We do have a release date for UT3 360, says Rein

Epic boss Mark Rein has told videogaming247 that the company does know a release date for Unreal Tournament 3 on Xbox 360, but you're going to have to wait a little longer to get it.

"We do, but I don't think we put it out yet," said Rein when asked if the SKU had a release date. "It's kind of a when it's done thing. We have an idea of when it's coming. We have a big Midway Gamer's Day next week, in fact, in Las Vegas, where Midway's invited a whole bunch of people to come and play the game. I'm sure after that happens you'll see lots of impressions of the game."

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Omegasyde3872d ago

this game won't bring anything new to 360 fans. Epic should just write this off, and put that money to GeoW2.

Rick Astley3872d ago

Maybe for 360 owners it will get old lol. PS3 owners are getting free stuff every single day from

There's over 120 maps for the PS3 version. Tons of mutators, dozens of downloadable character skins and etc. Waste of a 360 port if you ask me.

Snukadaman3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

there can be a million mods but with less then 400K owning this game..there must not be alot of people to play online Im guessing..please shine some light on the subject anyone?

SL1M DADDY3871d ago

Doesn't feel old to me. Free maps, mods, mutators and character skins make this game young every time a new one is released. I love it and it's a game that just keeps getting better with age. Those that gave up on it early should consider picking it up again and downloading al the FREE stuff that you will never see on the MS version... If/when it ever releases.

boodybandit3871d ago

All I need is 15 other people to play with on a Midway PSN server and that's not a problem. I don't let sales of a game determine whether or not I will play it. Besides you can always play bots when things are slow.

What was your point again?

I enjoy UT3 so much that I actually might pick it up on the 360 as well. Some of my friends don't own a PS3 "yet" so I want to be able to flak cannon them to pieces. The game really is a blast to play if your are into old school fast action FPS shooters.

InMyOpinion3871d ago

I thought this article was about the 360 version, at least that's the one my comment refers to.

I'm glad the PS3 version is good, you deserve it. I've played the PC version but I found it too hectic for my taste.

Snukadaman3871d ago

With these comments my point goes way over your head friend..with 400K people owning this game...factor in half of those people dont play online...and if you think about it..too get the full experience of this have to be what i was asking since I posted on the bottom that midway servers were the worst way too play this game...if you got 200K people how many of those people actually play the game without any lag and other problems i was asking.

And about your comment about sales...sales is a big factor in how many people there are too play online with...I have been seeing sales for rainbow six vegas and I might jump on it this weekend.

barom3871d ago

Know that the people who's buying this more than likely are buying it for the online. Knowing that only a small number bought it, it's very much likely that small number knows enough about the game and that it's all about the online.

Even if it's "only" 200k playing online, that is WAY more than enough. SOCOM: CA which has on average about 25k players each day is VERY much alive. And out of the 7-8 millions or wutnot of Halo 3's sold or COD4, only a small fraction play online. Last time I checked on Halo 3, I saw 200k playing. Reality is, that you don't need more than 1k playing online to find the satisfaction of online gaming. Most games only allow up to 16-players remember?

Sales numbers are a moot point when there is more than enough people playing online.

earwax3871d ago

ohhhhhhhhhhh thats right. The developer, who wants to SELL GAMES...NOT BD DVD'S

Stryfeno13871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

1/3 of that 200k was brought by Blockbuster and Gamefly. There only 10 people actualy went out and purchased it. The game is a flop.

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Fishy Fingers3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Will it allow MODs?? If not I see little point even releasing it. MOD's are UT's life blood.

Rick Astley3872d ago

UT without the mods = Just another shooter.

It's not worth it.

Mike Bowden3872d ago

It'll be interesting to know that, yeah.

4cough3872d ago

Strange ppl biggin up UT3 on ps3 because every time I go on its virtually dead.

Fishy Fingers3872d ago

Use the didicated Midway servers, they're always full and always lag free.

Sorry, did i spoil your trolling?

Snukadaman3872d ago

Have you checked the forums...what you said about midway servers being better is a lie...they are probably the worst way too play the game...
and those people posting dont seem too be trolls to me?

Fishy Fingers3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Well done, you can read forums, excellent.

Personally I talk from actual experience, I own the game, I play the game, I produce MODs for the game. I've logged more hours into than most have on CoD4. I know what I'm talking about.

But hey, if you'd rather believe things in forums than try something for yourself then i guess you'll be the one missing out. People complain about everything, even dedicated servers.

InMyOpinion3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )


"But hey, if you'd rather believe things in forums than try something for yourself then i guess you'll be the one missing out."

What makes you more credible that other people who post their opinions in forums/comment sections around the internet?

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gEnKiE3872d ago

Thats funny, I always seem to find a game.....

Shadow Flare3871d ago

Don't waste your time with Cough. It reminds me when some troll laughed at warhawk and said, 'does anyone even play that game?'. How little they know yet how much they miss out

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