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"good guys"??

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LOL and then Xbox gamers don't buy it

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had high hope for the game and I was hyped. but I'm not a fan of XCOM gameplay. bummer

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can't wait for the usual cocksucking journalist praising this portion of RDR2

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delayed it? why? because according to them "millions are playing and enjoying the game"

they consider this atrocity a success!

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he never played it LOL

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release it when it's ready?? but the game keeps raking in money in the millions even though it's "not ready"! it's looking like they are more than happy to keep the game in development for as long as possible because they are getting "paid" for it. the way I'm looking at it is like this; why release it and the money stops coming in when they can get paid by releasing infos and alphas bit by bit years after years and keep sucking in money?

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do you believe the amount of effort they put into online only shooter like CoD BO4, Fortnite BR or PUBG really more than to put together Masterpieces like TW3 or UC4 or Spider-man or GoW?

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the Bad company series definitely needs to be there and the NFS Undersround series. and I would like to add The Saboteur from Pandemic. it was a brilliant game

10d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment we know where some of those free canvas bag has gone to

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LOL like Nintendo care if you want it or not. they see an opportunity to milk another old game, they are going to do it and their fans are going to defend them for it and justify how it's a brilliant move. nothing new.

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this is the reason they didn't launch it with the main game. now that all the reviews that matter has come out praising the game to heaven's high, they can start commencing their evil plan they've put in place all along! MUAHAHAHA...

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can't wait for people to crucify these scam of a company in court!

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I guess by looking at this trailer, they are going to make you care about it if you play it. looks like they are putting extreme weather wherever you go. we shall see

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JC3 might be the worst in the series so far. JC2 was much better

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the JC series is actually a very generic, Michael Bay wet dream type of game. don't expect an engaging/great story from it or even good narrative because the games offer none of those. these games are for those looking for their mindless fun blowing stuff up fix. it has never taken itself seriously and you shouldn't too.

personally, I love it but JC3 disappointed me on so many levels compared to JC2 which is why I'm holding off for awhile on JC4. don't wanna...

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err...what are you talking about? where have you been this year? the X already managed it in some games. it's a no brainer that next gen, there will be more 4K60fps games on the PS5 and the next box from MS. if you're talking about Nintendo, yeah sure, they might be there in 2 gens time.

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"How PS4 is the best selling console of 2018?"

Sony already announced it. Watch their PSVR bundle trailer LOL.

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"I think the game looks pretty good for what it is when it is working correctly."

Sure....if you compare it to other PS3 or 360 games! It's at the bottom of the barrel as far as this gen's games are concerned! Stop trying to defend this game's graphic. Bethesda is not an indie studio, they have the budget to do better but they chose not to and continue to milk their dinasour era engine and gullible gamers are allowing the...

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