UT3 better looking on 360 than PS3, Epic boss hints

UT3 on Xbox 360 will have better graphics than on PS3, Epic chief Mark Rein has hinted.

Speaking to at the game's official unveiling in Las Vegas this week, Rein said that because Epic has spent more time on the 360 version compared with the PS3 version of the game it had benefited from more optimisation, and said that gamers "can draw your own conclusions from that".

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fenderputty3893d ago

Wasn't it known that the 360 version was being built along side the PS3 version. That's like 6 months more dev time.

It sucks the 360 won't be getting MODs though.

Breakfast3893d ago

Superior console?

Is it a fact no mods?

chaosatom3333893d ago

Are they using new unreal engine or not?

mikeslemonade3893d ago

I'm a graphics whore and graphics don't make or break UT. Anyway how great can the "superior" graphics be? If anything it would look about 10% better and UT3 still would be considered an average looking game. The bottom line is UT3 is mainly about the mods. No mods would make it an average FPS.

marichuu3893d ago

"It looks like the PS3's user-generated content didn't make it over to 360, then (presumably due to Microsoft's strict closed network approach on Xbox Live), but IGN says all of the downloadable content made for PC and PS3 will also appear on Xbox Live Marketplace."

And I wouldn't say it has anything to do with "superior console"
More time = better quality, it's as simple as that.

Breakfast3893d ago

@ marichuu

Thanks for the info. :)

bubbles for you.

Ben10543893d ago

i mean were using logo mods on our maps lol

TheIneffableBob3893d ago

chaosatom333, Unreal Tournament 3 on the Xbox 360 will be using an updated build of Epic's Unreal Engine 3, but it will not be using an entirely new engine.

sonarus3893d ago

yea isn't it releasing 6 months later. i would expect epic to have tweaked their engine a lot since then

Soren the Cat3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Graphics don't matter, I don't even look at graphics!

Edit: oh come on, it's a little funny.

Breakfast3893d ago

@ Above

Your right...that was funny.

You gotta build up a shield to block those disagrees from getting to you.

misterssippi3893d ago

X-play reported yesterday that the 360 version will get maps and character mods from the other versions, but users will not be able to make maps and characters specifically for the 360, or download directly from the PC to the 360. The download will be "filtered" thru Epic/Microsoft before they hit XBL.
That's fine and all, I understand that Microsoft wants to control their intellectual property, and I am a 360 owner. But, wasn't the whole Vista/Windows Live & Media Center for stuff like this. So that you could seemlessly transfer media from PC to 360, and vice versa. That's why I bought a PC with all these bells and whistles. I'm just saying, it would be great to get to use them.

ericnellie3893d ago

If you say something in the forums, you should stick to what you believe. At some point most people jump for join when they hear that things look better on the PS3 and then when they say things look better on the 360 they change their tune by saying graphics don't matter it's all about the game play, or mods, or motion control, or whatever. Everyone has excuses when things don't fair better on their console.
At this point, there are no games out that can't be achieved on either console. Of course extra development time equals better optimizing =)

Sayai jin3892d ago

mikeslemonade- Well it looks like it will not be an average first person shooter since mods for the 360 was just confirmed.

As far as the graphics, I am sure it will not be a huge difference, probaly not noticable to many. Xbox 360 owners have had to wait 8 months to get this game, but it appears that their wait may be rewarder with extra maps, mod support (also on the PS3), and better graphics. Either way I am sure the 360 owners will be pleased as well as PS3 owners have been.

RobotIsTheFuture3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

I don't care about graphics. U can find me playin SOF Online(Soldier Of Fortune Platinum Edition [2003]). I don't a play game 'cause of its graphics... if i were like that how could i be playin "Killer Instinct" for the SNES? If u ask me i take a strong gameplay over graphics on any day of the week; seriously... it's all about havin fun n enjoii'n ur game... not about graphics. there's ppl that never liked GT(Gran Turismo) cause of its gameplay(too hard for 'em maybe) but any fan of the GT Series know that Gt always bring the best graphics out there, same thing happens w/ the MGS Series(Metal Gear Solid) MGS ALWAYS, I Mean ALWAYS bring stunnin' graphics... still, there's some ppl that don't like that game. Or the same thing that happens w/ me; im not a fan of FF(Final Fantasy) but lotta ppl love the game, cause of its graphics, gameplay etc... that's why we get to choose what console we wanna play, what type of game we like (FPS,RPG,MMORPG,Sim,Shooters,. ..etc)

Anyway; like i always say...

***Enjoii Ur Games No Matter What Console U Have. U Deserve It...***

Kami3892d ago

killer instinc on MAME its the best. not because of the graphics but because of the flow of the characters and animations.

RobotIsTheFuture3892d ago

Thanks For The Tip Dog, Here Take Some Bubbles... 'n *Cha-Chin* I'm Trackin U Down.

***Enjoii Ur Games No Matter What Console U Have. U Deserve It...***

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Silellak3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Eh, sounds like the 360 version of UT3 will look better than the PS3 version for the same reason the PS3 version of Oblivion looks better than the 360 version. It's simply getting the benefit of more dev time. Doesn't mean that one console is more powerful than the other.

Clinton5143893d ago

But leave it up to the regular fire starters to attempt to turn these comments into a "war".


BranWheatKillah3893d ago

My thoughts exactly. Good to see someone coming to the most logical conclusion rather than jumping on the "Console X is better" bandwagon.

Breakfast3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Hey im a fire starter...and i completely agree with Silellak. I just dont agree with his hard-to-spell name.

I for one, am not buying this game regardless, though. To fast for me. Kinda like the game is on crack.

@ marichuu

Omg...stop giving me good answers...i can only give you one bubble at a time. :)

I tried it on the pc...and it was crazy as hell.

Thanks for the info...again.

By any chance do you know numbers for the lottery?

marichuu3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

FYI the game has been slowed down on the consoles compared to the PC version. :p

Haha, sorry about that xD I'll tell you some bad stuff about UT3 now, it's nothing new from the 2004 one :> (my opinion, not a fact)
Sorry, I keep lottery information for myself ;p

abuze3893d ago

When I had UT3 for my PS3, there was an option to increase the game speed and I tried it.
Significantly faster than the standard mode but, because I used to play with the PS3 controller, I prefer the standard speed over the fast mode option.

BulletToothtony3893d ago

Unreal just like any other business including my own care about ONE thing.. chacheeng!!! yep money.. before the ps3 version was released they said they had surpassed GeOW graphics on the ps3.. and i don't konw if it's true or not.. never played GeOW but i am hoping to soon.. maybe even this weekend

Now they said the 360 surpassed the graphics of the ps3.. i'm not saying they didn't but they're just hyping the game to sell a few more.. that's all

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Avto3893d ago

yeah but with no mods X360 version has to look it's best to be able to stand proud alongside PC and PS3 versions

Dpa3893d ago

Its clear which side Epic Games are routing for, no matter how they try and tell us that they like both consoles equally..

Xi3893d ago

wouldn't you think so too when your flagship franchise flops on one system even though it's given exclusive release.

DiabloRising3893d ago

It flopped on the PC pretty much too. Why? Not enough new to it, and too much strong competition. To instantly blame Sony is to take the fanboy way out. Maybe if Epic gave the PS3 some new franchise love it would be a success. And not an FPS.

jackdoe3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

It flopped on the PC because of strong competion. Same reason it flopped on the PS3 (not to mention the fact that its release date caught people unawares). Its advertising campaign was pretty bad as well; it played up on the "story" aspect of the game, something that was non-existant. I wish I never bought it.

Xi3893d ago

I'm blaming those that were praising the game because it was being released first on the PS3 but ended up not buying the game at all. I'm blaming the sony fanboys that said it was going to pwn gears, etc.

I'm sure epic loves sony, sony paid big to have an exclusive title release.

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