Midway and Epic Announce Unreal Tournament III PS3 Ship Date

From Midway:

"Midway Games Inc. and Epic Games today announced that the PlayStation® 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is scheduled to ship to retail outlets in North America on December 10th. It is expected to begin arriving in stores in limited quantities the following day, with a U.S. suggested retail price of $59.95."

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dhammalama3920d ago

I think that could be an interesting comparison. Of course I expect the PC to be on top, nevertheless, it would be a good comparison.

rofldings3920d ago

What's with the "limited quantities" - should we preorder? :o

dhammalama3920d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

What do you disagree with? You wouldn't like to see the comparison? I think would be good to show difference between what is absolutely known is the best (pc), and anything else that might come close.

I'm definitely with you against crappy ports. But I think comparison against a computer on a multiplatform game is valuable because of the scalability of PC graphics. It gives you kind of a measurement.
From what I've read, Crysis, IMO best looking game ever, takes a MONSTER of a system to run. Whereas, COD4, another beautiful game, can be run with a moderately high configuration with brilliant results.

The unreal engine has shown (and continues to show) what it can do so it works well as a benchmark.

EDIT 2- Do you think it's a waste of time or what? 5 disagrees now. Help me see your perspective!

jiggyjay3919d ago

sure is a lot of shooters on this console!!!

ruibing3919d ago

I don't feel like upgrading my 3 year old PC system by building a new desktop for ~$1000, so I'm just going to get it for the PS3.

Eric19703919d ago

why does it matter what each looks like? PC v PS3 v Xbox360. that's all these comments end up being - regardless of the topic. Folks can enjoy this game on a pc or PS3.

Also, I have never played a PC game on a 52" LCD, but I wonder how it would look - I also have never played my 360 or PS3 on a 20" pc monitor - why?? Cause I could give a rats [email protected]@ how they rate/look. However, I do know that I have not purchased a PC game in well over a year - to many PC issues and no point forking out the $$$$ to keep up.

sonarus3919d ago

lol i wonder if everyone would be so excited for UT3 if it was hittin 360 as well. Am getting it jst cus i want a new game to play and its epic dats making it. would get orange box instead but gabe newell is a clown. mass effect and UT are the last games am gonna get this yr but i really dnt expect too much.

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Skerj3920d ago

Sweet!! That's two weeks from now, oh how people will be tasting the flak and rockets.

MK_Red3920d ago

Sweet indeed. Real Falking will being on December the 10th.

Skerj3920d ago

Hah I just remembered the 2nd Resistance Map Pack and Warhawk Expansion out in the same time frame, the PSN is going to blow up next month. Even though I've been playing this on the PC for the past week, can't wait to play against everyone here who's getting it on PS3. I'll be using KB+M for damn sure too, the only sad part is no custom soundtracks :(

MK_Red3920d ago

I never used custom sound track because I really loved UT's main music and soundtrack. Also, UT3's music is done by legendary Jesper Kyp (Hitman series).

Skerj3920d ago

The deck music is still there!! It's remixed though, I think it's the one from 2k4 but that and Morpheus were the only levels were I paused my mp3 player and turned the music back up. I started muting music to begin with on UT99 when my brother and I used to play low grav instagib shock rifle only matches on this server that had those maps with made you feel like ants. They were all set around the household in the kitchen, backyard, living room, bathroom (giant Robocop was humping a toilet in that one)and Creed was the background music :(

solar3920d ago

ill be there waiting to run both of ya over :D im so happy it is gonna be out in 2 weeks! n4g server for us players would be cool

Skerj3920d ago

I've been thinking about that, since the PS3 version supports dedicated servers too I think I might run one. Lagless online gaming for free = own.

solar3920d ago

hell ya man. ill send ya a pm closer to the release date so i can figure out ur psn. im going to crapstop to reserve my copy today.

Skerj3920d ago

My PSN is SKeRJ, it's listed in the profile too. You guys will see me!!

solar3919d ago

@ skerj

cool man. i dont like to add ppl without asking first. u never know if ur gonna find that nut that wont leave ya alone :D

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Neurotoxin3920d ago

DAMN...... What about Europe.

Ah yes the many levels of Pointless Bureaucracy denies us of an acceptable release date once more.

Oh well there is always Haze.... :( Oh yeah :(


rofldings3920d ago

import it son! it'll be cheaper too

Vip3r3920d ago

Are you from the UK? Do you know how much import tax and other shipping costs are? Sometimes it can be better to wait until items are released over here than importing.

paul_war3919d ago

Further confusion, in the latest PSM3 mag there is a two page Haze add & it says "Available December 2007", could Europe be getting this before the US?

Infernus3920d ago

Just add 2 weeks to the release lol.

Used to be 2 days but this is next gen gaming remember!

Nah, seriously now, dunno when the UK release is but it's definately before Christmas if that helps at all...

jctoyou3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

what makes you think it will before xmas in the uk? i hope you are right!