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why even bring GTS in this discussion? based on previous records, GTS will sell several folds what PC2 will ever be capable of.

"early previews haven't been all that positive." - seriously? so all early previews for PC2 and Forza 7 have been positive? I don't think so. GTS is not a traditional GT is scope but PD has stated that they are aiming for something else this time around. so I'm looking forward to it

PC2 is looking like it ha...

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Apple sold more iPhone 7 and 7 plus in a year than the Xbone over 3 years and at over $700 each. yeah, there are contracts that subsidize the price but people are willing to throw money at Apple for iPhones. the same can't be said about any console. so please...stop mentioning them in the same category. XboneX sales at $500 won't reflect what the $1000 iPhone X will sell. just because they have X in the name, doesn't mean they are related in any way

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I still couldn't believe somebody in the dev team really thought that having 3 whole chapters with no gameplay, only dialogues was even a good idea in for the Halo 5's campaign. what were they thinking?

and after all the ads and marketing hype, to have Locke and MC have a short fight in a mere cutscene in the actual game though...that's some high level fraud IMO. "choose your side" and then they didn't give you anything to choose LOL

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watch Digital foundry channel as they always do GPU or CPU test there with a number of games. as you can see, even with the best single card GPUs of today, they struggle to do 4K60fps at the highest settings especially with newer games. achievable with some settings lowered though and those specs they have to achieve it aren't exactly on console's price range.

with consoles equivalent GPUs, 1440p is still the most that can be achieved before framerates start to suff...

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pfft...dude, where have you been since 2013? the PS4 and Xbone don't run games off the BD anymore. all data are installed to the HDD now and stop trying to impose that loading time on the PS4 and Xbone are so much worse because they use BD. and the install on the PS4 is blazing fast too. you insert the disc and you'll be playing in like a minute. PS4 and Xbone use the cheaper BD and have bigger AND cheaper internal storage too compared to the Switch.

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sorry dude. opinion can't be fact.

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I was not calling it a failure either but the death of handheld gaming is certainly not as exaggerated as some people think. there's definitely some truth in it

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you do know that 60mil units number is a huge down from the DS before it, right? even the PSP sold over 80mil, you know. this is a Nintendo handheld we're talking about. I don't think 60mil after 6 years is not something Nintendo will be proud of

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how do you feel about Thomas the train mod?

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"It took Sony 4 years to do something similar to what Nintendo is doing in it's 1st year."'s not like Nintendo just left their previous platform to die prematurely and went to develop games for the predecessor instead, right? /s

it took Sony 1 year to outsell the Wii U what it did its entire life and now it's dead. that's way funnier

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"but what exclusives has Sony brought this year? Nintendo is killing it in that department"

you lost all credibility with those sentences alone! I'm not gonna list all PS4 exclusives that have been released since January but just last 3 weeks alone, Sony has released THREE 1st party exclusives - Uncharted TLL, Eerybody's Golf and Knack 2. the PS4 has the most exclusives this year and it's not even debatable because it's...

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the PS4 is around 20mil in the NA and like 6mil in Japan. that's only 26mil out of over 60mil Sony already announced. EU and other regions included, there are more than 35mil units PS4 and you're surprised that the PS4 still outsold the Switch even when losing NA and JPN? not that I am saying that VGChartz is accurate but their estimation make sense

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Wii U sales were CRAP! why are so getting so worked up about it?

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remember what happened with the Wii U? there are great games on that thing but it didn't sell. so...tell me if you're enjoying any new games on it right now that it's DEAD!

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remember when the PS3 was trolled hard for being a glorified BD player? good times...

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Don't take anything about Nintendo from EddieNX. Easily the biggest Nintendo fanboy here. For him Switch is the best console ever made, MK8 is the best racing game there is, BoTW is the best game of all time and Nintendo exclusives are better than anything on Xbox and PS combined.

Truth is, if Mario is not in this game, it won't get as much praise

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yeah, like how the PS3 can't do stereoscopic 3D because its HDMI is out of date, right? oh wait...

just like how the PS4 can't do HDR, right? oh wait...

and just like how the PS4 can't do VR because the minimum requirement is 120fps, right? oh wait...

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yeah because all those high end rigs PC out there have that UHD drive because it's essential to enhance gaming! what the fvck was Sony thinking, right? /s

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are you trying to say MS is ahead of the game? that's not how that phrase work. you can't be ahead of the game if you are released last! it's like saying this gen is ahead the game compared to last gen consoles because they are more powerful. that's just dumb

you know what's really ahead of its game? the original PS4. it has HDR and VR just by a simple update while the original xbone that was released at the same time didn't...

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