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For the year? You mean for the 4th quarter of the year, right?

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After E3? LOL

The PS4 starts the year gun blazing with exclusives and you suggest we wait until after E3 which is 5 months away! Are you Major Nelson?

2017 have already started and Gravity Rush 2, Nier, Horizon ZD and a couple others are already coming for the PS4. While all the Xboners have for now is Major Nelson's countdown to E3. Talk about a sad state of affair...

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299 and will do just fine? Wow...the Wii U is already forgotten

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Talking about the Xbone here? Seems inappropriate....

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"There will be nothing out on PS4 / XBOXONE until later in the year..."

So...the rumors about Nintendo fanboys living under a rock is true.

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Of course he meant trophies

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They are providing their readers with as much info as possible before a a game launch - resolution included. You're the one in the wrong here for taking their reporting as am offense towards your lesser platform.

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why? because they are telling the truth?

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Next you will say the Xbone is already at 40mil or something, right? It sold quite well for an xbox at 500 and now should be doing way way better at 279, right? I know talking out of your ass is easy but please stop because it stinks! Provide proof

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Full HD? LOL aside from their sport games, most EA games are 900p and below on the Xbone.

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Pride before profit? LOL they put profit before everything else. But their peide though...THAT definitely comea before their brains!

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So...anybody who doesn't agree with you is a fanboy? Seems totally fair! /S

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Go figure?? Why? Who elected you to be the president of the world?

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Say all you want but PS+ Asia will get War of Mine and Alienation next month among others. Last year was an OK year for us in Asia. SRIV and Gat Out of Hell, NBA 2K16, Gravity Rush Remasters, Hardware Rivals etc. were among the highlights.

Can't wait for next year's offerings. January is already an awesome month for PS+ Asia

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Of course more is always better but the other camp just think that with this, Xbone is not needed or would be redundant.

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At this rate, it might be a next gen game even. LOL

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LOL xbox fanboys have been parading the Scorpio since E3! Almost all of them are saying the Pro is not worth it, better wait for Scorpio. Scorpio will do native 4K bla bla bla...

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The Pro is using an underclocked 480 so MS would be STUPID to use that as well a year later. And 12GB RAM for $40?! Controller $20?! Where??

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Net worth argument ha? Kinda make you think why with all that money they didn't come out with a better spec for the original Xbone and even sold it at $100 more than a stronger console. And when it comes down to games, all they are doing are Halo, Gears and Forza. Where are all the new studios, new games, new IPs? So...have that $450Bn win them any generation yet?

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$100 more 1 extra TB? That's a shitty deal. HDD is not the problem here. The other parts are

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