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yes. I'm in the middle of the game and not in the rush to finish everything and I avoid YT like a plague to not spoil myself. but my 8yo son yesterday found the final boss video on TY and tried to show me. I was like "LA LA LA LA ...not listening...not watching...LA LA LA..." LOL. no ill attention of course because he likes to look for YT videos of games I'm currently playing. I usually don't mind, but NOT THIS TIME!

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they are huge Nintendo fanboys.

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but the development of R&C is in Sony's hand, not Insomniac. they will only make another if Sony ask for it.

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I think the Honest Trailer guy falls under that category. but I watch his Honest Trailers for good laugh, so no harm done.

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talking trash about Sony as usual.

it's 1 thing to have a different opinion but another thing for being biased! why should Spider-man be rated while shouldering the whole genre with it? it's now Spider-man or Insomniac's fault for the open world genre to be mostly indifferent?

the review is missing the point big time! is the game fun? is the game technically polished? is the game looking great? Is the narrativ...

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but according to nVidia, it's not really worth it because the return is not THAT high and AMD is scrapping the bottom of the barrel just to make money and break even with the console deals as they are getting stomped in the PC scene. I don't know how much of that is true or if that's just jelly talk. but they are very eager to push out their unused X1 chips to be used by the Switch. hmm...

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the only good thing about the X is, it's going to push Sony to mandate 4K60fps as the minimum for next gen. anything less would be an embarrassment for the PS5 since the X is already not too far from achieving that feat in many recent games.

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there is still nothing like TLoU MP out there. the experience is unique and it's freakin intense! it's overshadowed by its own excellent campaign which is kinda ironic. almost 5 years into this gen and nothing else has come close to match it.

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Spidey and Peter Parker in this game feel real. you can really connect to it and that's what makes the game and story feel great to be played.

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Best Spider-man ever made! it does Spidey justice...AT LONG LAST!

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yeah, what is this article talking about? more sales = more popular, right? and CoD have outsold every single BF so far. so how is BF "more popular" prior to this year??

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thanks. just don't wanna give them click

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will it be available on PC too? or is the demo just xbox?

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The game is downright AMAZING! (pun not intended) it's the only game I played since Friday and god damn it, it's addicting to just swings around and solve crimes and shooting for those optional objectives. choosing the right web, the right strategy and the right fighting style...over 30 hours in, still not bored! I'm only half-way the story though LOL! but my best game of the year still goes to GoW though but still...this game is AMAZING!

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I think you missed the sarcasm there

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I sense jelly

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Which cartridge? The 32GB one? Certainly not the 16GB because it will never fit. You really think R* would waste money to use the bigger but pricier card for a last gen port? Didn't LA Noir just uses the 16GB then you have to download the rest of the game?

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You do know that the PS3 has more storage than the Switch, right? Plus, full install was not mandated for the PS3 but I'm not sure about it because I only have the PS4 version.

But why are you bringing up the PS3 here? Just so you can claim that the Switch has more power?

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the file size of the whole thing alone which amounted to the volume of 65GB on the PS4 is enough to debunk any hope of it ever going to grace that puny storage. but if R* is willing to dumb everything down and skip lots of contents just to make it fit...who knows but they are already swimming in money thanks to the PS4 and Xbone and to a certain extent, PC too. I don't think they would be bothered to port it to the Switch.

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