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It doesn't? Really? That's news to me

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wake us all up when switch+xbone+PC have more players than PS4+PC

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oh look, 2 competing brands that are losing big time to the PS4 is working together in a couple of games to badmouth Sony! how cute

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"Need I remind you the 3DS outsold both the PS4 and Vita combined x3."

err...where have you been this whole time? the PS4 has surpassed the 3DS months ago. LOL

(PS4 + Vita) X 3 MY A$$!

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That was before MS bought it.

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Stay tune for NPD reports next month

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Wow...nice job MS. Invading the Switch now, are we?

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Yeah? Try to download the save the world portion for free then. Any luck?

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Switch version is the best due to the cinematic 30fps /s

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Xbone owners and subscriptions are match made in valhalla. They love their subscriptions and thanks to that Sony and Nintendo is now also charging. Just look at how proud they are about EA Access and Gamepass.

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It's funny that you said "everybody" when without the PS4 player base, there will be less players. The biggest player pool at the moment is PS4+PC+Mac+mobile. Xbone+Switch is tiny against the PS4 in terms of player count.

And it's also funny that Xbone owners are so happy playing against the worst version which is the Switch where they have the 60fps advantage too.

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How can the xbone sales be hurt any further? It's already sold like crap compared to the PS4!

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PS4 is the worst version how? It has the biggest player based due to crossplay with other platforms except for xbone and the (real worst version) switch and it does 60fps.

If crossplay is more important to you than 60fps, you're nothing but a sheep for MS marketing stunt!

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pirating =/= stealing

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what online features? LOL

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get with the times? LOL

OK while you're at it, why don't you ask MS to put all their PC games on Steam too and allow crossplay between their servers and Steam? oh, and EA too, why not collaborate Origin and Steam? it just criminal because Sony don't wanna play with MS and Nintendo?

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AWESOME POST! stop talking about Crossplay EA when you are forcing people to play FIFA and all your games on PC through your own network only!

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I don't think Sony needs to confirm anything about this. it's Sony, not MS. we know there are more exclusive games coming

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can't wait for this game

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Nintendo fanboys: lazy developers, confirmed!

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