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Mods - awesome, no argument!

4k gaming - a luxury not affordable for many at the moment.

60fps - with the right hardware that usually cost more than consoles.

Better graphics - xboners don't care because 900p is good enough! I kid I kid...same as above!

Emulators - basically a nice way to say piracy!

Better game prices - trade off for being non-tradeable. Waiting months for St... #1.1.16
38d ago by badz149 | View comment gameplay video released so far which kinda make it hard to believe it's coming out this year. Let's just hope I'm wrong. #1.6.1
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Financially, the Wii might have been a success for them but image-wise, it's the beginning of their downfall.

The Wii's life was cut short due to demand falling off the cliff and they no longer are the 1st choice gaming platform, subsequently leading to the lackluster state of the Wii U. There's no gain in being considered as secondary or subsidiary or companion console like the Wii U because in the mind of the public, it's basically no... #4.1.4
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Yeah, the Wii u has done them wonders! /s #1.6.1
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One punch man IS super funny! #14.1.1
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MS buying FB? LOL

in which universe? certainly not this one because they can't afford it! #4.1.2
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You can quote me on this, I think Scalebound will flop and it will flop hard! #29.1
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I guess if the hack leads to piracy and vulnerability to PSN, I guess they might be concerned. Until then, I think they will wait and see. #4.2
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What are you being surprised at? Both the xbone and ps4 are x86 based hardware and once you defeat the security software, running a pc OS is a walk in the park. I think the xbone will see similar hack any time now.

This is expected for this gen because of the architecture of choice. Last gen wasn't so easy because the CELL was locked at the hardware level and the system was secured for almost 5 years until the key was leaked. #1.1.2
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This is actually pretty cool. I'm fine if people want to hack or mod their consoles as it's theirs but start to hack into official servers, in this case, PSN and ruin the online for everybody else is NOT OK! Also, allowing for pirated software is also not cool because games can be bought legally for cheap. Of course not on launch day but wait enough, and they will be at the price you're willing to pay. I have a gaming pc but I don't pirate games. Do I buy the at full price, NO... #1.1
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LOL at "@underrated gaming tool"

the thing doesn't excel at being a gaming input device and I think even the xbox loyalist would agree that it's only good for menu navigation, voice command and video chat on the know, non-gaming related! #3
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loved the Hardware Rivals Beta but towards the last few days of the beta, there was the Star Wars BF beta too happening at the same time and the player counts dropped significantly and it was hard getting into any matches. bad timing IMO but from what I was able to play in the beta, I totally love it! can&t wait for the full version! #1.5
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I think from business point of view, the thing that MS is regretting at the moment is about the price, not the demand. Seeing how the $150 controller sold out in such a short time, I think they regret not selling it for for $170 or $180 and it will still be cheaper than SCUF, right? Gamers now have more spending power than any other gen before and even at the price I'm suggesting, it will still easily sold out considering its limited release #2.3
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Not exactly city racing, but urban tracks are coming. Confirmed by the screenshots from twitter #2.1.2
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I thought that they are gonna give more games to choose from. Disappointed! #1
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Just give it up already. I think it's safe to assume that there will be no HL3 or Ep.3 coming out ever! The amount of time that has passed and the amount of expectation towards it is too damn high now that it's almost impossible for the game to match and I think it's just better to let it go and become a good memory rather than a unfullfilled promises that the sequel might be. #1.1.4
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seriously, WTH Sony? this looks just like the Triple Pack released on the PS3 #1.1.2
49d ago by badz149 | View comment shouldn't have expected too much on the story for a Just Cause game. The story in the last one was crappy and although I haven't finished the story yet for this one, what have been presented so far is exactly what I expected coming from the 2nd game - crappy story AGAIN! The voice actings are terrible too...I even started thinking they are doing this crappy voice acting on purpose! #3.1
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Thos is already out on PS4? I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st 2 games and I can't wait for this. #1
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What are these paragraphs talking ahout? I'm as excited as the next guy for any GTAV story DLC but I don't see any conformation here and brain hurts reading this! #1.1.2
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