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I'm averaging over 100fps atm, around 140 in combat and a very pleasing 120 in car combat :) could easily run this in 4k no issue :D

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2015 and consoles are still struggling with 1080p 60fps :/

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1-2TB was standard in most lattops when the PS4/XBO came out
1-3TB was standard in most desktops

2TB 2.5" drives have been around since the PS3 was released
You get get 6TB 3.5" drives now

Microsoft and Sony cheaped out big time! 500GB LAME

At least Microsoft and Nintendo let you save off console. Sony just gives you a error message to delete content WOW!

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Next Gen!

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I think its because for the most part society doesn't view Gay men and Lesbian women the same way.

For a long time Lesbians have been viewed to be less taboo and controversial, were as gay guys have almost always been views in a negative way.

Pretty sad really, glad times are changing but that's probably why, having more likeable gay male characters just reflect reality, that they are nice people. I think its more educational than anything else.

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Yeah this article is kinda dumb, 3 of the games listed are coming to other platforms.

No Man's Sky and Hellblade are not "timed PS restrictive" in fact both will be release along side PC.

Hello Games confirm at E3 that No Man's Sky was coming to PC same day!

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1TB though that's extremely small, 500GB is nothing

I'd just get 6TB and mod it

If you're wanting speed then get a 2TB SSHD or 480GB SSD

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tbh it looks no different to the previous 3 on PC

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1TB I'm sure I had one of them in 2007

I've got 3TB now and wanting a 4TB SSHD

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Again if there was a reason to make it work on console don't you think 2K would do it?!
Console gamers always say the devs make more money on consoles.

Truth is the best RTS games in the last 10 years, many which I included never touched consoles for a reason, you couldn't work. Civ V being turn based is argueable at best but any stragry game Pad Vs M&K the later will win everytime.

Actions per minute isn't even a term on consoles, a ...

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Civ V wouldn't work and the reason why its not on Consoles is because the console Civ bombed. If it was going to work, don't you think 2K would've released it already?

Halo Wars was a really good game but nothing on Ensemble previous games like Age of Empires!

Everyone knows Kanes Wrath & Red Alert 3 weren't great games, nothing compared to the earlier titles.

I'll give you Supreme Commander...

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I don't think the pacing of Civ V would work on consoles, hence why the best RTS games really haven't hit consoles since PS1/PS2 days.

There might be hope for a future Mount & Blade game but I can't see it doing well on console.

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The lighting, shading and shadows look much richer and more natural, they seem a bit washed out before SweetFX

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For those who can't see a difference

Better lighting
Better Shading
Better Textures
Better Models

The lighting looks more atmospheric, the shadows also increase that atmosphere of the game.

Reflections on some of the textures make it look more real and adds depth.

The models are hugely different in places, such as the Cylinder like objects in comparisons 1 & 2. Additionally look at the toilets ...

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Achieved with PC!

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I call bull on this article, PC version has several graphics technologies running on it that are not on the PS4 version. Plus draw distance is far from max on them screen-shots.


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Don't get me wrong for it power its not bad but PC is already a generation ahead!

I've got
i5 2500K at 4GHz
16GB 2133MHz RAM
GTX 980 at 1.4GHz/7GHz 4GB

I really can't wait now, I need the pre-load Steam!

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Its better in every way!

Draw distance
Level of detail on distance objects
Vehicle density
Pedestrian density
Graphics overall

Then resolution, AF & AA

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No contest Driveclub looks, sounds and drives like an arcade racer

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"10 Remasters we’d Totally Play"

Or just get the PC version?!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - modded looks > than nextgen
The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion - can be modded to look nextgen
Fallout: New Vegas - can be modded to look nextgen
Mass Effect - can be modded to look amazing
Crysis - Still looks incredible (2007 release) modded even better
Half Life - Black Mesa looks incredible

Red Dead Re...

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