Unreal Engine 3 vs. CryEngine 2 graphics comparison

PC Games Online compares the graphics of Epic's Unreal Engine 3 with Crytek's CryEngine 2 again. The current pictures are from Crysis, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Huxley and Unreal Tournament 3.

All images are attached below.

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THC CELL3975d ago

some of them games are coming to x box and ps3. well apart from crysis

But looking at some of them u would think
Crysis is able to be done on Consoles

if not Just the Ps3.

I would like to see it on both,

JsonHenry3975d ago

Neither console can pull off Crysis even if they were DX10 compatible. Hell, my 8800GTX has more memory and juice than either console, and it is just a video card.

ShiftyLookingCow3975d ago

so powerful that nvidia has created a special gpu computing device out of it called tesla

THC CELL3975d ago

man the cell can handle Crysis

socomnick3975d ago

lol I dont think the cell could handle crysis hell the cell can handle madden at 60 fps .

AcidRhain3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

isn't UT3 only running 30 fps on the cell? :-/

Infernus3974d ago

It's running at 30fps because EA mad eit that way, not because it can't handle it. A Sony guy said so in an article I read about it a few days ago. He said don't look at us (meaning point the finger at EA because they made the game).

It's possible because previous sports games have run at 60fps on the Cell so using Madden (A game I won't touch anyway) and saying the cell can't handle it is utter bull.

i Shank u3974d ago

hes asking about Unreal Tournament 3 ,not madden, and has nothing to do with EA its published by Midway

Tabasco3974d ago

less frames=more detail, thats why Unreal tournament III is only at 30, as for madden well EA blows.

Kleptic3974d ago

...Mark Rein said that the PS3 version of UT3 is going to be 60 fps at 720p I thought...could be wrong...but the pace of the game seems like at least 60 fps is almost essential...he did confirm that the framerate of the PS3 version is right on with the PC, its just that the PC version will support much higher resolution...

and @ 1.1...the only thing that matters is the optimization of the engine...CryEngine 2 can definitely be run to some degree on a console...and the only thing all that extra memory supports is higher resolutions...meaning neither console could ever touch a PC in that department...

both the PS3 and the 360 are capable of visual effects that DX9 PCs are not...while a DX10 system has the potential to get even more complicated code wise, both consoles can do a lot more of the effects than most people realize...The Cell is most likely capable of the physics that CryEngine 2 can support, especially considering all those physics still do not need a physics card for the PC yet...the point when seperate physics processors, or entire physics cards are needed, is when the PC will blow the consoles away on more than just a slightly higher resolution...

DeadlyFire3974d ago

The Cell can run Crysis on its PS3 CryEngine 2 SDK. Crysis IS NOT coming to the consoles though. Crysis is PC exclusive.

As far as UT 3 goes who came up with 30 FPS its been 60 FPS since I heard about it.

Madden 2008 is only a ported game. When will developers learn not to port their games? PS3 can definately handle games at 60 FPS.

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MK_Red3975d ago

Nice find. I wonder when Tech5 Vs UE3/CryEngine 2 comparisons show up.

smart_head3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Yah, I mean the level of detail in Crysis is comparable to that in Unreal Tournament 3, and UT3 is coming to the consoles, so I don't think it's impossible to run Crysis on consoles. Obviously, some of the aspects of the game would need to be heavily modified to make it run well on the consoles.

Crysis, comparatively speaking, certainly looks more realistic though.

Demon19803975d ago

Wow, they look more similar than I would have thought. However, the CryEngine 2, in my opinion, still looks a little more realistic than the UE3 engine.

ParaDise_LosT3975d ago

Handles lighting better, UE3s lightings are alittle....
(example-Look at the 5(the ones with the planes and choppers...Look at the shadows)...
CryEngine wins...hands down.

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