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Submitted by GaMr- 3060d ago | podcast

Sony To Get its Own "Gears of War" like I.P. from Epic

Half way through this podcast hosted by they touch base on the Sony & Epic deal. It is stated that Epic and Sony might be working on a PS3 game that deals with the Gears of War universe not necessarily Gears of War 2. The deal that Sony and Epic signed was a multi-part deal, so there could be other things besides the UT3 exclusivity deal. (PS3, Unreal Engine 3 , Unreal Tournament III)

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SilvaSurfa  +   3060d ago
But what the heck. Whats the point of "open forum" if you cant state your opinion. That being said. Fanboys have your way with my bubbles. But you won't you change my beliefs. /End Rant

The problem starts here. Only because under normal circumstances this would be a great thing to non-fanboy or fanatic gamers. But instead its going to be a triple decker backlash sandwich. Only because of two noble statements that were rode into enternity. The first one being.

"PS3 cannot do Gears of war in its current state."

The truth be told this statement was misquoted by fanboys of the Xbox in such a horrible way. In all actuallity all that was being said by epic is. They would have to re write the U.E. Code or optimize it to run on the PS3. They didnt actually mean The PS3 console was incapable of doing Gears of War at all.

Then their is this:

"We pushed the 360 to the limits," Gears of War QA manager Preston Thorne told Siliconera at last night's Hollywood launch party. While obviously an inflammatory remark, there could be some truth to the statement. After all, it was Epic that allegedly convinced Microsoft to bump up Xbox 360's RAM to 512 MB -- and Epic still maintains that 256 MB would not be enough to run Gears in its current state.

EDIT: I am by no means saying PS3 is getting Gears. Im just showing the change of events. How it went from "PS3 cant do gears" to PS3 is getting its own rendition not to mention PS3 is running the Unreal Engine very well. If you add 2 and 2 together you get. PS3 will have a Gears of War like I.P. and it will run smoother than Gears. I dont see how this is an insult to Xbox fans. Its a huge hooray to any gamer. A game that will be similar to Gears but run better. That is awesome. Especially if you own a PS3. Now you have that to look forward to along with KZ2,UT3,Haze 3 other blockbuster shooters.
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Omegasyde  +   3060d ago
great point
Great opinion piece with no clear showing of fanboyism.

You deserve a bubble(s).

I however disagree to a point. As far as Epic saying,"they pushed the 360 to the limit", I find that hard to believe. A counter example would be when Final Fantasy X and GT4 developers said they pushed the ps2 to its limit last generation. That of coarse wasn't true and many better looking games came out later.

The same can for the 360 now, but of coarse there isn't any better looking games than Gears right now. You also have to consider that Gears of way came out in November 06, about a year later from the launch. Factor is that the 360 is only about 2 years old.

Truth be told as well. Many developers have stated that the ease of programming code for the 360 will be also be part of its achilles. Since developers like to save cost(Ex port a PC game over) , they won't go the extra mile and show any graphical differance from the PC. This is where MS will burn themselves, since the developers aren't going the extra mile to take advantage of the 360 hardware. Copy and Paste. Repackage, add achievements, call it a day.

The same goes for 360->PS3 ports at the moment since developers won't bother with the time or learn the architecture of the the ps3.

Epic basically went off the specs of the 360, compared the RAM useage w/ PC and stated they couldn't do much better. The 360 still has a few tricks,(Bioshock) to show what its capable of. I just think Epic wanted to created a "Best game of the ps3", like they did for MS.

If they Manage, they will be the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be.
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Hayabusa 117  +   3059d ago
While I'm not saying you are a fanboy, but your "triple backlash" does sound somewhat biased.

You say people were wrong to say "Gears cannot be done on the PS3 in it's current state". Aand quite rightly so. I had no idea how much detail the PS3 could handle, but after seeing unreal 3, it was pretty obvious that the PS3 could also handle those kind of graphics.

But then, about the comment on "Gears of War pushes the 360 to the limit" you say it could be true. Yet, I think this comment is just as untrue as the other. I remember Tecmo saying DOA 4 pushed the 360 to limit. All devs keep repeating these lines. "This game can only be done on the X console", "this game pushes hardware to limit", e.t.c. And then what happens? It ends up on another console. Another game comes out that looks even better. I believe the PS3 could run Gears. And regardless of whether or not the PS3 is more powerfull than the 360/vise versa, I believe both consoles have alot more to show us than Gears of War.

Thank you for stating your opinion none-the-less.
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JsonHenry  +   3059d ago
I have ONE question - How is it that UT3 is an exclusive? The 360 and the PC both are getting the game. Just the Xbox 360 version is coming about 4-6 months later. (and the devs said the game looks "slightly better" on the 360 so far)

The ONE thing I am giving Sony mad brownie points for though - MODS MODS MODS coming the PS3!! Most people will never use them, but the option being there is massive steps forward for a console. I prefer my 360 so far, but Sony is making some darn good steps forward IMO.
i Shank u  +   3059d ago
@ J Henry
hell yea man, mods are sic, always cool to see what people make. no 360 Mods hurts, add to that the PS3 version lets you use keyboard and mouse, and I know im waiting to get my PS3 for this game. and I like to play on 360 damnit
clownfacemcgee  +   3059d ago
You said Haze 3. Lol, it's the first iteration of the game. But I don't understand the comment. Epic said that Gears was pushing the 360 to it's limits. Then Tecmo says DOA4 was also doing the same thing according to Hayabusa 117. But PS3 devs are saying the opposite. Evolution (who made Motorstorm) claimed they are using 10% if I recall. Naughty Dog (who are making Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) said the game will use 40%-50% of the PS3's power by the time they're done with it.

I don't know if there's any truth to these statements, but it's interesting to see the different ways devs react to the systems. Some say they're just touching it, to hype the system. Others say they're pushing it to the limits to hype the game. I would think hyping the game would be more to their advantage, but I don't know. Mybe, if you need people to buy the system (i.e. PS3) you might want to hype the system. I just think this shows how they're all full of 5hit.
risk  +   3059d ago
pushing the system id different ways maybe. i havent played doa4 or gears but maybe they are different ways of pushing it doa4 is a fighting game and maybe they were pushing high detail textures with a huge level with independant physics, and gears pushed it in the gameplay with textures but didnt have too many players on screen at once, and not too much of a view to see i dunno i never played both games but thats the only thing i can think of.
Raptors  +   3059d ago
Excellent comments. Bubble for you...
sony fan  +   3059d ago
"WE DON't BUY EXCLUSIVES" Then they jump all over Epics nuts to get UT3 to be. Then they bust out their wallet for a gears wannabe exclusive. Who can still have confidence in sony after all the crap they feed people? And they are not only paying for an exclusive and copying MS but they are also admitting how the PS3 does not have any games that come close to what the xbox has. Can us sony fans be any more pathetic?
zantetsuken  +   3059d ago
1 thing
Mark Rein said UT3 was running better on PS3, than Gears was running on 360.
Silvanos  +   3059d ago
"WE DON't BUY EXCLUSIVES" Then they jump all over Epics nuts to get UT3 to be. Then they bust out their wallet for a gears wannabe exclusive. Who can still have confidence in sony after all the crap they feed people? And they are not only paying for an exclusive and copying MS but they are also admitting how the PS3 does not have any games that come close to what the xbox has. Can us sony fans be any more pathetic?"

You sound like you need a hug.
risk  +   3059d ago
nobody hugs smelly people...dont you know? ;p
SuperSaiyan4  +   3060d ago
Won't happen
Gears of War and all that is affliated with Gears of War is under licence with EPIC and Microsoft Games Studios, its like allowing HALO wars to come to the PS3 its HALO - a registered name and or trademark of Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios.

There cannot and will not be ANY Gears Of War affliated game unless they change the name completely or something.

EDIT: Hey silvasurfa EPIC never said Gears of war was pushing the 360 to its limits, Cliffy B actually said they had only touched the surface of what the 360 can do in an interview just after its release.

What they did say was how they were using all 3 cores and all 6 threads in the 360 so making full use of the power available in what they can do at the time.

Some people need to READ better.
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SilvaSurfa  +   3060d ago
"We pushed the 360 to the limits," Gears of War QA manager Preston Thorne told Siliconera at last night's Hollywood launch party. While obviously an inflammatory remark, there could be some truth to the statement. After all, it was Epic that allegedly convinced Microsoft to bump up Xbox 360's RAM to 512 MB -- and Epic still maintains that 256 MB would not be enough to run Gears in its current state.

You cant make that up.
Devilbringer  +   3060d ago
ehm.. Just give me a sec..
xbox360migs  +   3060d ago
thought i'd throw this into the fire
OXM magazine recentley played UT3 on the 360 using the enhanced unreal engine since GOW a year ago and this is what they had to say...

"The play test kicked off inside (and out) a giant wheel-shaped space station. What struck us like a bolt of lightening seeking out a hairdryer was that the already staggering Unreal Engine 3 - so impressive in Gears of War - had been tweaked to even greater levels of visual excellent and performance."

Is it not possible for improvement after a year has passed or are we going to dwell on year old quotes and flame.
tonsoffun  +   3060d ago
I was under the impression that MS held the liscence for the first two gears of war games, but not the gears of war universe - so theoretically, they could release a gears type game set in that universe, as long as it does not include any of the main characters from gears.
Cook1eMan  +   3059d ago
I for one agree that this is not likely at all to happen. Why in the hell would microsoft let their newest biggest franchise slip from the hands.(My opinion, from whats been shown halo is done) I'm really confident and saying that microsft will open up their wallets and give epic what they want to keep the game exclusive.
techie  +   3060d ago
CrazzyMan  +   3060d ago

p.s. anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)
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Hayabusa 117  +   3059d ago
Because they're gamers as well.

@ shank

I agree with you. I hope it pushes Microsoft to be alot more open about extra content.
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i Shank u  +   3059d ago
Dont act all crazy. man. ^like what he^ said , we're all gamers.

I could careless if Gears goes to Ps3 and all I play is 360. Honestly I kind of hope Epic f*cks them over because how they treat epic over releasing content and $hite.
techie  +   3059d ago
Some of you people are very strange. Agreeing and disagreeing with my confused face. Read into it much, non?
nomad117  +   3060d ago
dude he never said gears
just a game like gears you know a killer app don't be so stupid stupid
incubus5187  +   3056d ago
i totally agree with you a gears of war title for ps3 will be awesome
Bloodmask  +   3060d ago
Hey SilvaSurfa
If you state Gears of War pushed the Xbox360 to its limits how come he said this in his interview................

Cliffy B declares in an interview that:

"I think we've only scratched the surface of what we can do with the 360. There's far more potential down the road to do more stuff. As amazing as I think Gears is, I think we'll definitely push it much further"
----------------------------- --
I don't think you should bash N4G and say you will take your opinion elseware. When you are the one being the fanboy.
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SilvaSurfa  +   3060d ago
"If you state Cliffy B said Gears of War maxes out 360s power and PS3 is limitless how come he said this in his interview................&quot...
I never said that. You did. Read what I said before mis quoting me. And if you want to know where I got it from then read my response to super saiyan 4. Thanks
Bloodmask  +   3060d ago
Actually you said this.
Then their is the "Gears of War pushed the Xbox360 to its limits". Now this one is really going to hurt Xbox fanboys because. If this game pushed the Xbox to its limits last year and PS3 is running the same engine this game was built on but better. Then what does that say about PS3?

Don't lie

I'm happy that Epic is going to release a new IP for PS3 but you just turned this into a bashing session. Grow up.
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drtysouf21  +   3059d ago
Bloodmask is a HYPOCRITE take look at this........

and now ladies and gentlemen take a look at this

see how he changed his also

He called me desperate, truly sad and pathetic yet look at
what he was doing himself. Don't let him fool you he is
the biggest anti Sony person on this site just look at his old
comments all his submitted stories and all the sony hating articles
he posts that end up in the failed section. Here's a funny one
he tried to post

if you notice those screen shots they say press L2 on one of them
which clearly lets you know they are PS3 shots taken from the PS3 section of IGN.
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MikeGdaGod  +   3059d ago
good find, i especially like the last link

u nailed his @ss
TheMART-sucksdick  +   3059d ago
Good stuff
Now everybody calm down!!! I'm betting 300 comments.

Anyone else?
unbiased  +   3060d ago
maybe they can push 360 a bit more and maybe they can't
One thing is for sure and thats PS3 has a long way too go before its "Maxed out"

boi  +   3060d ago

anyways whats this about Gears?!?!?! they making a game like Gears not Gears so stop the arguing...its like any artical with Gears in it fanboys start a big war lol

its a new IP nothing to do with Gears but GEARS LIKE IP meaning 3rd person most properly but nothing to do with GEARS! ...thats it easy to understand!
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jay3  +   3060d ago
Dude, that first reply post.

unbiased  +   3060d ago
they could be dirty
and call is Gears of battle. and copy almost everything so there not breaking contract with Microsoft.

I know its a dumb idea for the name, just trying to make a point
Daz  +   3060d ago
Fanboys never stop fighting. we dont know what both systems are able to do because someone said this is taking for aadvantage of the power of 360/ps3 dont mean its true.

Just be happy that the ps3 getting a new ip from epic whats this got to do with microsoft?
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kingboy  +   3060d ago
pushing limits debate?

Shack: What are your thoughts on AGEIA's PPU hardware? Any thoughts about how that's going to take off?

Mark Rein: One thing AGEIA's done that's really smart is that--well, if you've seen our PS3 demo, and this is really version .1, really not a finished performance at all, but we've got some really great cool physics things going on PS3. They've done a really good job of optimizing their library to work well with the SPUs in the Cell processor, which means we're going to be able to get a lot of physics performance out of PlayStation 3. Also on Xbox 360 to some extent, but definitely on PS3 we're going to be able to get a lot of physics capabilities out of that. Which means that, to bring [games using those methods] to a PC, you're probably going to need the hardware. Or you could maybe scale it up even further on the PC, I believe, with their hardware. I think that bodes really well for them if developers go nuts and do really cool physics on PlayStation 3, then if people want to play it to that level on PC, they'll buy the card.
X_GAMER_X  +   3060d ago
To all of you who think that Gears og war pushd 360 to the limit
Gears of War "Just Scratched the Surface" of Xbox 360 Potential
Cliffy B declares in an interview that "I think we've only scratched the surface of what we can do with the 360. There's far more potential down the road to do more stuff. As amazing as I think Gears is, I think we'll definitely push it much
Daz  +   3060d ago
I thought this fred is about a new ip for the ps3 it dont seem like it.
#12 (Edited 3060d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ghoul  +   3060d ago
AFAIK Gears of war is a EPIC I.P. not Microsoft.
Not that i care but i tought the rights about the I.P. are on the side of Epic not Microsoft.
#13 (Edited 3060d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
rosko486  +   3060d ago
Man, everytime I hear the name Cliffy B, I cringe. Such a childish name.
timmyp53  +   3060d ago
what about timmy p?
lol .. hmm epic is a good developer i wonder what we'll get?(if true)
GaMr-  +   3060d ago
WOW.... M$ fanboys are dropping like flies....
Well let me help out.

*runs in phonebooth, runs back out as SuperXboxfanboy*

Well to all you Sony fanboys/girls out their. Your getting a spin off and your going to suck it up. But when Kojima-San was offering a spin off the metal Gear universe you guys bashed and laughed at us. So you know what this is the same thing. Spin off is a spin off... How's that for a news spin.

*Removes Xboxfanboy outfit*

Ok guys im back. Well I hope that will help give make this thread a little more equal. I wasnt trying to add fuel to the fire. But the Xbox guys are getting it handed to them on a silver platter. So use my little comment as some ammunition. It will make you feel better about your console in seconds. lol

Have a good day all. And stop the fighting. Its sunday for crying out loud (im in the states)
Robotz Rule  +   3060d ago
It's time for your chill pills XBOTS!
caboman  +   3060d ago
good :P
killercam19  +   3060d ago
hey maybe
cliffy b was saying that they pushed it as far as the could last year that doesnt mean they maxed out the console...........and i hope MS sues them if they do a game like that which deals with the gears universe
Violater  +   3060d ago
First of all
It is far more likely that Gears lies within the Unreal Universe.
So don't try throwing around the legal hammer just yet.

As far as Gears goes, thats a pretty damn impressive looking game no one can dispute that.
It's hard to really say if the PS3 can have a game looking like Gears unless you put Gears itself on the PS3( with the same colors lighting etc so you can compare apples to apples) , a spin off just might take care of that. Or we can look at games like Unchartered that arguably looks just as good and certainly does so much more.

It will be interesting indeed to see how this one turns out.
#18.1 (Edited 3060d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
CrazzyMan  +   3060d ago
More Good games on PS3? - GREAT! =)
very soon ps3 will be a must have to every gamer. :)

of course sony haters may disagree.. it`s hard to fight with ilness...
#19 (Edited 3060d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kornbeaner  +   3060d ago
I'm not really sure if the PS3 needs a Gears like I.P.

Epic is already doing UT3 and that looks awesome. Killzone 2 is coming and that looks great as well.

not to mention we also have Drakes fortune coming to the PS3 and while not in the same environment as GEARS it does share a lot of the mechanics seen in GEARS. I'd rather Epic give the PS3 something more original then a Gears spin-off.

If they want to give us the real thing then am all for it, but not in much mood for a spin-off.


If your gonna disagree with someone at least have the balls to let that person know why, sackless losers.
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mcintosh233  +   3060d ago
I think epic is pissed with M$ at the moment because epic wanted to update GOW like they do with Unreal T games but M$ made them charge and didn't give them enough freedom.

I think this and the xbox unreal T situation is a power play by epic basically telling M$ they are not the boss, and epic will make games the epic way

They had big arguements about pricing on dlc in spring

I like it how epic are sticking up for themselves and not bowing to the pressure

EDIT: how have i lost a bubble, i'm not slagging anyone only saying it as i see it
#21 (Edited 3060d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SofaKingReetodded  +   3060d ago
you actually have a very valid point
and it's similiar to what I've been saying, EPIC are PC gamers thru and thru. I know, I have been playing their games for over ten years.

PC gaming means, FREE MAPS, FREE MODS, FREE ONLINE just to name three of the most important reasons why the Microsoft/Epic might be souring a little bit. Microsoft wants to leash them into a one trick pony for the 360 and EPIC is not having that. They value their independence and love to push the technological envelope.

Let's put it this way, Killzone 2's showin at E3 was more about selling DEVELOPERS on the PS3 than it was to sell the general public on it. The public doesn't make games, DEVELOPERS do, and Sony knows this.

Cliff took one look at the KZ2 demo and did his best ghetto "awwww helllll no", we can do just as good on the PS3"

This actually excites me as we will get some really wild stuff on the PS3 thanks to these guys.
BoneMagnus  +   3060d ago
This is exciting...
I own a 360, and love Gears...

I will be getting a PS3 eventually; I'm itching to get one, and I'm glad to see the competition regarding FPS games. Look how MS has stepped up their game this gen with RPGs - and how Sony has stepped up their game with FPS this gen.

I get excited when I see a must-play game on a system I do not yet own.
It means that the hobby I love is doing well, and that competition is strong and the other company has to respond. Besides, I know I will play all the great games eventually...its all about patience and enjoying what you have right now.
Cartesian3D  +   3060d ago
good job EPIC...
hope to see its name and genre as soon as possible..

it will be a shooter for sure, and hope it will be as good as Gears in term of gameplay and so much better in term of graphics.. GEARS was so HUGE and unique..

and EPIC want to attract ps fans too.. one of the bes devs ever..

good luck epic
SofaKingReetodded  +   3060d ago
you would get "gears" without online glitching, drops in framerate and a much more expansive battlefield via way bigger maps than the 360 can run.
Not to mention you would actually fight a REAL LOCUST army and not just a five man pick-up team like on the 3FIXME.

A Gears like game that squooshes it's predecessor would be a nail in the coffin of the 360.
Hayabusa 117  +   3059d ago
@SofaKingReetodded -
I know Gears of War is glitchy online, but when does the framerate ever fall?

EDIT: no, that's lag. On his side of the globe, he's shot your head off. On your side, the information hasn't reached your XBox yet,so you're still aiming and shooting. Then, it catches up, and it goes straight to the your death. Oblivion is an example of a game that has framerate drop problems. (especially if you use the copy glitch too much)
#23.2 (Edited 3059d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SofaKingReetodded  +   3059d ago
you're mistaking LAG for framerate drops
while Gears doesn't LAG most of the time, it has plenty of framerate drops online, ever play chicken with an opponent as you both get ready to shoot at each other and next thing you know it jumps to an animation of your head popping like a balloon? that my friend is a framerate drop or EVEN WORSE YET a big sign of the 360's inability to run enhanced animations.
jaaz  +   3060d ago
I'm not sure why so many Xbox fans think this can not happen. Like it or not, Sony and Epic have all of a sudden become partners in a very significant deal. Phil Harrison mentioned it was a "multi-part deal" yet he mentioned only one 2 parts of that deal--1) UT3 a time exclusive on consoles (PS3) and 2) the optimazation of the Unreal engine on PS3 through cooperation between Sony and Epic.

Is it really that hard to believe after that shocking announcement, that a third part of that deal is that Sony and Epic are working on an exclusive title set in the GEARS universe, which has already shown to be successful? Despite what some may WANT to believe, M$ does NOT own GEARS and all of its IP rights. It was an exclusivity deal, the exact details of no one but M$ and Epic knows.
Ghoul  +   3059d ago
Not suddenly mate.

The originall ut3 techdemo to be ever released to public was a ps3 demonstration. so its no supprise to me that ut3 runs that good on a ps3 right now, btw anyone wanna buy my 360 ???
mightydog01  +   3059d ago
ivant  +   3060d ago
Forget Gears of War. Epic should aim for a Halo rival or killer
If they are going to do a shooter, they could easily do a better version of Gears of War will the all the experience they have. But there are so many shooters of the Gears, COD, Haze type.
why not aim for the top? That will send the shivers down Microsofts back for messing wtih the wrong developer.
SimmoUK  +   3060d ago
Well done Sony they've got in with Epic and now there getting all the love, UT3 exclusive until who knows when the developer didn't even seem interested when it was coming to 360 in the interview PLUS there getting a game published by them which meens no love for 360 for a while because there working with PS3 and Sony Microsoft will have to wait a while now...

Good news Epic has alot of influence in the industry today :)
ElementX  +   3060d ago
Awesome, another Epic game for me to enjoy. GoW was awesome, I can't wait to see what they come out with this time for my PS3!
Ggame  +   3060d ago
I already known that why Reeve confident in his state. (PS3 will win by March 2008)
Says you  +   3060d ago
Cliffy B is just speculating he doesnt even know if he did
Scratch the surface of the XBox 360 which by the way does look like that Epic did scratch half of it away I mean come on how can they not scratch the surface of the XBox 360 considering every XBox 360 fans keeps bragging how excellent Gears of War is you would have to be nuts if you think that Epic did not scratch even some which they did!.
#29 (Edited 3059d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
killercam19  +   3060d ago
U c thats the thing
I cant even call myself a fanboy for the 360 cus i am buying a ps3 this Christmas i can just honestly say that i prefer 360 at the moment
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