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Yeah but remember NFS rivals? (if I'm not mistaken)

Unlocking the game to 60fps made it run 2X the speed as it was developed for 30fps

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I am as much of a PS fan as yourself, but the name calling is really uncalled for IMO. Chill up dude

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I missed this give away during UBI30. Damn. Loved every second of it on the PS2

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Yup, I hope that there will be no VR war, at least not yet. The market for it is still very small as it is and the focus should be deeper and wider market penetration from all sides - PC and consoles...and maybe mobile too, not eliminating each other.

I hope VR will succeed so we will see devs taking more risks with it as thw market grows!

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So...has either the Rift or Vive sold at least 1 mil units yet? Not trolling, just genuinely asking. They both kinda went dark shortly after release in terms of hype

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"I just don't understand why Sony barely beefed the Memory and the CPU but added a decent GPU..."

Which part of "the Pro is essentially a PS4 with extra graphical power, not a next gen successor" that you didn't get? You really think those engineers at Sony is THAT stupid and don't know how to design a better console? They just want to keep the Pro as similar as possible to the original architecture so devs don't...

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Damn! Even /s can't save me from being flagged inappropriate. lol

Can't wait to get my hands on this actually. I'm already getting the Pro. This is gonna make me broke!

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Damn them blocking rooted device from playing. I bought my K3 Note and itbwas already rooted and now can't play anymore. Their loss, not mine

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Reminds me a lot of Motorstorm RC. Love it. I'll surely give this a shot

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Another stupid ass article. It's like saying

"there is no point buying the GTX1080 right now because the cheaper GTX1170 will easily outperform it next year!"


"How do you feel about overspending on GTX980Ti? The newer 1070 gives better performance!"

See how stupid these claims are? Same as this article!

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I was thinking the same. "Oh no, not this crap again"

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Never once did I badmouth the game, just pointing out it's not a sim. Now your insecurity is showing!

And Why would I be jealous of it? Because I don't have a weakass Xbone? Boohoo...sure that will make me cry in front of my RX 480 pc that I can play it on with the DS4 or my G29 - at 60fps!

Still...I'll wait for a pricedrop though.

EDIT: what a sad reply.

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Gotta love those still in denial. Even with proof, they still believe otherwise. Don't tell me you believe the world is flat too?

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Welcome to PC gaming...?

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And your favoritism towards Forza is showing. FH3 is not a sim. End of story!

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This crack opens it up for mods, right? Or did I miss that it will allow piracy too?

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What? Mods? You crazy?!

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Before that, there was NBA 2K16 too

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