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Don't get me wrong for it power its not bad but PC is already a generation ahead!

I've got
i5 2500K at 4GHz
16GB 2133MHz RAM
GTX 980 at 1.4GHz/7GHz 4GB

I really can't wait now, I need the pre-load Steam! #5.1
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Its better in every way!

Draw distance
Level of detail on distance objects
Vehicle density
Pedestrian density
Graphics overall

Then resolution, AF & AA #4
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No contest Driveclub looks, sounds and drives like an arcade racer #14
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"10 Remasters we’d Totally Play"

Or just get the PC version?!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - modded looks > than nextgen
The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion - can be modded to look nextgen
Fallout: New Vegas - can be modded to look nextgen
Mass Effect - can be modded to look amazing
Crysis - Still looks incredible (2007 release) modded even better
Half Life - Black Mesa looks incredible

Red Dead Re... #41
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What a lame excuse!

On Xbox you can change if for a fee and they can still seek out cheaters and griefers

On Steam I can change my name hundreds of times a day for FREE and Steam can still track me down if I've cheated or having been reported! #53
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I wouldn't say majority, in the UK a lot of CD, DVD, Blu-ray and video game busts are done on guys over 18 and are not doing it because they have low income, its because they can.

Trust is if someone steals games, films or music off the internet, then if you give them half a chance they'd probably do the same with their local show or post office. Thieves are thieves.

If you ask me, if you can't afford! DO WITH OUT! or get a ducking job! #8.1.1
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DRM on consoles lock the game out, meaning you have to have a new pass (online pass) which for some is ridiculous as the console industry is still big on pre-owned and Rental. This is the main reason I thing console gamers get pissed.

DRM on PC makes you use a specific platform, such as Steam (a nice one), Uplay or Origin (horrid ones). Luckly a lot of companies are going to Steam now (not EA).

Older DRM software locked the game to a limited amount of install... #7.1
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Comments like
"I think letterboxing was made more for art-style"
"30fps is more of a cinematic experience"

These comments are talking complete crap, its developers excuses, their game cannot run at 1080p nor 60fps so we have to make up something!

Fine for console gamers but I want options, you got non?! I guess my money can go elsewhere.

Carmack and other developers have covered 30fps for Cinema... #10
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Probably because Sony are desperate for Korean market share.

The majority of gamers in South Korea are PC gamers playing games like LOL, DOTA2 and StarCraft II and of course MMORPGs #6
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Not surprising really HD 6970 has double the cores of X1 and 25% more cores than PS4

X1 - 768
PS4 - 1152
HD 6970 - 1536 #1.1.1
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Lets face it PS4/XBO even now and at launch had much less features software wise than PS3/360 do!

How is that acceptable, if you look at other technology such as PC or Smart Phones / Tablets, The newer technology is still backwards compatible and has the same if not more features than the devices, component or software available before it.

I guess that doesn't matter to some :/ #9
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It was running on a PC with either PS3/4 or 360/One pad

Now we're seeing the actual console footage, doesn't look terrible but definitely looks noticeably worse to a 2012 PC.

I getting it on my PC as for me all 3rd parties still look far better on my PC, just hope they haven't downgraded the PC version! #35
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Okay he was a bit of a bar steward about the whole Xbox One and Live thing

Getting death threats and his family being threatened with rape, nobody deserves that and if you do then you're worse than the ones posting those comments. #13
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Just hope the PC version still looks good! #34
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Its pretty cool, oh and its not VGA (D-Sub) its DVI in the pic :P

If you want to play N64 games at 1080p right now there's always Project64 :) #50
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Fair enough, just noticed the BioShock tittles on the website and was in bits :P

Didn't even consider the name of the website -_- #7.1.1
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You've got to be $#!Ting me!!!

Its not even April 1st

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I don't think this guy understands why DRM is bad for consoles.

Reasons why it works on PC:
- I am not limited to Steam
- GamersGate
- UPlay
- Origin
- Impulse
- GreenManGaming
- GoodOldGames
- I have offline mode on Steam
- I have the ability to use cracks on my Steam games if for some reason Steam was to close down.
- Gabe has already said they have safeguards if Steam was to fai... #29
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PC - Looking next gen as always :P
XB1 - Looking like a 360 port :/

Next Gen, oh dear :S #26
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There is so much wrong with this article and clearly the author hasn't done any worth while research.

3840 by 2160 and 4096 by 2160 are considered 4K its just that 3840 by 2160 keeps the really nice aspec ratio of 16:9
Any monitor that has 8.3 million pixels in less than 30" isn't cheap at all!

Also his understanding of interfaces and how refresh rate/frame rate isn't great

HDMI 1.4 can support
3840 by 2160 a... #14
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