, it's hard for a niche IP like KZ to do huge numbers anymore. even Halo 5 struggles to reach its previous numbers and that is a way bigger IP than KZ has ever been. not many FPS are selling gangbusters these days. even the highly acclaimed TF2 flopped and recent games like Wolfenstein 2 and Prey didn't exactly light any ...

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just a correction from the article.

"the best-selling first-party IP released on PlayStation 4."

that is still hold by Uncharted 4. but HZD is the best-selling first-party NEW IP released on PlayStation 4.

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RBox One X!

R = Retro. apparently that's all these xbone owners are looking forward to right now

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why would they even be bothered at all? GTAV is raking all the money they need and has been since 2013! for them, there is absolutely no rush or whatsoever for RDR2

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LOL you really think MS will give Sony the headstart next gen? the PS4 only had a 1 month head start this gen and is already running circles around the xbone sale-wise. can you imagine it being one year? oh yeah, we can. it happened before with the PS2 and it went on to sell over 150mil and the Xbox flopped at around 25mil

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Given that bame development takes years, this just means that Nintendo was already decided to ditch the Wii U 3 years before releasing the Switch. Well done Nintendo

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Kinda funny that Mario Odyssey barely won anything last year GoTY wise. I swear lots of people admitted that it was the better, more polished game than BoTW. Even here Odyssey was barely mentioned. Strange...

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give it up dude. it's a game where you can't win because you don't even have the actual numbers for Xbone ANYWHERE! no one outside MS does!

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It's probably a straight port from the PC version. Have you seen the graphics? Not much have been updated.

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why is that?

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I'm hoping for Wolfenstein The New Order. It's on sale for dirt cheap on PSN now and I've been putting it in my cart since last week but haven't paid for it yet as I think it will appear on PS+ LOL

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"Why should devs create anything more for the game...right?"

oooh...if they really want to "create anything more for the game" why don't they just put them as unlockables like the old days? and if these things aren't ready for them to put it in the game yet so they have to sell it later, why not delay the game and put them in first before releasing the game? why ask money for it? pfft...just give it up, dude. that excuse is already overused and s...

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Colossus with Wanda @ #5 though...LOL

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just over a year after launch? are you high?

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2:1 is too generous at this point. worldwide, the PS4 outsold the Xbone heavily every month. by heavily, I mean from 3:1 to 6:1 in many markets and in Japan, where the Xbone barely sell like 1000 units per months, the PS4 is selling at the rate of 100k-200k units per month which is a ratio of 10:1 to 20:1! if we are talking strictly math here, in order for the Xbone to have 1:2 worldwide ratio to the PS4, it would have to outsold the PS4 heavily in its strongest market - NA and UK but even in...

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