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People are forgetting the fact that Xbone is using Win10. That has helped tremendously in terms of scalability of software accross devices. Remember how the S improved performance in most games over base Xbone without any patch like Sony is doing with Pro patch? The Scorpio will be the same. That TV TV TV guy also said that they don't need boost mode because both Xbone and Scorpio use Win10 i.e. PC like OS.

It's just like how your PC games will perform better if you...

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You just used "next couple yrs" and "same kind of spec as the scorpio" in the same sentence! Do you think Sony is stupid or something?

Sure the PS5 will be out in the next couple of years but NOT with 6TF and for sure not with GDDR5 and only 12GB of it. They don't even consider the Pro that is around 220% more powerful as next gen but somehow you think the PS5 will only be like 43% more powerful than the Pro? SMH

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Not sure if serious or your Internet Explorer hasn't tell you...

Scalebound was cancelled!

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They keep touting it as a "premium" and for the best experience on console, right? I thinknthey should bundle an elite controller with it. Doesn't make sense if they don't. With it bundled, I think many will consider it even if it costs $600

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Most of you guys here are funny. The almighty MS has all the money in the world and surely can afford anything, right? Where are the games? Exclusives? 1st party studios? The only way MS has been able to have that much money is through monopoly. They rarely worth a damn when going head to head in anything. Zune, Lumia, Windows Phone, Xbox etc. Trust me on this, if they are allowed to buy Playstation, they would, just so they can dominate without competition.

LOL Not even ma...

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My Son overwritten my god-knows-how-many-hours save file for Everybody's Golf 6 on Vita! it was during the early Vita days before I subscribe to PS+ which I only did after the PS4 was out. the only reason I still stopped playing.

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I'm a huge fan and bought the Libertalia Collector's Edition and yet I the Season Pass is not included! I'm still pissed but I'm buying this anyway.

back on topic...that arse though! Nate is missing the one treasure that Elena doesn't have!

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Bought the Collector's edition at launch. Well worth it. My only regret? Not getting the Season Pass with my purchase. WTF ND?

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yo TV TV TV guy! what about Kinect? do you need it?

Panello, Go HOME!

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right round, right round

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"How do you know it will have less console type games ? Do you have some sort of insider information?"

if you're living in the real world, outside of the Nintendo-tinted bubble, you don't have to have any insider to see it will get less console games from 3rd parties at least this year. this early in the year alone, it's already is missing RE7, For Honor, GR Wildland, ME Andromeda and there is no news of year end games...

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yeah...tell me about it

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<200k Halo Wars 2 sold to a supposedly 27mil Xbone owners! FLOP!

hey...I can play this pointless bashing game too

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2nd outing

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hacked and the first thing that come to mind is nude mods? LOL

Aloy beware!

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it's kinda sad to see the PSV not getting the attention it deserves. such a powerful handheld and abundance of great games that are mostly niche due to lack of big publishers, sadly including Sony themselves! I think it's down to the fact that it's not easily hackable like the PSP was thus the appeal is less. none can deny the fact that DS, 3DS and PSP did their numbers because they are hacked. some great games helped though like Pokemon but not much else.

that ...

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it's not getting big AAA games from 3rd parties (at least for now) and some devs are starting to come out with handheld mode only games for it taking full advantage of the touch screen. so yeah, REALLY

it will have less console type games but more handheld type games are coming. if THAT is not enough an indication that the Switch is mainly a handheld, I don't know what is.

personally, I think it's kind of puzzling on why they didn't includ...

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I wouldn't too if I had one. nothing against portable but I just had my Vita screen blacked out and my smartphone screen cracked by my kids when they accidentally dropped them. now my Vita have no picture and my phone looks terrible! kids...

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HDR with 10-bit panel - the only reason I still don't have a UHDTV. there are some non-HDR alternatives out there that are cheaper but I don't think they are worth it! I spent quite a lot for my 51" Samsung Plasma 1080p 3DTV back in 2010 and even now, the image quality is still superb!

I've been eyeing newer UHDTV but something good and similar in size or larger is still too expensive. hopefully they go down in price soon.

16d ago 1 agree2 disagreeView comment won't be $700. that Jaguar CPU alone is enough to warrant a price much lower than that. right now, even $400 is not too far fetched.

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