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Just look at Digital Foundry

PC with Intel Core i3s (Dual Core CPUS) 8GB and GTX 750Ti or GTX 960 walk over PS4/XB1 in every 3rd party game!

Don't have to even include, i5 or i7 nor high speed DDR or GTX 980Ti or Fury X

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I can't see how people think AMD is winning?
"What in the hell has nVidia done? AMD is destroying them with the new Apis"

Nvidia cards are still faster! they just are!
Nvidia drivers are more frequent and actually fix any issues faster

As much of a big step Fury X was, bottom line Maxwell is just faster, Pascal will be out by April/May and will have HMB 2.0
AMD will have an even bigger struggle.

Also peop...

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So basically what PC can do now? Nvidia Pascal coming soon!

"Physics engines haven't changed since I did the physics on [Dreamcast game] TrickStyle."

Look at PC games that use PhysX or Nvidia GameWorks

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Why are console gamers so bitter about the particle effects update only on Nvidia PCs?

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Of course GameStop and any other retailer will say this as its likely to make some money for them

I think its a bit of a stretch for Sony to say games are native PSVR considering over 75% of games are Oculus ports.

Also I can only see PSVR work 1 in 3 ways with the box that comes with it, lets face it the PS4 struggles with many intensive games to keep solid 60 at 1080p with most being 30fps capped. Just look at DigitalFoundry

1. The addon bo...

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Its got nothing to do with the name, look at the actual application!

I love how Sony Defence Force are trying to gloss over it saying read the article, its about the name! NO! IT'S! NOT!

Sony tried to get "Let's Play" for "Electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer network...

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Not HD Remaster at all. The PC looks less blurry but has aliasing, put 8xaa and it would look great

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Not expensive if they've already sold out for launch window

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It's not dead, they've already sold out and cannot commit to any more launch orders from what I've heard

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Up front its gotta be more expensive than Oculus.

Oculus doesn't need a support system as a PC (w/ gtx 970 minimum requirement) will be more powerful than 2 PS4s together.

If its correct the support system on PSVR will just copy frames to keep 120fps then its already a failure.

Oculus and HTC Vive have more legs for being Open and have proper hardware behind them.

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The game runs on Java and so do a lot of software and hardware technologies. So they just found a way for the technologies to work.

I reckon there was some virtualisation going on here, this is a first for me to see and its mighty

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Still got my Intel Core i5 2500K nearly 5yrs old now and every next gen game this CPU toasts that in PS4/XB1

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Again Consoles branded next gen and future proof but struggle to do 30fps at 1080p in 2015

I'm just sorry for the console gamers, Sony and Microsoft promised 60fps and 1080p in 2005 for every game on PS3 and 360

Well I'll be enjoying this at 1080p and I'm hoping for 120fps, if I get that then I'll do 1440p at 60 or higher

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Cannot see how this will be better than Oculus or Vive
The PSVR is limited by the performance of the PS4.
The others have no limit (well the limit is the users PC)

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PC still plays all the Fallout, most not present on Consoles.

If you want the definitive Fallout experience, look no further than PC (PC can play Fallout 3 at 4k 120fps)

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I'm pretty upset to hear about this!

I've grown up with GTA, I love the single player stories!
I was looking forward to some amazing story DLC, proper expansion quality content, now It's just lazy cash cow F2P content :'(

GTA Online was nothing but a bit on the side, you could tell with the deep of the content at release. Its still a buggy mess!

I really hope Rockstar surprise us with story DLC

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PC version

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I play most of my games at 120fps and I can tell the difference between 60 & 120 as well.

Anything around 30 is unplayable for me now :/
PC has spoiled me. framerate and resolution is king!

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I think we're gonna see that 30fps sticker a lot :P

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