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this gen seems to decline from the last because MS and Nintendo screwed up!

the Wii U tanked and just now Nintendo is making an amendment to that with the Switch but this gen is already coming to an end and it's unclear if the Switch can reach the Wii numbers because Nintendo is gonna do it pretty much alone because tech is moving forward and this gen is not yet over but devs have been skipping the Switch for their AAA game left and right. it's safe to assume that t...

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that's....not how the used market works

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this is fully intentional. it's take 2 taking a page from MS (or how they use to operate earlier this gen). release the game without MP or MT to garner great reviews and when everything is already said and done, slap MT to it and open the floodgates! disgusting

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the good old days

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if F2P model is what they are going for, why not offer it as F2P separate from the game then? currently, it's not, so, the entrance fee for this remains at retail price. it's another F2P model MT in a retail game.

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why even bring up Playstation here? if you really want to play numbers, you do know that for $100 you get access to like 700 games on PS Now spanning from PS2, PS3 to PS4 games, right?

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lol. look it up, Fortnite players are among the biggest spending crowd this year.

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the thing is underpowered and its storage solutions are either too small or too expensive.

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"But you believe Sony sold 80 million?"

WTF? Sony themselves already announced they've shipped 82mil back in July. so, Sony is lying, now??

the PS4 is well over 90mil by now.

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the elite controller is not BT yo

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to xbox fanboys, a great console is determined by its subscriptions. same as how they bragged about paid XBL last gen, this gen with EA Access and now Gamepass.

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most appropriate response

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...of the Tomb Raider

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The PS4 slim is the natural course of every single PS device since PS1 so it doesn't really count as another model because the Slim has the same performance as the launch PS4, just smaller. So, Sony just have 2 PS4 models this gen compared to 3 Xbox Ones.

the S is clearly NOT the same as the launch model because it supports a UHD drive, upscale games to 4K, have higher CPU clock and also support HDR and ALL these features are NOT AVAILABLE ...

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for me, it's the opposite regarding Spider-man. it's developed by Insomniac is one thing, that's an assurance that the game will at least won't be terrible considering their track record but being a Spider-man game is another, where we haven't got a great Spider-man game in a while. I dived in with no high expectation and then BAAM...the game delivers as the best Spidey game by far and I love everything about it. my GoTy is still GoW but Spider-man definitely is in my surp...

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WTF is this author talking about? according to Nintendo enthusiasts here, the game is perfect with no issue

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What I don't understand is, why is Nintendo constantly taking jabs at Sony these past months? what has Sony done to them in recent years? Sony have only good to things to say about Nintendo recently but since the cross-play debacle and their collaboration with MS, Nintendo have been taking jabs at Sony every chance they got.

this article is one thing. it's rich coming from a company which has only been doing pre-recorded presentations for the past several years.

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I have yet to play any of them except a little bit of Fortnite. So you are saying this is even lower than the free H1Z1?

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