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Sold! $15 for all those games? This is the 2nd humble bundle I will buy. The last Codemaster Bundle was awesome too.

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LOL what a sensationalist title.

No, Bethesda won't die with just 1 game flopping although I doubt the Skyrim HD will flop anyway. But with the PC version given for free and a ridiculous $60 for consoles, it won't spark any sales chart on fire for sure.

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Just kidding. Got the premium edition for $12 last month.

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Nintendo can become as rich as they want but it doesn't change the fact that they have lost their grip on core gaming audiences. The NX will be another flop, most probably. And then mobile will be all they have left!

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Good to see UC4 is still there thriving! Great job ND and gamers!

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My one and only regret buying this is "why the hell is the triple pack DLC not included in it?!"

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He has a voice made of gold!

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I think the pachinko version is not a simple remaster but a remake

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"better position"? more like better financial backing!

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"similar to Uncharted" ha?

sounds to me like they want to ride the high wave of Uncharted's positives to make people interested.

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wow, some of you guys here are just stupid insensitive pricks!

why do you even want to touch the sensitivity of any religion or anybody? am I the only decent one here not ok with stereotyping and thinking that we all should respect others' beliefs and religions?

gaming is a platform for creativity but you're telling me taking lightly other religions is the only thing you can do to show your creativity? seriously, respect others if you also want to...

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Where in my comment did I mention it as a "bad thing"?

I actually want to thank them for it because I don't have to buy an xbone anymore for their exclusives if I feel like playing them. I even would have sent them a love letter if their store have sales like those on Steam so I can get QB for cheap already! But I'm a patient man, I can wait. :)

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Indeed they have changed. Before, you need the Xbone to play its games but now, not anymore! That's one hell of a change!

10d ago 11 agree7 disagreeView comment might be the case by the time it becomes $10 but we will never know. SWBF is a solid game that lacks in contents, so if the game+DLCs will be available for cheaper later, there might be spikes in player numbers too, hopefully. BF4 has a healthy number of players still playing although the same can't be said for Hardline but that boils down to the perception of it being a shallower game than the more popular BF4.

I am in no rush to play SWBF though, so I'll...

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This is a game that I will eventually get on a later date when I can get it for dirt cheap. I waited for BF4 premium got to $10 on PS4. I think I can wait a little bit more for this to be at the same price too.

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I think it's more to do with frustrations than anything else. If the game has been released, I doubt we would see this kind of dispute

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The worst kind!

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Is there any really good fighting game story?

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The bigger question in "why was the pc version downgraded too?"

Are they gonna tell us they don't know the spec of pc that gonna run it too?

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