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nah...not getting it over my head at all. I find it ironic, really. That's all I felt as I've been called a fanboy before by saying I like games KZSF, Knack and Infamous SS in the PS4 early days by those calling the "PS4 has no games but remasters" back then and RemasterStation 4 was a thing back then too. you would know if you joined N4G before 2017!

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I say let them. I'm just grinning right now that Nintendo fanboys are eating crows after calling the PS4 the RemasterStation 4. now all they are drooling at are remasters of Wii U games in the effort of Nintendo to erase the existence of the Wii U.

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Infamous 2's both hero and infamous playthrough brought me to tears. Infamous 2 was really a gem last gen. Infamous SS, while an enjoyable game, it was more of a technical showcase for the PS4 and the story didn't really catch your attention like the first 2 games was. hopefully we'll see another game in the series after they finished Ghost of Thushima just like ND and their Uncharted and TLoU

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We in South East Asia still pay the equivalent of $30 for a year PS+ and every year, there will be 12+3 months of PS+ offer for Chinese New Year. That's awesomeness

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my bad. it was actually the 1070 Ti. not exactly mid range but far from high end

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A PC with GTX970 could run FH3 at 4K60fps with some settings turned down.'s not exactly a demanding game.

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People just wanna play games. Portable or not

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this is just madness

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not enough it seems

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PS4 wins with power though. the X is too late to the party to even count. and Wii U was not really a competitor for anything. too late for the PS3 and 360 and too early for the PS4 and Xbone. even the Switch is super weak against the PS4 and Xbone still while being released just recently. let's us all just admit that Nintendo is not really playing the gen gap like everybody else anymore. we can't just simply admit that the Switch is 9th Gen now, can we? that would be absurd

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a bad one

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Tried using a controller last night and I was dead last LOL. Never again!

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mediocre only to a troll like you!

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I've been playing using my G29 since I bought it and it feels so natural playing it with a wheel and I get used to it pretty quickly and have been competing at the higher ends in Sports mode. this game is made for wheels. can't go back to using controllers. learned about it the hard way.

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most sensible answer

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Xbone X sold out!

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yeah...the feel of "floatiness" in the Forza games is what really turned me off to the series. I got downvoted hard whenever I mentioned it before but now I know I'm not the only one noticing it. it's like driving hover cars and in FH3 it was even worst

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sorry I forgot PC crowd loves to throw money at every new iteration of hardware every year.

but I think incremental upgrade like this is what will make it an even less desirable product because people are gonna wait for the next one. this is not even 4K for god sake and the Vive is not exactly cheap to begin with! are you guys really telling me that you just spent $800 in 2016 and now is totally OK that a Pro version is out just over a year later? WOW...

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