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Well Nvidia have usually been in front

GTX 580 was the fastest single GPU card till HD 7000s where released
GTX 480 (even though it was a howler) was faster than HD 5870
GTX 285 was faster than HD 4890
9800 GTX was faster than HD 3870
8800 Ultra was faster than HD 2900 XT

I would say HD 7970GHz the best this time round.

Nvidia in the past have always been quicker in resent memory but has been always hotter and ...

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All this is BS

very similar article was posted around E3 and I pulled that one to pieces

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This is a terrible article.

Lower Entry Level
This is just stupid, games are getting dumbed down and its getting worse for every iteration. If a game has a 15 or 18 sticker on it then People of that age or above should only play it. Making games easier for adolescences who should not even be playing the game is a load of crap.

Harder Games
There is usually a difficulty choice in games so if you want to play it on EASY and take 1000 bullets to ...

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The article is not correct

Battlefield 3

Mass Effect 3
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Everyone forgot about Nvidia 3D Vision, it was briefly mentioned in the article.

Nvidia has been pushing 3D years before Sony.
Nvidia technology allows games, movies and pictures to be displayed in stereoscopic 3D.

3D Vision Ready = Native support

Excellent = This game facilitates a soli...

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Keep dreaming, ArmA II requires a beast of a system to run I've got 2500K OCed @ 4GHz and GTX 670 and I can't max it.

DayZ is a mod and ArmA II developers said they'll never go consoles probably because they max out PC hardware and going backwards is like failing to them.

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PC prompts me to think why people pay for these services

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Next Gen consoles really don't stand a chance if they aren't ran off services like: Onlive, GaiKai or GeForce Grid.
PC has been held back for years now by the consoles with only a hand full of developers really pushing the hardware or at least further than the console ports done by most.

When I hear people talking about these very high end PC GPUs with the notion they will be in a console it just makes me laugh.
HD 7950 = £270 HD 7970 = £330 ...

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This is there Cuda roadmap

Kepler GK110 will be out for Tesla later this year and for GeForce for 2013
Maxwell will be out in Q4 2013 (usually Nvidia talk financial years so Q1 2014) according to the roadmap. I'm saying 6-12month delay. Also it will not be Arm based

This is their Arm based Tegra roadmap
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The only people really pushing 3D is Nvidia with 3D Vision

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PC right now!!!
Devs just don't take advantage of the technology and for some reason PC get terrible performance (GTA IV for example horrid port)

Xbox 360 = 48 Unified Shaders
HD 7970 = 2048 Unified Shaders
GTX 680 = 1536 Unified Shaders

Max Payne 3 however has amazing performance, easy maxed :)

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Of course this is all rumour but its also wrong


"PowerPC architecture." this was obvious
"Three cores (fully coherent)." this is not known previously was rumoured to be Quad Core
"3MB aggregate L2 Cache size." again unknown

This is when they clearly don't have a clue

"core 0: 512 KB, core 1: 2048 KB and core 2: 512 KB"
WHAT THE FECK is this they are pro...

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Here is my thoughts

Second latest

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So its got

16 times the PPEs
16 times the SPEs
GK104 Kepler (GTX 670/ 680) in SLi according to this

Its clearly FAKE!!!!

16 times the cores only if the architecture has changed because even at 22nm the die will be insane.

GK104 SLi cheapest at the moment its £300 per card.
Even with its great performance and power efficiency verses Fermi that's still 350Wat...

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PC does not have used market and its more than surviving

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This has got to have a huge die. Its 192 cores short of doubling GTX 680 and that's 294mm2

Be surprised if they release this as a GeForce, probably just Tesla and maybe a cut down version for extreme Quadro uses.

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Well I've got 2 GTX 460s at the moment.

I would seriously consider getting one of these just for power consumption reasons :)

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Oh so now I'll believe them.

Common, when you play the Steam version of MW2 it cames up with please reconnect to Xbox Live

Or MW3 Multiplayer where it says please restart MW2

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Well like it or not Developers/Publishers want Digital Downloads

Larger profit margins
More protection of IP (Onlive model)
Greener (No cases, Manuals and distribution/shipping)

BTW TheController
Google makes almost all their money from Google Ads through Google Search

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In December 2004, a rival game corporation Electronic Arts purchased a 19.9% stake in the firm (Ubisoft)

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