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DasBunker1918d ago

Glad it will be more accessible. Hoping for a $400 starting price point.

TobeyMaguireFan1918d ago

rumor in the other article says it will be $599 us dollars again

Skip_Bayless1918d ago

True next-gen technology has been revealed.

Septic1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

A few months ago we were begging for these kind of specs and people told us it wasnt happening.

Well, it's happened and then some! This machines specs are more than enough. The glimpses of the games we saw are a testament to that fact.

LOL_WUT1918d ago

Confirmed next-gen console, showed games running on it and specs revealed... Yep pretty much how its supposed to go down ;)

#Take notes

vickers5001918d ago

Can someone who knows their computer graphics tech explain to me how powerful the ps4 gpu is compared to say, an nvidia card? Like is it comparable to a GTX 460, a GTX 600 series or what?

Enemy1918d ago

Looks like Tobey's crying again.

Persistantthug1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

an Nvidia 660.
That's just the GPU and just talking about Teraflops.

However, we haven't really been told what the CPU's Teraflop output is yet, so the total will end up being a bit more.

Eazy-Eman1918d ago

so...when are you making the video of you eating your hat? Can you put some tobasco sauce on it before you eat it?

ABizzel11918d ago


What @Persistantthug said, although I don't understand why he used NVIDIA instead of AMD seeing how that's what the PS4 is using.

Using AMD the GPU is somewhere between the 7850 and 7870. Factoring in the CPU and the amazing RAM and it should be on par with that HD 7870, so mid-high PC graphics.

However, developer tools are better at coding for consoles, as the tools are focused on consistent and specific hardware, so expect to see games running comparably to current high-end PC's in the next 2 - 3 years.

On a side note seeing how precise the recent rumors for the PS4 were (besides doubling RAM), it's safe to assume that the Xbox 720's specs. are pretty close as well, for better or worse.

ProjectVulcan1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

It's going to be like a Radeon 7850. Just under 2 teraflops combined system performance. 7850 is 1.76 teraflops. 7870 by itself is 2.5 teraflops. The CPU we can assume Is the touted Jaguar cores simply because it was also called an APU and the CPU and GPU are on the same die. So it isn't gonna be a big CPU.

Being x86 architecture it will be directly comparable with desktop pc parts. If it is the 8 core 1.6ghz Jaguar based design then it's about as fast as your average dual core desktop CPU. Jaguar cores are small and designed really for tablet style applications. So pretty much any desktop quad core from the past 4 years will be quite a bit faster.

Raw performance of a midrange PC.

Current top of the line single AMD GPU 7970 is 4.3 teraflops by itself. 7990 dual GPU card is 7.4 teraflops by itself. I read somewhere that an update of the Radeon product line due this year would put their top end single GPU card to at least 6 teraflops. Which is believable.

So you get an idea with these examples.

TheGamerDood1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

"Axe99: Aye, but have to deal with a lack of optimization (because of the various hardware setups) and the huge tax on performance that running on Windows (if you're actually playing high-end games - there's very few high-end PC games on Linux or Mac) entails. Once you take into account the Windows resource 'tax', the PS4 specs actually compare pretty well with high-end PCs - far better than I expected, that's for sure."

Cueil1917d ago

Try a 7750... that combined with the APU would put that around 1.8tflops

evilhasitsway1917d ago

that it is so bet youll have to pay a decent amount for that beast which i do not mind doing.

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WarThunder1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

U jelly? xfan? hehehehe

mrbojingles1918d ago

Who are you even replying to?

SilentNegotiator1918d ago

Anyone that's been around N4G for a while knows that is another account by the infamous user "Bungie", a great troll and/or a massive Xbox fanboy.

Kevin ButIer1918d ago


Ohhh the irony... he can't use "Bungie" anymore... LOL

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HammadTheBeast1918d ago

lol PS4 has made you so mad. Also, check his comment history before defending him people.

1918d ago
gunnerforlife1918d ago

can someone explain to me how good all this is compared to lets say pc specs, does it make ps3 as powerful as midrange PCs or lower then that?

Main Processor
Single-chip custom processor
CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon™ based
graphics engine

^ any good?

CGI-Quality1918d ago

Nearly 2T.FLOPS for any console is amazing! I'm running a GTX 690 in my rig, which can manage 5.6T.FLOPS, but to even have a home system that can do 2 is going to work wonders for devs like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games (as we've seen with the new Killzone), Santa Monica, and Quantic Dream!

chasegarcia1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

pc equivalent:

GPU= ati 7850 (estimate by TFLOPS)
CPU= AMD FX-8120 (A good guess)
Memory=GDDR5 ---------The best part of the specs.

Specs overall are pretty good. It is going to be like another ps3 > Wii difference between PS4>Wiiu.

--Onilink--1918d ago

single chip?? i thought they said they were on the same die?

showtimefolks1918d ago

ok so is wiiu still considered a next gen system lol?

not a lot of great 3rd party support for nintendo again.

on topic:

its a day one purchase even if its $599. sony has a proven track record of delivering games and as a gamer above everything else i want games

silvacrest1918d ago

personally i consider the wii U just current gen

hivycox1917d ago

wii u is next gen...its silly to even ask that question...

un by the way = poeple around here doesn't know the true power the wii u has... its highly customized which is hard for analysts to determine the power of the console...

but due to the fact that the architecture allows the system to put out better graphics than last gen consoles and only need mere 40W to power it ..its certainly next gen...

The 8GB GDDR5 RAM inside the PS4 won't allow the system to sell under a minimum of 450$ LEAST

NBT911917d ago

Wii U is a next gen system.
Nobody bought a WII U thinking "I am sure this will produce better graphics than the PS4!" if you STILL don't see the point of the WII U, you never will and as a gamer, I pity you. It must be a shame to only play games with mind blowing graphics while missing out on other great gaming experiences. Should we not play GOW: Ascension next month since it is releasing on PS3 which isn't as powerful as PS4?

Well I will be loving playing Metal Gear on my PS4 and round of SSB WII U thrown in for good measure, if people want to limit their selves to only the first because they feel they owe it to Sony then that is their problem.
Sony fans are like the posh slobs of gaming, thinking because they pay more and get better hardware that everything else simply isn't worth their time. I love PlayStation but dude, it's not all about graphics and hardware.

showtimefolks1917d ago


dude graphics and atmosphere makes a hue part of the game, and no wiiu isn't next gen its stuck somewhere in the middle and will be over shadowed by ms and sony when it comes to next gen consoles

releasing it a year before isn't gonna do it any favor, 3rd parties will be again on ps4 and next xbox. so yeah its great to have wiiu but only for nintendo exclusives.

and as a long time sony fan i am glad they always raise the bar something nintendo hasn't done in a long time.

call me a graphics whore but every game that comes out reviewers lavish it and say it looks amazing so what's wrong if i want my console experience to be stunning looking?

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Ryo-Hazuki1918d ago

8GB GDDR5 RAM......INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Statix1918d ago

8GB of GDDR5 RAM was a huge shocker for me. All leaked specs indicated 4GB (although Sony stated to developers they were aiming for more).

Hell, my recently-purchased AMD GPU "only" has 3GB, and I thought that was a lot!

starchild1918d ago

Yeah, me too, Statix. I have an HD 7950 with 3GB of GDDR5.

The PS4 will be a very powerful console. Especially if it has good tools (as rumored) and devs can code more to the metal.

Awesome_Gamer1917d ago

Amazing. I can't wait to get a PS4.

hivycox1917d ago

its gonna cost ... and its gonna hurt a lot of people

Cueil1917d ago

it's not just size... what is the bit width of the bus... is it 128bit bus a 256? It wont be hire that's were the expense really starts getting crazy

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Lior1918d ago

C'mon people the big news today is the nvidia Titan is being released today for 839 pounds

akaakaaka1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

PS4 8GB of GDDR5 QUANTUM LEAP > TITAN is like 6GD og GDDR3? lol old gen.. even GDDR5 is still inferior because the PS4 has 8gb of it!

trancefreak1917d ago

I am happy for a few reasons 1: I love when new console tech comes out. 2 I will have amazing new games on this new console to play with and 3rd: Finally game engines will evolve further on PC and this new console tech. If that all makes sense cool.

boldstarr1918d ago

You wan't a cheap console with same games every year, buy an xbox
You wan't a kiddie games with outdated hardware, buy an Wii U

You wan't a console that's future proof, lots of diff game genres to choose and play, and a premium hardware buy a PS4

SignifiedSix1918d ago

For one, you can't even say anything about the next xbox as we know no actual facts about it. For all we know, it could be a more powerful system, or be on par with the ps4.

Microsoft has plenty of games being made for next generation. And many we dont even know about, like Fuse from crytek.

You're just another troll that plagues this website.

dafegamer1918d ago

how does this guy have 5 bubbles?

FlameBaitGod1918d ago

Oh they went with amd this time :O, nvidea must be pissed.

Malice-Flare1917d ago

nVidia's fault, they priced themselves out of Xbox, they priced themselves out of PS4...

plus, they're so draconian when it comes to licensing tech that the PS3 Linux does not have hardware access to the RSX GPU, which inspired hackers to hack the PS3 in the name of 'homebrew'...

lol, Project Shield...

1917d ago
pain777pas1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Sony just made the local news here in primetime and are doing a segment. Nice job their Sony!

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Zodiac1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

They should have Layman's terms for computer talk.

dirthurts1918d ago

Around the power of a radeon 7850 with a mid range processor.

Cueil1917d ago

No... a APU with that... drop it down to a 7750... you have ~800GFLOP combined with the ~ 1tflop from CPU

RememberThe3571918d ago

Haha your getting disagrees as if most people here know how to talk all that computer spec mumbo jumbo.

I completely agree with you, I'm not a computer guy so without any context these number are useless to me.

nrvalleytime1918d ago


This makes me very happy.

Rainstorm811918d ago

And devs excuses for Crytek

mt1917d ago

that made blizzard happy as well.

WarThunder1918d ago

And a 8 core AMD CPU! i have a 6 core, AMD is the best, Low price great performance.

2pacalypsenow1918d ago

Not better than intel Heyoooooooooo!

WarThunder1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )


AMD is Better than Intel

Before u Disagree watch the video first.

Tsar4ever011916d ago

Sony probably would've used Intel, but they probably charged way to much for their hardware specs, amd was far more reasonable which is the reason they went with them instead.

torchic1918d ago

Mr. Warden you must be extremely impressed with the new console.

when will your new viral video on YouTube release? :)

--Onilink--1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

it definitely does, that is some huge amount of RAM, especially that its DDR5.

Though my wallet is crying in the corner of the room right now thinking of much money i will have to spend this gen again to be able to play in all formats

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mushroomwig1918d ago

'802.11 b/g/n'

Hurray! My biggest problem with the PS3 was the wireless.

NateCole1918d ago

Shit i was hoping for AC. Oh well still great.

krisq1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong but only old phatties didn't support 'n' protocol. Slim and SuperSlim do have it.

mushroomwig1917d ago

No, none of the PS3 models have 'n' protocal sadly.

Ilovetheps41918d ago

The specs are really good in my opinion. I am very happy with the specs and can't wait to see what games they create on the PS4.