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wow, that is surprisingly (unsurprisingly?) low. I had fears that this will not be better than the first LEGO Marvel because they decided to follow the movies instead of making an original storyline. kinda lame because we already know about those movies. this is LEGO for F sake, couldn't the be more creative with it like it is intended to? #1
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And how long are we gonna argue nickle and diming of consoles to glorify pc gaming?

Sure you have to pay to play online now on both but the services come with free games monthly! Aside from F2P games or MMO, are Steam or Origin or uPlay or GoG give multiple free games too? No! It's no longer just about paying for online but building a backlog of games for members! Hate it all you want but free PS+ games have been keeping me happy and occupied and I still have loads of the... #5.1.1
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Res doesn't = graphics ?? LOL no wonder you guys praised the hell of the Xbone even when it was priced $100 more than the PS4 despite being weaker. #3.3
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"Lots of people expected MS to dominate this gen"

nah...maybe just EA! most people thought that there will be more competition. Xbox dominating? LOL not even Pachter is THAT dumb! #4.1.5
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this is taken directly from the new game coming to Xbone BC article;

"To date, millions of Xbox gamers around the world have logged more than 21 million hours playing Xbox One Backward Compatibility games..."

that's like just over an hour average spent on BC by every Xbone owners out there. I'm not judging and no expert either but I think you overestimated the popularity of BC on the Xbone.

personally, I don't really car... #1.2.2
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Yeah...sometimes it happens. Happened to me several times - sometimes I won but classified as 2nd and sometimes I didn't but classified as 1st.

Most bizzare one was when I was racing on Nilgiri Hills and was fiercely trading the lead with these 2 others but they were using the faster car and racing dirty. It was going on for 2 laps and at the 2nd last corner when I was in the lead one of them hit me from behind and out of position. Tried to gain the place back but it was... #4.2
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I find it easier to just brake a bit earlier than I should and close the corner entirely when there are cars following closely behind to avoid being pushed out of position and it works most of the time. Before, I was always on the receiving end and it was annoying, plus, only a full speed crash to the back is penalised in the game and a little push isn't. #4.1
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xbox guys are funny. the game got great reviews but because they didn't buy it enough, it's underrated. #1.3
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Wasn't last year the year of open world RPG? Bloodborne, Witcher 3, FO4, Xenoblade X...we have more this year? #1.2
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This disc scratching issue isbwell documented like the RRoD was but theya re just gonna pay to make it go away RRoD! #1.1.6
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"...if the game was judged solely on MP..."

"IF" #7.1.1
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LOL like how? Is it because NPD doesn't include the number of Xbone console that can be downloaded directly from the internet? Or perhaps...3D printed?? #7.2
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You do realize that this is USA ONLY, right? The land where a little competition in the console race still exist and the PS4 is just within a million ahead.

Worldwide, the Xbone is getting slaughtered 2:1, 36 mil vs 18mil! You think the worldwide situation is as rosy for the xbone? Think again! #3.1.3
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Instead of votting with their wallets, haters chose to be vocal on the internet about how CoD is trash, recycled garbage! Don't mind them buddy, enjoy what you like.

I haven't bought a CoD since 4 but I did participate in the beta last year. Man...A LOT has changed since then. Can't get into it but from what I heard from fans, it's kinda good for a CoD.

CoD is a dying frachise they said, declining they said, Sony is... #1.2.2
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King tried to trademark the word candy. That's like trying to buy Halloween for themselves! #4.2.1
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Huh...exclusives are bad things now, ha?

So MS are also evil like Sony because they have never released Gears 2, 3, Judgement, Halo 3, ODST, Wars, Reach, 4, 5, Fable 2, 3, ALL Forzas, ALL Kinect games, SSOD, the upcoming Quantum Break etc.? Nintendo is even worst, right? WTH is keeping them from releasing their games on PS, Xbox or PC too aside from being evil? nVidia is evil too because they don't let their propriety software works on AMD's cards! /s

... #6.1
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Driveclub #1
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currently, there is like 10x better chance of somebody already having a Win 10 PC than an XbOne and they don't have to spend a dime to play Recore. Win 10 is a FREE spyware OS but the XbOne is a $300 console, so for those who don't have XbOne, there is like ZERO initiative to buy the XbOne for this. so why is this game even talked about as some kind of system seller? #2.5.5
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a lot of time needed but only for the lvl 50 trophy. The shortest way to do it is by not sticking to a particular car or manufacturer and try to fill every accolade available because accolade level ups give the most fame. and nowadays, double fame events are on most of the time. you might wanna take advantage of those too.

achieving 100% for the Bikes is easier though and require less time. max all 12 bikes to lvl 15 is the one taking the longest but you can do them quickly i... #4.1.2
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"Just like Halo MCC, the launch was a disaster..."

ok, I have to stop you there! Driveclub had its online MP fixed and running after a month of release and the weather was added before 2015 and after that, everything was about adding more features, cars and tours! MCC MP on the other hand, was still broken 6 months after released! MS even had to give ODST for free to shut up the criticisms! the only thing comparable to MCC is BF4! #9.3.1
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