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I really feel sorry for you if anything <60fps somehow ruin your enjoyment of a game. and I suppose, you're a pc only gamer? you must be very rich upgrading to new GPU constantly trying to achieve highest setting for every single new releases because you won't play a game if it's <60fps, right? good for you. #1.4.1
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with the level of graphic that they are aiming with Uncharted 4 and 1080p nonetheless, it will be almost a miracle if they manage to make it run at a stable 60fps op the PS4.

30fps was fine with Uncharted games on PS3 and the fact that there are still very few games out there that have almost 0 loading time between scenes like what they did since the first Uncharted, speaks volume IMO, which shows just how talented ND are.

I can't wait for Uncharted 4 and... #1.1.7
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Your question can be wholely reversed as

"Can someone please explain to me what's so terrible about the Order that has everyone hating it to the death? Anyone?"

I'm a PS fan (call me a fanboy if you like because I don't care) myself and highly antipating the Order. I never defended the game because I have never played it myself but I do feel that the pre-release hates it receives are unjustified because the gam... #5.3
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Uncharted 4 will be next. Especially now that it's pitted against TR on the Xbone and 360. #3.1.2
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I honestly LOL reading the title of this article. in 2015 and we're talking...screenshot? anyone must admit that this is kinda funny. I mean, every pc, laptops, macs and smartphones out there can take screenshot with ease, not to forget the PS4 too but after a year, the Xbone still can't. is it really THAT hard to put in? or is it just not that important? #1.1
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no. I'm afraid 50GB will be the limit for current gen. I'm not saying that no game will be >50GB but when time comes, I think they will ship games on multiple BD or compress the hell out of it to fit a 50GB BD.

I don't think the BD drives in either the PS4 or Xbone are capable of more than 50GB which is already a double layer BD. I don't think a simple FW update would make them capable to read triple or quadruple layer BD unless a new type of BD drive is in... #10.3
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there is no difference in loading times between digital and retail copies on PS4 because all games are installed on the HDD anyway and the disc in the drive is just for verification. the upsides of having physical copies are;

1. you don't have to cripple your connection downloading the entire games especially the huge ones such as this and only need to download updates and patches.

2. you can resell or trade it in if you don... #5.5
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no Halo? #1
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of course there won't be any of those kind PC fanboys here because saying things like "I can run this at 1080p30fps, high setting with a $500 PC" or "my $500 pc can run this better than the PS4" will just show how stupid they are! #1.1.11
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no no're doing it wrong!

if you say 30fps is good for pc games, you're not that different than the console peasants! on pc, it's 4k60fps or nothing!

/s #7.1
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and some petty pc fanboys here are hard at work trying to send a message that a $400~$500 pc would be more powerful than the PS4 and will run game better. and by here, I meant in the article of Dying Light PC vs PS4 article.

little that they know that those $400 pc is almost useless for current gen only games such as this. so can we please just stop pretending that a $400 pc is nearly as useful as the PS4 when it comes to games? #1.1.9
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nice list but still lacking kb+m or controller and most importantly, Windows.

BUT, good luck trying to run new games at 1080phigh setting with that setup. you'll be lucky to get 1080p30fps with mid setting in games like Dying Light. with Ass. Creed Unity, this setup is pretty much CRAP! #2.1.8
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you make it sounds like Sony charges $1000 for PS4. the PS4 is $400 and it performs very well for a hardware at that price.

just keep in mind a $400 pc will not have the performance of the PS4. get over it! #2.1.1
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Resistance BS on Vita was not a great representation of the franchise unlike what KZM is doing on the same platform. KZM is arguably the best handheld FPS ever made while Resistance BS is just like something randomly put together and be called a game.

I would love for the franchise to be continued to this gen and for the love of god, Sony, don't treat it like a stepchild! R3 was amazing but the MP needs something like R2. #1.1.7
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"The reason is because people who have played it say it is nothing special."

that's the real problem right there with reviewers and Sony exclusives. for them, every Sony game needs to innovate to a new height to get a high score, and just plays normally will make them not worth 9/10. pathetic!

other games just have to be good and here goes your 9/10 but Sony games need to be mindblowing for the same score! not saying r... #1.1.4
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QD is still independent though #2.2.1
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"...slow, bloated Valve"

Ok, now you're just mocking Gaben! Pun intended? #1.6.2
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embrace steam and lose all the money they can grab from XBL Gold? Spencer be like... #1.4
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smart man #21.1
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if you think all that you've mentioned there are "new" and "fresh"....seriously , how old are you? 10? #2.1.3
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