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Game Music Daily Week 54

247d ago - Great selections as always and they are... Final Fantasy Metal Gear Solid Super Smash Bros.... | PC

Unreal Tournament 3 update removes Gamespy, adds Epic's own server bank

489d ago - Gamespy is dead. Sort of. A quick check will reveal that, at present, some of the games yet to ha... | PC

Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 22/05

865d ago - Another collection of deals to make your midweek more bearable. | PC

Celebrating Unreal's 15th anniversary; Unreal Megapack (featuring all titles) at only 10€ on Steam

867d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Man, it’s been 15 years since the release of Unreal. I still remember those da... | PC

Play Unreal Tournament 3 Tonight with Epic Games Staff

954d ago - Flak- "Tonight at 4:00 PM EST, staff from Epic Games will get online to play Unreal Tournament 3... | Culture

Top 10 First Person Shooters For PS3

1072d ago - A list of the best FPS games that have been released for the PS3 so far. | PS3

10 co-op games you can play this weekend

1171d ago - Beer and chips sold separately. | PC

The Backlog: Unreal

1223d ago - Default Prime writes: "It turns out that the people who make Gears of War also make some other g... | PC

Fan Creativity in the Gaming World

1275d ago - Josh Brown of TheGamersHub.net writes - "I've decided to stare into another side of gaming we som... | Culture

Keep Local Multiplayer Gaming Alive!

1305d ago - Up until this generation of consoles, virtually every multiplayer game out there offered split-sc... | Wii

Five Signs You Have A Severe Gamerscore Addiction

1311d ago - This article describes five behaviors that go above and beyond normal achievement hunting, sugges... | Xbox 360

Unreal Tournament III Labyrinthos 1.0 Mod Released

1328d ago - From Strategyinformer.com: "Labyrinthos is a short puzzle game built in the Unreal 3 engine using... | PC

The Fallen Heroes of Video Game Power Up Addiction

1524d ago - Ethan Moses completes the stories of video game heroes addicted to mushrooms, beast orbs, invisib... | Culture

Epic Will Return To Unreal 'If It Makes Sense'

1532d ago - NowGamer: Epic Games hasn't ruled out developing another Unreal game | PC

The Mentality Of An Online FPS Gamer

1635d ago - Plus XP's new contributor explaines the mentality of an online FPS gamer. | PC

Fan Continues The Story of Silent Hill 2 With UDK

1685d ago - A highly ambitious project by Spanish designer Titobruni aims to continue the story of Silent Hil... | PS2

Classic Game Room: Unreal Tournament 3 Review

1735d ago - "Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) is a classic game caught in a new market. When the first game was rele... | PC

The OnLive Microconsole Comparison Test: Shooters

1781d ago - The cloud-based OnLive microconsole comes out December 2. How does it compare to its beefier cons... | PC

How to get a job at Epic Games

1871d ago - PLAY magazine gets a lot of letters and e-mails from readers about a wide range of topics, but tw... | Culture

Unreal Tournament III RomleyCourt_v2.4 Mod Released

1881d ago - Unreal MOD, First Person 'Interactive Expeience'. Wander the halls of Romley Court and experien... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Examiner Retrospective: Unreal Tournament 3

1900d ago - Years later, Unreal Tournament 3 still fulfills the role as a niche, twitch shooter for gamers wh... | PC

The Ball Preview: Physics Mod Makes the Jump to Commercial (Goozernation)

1907d ago - The Ball, a former UT3 mod is making the jump to commercial this fall. This could be a big break... | PC

UT3 Mod UT40K: The Chosen Update Released

1973d ago - Geodav has released a new update for its Unreal Tournament III mod UT40K: The Chosen, now availab... | PC

UT3 Mod The Ball Standalone Release Targeted for August

1974d ago - Teotl Studios (formerly Toltec Studios), the mod team that developed the runner-up in the Make So... | PC

UT3 Mod Planetstorm UDK Demo Released

1974d ago - The PS team has announced the demo release of their UT3 mod Planetstorm, now available for download. | PC
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