Unreal Tournament 3 - Xbox 360 Hands-On

Gameplayer has tested out the X360 version of Unreal Tournament III, which suggests it is not that far behind the PS3 game as some thought. They've detailed their thoughts in this in-depth article.

"Time to get bloody. Ushering us into a room laden with linked Xbox 360s, Morris and Polge invite us to sit and take part in some serious multiplayer action. We happily oblige."

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Kleptic4054d ago

yeah what is this?...the original article didn't say anything about it being a 360 version hands-on...and was word for word identical to this...

so they were physically playing a 360 version in both articles?...pretty confusing preview imo...

IdontTakeSides4055d ago

so when is this coming out again..?

what..? PS3 gets it first and is the superior version...kk im sold..!!

the worst4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

ps3 version will be the best
360 version will have alot of lag
its is a horror show when 2 many different
thing are going on at the same time
sh!t just about freezes up
i cant believe people are paying
for that service

Honeal2g4055d ago

like ...idk user created content ..but LAG? cmon be honest with your inner Fanboy if the 360 version lagged that would suggest no online mode for ps3 live is far superior to psn but yea still ps3 version will be better by default

IdontTakeSides4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Xbox Live may have more features..but that doesn't make it PSN....we have dedicated servers for our games..something Live doesn't have..have you ever seen a 40 player online lag free game on live...wait can it even manage 40 players..??

LIVE = Laggy online play....

TheSadTruth4054d ago

so much bias.. Xbox Live is far better than PSN.. but anyways, the PS3 version will definitely be better simply because of mods and Keyboard mouse support.. but this game is only meant to be played on the PC anyways, it's too fast paced for console gamers

VaNdAl4054d ago

Mike Capps UT3 Interview via TeamXBox

VaNdAl4054d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3)

sak5004054d ago

"we have dedicated servers for our games..something Live doesn't have"

So you have 4 games out, whereas 360 has 200 games. We'll see when your console reaches that number and how many servers are dedicated to all these games. Been playing cod3, halo3 and other games online and hv experienced lag maybe 5% of the time

Wii60PS3DSPSP4054d ago

Just name yourself to ITakeSonysSide already. Your not fooling anyone with that name.

maggotmx4054d ago

someone tell me how exactly is Live better than PSN??? keep in mind that in dont give a s*** bout buying crap online, im only talking bout playing MP..

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Xbox is the BEST4055d ago

Best console version is on the 360
Jump In

LeonSKennedy4Life4055d ago

If you're an idiot...

EPIC has already said the PS3 has the best version. Don't be foolish!

Xbox is the BEST4055d ago

find a friend with the 360 version of the game when it comes out and put it to the test. Do you really want Epic to tell you the truth??? If they did you would not be buying it if you were planning to. Why did it get delayed???? Keep thinking that you Playing Beyond. Have fun with those no color, low res, low texture exclusive games that you are brainwashed into thinking that you really playing beyond.

Mario184055d ago

Jump out, and PLAY B3YOND

Ri0tSquad4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

360 wont have mods or keyboard support. EPIC wasn't lying PS3 is the better console version. Who knows they could even add cross platform in the future if they felt like it.

@ Kigmal
The PC isn't a console genius.

Bnet3434055d ago

PC version is best, everyone knows this

MasterChief28294055d ago

Leon, you are a dumbass. The PS3 version is not the best, the 360 version is not the best. The PC version IS the best.

Bnet3434055d ago

I'm not dumb, I know that, still doesn't mean PC version isn't best. fight for seconds noobs, ill be fraggin fools on PC, where UT is best.

Ares844054d ago

Dude: East Side is da best!!
Ali G: West Side is da best!!!
Dude: East side is da best!!!!
Ali G: West side is da best!!!!!

Pointless argument!! Epica already said wich is the best....why aregue??

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power of Green 4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Oh well this guy's a Sony fan.

He needs to stay off the sticky icky.

jackdoe4055d ago

Interesting. Must be the first time that UT 3 was shown for the 360. Not coming out until midway through next year though.

WilliamRLBaker4055d ago

a more complete version (then the ps3) was shown and played by OXM back in july.

xbox360migs4054d ago

I don't know why you have so many disagrees because I read that preview myself and the game was well on the way to being ready back then ( july issue) before any mention of this delay. people should not disagree just for the sake of it, Grow up!