Mark Rein Interview: Why Is Unreal Tournament 3 Slower on PlayStation 3?

SPOnG caught up with Epic's outspoken bossman, Mark Rein recently for a full and frank chat about the latest Epic, err, epic - Unreal Tournament 3 out now on PC and on PlayStation 3 (in December for the US, in January for Europe) and on Xbox 360 (in, gods knows when).

Not one to hold back on his forthright opinions, Rein is that rarest of creatures to be found in the world of game development – a high profile studio boss that is not afraid to call a spade a spade. When asked why the console version of UT3 was noticeably slower than the PC version, Rein told us.

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HarryEtTubMan3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )


Icewake serisouly shut up you're a loser and have no clue what you're talking about. You must be 16. This game runs better than Gears did on the 360 haha and this is only the first Unreal Engine version made by Epic on the PS3... YOU A IDIOT IF THE CELL WAS FOR BLU RAY EVERY BLU RAY PLAYER HAVE THE CELL BUT NONE DO BUT THE PS3.... PWNED U FVCKING DOUCHE BAD. Stop whining because you jealous u wont be getting this game for a year or more. Loser.

ruibing3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I'm sorry but I think everyone has mistaken taken "slower" to mean reduced frame rate compared to the PC. It simply runs slower for everyone to compromise for a FPS on a console for those without mouse/keyboard (360 owners should appreciate this fact).

For those who still don't understand, then recall when you were playing Max Payne, Stranglehold, or Prince of Persia. When you slowed downed time, the framerate did not drop, only how fast everyone moves. What is so hard to understand about all this?

Wii60_FTW3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

lmao @ icefake's gamerscore

But anyway, I played the UT3 demo on PC. was crap. Gears is lightyears better. end of story.

wil4hire3881d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

"But you play Halo on console and you find that it’s slower too, right…they have to be slower, because your fingers are just not as precise as your whole arm, right? To me the movement and speed as a console gamer is just right.”"

If you ever played Unreal Tornament you will notice a "SPEED" setting for gameplay. Its the RUnspeed. You can turn it up or down.. this has nothing to do with performance. It has everything to do with using a controller versus a Mouse and Keyboard.

Xbots Lead by BlOODMASK, You would know this if you ever decided to read anything, outside of waiting for your RRODbox.

The PS3 version of UT3 will be superior to the 360 as well, due to the open network.

Reviewers all agree that Uncharted is the new graphics king. And guess what? Its a PS3 exclusive. It owns Gears, Halo, and definitely Mass Effect.

DOn't be sour, I'm sure Too HUman will be bett.... lol god I cant even type that without laughing so hysterically my whole body shakes... Well you still have Gears.. to replay..

So this Xmas PS3 has:

GT5 Prologue

and the 360 has

Mass Effect.

Thats a great lineup for the holidays.

and just so you bots know

Uncharted = AAA


Wow Boink really?!?!? So thats the new "ps3 definition" of AAA? Man its so hard to follow you Xbots.. first you say Scores that are 90+ = AAA. Then when the PS3 got those, it became "NO NO NO, the AVERAGE SCORE!" Now we have that...

so it now changes to "NO NO NO, Its the SALES!!!" What are we on the board of Sony? Do we get 30,000 dollar bonuses for sales? No.

AAA means what it means for films. Its the REVIEW of the product. However, feel free to change your "AAA" definition to sales. If thats what makes you sleep better at night.

By your logic "No COUntry FOr Old Men" isn't worth its 97% Rotten Tomato review because it hasn't sold millions yet? This is the stupidest knee jerk response I've ever heard to ps3 AAA news.

You do understand that the XbotCamp keeps changing this correct?

Hugh Hefner3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Why did you list CoD 4 for the PS3 but not for the 360???

Edit: nvm, you did now

Boink3880d ago

don't get me wron, it's a great game. I don't think quite has the AAA status like halo, mario, GTA, MGS, etc...

AAA status has to = sales, hype, midnight launches etc...not just a great review. uncharted is really only expected to sell around 1 million units. which is not even on the radar on the amount of sales those other games have.

uncharted got great reviews, but just like mass effect, I don't consider them to be AAA until they get the sales to prove it, and that means millions of units sold.

Violater3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

So Hype, Sales & Midnight launch = AAA title?
Who cares about quality and overall enjoyment right?
This stupid system war has nothing to do with that.
Never have I heard you guys talk about how much fun you have "playing"
the actual games.
Its always the same crap.
you kids really need to stop drinking your own piss
give up gaming
and go read a book

PlayStation3603880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I kinda agree with what you saying bro... well, with out all the insults :P What happened to the good ol' days when a gamer bought games to waste some extra time playing and having fun? Now it's all about review scores, Triple A's, how much it sold, hell, even which console it's on. My motto, to hell with all that BS. If you want to play a certain game, here's an idea, play it.

If I'd listen to half of what people thought about a game, I could never play video games. PS3 guys hate every 360 game, 360 dudes hate every PS3 game, everyone hates wii games, wii fans hate everything... ok, I may have exaggerated a tad. But ya'll get what I'm saying. :)

PimpHandHappy3880d ago

if you take the bubbles from the trolls they will fade away and die

Half the time the trolls dont even read the article but all they do is read the title and start spewing sh!t

take bubbles and if they are on your ignore just look at what they say and if its negative fanboy junk take that bubble

NanoGeekTech3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I heard that was a pretty damn good movie...I will be seeing it this weekend.......................

P.S.. Everyone will soon appericate the PS3 and the fact it is a open system. That will be the norm for the next-next gen of gaming.. Lets check back at the many forums that bash PS3 at the end of next year and better yet end of 2009.

PS3 id: ProPaPerPusher

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squallsoft3880d ago

Did u even read the article. it acctually is POSITIVE PS3 news.


ur always there for a laugh, thanks man.

Xbox is the BEST3880d ago

I read it. But the fact that name calling by the Sony fans shows everyone that they worship Sony.

lodossrage3880d ago

So by your knowledge, that would mean xbots WORSHIP 360.

So what's your point?

squallsoft3880d ago

I worship Sony, about as much as you worshio Microsoft. the differencr between me and you though is, i dont troll Positive articles pertaining to the 360...

Mr_Kuwabara3880d ago

"But the fact that name calling by the Sony fans shows everyone that they worship Sony."

Look at your name tag, then comment..

Xbox is the BEST3880d ago

I have a name that says PS#3 Sucks or RROD? Xbox is the Best because it has killer games. Can't really say that about the PS#3 can you.

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gamesblow3881d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Ice is so funny... Such a little S*IT DIPPER... Atleast xbox 360 was built for gaming, huh? Well, if it's always broke down, how can you game? not a very practical "Gaming" rig, if you ask me. you incandescent CRICKET D*CK!