Unreal Tournament 3 Review - 'The UI is a joke'

Tom's Hardware writes:

"When I think of a way to summarize Unreal Tournament 3, the saying "One step forward, two steps back" comes to mind. The single player campaign should have been approached in a different manner, or just left out all together. Instead of having a single player campaign, Epic could have given gamers so much more in terms of retaining previously introduced game modes, and creating additional ones. The UI is a joke coming from the likes of Epic, and the server browser really needs an update.

What hurts PC gamers though is that Epic took a fully dedicated PC franchise and divided their resources to release on multiple platforms. Just as Gears of War took extra time to port to the PC, a simultaneous release on the Xbox 360, PC, and nearly the PS3 as well, cost Epic resources. It is my belief that in doing so, the development quality of Unreal Tournament 3 has suffered."

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mighty_douche3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

....but this will be sorted with a patch. you buy a UT game for a fun frantic frag fest not for its UI. i wouldnt let this little problem put you off buying one of 2007's most enjoyable games.

GIJeff3950d ago

The rest of the game as good as the demo? Silly question i know, but im internally trying to justify buying the game for PC because i already have COD4 and thats taking enough time from me online. I have 18 ps3 games and a slew of good PC games (COD4, Tabula Rasa, BF2, Orange Box, 2142, etc..)

mighty_douche3950d ago

one word: BETTER!! i personally found it ran quite abit smoother than the beta, any problems with lag seemed to disappear, and the new maps KICK ASS!!

while im loving CoD4 to, nothing offers the speed and fun factor that UT offers. buy it my friend, BUY IT!!

Bombomb3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

of a game that "have" not yet been out or have been enjoyed, become one of the most enjoyable?

why cause you said so?

UT3 is still UT3, nothing has changed except now its making an apearence on a sony console.

PC gamers play FPS on PC's for certain reasons, and Console gamers rather slower paced FPS's for certian reasons. I just don't see UT3 winning the hearts of console gamers. It's a good thing th ePS3 can use a M&K but it won't be fair to a lot of gamers.

besides the graphics nothings changed's a hardcore fps that have been satisfying the masses on the PC platform.

Blade down below is right, the 360 now will get the best version in terms of tweaks and fixes, and who knows what else will be discovered after the pc and ps3 versions have come and gone..

Oh I'm so

GIJeff3950d ago

I need some fast paced non-modern warfare action. Lately everyones gone all iraq war on us gamers and its the whole "every shooter is a WW2 game" all over again. An idea is only fresh once, i think designers often forget that, or publishers just look at trends(<-obvious) instead of being as creative as possible in hopes of creating a real masterpiece. UT3 it is!

eLiNeS3950d ago

You say a patch could fix the problems of UT but knowing Epic and what they did with patching Gears, the game only got worst and unplayable for me and my friends. I am talking more on the multiplayer side but I doubt they do anything for the campaign side.

mighty_douche3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

dude im talking about PC. This is UT.

either way, this is a patch for the UI, not the game. complexity wise they're not even similar.

BrianC62343949d ago

Tom's Hardware is right. Why make it multi-platform? Just make it for the PS3. That would have been much better. Take that Tom's Hardware. Not much of a site. Does anyone really read them for game reviews?

Kr1553949d ago

"a simultaneous release on the Xbox 360, PC, and nearly the PS3 as well, cost Epic resources."

Am I missing something? acording to this statement there was a simultanious release on 360 and PC? There is no 360 version yet. epic has pretty much said they aren't even really working on it. so that means only the ps3 and PC versions

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lynx1halo3950d ago

He pretty much just sound like an all out hater simply because it is being released onto consoles

"What hurts PC gamers though is that Epic took a fully dedicated PC franchise and divided their resources to release on multiple platforms."


ravinash3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

for the exclusive high end PC club and made it accessable to consoles and gamers everywhere.
If it was on PC, I would have not been able to spend all the £££ to buy the hardware to get the latest (I have a life you know)...but on console....Oh baby! let me play!

Real Gambler3950d ago

"a simultaneous release on the Xbox 360, PC, and nearly the PS3 as well"

A console guy, no matter which one would have said:

Just released on the PC, then the PS3 and likely in about a month on the 360... So much debate about this timed exclusive PS3 console game, only a PC only gamer would make a mistake like that!

uxo223950d ago

Why can't he feel that way, are console owners any different. When an exclusive goes to multiplatform, thoses who lost the exclusive tend to get a bit pissy. So I don't know why you guys are tripping on him for doing the same thing.

C_SoL3950d ago

i'll just wait for the IGN review....

DethWish3950d ago

tomshardware is actually a pretty huge site for PC gamers and technophiles. I'd say it is very credible and I agree, the UI sucked, it has been updated with a patch now. The gameplay is still awesome though

Kleptic3950d ago

if it is a great site...why does it blatantly miss the multiplatform issue?

" a simultaneous release on the Xbox 360, PC, and nearly the PS3 as well, cost Epic resources..."

that is 100% wrong...360 development has stalled for some time...and Epic assured time and time again that the PC version was getting every bit of attention that it would if there was no PS3 version in the first place...

but simply...there was no simulateneous release of any kind...something that a reviewer with any credibility should know right off the bat...

n00dl3s3949d ago

So you can get a truly lame review? I'm sorry but IGN FTL.

Bladestar3950d ago

great... all these community input and complains will surely guarantee a fix for the xbox 360 version.

Skerj3950d ago

Actually dude, the UI is perfectly fine for consoles and that's the problem for PC gamers. Being used to all of the options we've had in the past and other PC games only to be introduced to a dumbed down bastardized UI and settings menu. Of course if you know how to mess with the INI file you can bypass needing to use that, but it's inconvenient to do so in the middle of a game. They're fixing this as we speak, and some users have been putting up new concepts of UI mods since the game came out. Somehow though I think it'll remain the same for the console releases.

Bladestar3950d ago

First, I want to make sure you people are aware that I didnt even mentioned the PS3 version... and second have any of you seen the xbox 360 version? How do you know they wouldnt probably make the same mistakes with the xbox 360 version.. thinking that they did a great job with the PC version... user input will help the xbox 360 version... what's there to disagree? isn't that common sense?

Skerj3950d ago

I didn't even disagree with you dude get off the defense. I stated that the UI is FINE for consoles which is why the PC community is pissed. Because it's gimped for us, if you load the game up now and try to tweak it like 2004 you won't be able to. From a console standpoint the UI is perfect with a lot of features that the other console shooters DON'T have. Hence me saying it probably won't be changed for the consoles since the features and things we're clamouring for aren't needed for anything but a PC.

GIJeff3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

any obvious or serious problems on the PC version, dont you think it will be patched? or is Epic the only company who never uses patches? The PS3 version is fine, trust me.

EDIT @ captain disagree: So, Epic doesnt patch/update games? you tool.

Skerj3950d ago

The game is fine, the only gripes were the UI, Assault mode being taken out YET AGAIN (in favor of Warfare), and no Dodge Jumping. The first is being officially worked on by Epic and community members, the second will be alleviated by mods, and the 3rd has already been resolved afaik by mods.

mighty_douche3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

lol dont like you dude do they. Unfortunately the PC seems to no longer have a place on this site, the article really concerns PC UT3, im not sure why everyone is even talking about the console versions. name the PC in your comments and your guaranteed disagrees.

you have to remember that most of the people here probably have never been into PC gaming what ever they claim, and there for really dont understand the PC is still light years ahead. People agreeing in over "ha your console doesnt even have in game messaging or music...". From a PC point of view thats like arguing which year, 1972 and 1973 was better ... "ha, your year didnt even have larva lamps..."

Skerj3950d ago

Yeah hah I don't know what's up with that. What I said was pretty much the undisputed truth if they look at the official UT forums. UI shouldn't be a concern for the console version, worry about the mods, being able to use custom players, dedicated servers, and keyboard and mouse support.

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Anything but Cute3950d ago

"a simultaneous release on the Xbox 360, PC, and nearly the PS3 as well, cost Epic resources."

This dude doesn't know what he's saying.

Lex Luthor3950d ago

The game was meant for simultanious release, but Sony paid for timed console exclusivity.

Skerj3950d ago

Actually it was slated as only PC and PS3 until the success of Gears of War made Epic change their minds and bring it to the 360 as well. Sony got timed exclusivity out of the deal in the end.

Kleptic3950d ago

Lex...don't be an idiot...

Sony offered "help" with UE3 optimization for the PS3...Epic made their own decision to stop develpment on the 360 version until they (as in Epic and MS) have come to some sort of agreement on UGC distribution...something that XBL struggles with big time...

SCE had nothing to do with timed exclusitivity...Epic had everything to do with it...MS dropped the ball, and Sony picked it up...simple as that...