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I'm going to be getting it on PS3, but instantly getting PC version because it going to be superior in every way.

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Why would Nvidia be butt hurt, they make lots of money releasing the latest and greatest technology, AMD themselves have said the console deals will only bring in about 1/5 of their annual profits.

AMD needed the deal...

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I don't think anyone could argue against PS+ free games, however other platform have the other stuff.

Steam Play I can play across Windows, Linux and Mac and get unlimited activations, standard with Steam.

Steam Cloud gives you 100MB per game that support the feature and 2GB of screenshot storage. Additionally I can back them up using other cloud services.

Automatic updates, Steam updates all content as soon as it becomes available.

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It's cool I guess but a bit crap with the adverts, looks completely out of place.

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This device has about 4 times the performance of any hand-held console, will play all if not the vast majority of Android games.

Additionally it will have full access to my Steam library of 395 Games playing at maximum settings streaming from my High-End PC that I built myself.

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I got an Idea!

Get a gaming laptop, it'll probably cost what the Macbook cost plus the bomb next to it :D

Edit: Oh and I forgot, it wouldn't be Apple as well :)

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It doesn't quite work like that

2. Loading Times
If the game is being read of a Blu-ray and Hard Drive then the loading times will be long, okay the BR Drive is 3 times faster but its still slow, conventional HDD performance has remained unchanged since PS3 launch and 2.5" drives are slower than 3.5" counterparts

Remember MGS4, that wasn't a ram issue. A SSD and installing the full game to that SSD will solve that.
Skyrim on ...

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Games that are coming to/ already on PC:
* Titan Fall (coming to PS4 timed console exclusive on Xbox One
* Project Spark
* Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
* Minecraft

Games most likely coming to PC:
* Ryse

Games most likely coming to PC and PS4:
* Dead Rising 3

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Or been on PC for the last half decade

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PC gamers would not stand for this so why do Console gamers

Steam would literally bomb over night if they said something about changing.

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But is it a Titan?

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Can't see why you say that Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 pretty much runs every game ever made at max settings.

If people actually do their research and look at review websites Nvidia hold the crown over AMD in performance.

So AMD may have got a promotional deal with Dice but Battlefield 3 runs much better on Intel and Nvidia solutions. Battlefield 4 has the same system requirements as BF3.

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Show me, where is a link from AMD themselves saying this?

Like I said, it doesn't matter what the PS4 got, PC is beyond it a year before release and that's the truth.

I can send you many links that will show you that AMD's "flagship" CPU FX 8350 gets humiliated by Intel Core i5s and i7 so how will a laptop / mainstream CPU compete, it will not.

PC GPUs can go beyond 1920 by 1080 since 2007, anti-aliasing is a given, 4096...

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Sure the PS4 is a good piece of tech but to say that what is being done has never been done before is foolish.

They're using an AMD APU solution, AMD have been making them for years now and It basically a PC/Laptop processor that features CPU/GPU/Northbridge

The CPU Jaguar Cores are about 10% quicker than Bobcat however its about 50% slower than Piledriver, furthermore Piledriver is slower than Sandy, Ivybridge and Haswell.

On the GPU sid...

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Truth is AMD CPUs are weak, very weak Core i3 and i5s would easily destroy Jaguar.
Hell AMD flagship CPU FX-8350 (Piledriver) at 5GHz only competes with Core i5s.

Everyone knows the ultimate set-up at the moment is Intel and Nvidia combo. Intel Core i7 4770K and Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan

Try arguing it, I send you a 100 links proving me right!

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AMD is just saying this hoping for more CPU sales

Hardcore AMD fans will tell you that Intel are either, just behind, just better or not that much better are not being entirely true to themselves.

Intel has dominated the CPU market since Core 2 Duo was released and since then their has been no comparison.
AMD are competing on price but that's about it.

If you get a FX - 8150 or FX - 8350 then expect to compete with i5 2500K, 3570...

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AMD Radeon HD 8970
1000MHz Core Speed
2304 Unified Shaders
144 Texture Mapping Units = 144GTexel/s
48 Render Output Units = 48GPixel/s
312GB/s Bandwidth (6500MHz x 384bit interface / 8 = 312GB/s)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780
902MHz Core Speed
2304 Unified Shaders
192 Texture Mapping Units = 173.1GTexel/s
48 Render Output Unit...

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Nope you're wrong, HD 8000 will be a new series just like HD 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000

Just like every Series there will be OEM variants.

I get Consoles as well for exclusives if its justifiable to get 1 platfrom for a hand full of games.
I've got a PC because I can play all 3rd party games better than the console counter parts plus PC exclusives

Another thing, no backwards compatibility, I can play MS-DOS games on...

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Yeah shouldn't be a surprise there is a hole bunch of PC GPUs that can out perform the PS4 and XBO

AMD Radeon
HD 6970
HD 6990
HD 7870 GHz Edition
HD 7870 XT
HD 7950
HD 7970
HD 7970 GHz Edition
HD 7990 (3rd party dual HD 7970)
HD 7990 (AMD official HD 7990)
HD 8870 (OEM)
HD 8950 (OEM)
HD 8970 (OEM)
HD 7970M
HD 8970M

Nvidia GeFo...

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For anyone that thinks that Steam is average or not good, I'm incredibly sorry to tell you but you need to be educated and I'm here to do it.
Steam offers so much that no current generation console or next generation console can offer and here is the list:

Steam Greenlight - Supports indie devs, allows gamers to support games
Steam Workshop - Access to thousands of mods for games
Steam Recommendations - See what actual gamers think and friend t...

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