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The only people really pushing 3D is Nvidia with 3D Vision #13
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PC right now!!!
Devs just don't take advantage of the technology and for some reason PC get terrible performance (GTA IV for example horrid port)

Xbox 360 = 48 Unified Shaders
HD 7970 = 2048 Unified Shaders
GTX 680 = 1536 Unified Shaders

Max Payne 3 however has amazing performance, easy maxed :) #5
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Of course this is all rumour but its also wrong


"PowerPC architecture." this was obvious
"Three cores (fully coherent)." this is not known previously was rumoured to be Quad Core
"3MB aggregate L2 Cache size." again unknown

This is when they clearly don't have a clue

"core 0: 512 KB, core 1: 2048 KB and core 2: 512 KB"
WHAT THE FECK is this they are pro... #18
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Here is my thoughts

Second latest #10
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So its got

16 times the PPEs
16 times the SPEs
GK104 Kepler (GTX 670/ 680) in SLi according to this

Its clearly FAKE!!!!

16 times the cores only if the architecture has changed because even at 22nm the die will be insane.

GK104 SLi cheapest at the moment its £300 per card.
Even with its great performance and power efficiency verses Fermi that's still 350Wat... #49
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PC does not have used market and its more than surviving #10
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This has got to have a huge die. Its 192 cores short of doubling GTX 680 and that's 294mm2

Be surprised if they release this as a GeForce, probably just Tesla and maybe a cut down version for extreme Quadro uses. #1
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Well I've got 2 GTX 460s at the moment.

I would seriously consider getting one of these just for power consumption reasons :) #5
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Oh so now I'll believe them.

Common, when you play the Steam version of MW2 it cames up with please reconnect to Xbox Live

Or MW3 Multiplayer where it says please restart MW2 #36
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Well like it or not Developers/Publishers want Digital Downloads

Larger profit margins
More protection of IP (Onlive model)
Greener (No cases, Manuals and distribution/shipping)

BTW TheController
Google makes almost all their money from Google Ads through Google Search #4
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In December 2004, a rival game corporation Electronic Arts purchased a 19.9% stake in the firm (Ubisoft) #3.1
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Very expensive (£47.99 for 90 days) considering you get pretty much the same thing on PC for Free

I always find matches with setting I want :/ #3
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I can believe the CPU part but the GPU nah

HD 7770 is 80Watt if two chips 160Watt TDP
AMD Bulldozer 6 Core is 95Watt TDP
You telling me that the Next Xbox will be using over 250Watt

BTW HD 7870/ GTX 570 is quicker than HD 7770 in CFX never mind 7950 or 7970 GTX 580 or GTX 680

HD 7850 is 130Watt if two chips 260Watt TDP
AMD Bulldozer 6 Core is 95Watt TDP
Its just crazy to think its a high end HD 700... #27
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Well sources was originally naming the now GTX 680 a GTX 660Ti

All you have to do is look at history

GF100 = GTX 480 - GF110 = GTX 580
GF104 = GTX 460 - GF114 = GTX 560 Ti

You get the idea, so you would expect

GK100 = GTX 680
GK104 = GTX 660 Ti

Around February it was rumoured that GK104 will be branded GTX 670 Ti with leaked shots

I believe Nvidia was surprised with the initia... #3.1
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Yeah Kakkoii is right

Nvidia wining the majority of Benchmarks
Nvidia has infant drivers

Only reason why GTX 680 costs this much is because its better than HD 7970

Also it uses less power, its runs cooler (references versions) and its quieter.

Best part it overclocks to hit target FPS which is godly #1.1.2
My old 50Mbps would convert to $80 a month unlimited download

My current is about 7-11Mbps would convert to $26 a month unlimited download #12.1
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When I was with Virgin Media I was getting:

50Mbps or 6.25MB/s

Usually was round 47Mbps though :) really good service, just expensive :( #11
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Does look awesome, I'm sure someone has done something like this 'DIY' on PC already. #2
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A freedom fighter, fighting tyranny that faced America

"There never was a good war or a bad peace."

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." #7
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Yep Nvidia defiantly changed the architecture

It needed to happen Fermi was 529mm2, Largest chip I known of.
If they went with 1024 Cuda cores on Fermi even at 28nm we'd be looking at around 700mm2, which is just idiotic it needed to change.

Now they have a smaller die than Tahiti, it requires less power than Tahiti and probably run cooler than Tahiti.
Best part is could be between 10-20% faster than HD 7970

Its no wonder... #1.2.1
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