Six Games That Show the PS3 is an FPS Powerhouse

Console shooters once were the key to the Xbox's success, but Sony has struck back with a number of high-quality titles.

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Bill Gates3693d ago

The PS3 is a power house, but don't worry BABOONS you monkeys still have the power shack...AHAHAHHAHHA

360_Rules3693d ago

Resistance didn't do so good against Gears now did it! :D

Shaka2K63693d ago

Resistance,cod4 (best on PS3) and UT3 destroy any shooter on the x360 ever.

And now we got Haze,Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 for 2008,
the xbug 3rd60 cant even compete againts PS3 on what the are best at playing shooters lmao.

Kaz Hirai3693d ago

Those Xbot PIGS do not deserve to touch my marvellous console!!!
No Xbot PIGS allowed!! MWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!!

PeeboDaKilla3693d ago

are you guys for real?

Lagbox plzfixme3693d ago


resistance1003693d ago

'Another exciting shooter that Sony was able to pick up timed exclusivity for,'

They don't even know that its a full exclusive?

Mr Tretton3693d ago

it's not a full exclusive.

Fat Bastard3693d ago

Dude, it is too a full exclusive. There was a rumor that it would go to 360 but when the devs announced one of the delays, they also said that it would be a complete PS3 exclusive.

InMyOpinion3693d ago

How can they show anything when 3 out of the 5 FPS's mentioned in the article aren't even released yet? The games do look good but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

cain1413693d ago

They may not be out yet, but one can reasonably predict that sequels will sell at least around the same as the predecessor.

It still is a good showing of games that are coming. I still haven't purchased my PS3, but these games make me want to even more.

TheExecutive3693d ago

i agree, we shouldnt get ahead of ourselves but I can almost guarantee (with as much certainty as I have ever had about a sequel) that R2 will kick some major a$$. I could be totally wrong, but I highly doubt it.

Killzone 2 isnt just a game for sony; its an experiment. They really do have A TON of resources pouring into this game. Insomniac and many other studios have been noted as pitching in effort for this game. It seems as though they are really trying to figure out what their hardware can and cannot do. So, from Sony's perspective, if Killzone2 flops they will still get quite a bit out of it. I will bet anyone that many tools that are being used in Killzone2 will be distributed among the various 1st party studios of Sony.

From a gamers perspective, if Killzone2 flops I am gonna be really pissed.

On to Haze. This game is either going to make it or it isnt. Its either going to be a 'good' game (as in NOT great) or its going to be an average fps with a different twist. My vote is on the latter. Its going to be another Turok (but look much better).

Honeal2g3693d ago

i think they need to make a fps controller.... a controller designed for fps cause the analog sticks arent design for that. are there any 3rd person controllers that? never thought about it

jackdoe3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Many of the techniques generated by Guerilla for KZ2 have already reared their heads in PS3 development. Uncharted had great self-shadowing, a product of Guerilla R&D. KZ2 will at least be a technical showcase for what the PS3 can do. As for Haze, I have virtually no anticipation for the game. None of the showings have impressed me. You are right about Resistance 2 though. It will kick major ass. KZ2 is a big unknown. The original KZ and Shellshock Nam were not exactly gems. KZ Liberation was pretty good so there is hope for KZ2 yet.
@Honeal2g: I have no issues with the PS3 controller and FPSs. I managed to play CoD 4 on the PS3 and 360 without having to adjust to either controller. It just plays that well on both pads.

TheExecutive3693d ago


I didnt know that Uncharted had some of GG R&D. Thats good news and even strengthens my point about it being more than just a game.

As for the pad... I would like them to switch the D-pad with the left analog stick. I think that would be a definite step in the right direction.

jackdoe3693d ago

@Executive: Forgot to mention. The 360 pad does work on the PS3. The PS3 recognizes it as a controller for some games. The joys of having a USB controller port.

gonzopia3693d ago

I like the PS3 controller much better than the 360 controller for one major reason - the symmetry. I find the offset analog sticks more difficult to use (in FPS games).

dragunrising3693d ago

Kontrolfreek is making a fps add on for 360 controllers. ( Perhaps they will make a peripheral for PS3 controllers as well. I think there was something about kontrolfreek in news a couple of days ago... :-p

HeartlesskizZ3693d ago

If you think the PS3 sixaxis is not for FPS at all then why not jump in for a game in COD4 so I can prove you wrong....

BloodySinner3693d ago

Why don't you disable the aim assist and say that again?

sonarus3693d ago

honestly speakin the ps3 controller is fine. The difference between the two controllers in an fps is simply too small granted the 360 controller may be tighter but playing against someone who is accustomed to the ps3 controller if you believe you can beat him because you have a 360 controller as advantage you are simply fooling yourself. The bottom line is ps3 has great shooters and maybe it would play better on 360 controller, however the greatness of the game easily overshadows the minimal advantage the 360 controller has

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Relin3693d ago

If Halo hadn't become so ridiculously successful, it's possible that the industry wouldn't have started exploring the genre as much as it has. I guess Halo is good for something ;)

RecSpec3693d ago

Then again if Medal of Honor hadn't been so successful we wouldn't be swimming in WWII titles either.

rofldings3693d ago

Halo? There have been "ridiculously successful" FPSs before Halo, and most were A LOT better.

Relin3693d ago

Yeah, I'm certainly not saying that everything in the FPS genre is great, but Halo was one of the first console FPSs to prove how viable the genre is for non-PC gamers. I've never really been enamored of the series, but it's hard to deny the vast impact it's made on the course of the industry.

Relin3693d ago

Sure, some shooters have been popular, but Halo's popularity extends well beyond any others. Why is that, when its not that good of a game? I dunno, I've never bought a Halo game and probably never will, but it's a reality the industry is dealing with.

beavis4play3693d ago

DOOM showed the industry how much popularity the FPS has- not halo.

Kleptic3693d ago

It seems everyone is missing the point with halo...

Halo was one of the first extremely successful console first person shooters...While Goldeneye was also a huge commercial success, it had control qualities that counldn't be easily replicated...

the Halo 'epiphany' is what started all of what console shooters play like now...and it also did little things to make it the change in pace, the not 'switching' to a grenade to throw it, the melee attacks...Halo started a trend that made devs realize that the console market has tons of room for shooters...the basic control scheme is easily shared across both consoles right now, but the pacing can be all over the UT3 w/ a controller compared to Halo 3...its like night and day in terms of speed...but they both work fine...

if Halo was the first fps you ever probably hold it very closely at the top of your favorite game lists...but it is very true that the franchise would have most likely been washed away had it been a PC only game...while I am glad some of the stuff stuck in the genre, I definitely feel the franchise is entirely overrated...

Skizelli3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Halo's one of those games that kept its mechanics simple: guns, grenades and melee. And by doing so, it made for some fun gameplay. A lot of FPS incorporate those latter two mechanics into their games, but how many totally rely on them, let alone make it work? In Halo, grenades and melee are just as important and effective as guns. I always say that if you weren't around during Halo 1, enjoying the game with a group of friends over linked Xbox's before the days of Halo via Xbox Live, then you just won't understand Halo. It's that simple. Halo has never tried to be the "best" in terms of innovative gameplay, but Bungie did a great job at keeping the multiplayer fun, which is what games should be all about. Why bother hating on a game that you don't find fun? Others obviously do, hence its success. If anything, you should be happy that there are such games. I'm sure everyone has their own "Halo" of sorts.

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