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GTA V looks far better than them.
Not sure what it looks like on Console but 4k max settings on my GTX 1080 looks beyond that

Only the under water pic looked better

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Explain Max Payne 3? That was made by San Diego and was only delayed 2 weeks after console.
For the most part it ran perfectly!

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The visual down grade is very noticeable, we noticed the same thing with 3D on PS3
The current consoles just can't handle the full experience.

I guess they was forced to make PS4 Pro to compete with Rift and Vive.
The PSVR headset isn't bad though we've seen issues with tracking though PS4 lets it down with low graphics.

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If I was wanting a 4k console I'd probably wait for Xbox. No harm seeing how that performances, PS4 Pro will probably come down in price to further the pain on Microsoft.

One S has 4k BR so I'm guessing the Scorpio will. It's most defiantly going to have better CPU, GPU and probably more RAM!

Or if you got the money just go PC. I've got a GTX 1080 that runs pretty much every game at ultra 4k 60fps

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Cheaped out on HDD going with HGST at 5400RPM
Cheaped out on ODD going with standard Blu-ray

It's not a bad box for it's price, that being said I stick in an SSD

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It will be compatible, will just limit the speed to the interface/ on-board memory controller.
I've put SSDs in old Core 2 rigs to give them a little more life. Max I've seen SATA III getting is 550MB/s which is almost its rated speed of 600MB/s, all good SSDs do around these speeds.

M.2 is now the standard, with drives doing 3,500MB/s
3D XPoint will be in a few years doing even faster speeds

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This article is quite bad!

"It will accomplish this through a speedier clock speed (2.1 GHz versus 1.6 Ghz) and an enhanced graphics preparing unit." As digital foundries have pointed out the CPU is a massive bottleneck for PS4/XBO, this overclock will not improve much. and preparing unit hahahha its Graphics Processing Unit xD

8GB total memory isn't enough when its shared with system memory, 12GB should cover it. However 218GB/s is no wear ...

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or get a PC and be beyond Neo and Scorpio now?

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This is most defiantly a fanboy statement, Nvidia always challenge competition!

From what the rumours are saying, the NX will feature Nvidia next gen Tegra platform, it is only division that Nvidia has struggled with compared to its over arms (they've destroyed AMD in GPUs for 5 years now)

Tegra has never captured the Mobile/ Tablet market so putting in a Nintendo console would help drive this weak part of Nvidia business. Also looking at performance ...

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I don't think Nvidia wanted to be in PS4/XBO anyway. They lost money on PS3 GPU
Furthermore Nvidia don't design x86 CPU so Sony/Microsoft could not get and APU off of Nvidia

I also believe Nvidia didn't want to get an undercut like they did with PS3, they wanted a fair price for their chips

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2yr old GTX 970 beats it at everything even though it should be worse
AMD only wins at price

Nvidia show me the next Titan, Then I'll decide if its 1080, 1080 Ti or Titan! for me!

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Its pretty dire really

Similar power consumption as a GTX 970
Similar performance as a GTX 970
Similar thermals as a GTX 970

1 has 8GB ram, 1 has 3584MB + 512MB ram
1 is 14nm FinFet, 1 is 28nm
1 came out 2yrs ago

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Also its not the best game to replicate the results as its procedural generated
Nvidia also looked like it was on a higher graphics setting, giving the AMD hardware less of a task.

Watch the video again people!

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To be honest people AMD very carefully selected this game!

They selected a game which favours AMD hardware furthermore Nvidia still have realised a proper DX12 driver for this game so again it favours AMD. How about we all wait for independent verification.

Whats impressive about the RX 480 is price that its, its about the same performance as a GTX 980, a 2 year old graphics card, when you put it like that is no longer impressive.

The t...

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Batman Arkham Knight was the exception and it was very disgusting!
The vast majority of 3rd party games look identical or better than the console version but also have options for resolution & frame rate.

Oh and as for terrible ports for PC? Well this is why I love Digital Foundry, there's no hiding for people lying. Pretty much every 3rd party game runs worse than a budget gaming pc

Intel Core i3 4130, 8GB DDR3 & Nvidia GeForce GTX ...

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Why not get them on PC (besides Sony games and RDR)

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I think the PSVR is overpriced

All in PSVR, thats the; Headset, Camera, Controllers and Game its $500
All in Oculus, thats the; Headset, Camera, Controller and 2 Games its $600

And the headset is inferior to Oculus
PSVR is 960 by 1080 per eye at 60Hz (sub HD)
Oculus is 2160 by 1200 per eye at 90Hz

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Well in that case its not the best experience? is it?

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Hasn't Sony admitted that if you want a high end VR experience, it's not PlayStation VR?

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