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Congrats Sony

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THAT would LITERALLY explode the internet!

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What part of "there will no longer be Xbone only games from now on" that you didn't understand?

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I called it as "embracing" because there were (and still are) lots of xbox fanboys defending their paid service back when it was the only paid service on the market. The phrases like "XGC alone is worth paying for" or "I'll take paying $4/$5 a month for a superior service over a free inferior service any day" or "it's the best online service thus worthy of a fee" and the sorts were abundantly used last gen to justif...

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THIS GEN? LOL ignorance at its best!

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Did I ever said it's not affordable? I didn't and right now I'm also paying for PS+ but that's the exact argument used by loyalist trying to justify XBLG back then too! It's not about just $4 a month but it's about the same damn service being free else where!

I like to think my PS+ subs are for the gamesbI get every month. If not for those perks, I wouldn't even bother subscribing no matter howvmuch of a Sony fanboy that...

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I'm here not calling the PSVR a fad, but the Wii sold out in minutes too and THAT was a fad.

I'm not trying to jinx the success of PSVR either as I am glad it's looking to do well based on pre-orders and it seems like the PS team is marketing it right. what's more important is the longevity of the success because it's not a far fetched idea that the survival of VR lies in the success of PSVR. the Rift and Vive didn't set the market on fire and I thin...

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Is Lucas playable too? it's kinda a dick move to put JJ Abrams in when he just had the golden platter on his lap when Lucas is the father of SW. it's like complementing the success of MS to Nadela but not to Gates. that's just wrong!

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I think you're doing it wrong, that's why

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WTF? this turning into DoA now??

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I'm excited for GTS because I bought myself a G29 earlier this year and I've enjoyed using it a lot in Driveclub. I bought GT6 for cheap but I don't know why my wheel could not work for it no matter how I tried and I just gave up trying. now with GTS, I can finally use my G29 again. and I like what I've seen so far.

and for those saying GTS looks like a PS3 game, I know straight away they are trolling because for some of them Forza 6 looks "amazing"...

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you can't even name 1!

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xbox gamers were the first to embrace this pay to play online practice and even now, many still think paying for live is worth it. if you're MS, would you stop charging if there are loyalist out there willingly defending your unconventional paid service? I know I wouldn't! now this gen, PS4 players bear the consequences too.

I remember during the last gen before there was even PS+, fanboys were claiming cross game chat alone warrant the...

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Angry Birds FPS confirmed?

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Have you seen their offerings of free game for gold? Aside from a couple of good months, most of the other months are lackluster at best! Who would want to pay for THAT?

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Smart move on MS side but thing is, they don't really have any choice. Put a fee there and their recent initiative will die a quick death. No one wants to pay for MP on PC.

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Seriously, which one?

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I highly disagree with their opinion on The Nathan Drake Collection

"but even then they can't make Uncharted: Drake's Fortune feel enjoyable in 2016."

WTF? It's one of the best Remastered collections this gen and they talked like Drake's Fortune was an unenjoyable game to begin with when it's not.

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A nightmare yet they produced a stunning looking game in GT5 and GT6. Can't wait for GTS

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The thing is, there is so much value, I don't know what to do with them. Here in my country, I paid RM129 for a year of PS+ but last month alone, the total value of free games we got here were over RM700! Mind blown! LITERALLY

Oh...and I just bought BF4 Premium Edition for RM40+, or the equivalent of USD10 last week. WINNING!

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