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Personally I think the normal gameplay doesn't suffer much from the drop to 30fps because it's a 3rd person game and generally slow pace. But THAT graphics? WOW...simply stunning!

but the hoverboard sections does suffer a little bit from unresponsiveness of control because it's high pace and speed. I found it rather annoying as the races are harder to win now.

I welcome the hard difficulty because I have dominated the original game many many times...

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Great review, as always! And this part...

"I'll give this game a Nissan/10" LOL that was hillarious!

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with THAT graphic? NONE! and THANK GOD!

haters love to hate on KZSF but it looks miles better than this!

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That graphics last gen

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Although that is true almost 100% of the time, I myself wish they will make playing from discs possible. I have 2 PS3s left and 1 of them (the one I gave to my brother) has the BD drive problem. Buying a BD drive for PC is still cheaper and I'm not planning on pirating anything. My current PS4 backlogs are horrendous enough

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Still doesn't change the fact they are on PS4 exclusively, not on any other platform including PC! Can't say the same about most games listed by sammarshall above.

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There is a reason it's so hard to obtain. The challenge is in geting it. Once you get it, it's all mayhem!

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There is a beta for Overwatch? Didn't know about it. All I see is pre-order section on PSN. Wiuld love to try it though. I've played Battleborn beta and I think it's kinda good.

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It is as much a news as the Xbone selling 300 units per week in Japan!

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Gorgeous graphics, great gameplay, decent story and hillarious dialogues. It's simply the best!

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Yeah...what ever happened to "bigher, better and more badass!" thing? Just Cliff?

21d ago 0 agree2 disagreeView comment couldn't be further than the truth! Nintendo were always about raw power up until the GC which was pretty much on par with the Xbox at the time! The only wwnt the underpower route since the Wii, last gen!

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"But it really isn't hard to beat was essentially midrange for what they sold in 2009-2011 parts here in 2016-2017"

WRONG! It was 2013, the year it launched not this year! SMH at people always forgetting that consoles are not PC! They stay pretty much the same from launch! Of course it's easy to build a console or PC more powerful than the PS4 RIGHT NOW for the same cost because it's already in its 3rd year and PC tech advances...

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"...lon live WiiU"?

LOL I think it's already too late for THAT! It's already dead.

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no. Sony provided the PS3 numbers every year in their yearly report. look it up.

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"And we are guaranteed a future console (from both sides)."

eh...from Sony, maybe but MS? looking at what they are doing at the moment, the Xbox is not looking like a sure thing just yet.

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VR are all basically a monitor, not a console so if a game works on one, it will work on the others. When the PSVR is released later, I'm pretty sure somebody will work on custom driver for it to work on PC and by then these "former" Rift exclusives will work on PSVR too. Thing is, If somebody is able to emulate the PS4 on PC, those PSVR exclusives are sure to work on both Rift and Vive too. The PC is an open platform, I can't see any of these peripheral exclusives are gonna...

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Duh? We have known about this since the announcement! Is there a problem? They even ask for only $40 eventhough it's not just a simple remaster like Gears Ultimate! The only thing left from the original game is basically just the story and even THAT has been retold in a whole new perspective! Everything else is made from scratch and the glaring difference in visual quality is the very evident of that. Reviewers are just nitpicking when they are saying it's not introducing anything new...

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