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I didn't cry but I played the last scene questioning my own principal over Joel's decision.

I even thought about "how it would have been if he chose the other way?" sure, it would be unfitting to the story and the message that ND wanted to bring but what if important decisions in the game are made as black and white as Infamous where we have 2 contrasting endings? instead of hero and infamous, they can call it selfless and selfish, maybe?

ju... #10.1
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shame on you for even comparing crying over a dying kid and crying over no Oscar is even at the same level! LOL #7.2.3
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seriously?? anything to make the Wii U looks good, ha?

no offense against the Wii U but it finally have games and long running ones like Mario and Mario Kart at that. of course sales will rise. the real issue is, can they sustain the momentum? as you can see, even with MK8, it's still in 3rd place as far as June's NPD is concerned and that's not looking very good. #1.1.7
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There is no where in Hell Activision would only release 1 game for 10 years. The least we can expect is a biannual releases from Bungie. #1.1.3
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seriously, who cares? let them do their dirty transactions, I just use Youtube for trophy guides only anyway and not all the time. mainly only on trophies I failed to get after many attempts. #1.2
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launching in more countries have nothing to do with NPD #15.5
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seriously, WTF is this sh*t? the game is 1080p no question and it's not upscaled either. 1080p refers to 1080 horizontal lines rendered progressively and KZSF does just that. it's just that for vertical lines, they use half of the previous frame in combination of another real-time rendered 960 lines to come up with the "current frame" on screen to produce 1920 vertical lines and the output is still 1920X1080 WITHOUT any upscaling.

by the way, 1080p doesn'... #1.1.4
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pfft...what are you saying? it's because the PS4 is available in 52 more countries, that's why it's winning the NPD! and it has no games, people just buy it because it's $100 cheaper!

that was a sarcasm btw... #19.1
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LOL and your username is Deadpool? Damn man...that's the kind of thing Deadpool would most likely to do. #9.2
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I'm laughing so hard right now LOL! Try to imagine what Bobby Kotex comments will be like. Could be golden! #2.1
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I thougt you meant screenshot and I was like huh? There's a screenshot button. And then I think you meant phoyo mode, right? Yeah...but I'm afraid GTA V on pc will be nothing more than a port just like GTA IV was. All it will have as extra is the ability to mod. #2.3.1
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Quantic Dreams? Please be as there will be lots and lots of shots of glitched nude heroin like what happened in Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls LOL! #6.1.1
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It's expected because no other rereleased games have given you discounts before. Give us 1 example of a GoTY edition or Greatest Hits edition or whatever that gives any kind of discount for those who have bought the 1st release. #1.4.3
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"Should"? Why? Do you get a discount for the new version of iPhone or Galaxy just because you bought the previous year's version? Or did you actually get a discount when you bought your Xbone? Because it looks like you didn't just bought the 360, maybe multiple units too, you kinda worship it! That must be worth like 50% discount, right? /s

All the other games with their GoTY editions last gen and no one bats an eye but when TLoU r... #1.3.4
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"Maybe worldwide" seriously? Maybe? LOL the PS4 has sold like over 3 mil more than the Wii U worldwide and you still said "maybe" like they are even close!

Not just in Japan, MK8 didn't even make a significant impact in UK and "maybe" not even anywhere! I swear Nintendo fanatics over here guaranteed that MK8 will help the Wii U obliterate the competition just because it's MARIO KART! EVERYBODY LOVES MARIO KART!... #6.2.5
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Outrage? LOL I bet thise are just some bitter hater from the other camp trying to generate false messages. I think ND is doing what they have always been doing. Remember tye awesome Uncharted 2 reveal trailer? No gameplay as far as I remember, but sure was a great reveal and the outcome was the most awarded video game in history before TLoU.

Seriously, why is this up for debate? This is ND we're talking about. Sheesh gamers these days, always want to see so much of everyt... #1.3
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it is kinda a funny thing to say considering there are many, MANY PCs out there that are less powerful than current gen consoles. #1.1.6
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Yeah, because when they make a game and own the rights to it will instantly make it golden, right? You know, just like how they made and still own FUSE!

Insomniac had thrived in this industry by making games funded by big publishers like Activision (Spyro) and Sony (R&C, Resistance) and they have been successful to remain as an indipendent studio using those money publishers gave them. Stop being so ignorant!

Thus is just the c... #1.2.6
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FF used to be a "thing" in gaming but XIII really has hurt the image of the franchise and SE as a company last gen. it's hard to imagine if XV can bring the series back to its former glory. #1.1.3
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so did the consoles with certain games. are you saying that no game on console has ever been 60fps? #5.1.4
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