IGN's impressed with PS3 Unreal Tournament 3

IGN writes:
"After a few hours tinkering around with Epic's PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3, we have to say we're very impressed. Epic has, at least upon initial examination, done a great job making sure PS3 users get the full Unreal Tournament experience. Not only does it control well with the SIXAXIS, but the game features fully customizable mouse and keyboard support, along with the ability to load in mods. Perhaps most impressive, especially considering the number of PS3 versions of games that run poorly when compared to their counterparts on other platforms, this version's visuals are brilliantly detailed and run, at least as far as we've seen, as a very smooth clip. We have experienced a bit of slowdown on larger Warfare maps with the maximum number of bots loaded in, but it wasn't anything to get worked up about."

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MK_Red3903d ago

Hope sales turn out to be impressive too. Can't wait to get my PS3.

ddldave3903d ago

am i the only one waiting for Mark Rein: "The 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 has been cancelled" ?

MK_Red3903d ago

Why would they cancel that? The code is there and many sites tried and previewed the 360 version. The big problem is mods and Microsoft's tight rules when it comes to mod community.

TheMART3903d ago

nr. 1.2

Yeah you're the only one.

Gears of War sold over 5 million discs in no time. Everyone knows earning big bucks and profit is on the 360 and not on the PS3...

Marceles3903d ago

I have it in my office right now and I'll play it in a couple of hours when I get home. Oh, the torture...

Bathyj3903d ago

Maybe thats why they would cancel UT3 on XB, to get to work on Gears2. If you want to see it this year that is. Epic isn't EA you know. They arent very big at all. Making UT3 on XB (which most Bots will and have been shunning anyway for not getting it first) will delay Gears2. They only have so many hands.

Leg-End3903d ago

And I like you Mk Red because you don't write like a pre-pubescent illiterate chav like most people on here....
Be sure to add me as soon as you get your console.

lawman11083903d ago

You guys all talk a good game on here, lets see people spend some money on games.

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DevilDawg903903d ago

no does it have online splitscreen or not i need to know well im gunna pick it up in like 30 minutes from Gamestop but anyone help me?

MK_Red3903d ago

What do you mean online splitscreen? Isn't split only for offline play?

Kleptic3903d ago

I think he is asking if it supports online split-screen play like in 2 or more local players on one TV, while playing others online...

and that I am not sure the game wife got it for me for christmas today...but I am not allowed to touch it for about 14

harpua3903d ago

all other devs > ea devs