Unreal engine 3 with perfect 10

The guys at PCGH show some Unreal engine 3 powered screenshots (in fact UT3) which might give you a clue why the Epic engine is so widespread these days.

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Jamie Foxx3774d ago

its soo old,you can tell when a game uses it but i guess its better for pc type architecture,doesnt work so well with ps3, but the engines built from the ground up on ps3 are amazing like the mgs4,uncharted and killzone engine bit more work needed granted but the results speak for themselves

pharmd3774d ago

yeah, after looking at them i was not impressed at all.... when UTIII came out on ps3, i definitely liked it but it wasn't breathtaking.... they should have had the UE4 ready by now, they are going to miss out for quite a while until that does come out!

darkequitus3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

...don't concern yourself with any game built on it then. Easy! No one is forcing you to digest it. Your are doing it of your own free will.

STREET x KING3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

u guys do know MIRROR'S EDGE is using the UnrealEngine right?
and look at how that game looks... nothing like Gears or UT3

decapitator3774d ago

What a silly post. This may actual hold some truth to it but the linked sight offers nothing factual.

NintendoWTF3774d ago

The reason UE3 is so popular with 360 developers is it pretty much only good for putting out those silly marketing shots because of its overuse of normal maps everywhere.

UE3 one trick is basically uses normal maps to simulate geometric detail with texture level effects. You take a very high poly mesh and then massively reduce as much detail as you can down onto the flat texture surfaces. So 360 usually end up using very high detail versions of their characters and world in the fake marketing shots that 360 fans go nuts over.

But when it comes to the real game the actual characters and world are massively downgraded to be able to run on the 360 hardware. So you end up with characters that look kind of similar to the fake marketing shots but they all have that blurry low rez feel to them since all that real geometric detail is gone and is just being faked.

Another problem with overly relying on normal maps like UE3 does is all of your character models end up with the same types of shapes - like the 'bald space marine' complaints people are so sick of seeing in UE3 games. When you are faking geometric detail with normal maps you can't really have geometry sticking to far out from the main surfaces - otherwise the outline of the character would be distorted when the high detail polys are baked into the normal maps. So you end up with the same types of broad uniform curvature surfaces.

UE3 is here to stay for the life of the 360. It is the only engine that allows 360 developers and fans to pretend the 360 is in the same graphical league as the PS3.

NintendoWTF3774d ago

"when UTIII came out on ps3, i definitely liked it but it wasn't breathtaking"

That is the problem Epic has with the UE3 based Gears of War 2. They got away with putting out nothing but the fake bullshots for their game because the gaming press really wanted something to get rid of the Xbox 1.5 label.

Now that everyone has seen just how mediocre UE3 actually is in realtime and not marketing shots Gears of War 2 actually ends up looking like a massive downgrade from the bullshots Epic so carefully made sure where all everyone saw of the first game.



You are right about normal mapping and the marketing screenshots vs the arctual games on UE3. So you are about some of the engine limitations that come to limite character design.

But I think you fail on assume this as the reason, the major cause, to all those look a like character design. This has so much more to do with going the cheap way and making what proven franshise has done and what you know will sell cause you see it everyday on TV, movies, internet and all... An this one is more of a cultural thing and has more to do with stereotypes...

Devs are just aiming to what they think will please the average western adolescent male, even if most times, they don't. And should be pretty obvious by now that this cheap way is ruining games, look at Gears Of War, people liked it, but the guys on UT drink on the same steroids even EARLIER and mostly no one cares.

Afterall this entire familiar characters is fruit of the error of devs thinking that some game will sell on America just for its visual. Just like transforming any idea of game in a FPS is lame, just as thinking the good looking woman can salve crap games... We got all those so many times now.

We have games that uses others engines and just have the oversized male on steroids of gears... So we have many games on UE that don't look like any of the UT universe... Better than that, look at mods, you really have much more freedom with the engine than that.

the_RED_SCARE3773d ago

I've never really been a fan of the Unreal engine even on the PC platform. It's too rigid and cookie cutter for me. It doesn't seem organic enough rather very mechanical.

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Premonition3774d ago

I dont really see any maxed out graphics here to tell you the truth, it looks like the same old UT3 graphics to me.

Madgamerze3774d ago

Yeah it's not really anything too special, some of them look really basic and don't even have any AA on =/

StephanieBBB3773d ago

Everyday I thank god that we have SONY's PS3 to keep moving the gaming visuals and technology forward. And with that said im not a fanboy trust me.I just love games and I would do the same with microsoft if they had a better console than the PS3.

eddierivera3774d ago

The characters in the games all look like they are on steroids,and they are just not anatomically correct. The graphics are blocky, and it always seems that you have to put an entire clip in someone to kill them.

mesh13774d ago

oo just like mirrors egde right (using ue3 btw) just like bioshock right wait wait just like mass effect you failed .

chanto233774d ago

Unreal Engine FTL!!!!!!

BaSeBaLlKiD7213774d ago

they're not always bulky... look at rainbow six vegas...

InMyOpinion3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"With Unreal Tournament 3 (pictured) it's possible to squeeze out the maximum graphics out of the unreal engine 3."

There is no article at all, just a bunch of pictures from Unreal Tournament 3. The title should read "Unreal Tournament 3 for PC running on Max Settings".

Who approves this crap? The title is misleading as h3ll.

Thoas3774d ago

Just face it Unreal engine 3 is maxed out on PC and consoles too. LOL Crysis made UTIII and Gears of war on PC look like a Sega Genesis game.

Shroomy3774d ago

When it comes to gameplay, the developers fail badly at it.

Gears never claimed to have invented the cover system, that is just ignorance on your side moron, Gears pretty much perfected it.

BLUR1113774d ago

Crysis sucks it's just great graphic so shut your fanboys ass up Thoas

InMyOpinion3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Unreal Engine 3 might be, but not Unreal Engine 3.5 that's being used in Gears Of War 2.

@Thoas - I guess you won't be picking up Bioshock for the PS3 then?

pwnsause3774d ago

"Unreal Engine 3 might be, but not Unreal Engine 3.5 that's being used in Gears Of War 2."

yea, too bad it uses the similar assets to Uncharted and KZ2.

TheColbertinator3774d ago

Its more about the CRYengine which is the engine of the future.Crysis was average but the graphics just drip of epicness

TheXgamerLive3773d ago

He's changed the title to sound like it's a has been engine now, when in actuality it's just pictures and one sentence stating extreme detail in the UT3 game.

Sad lil PC boy getting upset and then lieing about a picture. I don't get it.

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lil Titan3774d ago

the space shots are pretty cool but nothing to write home about