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The PS4 GPU is only around 1.84TFLOP/s so if you do the Calculation of clock speed, unified shaders and cycles you'll get the TFLOP/s

800 MHz x 1156 Cores x 2 Cycles = 1,849,600MFLOP/s or 1,849GFLOP/s or 1.84TFLOP/s

The PS4 at best will compete with a HD 7870 GHz Edition and is no where near the RAW capabilities of a HD 7950 or 7970

HD 7950 = 925 MHz x 1792 Cores x 2 Cycles = 3.31TFLOP/s
HD 7970 = 1050 MHz x 2048 Cores x 2 Cycles ...

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There is 27 GPUs out or will be out before the PS4 and NXB will be released. These 27 GPUs are more powerful than the GPUs in the new consoles. Not to mention HD 8000 and GeForce 700 series will be out by then.

These GPUs below can play beyond 1080p above 60fps, even 3840 by 2160 at 30fps. More than what can be said of PS4 (PS4 BF4 720p at 60fps)

AMD Radeon
HD 7950
HD 7970
HD 7970 GHz Edition CFX
HD 7990 (3rd...

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GPUs more powerful than that in the PS4

AMD Radeon
HD 6970
HD 6990
HD 7870 GHz Edition
HD 7870 XT
HD 7950
HD 7970
HD 7970 GHz Edition
HD 7990 (3rd party dual HD 7970)
HD Malta
HD 7970M
HD 8870 (OEM)
HD 8950 (OEM)
HD 8970 (OEM)

Nvidia GeForce
GTX 480
GTX 570
GTX 580
GTX 590

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I agree with born2expire

"Look at it this way, AMD needed the consoles, Nvidia did not. AMD was on shakey ground and experts where giving them a 50/50 chance if they survive 2013, where as Nvidia was in fine shape."

Truth is Intel is destroying AMD on the CPU side with only 1 in 4 CPUs being sold are AMD, on top of that AMD chips cost more to make since they have large die size meaning more materials, worst part is they sell them more competitively ...

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Refer to my previous comments

Well I was not gonna comment but there is just so much crap its insane.

AMD manufacture CPUs, they acquired ATi and subsequently re-branded them AMD. realising that on CPU power and performance they have been falling behind Intel since Core 2 series they went for the better bang for buck option.

AMD having ATi on side accelerated their APU project. AMD then announced the Fusion project in 2006 which is all about APUs Accelerated Processing Units.
An A...

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Yeah but the difference is Cliffy

EA pull servers
Have crappy limited Beta
Charge $60 for everything
Charge heavily for DLC
Remove services what you could of put money in
Crappy micro-transactions (for stuff unobtainable any other way)

Valve still have servers for games over a decade old
Have extensive on going beta for games already out (patch betas)
Price their games fairly
Usually release DLC ...

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“supercharged PC architecture” and an “enhanced PC GPU,” all I could think to myself was how people who don’t understand PC tech will be dazzled by these big words.

My thoughts exactly

PS4 CPU is barely an upgrade from a mainstream CPU
PS4 GPU is just tittering in the bottom end of highend
Best part in 8GB GDDR5

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This article is full of....

Seriously does this guy even know anything about PCs you can't get GDDR5 for motherboards, it doesn't exist.
Sure the PS4 is good but to compare it to a High End PC from 2011 would be idiotic nevermind the latest and greatest PC hardware.

PS4 Spec
CPU = AMD APU Jaguar 8 Cores @ 1.6GHz
GPU = AMD Radeon HD 1.84 TFLOP/s
RAM = 8GB of GDDR5 with a Bandwidth of 176GB/s

Best PC avai...

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My comment is #40 2nd Page

Although it is correct devs can get more out of a closed environment we're not gonna see 4K gaming on PS4 or Xbox Loop

4K is only for the Likes of HD 7990, GTX 690, GTX Titan and beyond so basically $1000 GPUs at the moment.

PS4 looks like it will have a Southern I...

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AMD APU Jaguar 8 cores (1.6GHz is what we've been hearing)
The GPU element according of AMD Jaguar is Southern Island and around 2TFLOP/s we're looking at Radeon HD 7850

So to draw comparison

Wii U
IBM Espresso Tri-Core 1.2GHz
AMD Latte GPU 320 Unified Shaders/ 16 TMUs/ 8 ROPs
2GB DDR3 RAM (1GB reserved for system (Bandwidth 12.8GB/s)

AMD Octo-Core 1.6GHz (rumoured)
AMD Radeon HD 102...

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Why do that, by your logic "I can't afford a GTX 480 so I'll wait several years so I can"

In 18 Months a GTX 580 will come out and the GTX 570 will be equal in performance and cheaper to a GTX 480

In 36 Months a GTX 680 will come out and the GTX 660 will be superior in performance and cost way less than a GTX 480

So I could get a GTX 480 now for $699 or wait 36 months a get a GTX 480 for $299

How about just ...

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PC > PS4

This is true

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Core speed is 550MHz

320 Unified Shaders
16 Texture Mapping Units
8 Render Output Units

So assuming these spec are correct

At 550MHz with 16 TMU (Texture Mapping Units) we're only looking at 8.8 Giga Texel/s
At 550MHz with 8 ROPs (Render Output Units) we're only looking at 4.4 Giga Pixel/s

Yeah its not looking good at all

HD 7970

Core speed is 1GHz (on the GHz ...

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Usually a clean install is recommend when switching Mobo
Switching CPU not an issue but Mobo would require different drivers, could cause more issues.

GPU can switch them out like HDD and driver uninstall/reinstiall without problems

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Pipe dream

CPU can't be a Bulldozer, they are power hungry 125Watt and not great in terms of performance. AMD APU is more likely to be the CPU or another custom IBM chip.

Overall memory probably will be 4GB with Dev Kits at 8GB, They'd be stupid to do split memory architecture again.

The GPU will most likely be AMD, but AMD R10xx doesn't exist AMD stop using Rxxx chip series branding at R700 so I'm assuming they are talking ab...

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Sorry but both of you don't seem to understand

3 Mbps = 0.375 MB/s
15 Mbps = 1.875 MB/s
100 Mbps = 12.5 MB/s

I use to have virgin Media in the UK with their 50Mbps package at best we had 47Mbps average

50 Mbps = 6.25 MB/s
47 Mbps = 5.875 MB/s

There is 8 bits to 1 Byte so when you see "bps" you have to divide it by 8 to get "B/s"

Kma2k I would recommend you ...

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Article just completely flawed from point one

Xbox 360 GPU "Xenos" has 48 Unified Shaders and is not based on X1800 XL (that GPU has pipelines) so the article is 100% wrong on that regard.

8GB super fast DDR4, 1st DDR4 system memory is not even used in PCs yet and 2nd they'd just use GDDR5.

Point two "IBM’s Cell is a beast of a thing, and of the most sophisticated processors you’ll find in consumer electronics."

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If its gonna have 8 cores, 8GB and HD 8800 its gonna cost beyond $500

if they cheap out with a 8600M or something like that its gonna be dead in no time, realistically Online/ Gaikai is the only hope for Consoles now.

PC already has 4096 Unified Shaders on AMD HD 7990 and by the looks of it HD 8970 will have 2560 Unified Shaders.

By the time NXB and PS4 will be out PC GPU with over 1024 Unified Shaders will cost less than $200 and Next Gen c...

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3 reasons for developers

Its free to develop on Android
There is 100s Millions of Smartphone owners now
Development cycles are weeks or months not years

2 reasons for consumers

Fun games on the go
Cheap so little risk if they're crap

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