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Why do that, by your logic "I can't afford a GTX 480 so I'll wait several years so I can"

In 18 Months a GTX 580 will come out and the GTX 570 will be equal in performance and cheaper to a GTX 480

In 36 Months a GTX 680 will come out and the GTX 660 will be superior in performance and cost way less than a GTX 480

So I could get a GTX 480 now for $699 or wait 36 months a get a GTX 480 for $299

How about just... #7.1
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PC > PS4

This is true #5
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Core speed is 550MHz

320 Unified Shaders
16 Texture Mapping Units
8 Render Output Units

So assuming these spec are correct

At 550MHz with 16 TMU (Texture Mapping Units) we're only looking at 8.8 Giga Texel/s
At 550MHz with 8 ROPs (Render Output Units) we're only looking at 4.4 Giga Pixel/s

Yeah its not looking good at all

HD 7970

Core speed is 1GHz (on the GHz... #37
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Usually a clean install is recommend when switching Mobo
Switching CPU not an issue but Mobo would require different drivers, could cause more issues.

GPU can switch them out like HDD and driver uninstall/reinstiall without problems #2
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Pipe dream

CPU can't be a Bulldozer, they are power hungry 125Watt and not great in terms of performance. AMD APU is more likely to be the CPU or another custom IBM chip.

Overall memory probably will be 4GB with Dev Kits at 8GB, They'd be stupid to do split memory architecture again.

The GPU will most likely be AMD, but AMD R10xx doesn't exist AMD stop using Rxxx chip series branding at R700 so I'm assuming they are talking ab... #51
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Sorry but both of you don't seem to understand

3 Mbps = 0.375 MB/s
15 Mbps = 1.875 MB/s
100 Mbps = 12.5 MB/s

I use to have virgin Media in the UK with their 50Mbps package at best we had 47Mbps average

50 Mbps = 6.25 MB/s
47 Mbps = 5.875 MB/s

There is 8 bits to 1 Byte so when you see "bps" you have to divide it by 8 to get "B/s"

Kma2k I would recommend you... #6.1.3
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Article just completely flawed from point one

Xbox 360 GPU "Xenos" has 48 Unified Shaders and is not based on X1800 XL (that GPU has pipelines) so the article is 100% wrong on that regard.

8GB super fast DDR4, 1st DDR4 system memory is not even used in PCs yet and 2nd they'd just use GDDR5.

Point two "IBM’s Cell is a beast of a thing, and of the most sophisticated processors you’ll find in consumer electronics."
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If its gonna have 8 cores, 8GB and HD 8800 its gonna cost beyond $500

if they cheap out with a 8600M or something like that its gonna be dead in no time, realistically Online/ Gaikai is the only hope for Consoles now.

PC already has 4096 Unified Shaders on AMD HD 7990 and by the looks of it HD 8970 will have 2560 Unified Shaders.

By the time NXB and PS4 will be out PC GPU with over 1024 Unified Shaders will cost less than $200 and Next Gen c... #39.1.1
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3 reasons for developers

Its free to develop on Android
There is 100s Millions of Smartphone owners now
Development cycles are weeks or months not years

2 reasons for consumers

Fun games on the go
Cheap so little risk if they're crap #3
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It will also have 8GB SSD and 800GB HDD, you see a pattern with this article, all these 8s LOL

I'm saying its gonna be something like: AMD A8, 4GB RAM, and HD 7000 series GPU oh and basic Windows 8 #39
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Steam and a web browser of your choice go beyond anything on Consoles #49
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Nah this is BS

The Dev submitted a Pre-Gold version to Steam and they told Valve to pull it. #23
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Its fine don't see why people are pissed
Its gonna push graphics

All Nvidia cards GeForce 400 onwards support DirectX 11
All AMD cards Radeon HD 5000 onwards support DirectX 11

So what's the problem? #35
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For me the games that will push graphics on PC technically are:

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
Dead Island: Riptide
Arma 3
Battlefield 4
Crysis 3
Metro: Last Light
Star Wars 1313
Watch Dogs

Games that I think are going to look beautiful:

Bioshock Infinite
Dead Island: Riptide
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Arma 3
Battlefield 4
Beyond: Two Sou... #12
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Many rumours are saying

AMD Fusion APU
HD 6000 Mid-range #5
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Well my less than 960 cores or less statement was redundant

"wrong terminology" not quite sure, originally when AMD pioneered this technology they coined it Unified Shader Architecture.
Nvidia Called them Cuda Cores for years now, they have been referred to as cores for a long time. Only recently have I seen them referred to has Stream Processors

PC are defiantly already beyond the next generation, its impossible for Microsoft or Sony to get... #9.2.1
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Chances are both the PS4 and NXB will have

AMD Fusion Chips probably A8s
4GB of RAM
HD 6000 series GPU with less than 960 cores or less

PC is already beyond the next generation

Intel Core i7s
8GB/16GB is now becoming the standard
HD 7990 got 4096 Cores #9
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Basically what PC been like for quiet a few years #27
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Guys you can look forward to all this now, Its Called PC #26
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and as you can see in the video done on a Windows 7 PC #5
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