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Makes sense.

A lot of people have a smartphone, Tablet or iPod these days
The game are extremely inexpensive and are getting better.

Angry Birds has been more success than most games this gen.

Also Angry Birds has got far more revenue streams, In game adds for F2P, expansions, toys an... #10
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And there is probably 1000 for why its bad for freedom!!! #4
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"selling it to gamers", Nintendo is selling the 3DS to gamers to but the market is not responding even with a price drop!!!

I would play portable games like Uncharted but they aren't games I like to play on the go, but rather at home.

Like I said in a message "Nothing worse than pausing a game during a cutscene when getting off the Bus, worse still when you can't pause the cutscene ruining the game."

Also why woul... #19.1.1
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I agree

The games are too expensive.
The console is too expensive.
Its lacking features, such as a phoning ability.

To be honest I would not buy one unless it was cheaper than £150/$230 and the games was £20/$30 each.

Finally add support for smartphone games like Cut the Rope. #19
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I play all my games on PC, the only one I want on that list is Halo 4, which I will get for my 360.

Hopefully Windows 8 will support Xbox games, if so bye bye Xbox!! #85
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Going to be tough for Sony and Nintendo

Gamers don't want to pay £30/$40 for a portable games any more.
I done want to pay £40/$60 for games any more.

I get all my games of Steam preferably in the sales.

I wasted my money on the PSP, never found the time to play it on the go. When I did play it I was always at home. why would a play a portable at home when I got my PC plus consoles.

Finally, since I got... #26
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Got to love the PC community

They fixed Skyrim for Bethesda
Now Batman for Rock steady #1
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Yeah it should, Microsoft needs to get its house in check, start bringing games to PC and not on that fail Games for Windows Live/Xbox Live.



Last Xbox 360 game I got was Halo Reach, why because I'm not paying £40 for inferior games, when I can get far better PC versions for half... #11
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Not one PlayStation exclusive

Just surprised considering he plays by Sony, guess he's not bought. #1
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Their game may be buggy but least its not a turd that activation ate and reshat out 4 years running. #6
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PC its the real answer.

The people behind Magicka was told by publishers that the game would suck and no one would buy it, look at it now, its been a huge success plus lots of DLC.

The publisher that did support the project said even if they wanted to go on consoles they could not because of the games humour and references, yet its on PC and Steam

Others devs that put random things in their games such telling the user that the system had been... #10
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Some much for PC dying or being sh!t

PC has got the Highest average Metascore across all platforms with 70.0% :)

Oh and Steam why do you have to rap my wallet with these totally freaking awesome deals :D

25% - 91% off over 1200 Games

Edit: Just noticed PC had the highest average last year also :) #39
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OCZ Agility 3 - 60GB SSD (£92) for Windows and Apps
Western Digital Green - 2TB HDD (£70) for Steam and games
Western Digital Green - 1TB HDD (£50) for everything else
Kingston SSDnow 100V - 64GB SSD (Free with RMA) for selected games like Skyrim and Battlefield 3 :) #4.1
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Nice try.

All I can say is ask Intel if PC is slowing down. Sandybridge has to be one of the fastest selling chips of all time, great performance for a affordable price.

AMD when it comes to graphics, just look at the HD 5000/6000 series, never mind HD 7000 coming in less than 2 months.

Ask Nvidia just like AMD their latest series has been one of their most successful despite the problem early on with Fermi. Kepler is just around the corner p... #5
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Or PC right now :) #1
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This is what I think of all console manufacturers, total sh!t.


You should be ashamed of yourselves for being dictatorial scumbags, that pretend to like the consumers with PR. Same goes for these elitist publishers


Good games but terrible business practices!!! #20
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Its all subjective

I would say its hard to find a 10 top, played to many great games over the years. #8
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OK this person clearly has not ever played Elders Scrolls

5# Becoming a Vampire is nothing new!
4# Why is healing yourself a secret?
3# This is new but we was told, so its no secret!
2# Werewolf was a surprise, I didn't know and they did not leak it.
1# Red Eagle!, Bet any Enchanted Deadric weapon is better! #6
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PC community will probably mod in Morrowind and Cyrodiil.

It was only discovered that the landscapes still exists to some extent thanks to PC. #19
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This is why you go PC

Even if there is issues on the PC, the community can come up with custom patches day one. #55
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