Mark Rein on UE3 and PS3 "Problems", UT3 Locked at 30fps, demo was possibly at 60fps

Mark Rein has responded to the recent rumors about UE3 on PS3 problems and UT3 running 60fps at GC in a forum post in which he states that, "Epic heard that same kind of silliness about UE3 on Xbox 360 before we shipped Gears of War and we all know how that turned out."

He continues to say that :

"The only way to silence the uninformed critics is to ship the games and let them play them for themselves. We're continually optimizing our engine on all supported platforms and we will continue to do so for several years into this generation. What we ship on PC and PS3 this fall will be considerably better than the builds we're showing here at Games Convention in every aspect."

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xhi44136d ago

can't wait for this! PS3 Modding/Skinning/Mapping heavenn

Blackfrican4136d ago

I think in unreal, you may move around a tad quicker then in gears. In a faster paced game, a higher frame-rate is required to make it look smooth.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

fanboys will pick up on this, like it's a bad thing that it's 30FPS. When the developer is saying otherwise. Gears of War is 30FPS. No one said anything about gears of war shuttering and slowdown. They just said it was the greatest game known to man. So Why is Madden such a problem at 30FPS?

I'm confused myself, maybe we're just stupid fanboys who don't undertsand sh*t. But in fanboy land this is our definition of frame rates ever since Madden populized it.

30 FPS = sh*t
60 FPS = godly

We need to get educated before this becomes an ugly trend. It would be sad if we don't know what the hell we're talking about and as soon as we hear 30 FPS we assume a game is crap.

Seriously, if Gears of War came out today, it would be crap because it runs at 30 FPS. That's enough to open my eyes on how blind this frame rates situation is getting. For all I know Madden 08 on PS3 was a choppy freezy mess for other reasons not the frame rates.

bababrooks4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

i was of the understanding that all ps3 games would run at 60fps with 1080p...........ken even said,

"Appearing at the Tokyo International Digital Conference on Thursday to talk about the technological capabilities of the PlayStation 3 and the Cell processor, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi said he expects the PS3 to be capable of running games at a stunning 120fps, according to a report in The Nikkei BP."

do you think it will run 120fps?

when buying a ps3 i thought you got a system that ran its games at 60 fps plus 1080p due to comments made by sony eg the hd era starts with the ps3 which runs games at 1080p plus the comment about 120 fps.that was my understanding.

Bathyj4136d ago

So where exactly does he say that all ps3 games would run at 60fps with 1080p?

It doesnt.

Mucudadada4136d ago

Movies run at 24 frames per second so all of them must be awful...

Sayai jin4136d ago

Yup, I personally think a game can look amazing running at 30FPS (Gears of War) and do not have a problem with it. I think the reason people are making a big deal about it is that Sony has been touting about the PS3's Power along with the fanboys saying they have the superior console and things like that.

SlippyMadFrog4136d ago

The big issue is that Madden on Xbox360 has twice the amount of FPS than the PS3 version. 30fps for a game is fine but when the xbox360 can show the same graphics twice as fast, thats when people start making a big deal of it.

WilliamRLBaker4136d ago

@bathy not in that article but others, Back then sony was all about how ps3 would be capable of 1080p all the time. back when 2 hdmi ports we're still on the system. and 120fps was promised pretty much on every thing.

PS360PCROCKS4136d ago

I'm sorry but I have to completely disagree the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS is HUGE in games like Madden. FPS usually doesn't matter unless it's a fast action game. I.E. racing, sports etc. So while 60 is always the nicest form of FPS and 30 is usually just fine, 60 FPS is paramount in fast moving titles.

Bathyj4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

William and bababrooks.

I'm sorry but you're wrong. I hate to go on about this but people keep repeating it because they've heard it, and its not true.

Ken said PS3 was "capable" of running games at 120 fps even though TV's cant display them anyway. For all we know they can, but it wouldn't be a very graphically intense game would it.

Sony have NEVER said ALL games would be 120 fps. Nor have they EVER said ALL games would be 1080p. Thats up to the developer to decide. Its a balancing act between resolution, framerate and detail so Sony cant specify on individual games accept I'd guess 30 fps @ 720p would be the minimum accepted for qualities sake.

Now you know maybe you can help to correct the misconception. ;)

PS, Glad you changed your avatar William, you look less angry.

4136d ago
EZCheez4136d ago

Excellent post. You really put this framerate issue into a context that I think everyone can understand AND identify with.

ErcsYou4135d ago

great comment .. the only time framerate should matter is when your game slows down to 10fps(ps3 fear) besides that..who cares as long as it plays good....

as for all the comments of what Ken( x sony employee) said in 2005..who cares..your tv probably couldnt even 120fps per second..i think(mathwise) modern tvs could only handle about cant refresh that fast...and if it could it might cause you to have seizures

how about this..blast factor...full NATIVE 1080p(not upconverted)..
or how about this...ps3eye,,120fps at 480i

gunnar29064135d ago

I like the point of many ppl ... you have been playing GoW for almost 1 year and all was great. After you were informed that it is only 30 fps it became "slideshow".
30/60 fps difference is only the matter of your imagination. Or schizofrenia.
NTSC TV sets support only 30 frames per sec and PAL ones - 24. All frames above this ration just "dropped". 30 fps is the most you are able to see on TV screen.
The reasonable question is - why they do 60 fps. The answer is pretty simple - when you use LCD monitor instead of TV set. LCD monitors has up to 60-70 Hz refreshment rate, that means they are able to display twice more frames then a TV set.

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ASSASSYN 36o4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

I wonder what the 3-60 version frames per second will be...hmmmmmm. I wonder.

Mucudadada4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Most likely, 30 frames per second to answer the question. And if you read the article you know that that would be the same frame rate as the PS3 and PC one will run...

I envy your fanboyism, sir. It makes you very cool and educated.

thetruthinator4136d ago

I don't think that anyone here can claim themselves to be experts on the subject. And its pretty unlikely that members of the Epic Development team are the ones making these comments.

So why are people guessing the Frames per second on such an involved and technical issue?

well just have to wait and see how the versions turn out.... but if i were a betting man i would say they are either the same framerate, or the 360 is slightly higher.

Phantom_Lee4136d ago

gee...u guys approve this way to fast...I was going to approve due to my slow reading...I cant do that now...

Leogetz4136d ago

How long until it's "LOL PS3 SUXXORZ, 360 WILL HAVE 60FPS" before they read it. It shouldn't take too long

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