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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1088d ago | news

Sony Releases Complete PS4 Specifications

Check out the complete specs of the PS4. (PS4)

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TobeyMaguireFan  +   1088d ago
they got rid of the cell?
NastyLeftHook0  +   1088d ago
omg ps4 is a beast!
DasBunker  +   1088d ago
Glad it will be more accessible. Hoping for a $400 starting price point.
TobeyMaguireFan  +   1088d ago
rumor in the other article says it will be $599 us dollars again
Skip_Bayless  +   1088d ago
True next-gen technology has been revealed.
Septic  +   1088d ago
A few months ago we were begging for these kind of specs and people told us it wasnt happening.

Well, it's happened and then some! This machines specs are more than enough. The glimpses of the games we saw are a testament to that fact.
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LOL_WUT  +   1088d ago
Confirmed next-gen console, showed games running on it and specs revealed... Yep pretty much how its supposed to go down ;)

#Take notes
vickers500  +   1088d ago
Can someone who knows their computer graphics tech explain to me how powerful the ps4 gpu is compared to say, an nvidia card? Like is it comparable to a GTX 460, a GTX 600 series or what?
Enemy  +   1088d ago
Looks like Tobey's crying again.
Persistantthug  +   1088d ago
@vickers500......The approx answer to your question is approx
an Nvidia 660.
That's just the GPU and just talking about Teraflops.

However, we haven't really been told what the CPU's Teraflop output is yet, so the total will end up being a bit more.
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Eazy-Eman  +   1088d ago
so...when are you making the video of you eating your hat? Can you put some tobasco sauce on it before you eat it?
ABizzel1  +   1088d ago

What @Persistantthug said, although I don't understand why he used NVIDIA instead of AMD seeing how that's what the PS4 is using.

Using AMD the GPU is somewhere between the 7850 and 7870. Factoring in the CPU and the amazing RAM and it should be on par with that HD 7870, so mid-high PC graphics.

However, developer tools are better at coding for consoles, as the tools are focused on consistent and specific hardware, so expect to see games running comparably to current high-end PC's in the next 2 - 3 years.

On a side note seeing how precise the recent rumors for the PS4 were (besides doubling RAM), it's safe to assume that the Xbox 720's specs. are pretty close as well, for better or worse.
vulcanproject  +   1088d ago
It's going to be like a Radeon 7850. Just under 2 teraflops combined system performance. 7850 is 1.76 teraflops. 7870 by itself is 2.5 teraflops. The CPU we can assume Is the touted Jaguar cores simply because it was also called an APU and the CPU and GPU are on the same die. So it isn't gonna be a big CPU.

Being x86 architecture it will be directly comparable with desktop pc parts. If it is the 8 core 1.6ghz Jaguar based design then it's about as fast as your average dual core desktop CPU. Jaguar cores are small and designed really for tablet style applications. So pretty much any desktop quad core from the past 4 years will be quite a bit faster.

Raw performance of a midrange PC.

Current top of the line single AMD GPU 7970 is 4.3 teraflops by itself. 7990 dual GPU card is 7.4 teraflops by itself. I read somewhere that an update of the Radeon product line due this year would put their top end single GPU card to at least 6 teraflops. Which is believable.

So you get an idea with these examples.
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TheGamerDood  +   1088d ago
"Axe99: Aye, but have to deal with a lack of optimization (because of the various hardware setups) and the huge tax on performance that running on Windows (if you're actually playing high-end games - there's very few high-end PC games on Linux or Mac) entails. Once you take into account the Windows resource 'tax', the PS4 specs actually compare pretty well with high-end PCs - far better than I expected, that's for sure."
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Cueil  +   1087d ago
Try a 7750... that combined with the APU would put that around 1.8tflops
evilhasitsway  +   1087d ago
that it is so bet youll have to pay a decent amount for that beast which i do not mind doing.
WarThunder  +   1088d ago
U jelly? xfan? hehehehe
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mrbojingles  +   1088d ago
Who are you even replying to?
UnSelf  +   1088d ago
SilentNegotiator  +   1088d ago
Anyone that's been around N4G for a while knows that is another account by the infamous user "Bungie", a great troll and/or a massive Xbox fanboy.
Kevin ButIer  +   1088d ago

Ohhh the irony... he can't use "Bungie" anymore... LOL
HammadTheBeast  +   1088d ago
lol PS4 has made you so mad. Also, check his comment history before defending him people.
TobeyMaguireFan   1088d ago | Spam
gunnerforlife  +   1088d ago
can someone explain to me how good all this is compared to lets say pc specs, does it make ps3 as powerful as midrange PCs or lower then that?

Main Processor
Single-chip custom processor
CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon™ based
graphics engine

^ any good?
CGI-Quality  +   1088d ago
Nearly 2T.FLOPS for any console is amazing! I'm running a GTX 690 in my rig, which can manage 5.6T.FLOPS, but to even have a home system that can do 2 is going to work wonders for devs like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games (as we've seen with the new Killzone), Santa Monica, and Quantic Dream!
chasegarcia  +   1088d ago
pc equivalent:

GPU= ati 7850 (estimate by TFLOPS)
CPU= AMD FX-8120 (A good guess)
Memory=GDDR5 ---------The best part of the specs.

Specs overall are pretty good. It is going to be like another ps3 > Wii difference between PS4>Wiiu.
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--Onilink--  +   1088d ago
single chip?? i thought they said they were on the same die?
showtimefolks  +   1088d ago
ok so is wiiu still considered a next gen system lol?

not a lot of great 3rd party support for nintendo again.

on topic:

its a day one purchase even if its $599. sony has a proven track record of delivering games and as a gamer above everything else i want games
silvacrest  +   1088d ago
personally i consider the wii U just current gen
hivycox  +   1088d ago
wii u is next gen...its silly to even ask that question...

un by the way = poeple around here doesn't know the true power the wii u has... its highly customized which is hard for analysts to determine the power of the console...

but due to the fact that the architecture allows the system to put out better graphics than last gen consoles and only need mere 40W to power it ..its certainly next gen...

The 8GB GDDR5 RAM inside the PS4 won't allow the system to sell under a minimum of 450$ LEAST
NBT91  +   1087d ago
Wii U is a next gen system.
Nobody bought a WII U thinking "I am sure this will produce better graphics than the PS4!" if you STILL don't see the point of the WII U, you never will and as a gamer, I pity you. It must be a shame to only play games with mind blowing graphics while missing out on other great gaming experiences. Should we not play GOW: Ascension next month since it is releasing on PS3 which isn't as powerful as PS4?

Well I will be loving playing Metal Gear on my PS4 and round of SSB WII U thrown in for good measure, if people want to limit their selves to only the first because they feel they owe it to Sony then that is their problem.
Sony fans are like the posh slobs of gaming, thinking because they pay more and get better hardware that everything else simply isn't worth their time. I love PlayStation but dude, it's not all about graphics and hardware.
showtimefolks  +   1087d ago

dude graphics and atmosphere makes a hue part of the game, and no wiiu isn't next gen its stuck somewhere in the middle and will be over shadowed by ms and sony when it comes to next gen consoles

releasing it a year before isn't gonna do it any favor, 3rd parties will be again on ps4 and next xbox. so yeah its great to have wiiu but only for nintendo exclusives.

and as a long time sony fan i am glad they always raise the bar something nintendo hasn't done in a long time.

call me a graphics whore but every game that comes out reviewers lavish it and say it looks amazing so what's wrong if i want my console experience to be stunning looking?
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1088d ago
8GB GDDR5 RAM......INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Statix  +   1088d ago
8GB of GDDR5 RAM was a huge shocker for me. All leaked specs indicated 4GB (although Sony stated to developers they were aiming for more).

Hell, my recently-purchased AMD GPU "only" has 3GB, and I thought that was a lot!
starchild  +   1088d ago
Yeah, me too, Statix. I have an HD 7950 with 3GB of GDDR5.

The PS4 will be a very powerful console. Especially if it has good tools (as rumored) and devs can code more to the metal.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1088d ago
Amazing. I can't wait to get a PS4.
hivycox  +   1088d ago
its gonna cost ... and its gonna hurt a lot of people
Cueil  +   1087d ago
it's not just size... what is the bit width of the bus... is it 128bit bus a 256? It wont be hire that's were the expense really starts getting crazy
Lior  +   1088d ago
C'mon people the big news today is the nvidia Titan is being released today for 839 pounds
akaakaaka  +   1088d ago
PS4 8GB of GDDR5 QUANTUM LEAP > TITAN is like 6GD og GDDR3? lol old gen.. even GDDR5 is still inferior because the PS4 has 8gb of it!
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trancefreak  +   1087d ago
I am happy for a few reasons 1: I love when new console tech comes out. 2 I will have amazing new games on this new console to play with and 3rd: Finally game engines will evolve further on PC and this new console tech. If that all makes sense cool.
boldstarr  +   1088d ago
You wan't a cheap console with same games every year, buy an xbox
You wan't a kiddie games with outdated hardware, buy an Wii U

You wan't a console that's future proof, lots of diff game genres to choose and play, and a premium hardware buy a PS4
SignifiedSix  +   1088d ago
For one, you can't even say anything about the next xbox as we know no actual facts about it. For all we know, it could be a more powerful system, or be on par with the ps4.

Microsoft has plenty of games being made for next generation. And many we dont even know about, like Fuse from crytek.

You're just another troll that plagues this website.
KwietStorm  +   1088d ago
dafegamer  +   1088d ago
how does this guy have 5 bubbles?
FlameBaitGod  +   1088d ago
Oh they went with amd this time :O, nvidea must be pissed.
Malice-Flare  +   1087d ago
nVidia's fault, they priced themselves out of Xbox, they priced themselves out of PS4...

plus, they're so draconian when it comes to licensing tech that the PS3 Linux does not have hardware access to the RSX GPU, which inspired hackers to hack the PS3 in the name of 'homebrew'...

lol, Project Shield...
Chuck_Norris   1088d ago | Spam
pain777pas  +   1088d ago
Sony just made the local news here in primetime and are doing a segment. Nice job their Sony!
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Zodiac  +   1088d ago
They should have Layman's terms for computer talk.
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dirthurts  +   1088d ago
Around the power of a radeon 7850 with a mid range processor.
Cueil  +   1087d ago
No... a APU with that... drop it down to a 7750... you have ~800GFLOP combined with the ~ 1tflop from CPU
RememberThe357  +   1088d ago
Haha your getting disagrees as if most people here know how to talk all that computer spec mumbo jumbo.

I completely agree with you, I'm not a computer guy so without any context these number are useless to me.
nrvalleytime  +   1088d ago

This makes me very happy.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1088d ago
im with you on that brotha
Rainstorm81  +   1088d ago
And devs excuses for Crytek
Knight_Crawler  +   1088d ago
And Bethesda :)
mt  +   1088d ago
that made blizzard happy as well.
WarThunder  +   1088d ago
And a 8 core AMD CPU! i have a 6 core, AMD is the best, Low price great performance.
2pacalypsenow  +   1088d ago
Not better than intel Heyoooooooooo!
WarThunder  +   1088d ago

AMD is Better than Intel

Before u Disagree watch the video first.
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Tsar4ever  +   1086d ago
Sony probably would've used Intel, but they probably charged way to much for their hardware specs, amd was far more reasonable which is the reason they went with them instead.
chadwarden  +   1088d ago
torchic  +   1088d ago
Mr. Warden you must be extremely impressed with the new console.

when will your new viral video on YouTube release? :)
--Onilink--  +   1088d ago
it definitely does, that is some huge amount of RAM, especially that its DDR5.

Though my wallet is crying in the corner of the room right now thinking of much money i will have to spend this gen again to be able to play in all formats
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mushroomwig  +   1088d ago
'802.11 b/g/n'

Hurray! My biggest problem with the PS3 was the wireless.
NateCole  +   1088d ago
Shit i was hoping for AC. Oh well still great.
krisq  +   1088d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but only old phatties didn't support 'n' protocol. Slim and SuperSlim do have it.
#4.2 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mushroomwig  +   1087d ago
No, none of the PS3 models have 'n' protocal sadly.
Ilovetheps4  +   1088d ago
The specs are really good in my opinion. I am very happy with the specs and can't wait to see what games they create on the PS4.
josephayal  +   1088d ago
nice, but We Still don't know what the PS4 looks like
buddymagoo  +   1088d ago
personally, it could look like a shoebox and I would be happy.
jeeves86  +   1088d ago
Confirmed, PS3 will look like a shoebox.

I'd still buy it.
karl  +   1088d ago
i dont know why i cared so much till i read your comment..
rainslacker  +   1088d ago
I personally don't care what it looks like, but lets face it, Sony is really good at making awesome looking devices.
Flyingdog670  +   1088d ago
Well... Sony still needs things to show at E3, they already got the specs out of the way and the user interface. They are going to most likely show the console, reveal the price, give an official release date, give us more info Gaikai connectivity, and the best part... MORE GAMES!!!! I see sony stealing the show this E3. Microsoft is probably going to waste time talking about the specs and hardware, and talk about all those useless features we don't really care about. Nintendo will do really well, showing the new Mario, Smash Bros., and all the other good stuff. This E3 is going to be the best E3 in a while.
jonboi24  +   1088d ago
ps4 is the first invisible home console
sashimi  +   1088d ago
I thought that was the wiiU but it seems like the people below says its the ps2 lol
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stage88  +   1088d ago
This is the console of 2013.
majiebeast  +   1088d ago
Okay so now the doomsayers cant say its download only.
v0rt3x  +   1088d ago
It was kind of strange to see the PS4 being announced, but not seeing the actual console.
paradigmfellow  +   1088d ago
The PS2 was like that back in 1999.
torchic  +   1088d ago
bodes well for the future, seeing as how awesome PS2 was :)
Jobesy  +   1088d ago
@ torchic, the Wiiu was like that as well. I don't really care though, the actual console doesn't NEED to be shown yet as long as we know the specs and see the new controller which was shown today.
paradigmfellow  +   1088d ago
The PS2 announcement was like that back in 1999.
maniacmayhem  +   1088d ago
Funny I said this in another article that Nintendo did the same thing and the internet instantly blew up saying that the controller was actually the new system.
InTheLab  +   1088d ago
Except N did it at E3 and not a small gathering...
Rainstorm81  +   1088d ago
I think It was the name and how it was unveiled....PS4 should leave no confusion..Wii-U could've been yet another Wii named peripheral
N4g_null  +   1088d ago
This is actually a Sony viao no really it even has the laptop touch pads and just wait on the price! This one might actually hurt.

It was nice seeing watch dogs again and why is infamous copying watchdogs? So far it's the same ol Sony with boring pretty games.
Just_The_Truth  +   1088d ago
They need to save something for E3. Plus didn't you realize there way no big reveal of the ps4. They don't want it to be the main focus right now but rather the software.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1088d ago
Was anyone else even a little disappointed we didnt see the console?
d0nT wOrrY  +   1088d ago
E3 buddy, E3.
silvacrest  +   1088d ago
i didn't expect sony to show their entire load on day one
KillrateOmega  +   1087d ago
Not really. We pretty much got all we needed from the PS Event. Showing the console will mostly just give us insight into its aesthetic value.

I imagine that they're are either finalizing its design or keeping it from us so as to keep interest and excitement for the system at high levels by exploiting our natural curiosity on the subject. Doing so ensures that they'll make as big of a splash as possible come E3.
jay2  +   1088d ago
Wow, shocked no 5G wifi :( new model in a couple of yrs then.
#11 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(26) | Report | Reply
dirthurts  +   1088d ago
5G and Wifi are two totally different things.
Just_The_Truth  +   1088d ago
I think he meant a new vita with 5G/Wifi lol
eldeladi  +   1088d ago
he means wifi ac, which is 5th gen. it's not needed to stream games, n speeds are large enough.
pody  +   1088d ago
My computer is more powerful then this.
BitbyDeath  +   1088d ago
PC games are not using anything this powerful
kevnb  +   1088d ago
what makes you say that? Because other than the 8 gigs of ram, they certainly are in some games. When watching actual gameplay of killzone it felt like crysis 2 on pc, which contradicts what you say.
I dont think any devs are fully utilizing the ps4 at the moment, I dont even think they have any idea what to do with all that ram... Unless of course they plan on going 4k or some other really high res. There we can see systems use up to 3 gigs of ram, and cards like nvidias new titan have 6 gigs of memory for video ram...

Now I probably will get a ps4 at some point, I like sonys first party games after all. But I havent seen much to make me go out and get one just yet. The first year or two of a new console is usually pretty rough compared to what comes out later, so Ill just hold on to my gtx 460 and ps3 for now and see what happens.
#12.1.1 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(16) | Report
Count  +   1088d ago
You're delusional.
N4g_null  +   1088d ago
Nope kev we already are getting screen tear at current resolutions. You are seeing the peak of the hardware now. Direct x 11 is pretty ain't it, even Capcom can do uncharted now.

Sony just made a laptop a console... It's going to have heat problems too unless it is liquid cooled. I expect ms to do the same now Sony is totally exposed ms is just going to throw money at their next system.
Qrphe  +   1088d ago

GTX 460?

The SE Demo was first showed running on a GTX 680. This same demo looked the same running on the PS4.

You need to upgrade to have a better point
nypifisel  +   1088d ago

If you actually knew anything about anything you'd know that what we saw today in the killzone demo is nothing we'd ever seen before, the technical achievement of rendering that world is astonishing and Crysis 2 doesn't even come close. I'm not saying it wasn't possible on PCs before, cause it was I'm just saying no one has crafted anything like it for PC before.

I was utterly impressed of the technical side of the demo, the 3D was really good and you need some prowess to render that kind of environment, and at least that's certainly not something any current gen console could manage.

Not to forget the Unreal 4 demo on the PS4 which bodes for a bright future (cause as you might or might not know, not even PC got any games built with that engine yet).. And I only play PC games, this excites me cause now finally we might start using some of the potential of the PC (at least the next year or two)
BitbyDeath  +   1088d ago
Note: I stated games, not PC's themselves.
Biggest game is Crysis 3 and PS4 exceeds it spec wise. eg. 8GB GDDR3 ram will get you max graphics on PC where as PS4 has 8GB GDDR5.

For the record, only 2GB of ram is req'd for Crysis 3 to work on minimal.
#12.1.6 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
taco_tom237  +   1088d ago
we don't care...
bluetoto  +   1088d ago
Say it louder brother! NO ONE CARES!
Shadow Flare  +   1088d ago
70 million people won't have your computer. But they will have the ps4. That's sort of the point of a console. Get back to your home office
tubers  +   1087d ago
Not all of that 70 million people will have PS fan boy blinders that will only have a PS4 as a gaming platform.
UnSelf  +   1088d ago
good boy. heres a treat. get it boy!
Nicolee  +   1088d ago
your pc got more than 8 cores cpu ?
Sangheili85  +   1088d ago
Sure, why not? Google AMD FX-8350, its an 8 core CPU for only $199

Its nothing special, AMD has been making high core CPUs for a while now and they are dirt cheap, but thats for a reason. AMD's 8 core processor gets beat out by a quad core Intel i7.

I'm guessing that is why Sony went with AMD, seeing that their chips are very cheap compared to Intel.
Nicolee  +   1088d ago
AMD FX-8350 is 8 cores . my previous comment i asked about that if his PC has more than 8 cores.
as you don't know what speed of cpu of PS4 will be yet so your comment about i7 is not valid to compare at all.
Sangheili85  +   1088d ago
Fine, we aren't comparing speeds? What about a AMD Opteron 6234? That is a 12-core server processor for only $400.
BDG  +   1088d ago
and how much was that computer then??
pody  +   1088d ago
Wow.. So angry!
orakle44  +   1088d ago
Stupid comments get silly replies....
Highlife  +   1088d ago
Specs please. Games aren't optimized on pc they have to play nice with many different setups. On console one system you can optimize for that system and get better results with less power. Uncharted as an example.
Count  +   1088d ago
What are you talking about? PCs are capable of dishing out much better gfx than a console can. A console will have the same hardware for a multitude of years, but a PC can update its hardware every few months.
Highlife  +   1088d ago
I didn't say that PC's aren't capable of better graphics just say that consoles do a better job of optimizing what they have. They get more out of lesser specs.
tubers  +   1087d ago
That runs 720p at 30 fps? While PC games go beyond 4K more than a year ago?
dirthurts  +   1088d ago
Mine too Pody.
Still, it's a nice jump. Multiform games will look better now.
Guess I'll be saving up for that new video card.
I may pick up a PS4 if the price is right though.
chad22hkd  +   1088d ago
Don't be a fanboy, yeah its true you could spend 3,000 dollars on the (most) high powered pc you can buy now, and get roughly 10% more power then will be in the ps4.

On top of that, pc is always held back by console focused development, so this will be an upgrade for pc gamers as well.

Futher more, d bag dude pc elitist idiot man, in the world right now, and when the ps4 releases, maybe 4% of all pc gamers will have a rig that strong.

So.... No pc games will utilze all your expensive wasted POWAR!!!!!!BUT you can keep going and flashy you gimpy E penis to everyone,

All this coming from a playstation/pc fan,

my modest rig- nividia 660 ti overclocked,
intel i7 2600 @3.40 ghz
with 8 gigs of ram,

good day sir

@DomceM okay so then tell what pc you will build Mid range for 800 bucks that powerful.
#12.10 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
DomceM  +   1088d ago
you know why pc guys are elitist? Because people like you are ignorant and annoying. You dont understand hardware so dont talk about it? 3k for 10% more power? stop pulling numbers out of your ass. PS4 is going to be equal to a mid range gaming pc price 7-800.

Stop imagining magic hardware in your plastic box. Its the same parts as PC uses except you cant upgrade.

Also i love PS and will be getting a PS4. I just hate stupid ppl spouting nonsense.
1886afc  +   1088d ago
4% really? anyone with a card above a hd7850 has a has a better gaming pc NOW!!!
#12.10.2 Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
kewlkat007  +   1088d ago
lol..... 3,000 dollars pc= 10% more power then will be in the ps4.
#12.10.3 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
kenshiro100  +   1088d ago
...Grow up. Seriously.
#12.10.4 Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
1886afc  +   1088d ago
yea ps4 is a mid range gaming pc now, but when it releases it'll be bottom tier gaming pc at best.
silvacrest  +   1088d ago
does not matter, your PC wont even see most of the games shown anyway
lovegames718  +   1088d ago
Where are all the haters and bs talkers saying this system wouldnt be a big leap and only marginally better thn wiiu? Lol you guys are sick and for knowing it all are always wrong. These specs wipe the floor with competition. Not only tht gpu and cpu are powerfull
SaxScrotumz  +   1088d ago
Actually thinking the same thing, man. I am stoked!!
--Onilink--  +   1088d ago
i dont think anyone really said that it would only be marginally better than the WiiU.. most people have said that the leap wouldnt be that big (which this gen was freaking huge) and its true, there is definitely a big difference in power. But if you ask me, i still dont see any reason why most 3rd party games would not be released on the wii u. PS4(Ultra settings)/720(Ultra-High settings) / WiiU (Medium-Low settings). But nothing like this gen that they couldnt even use the same engine
Root  +   1088d ago
Actually I totaly forgot about the Wii U

Damn...Nintendo are in a bit of trouble aren't they. I bet they didn't expect this.

If the price is good then that's going to hurt Nintendo the most.

No way if third party devs going to support the Wii U when they can do better stuff on the PS4 and possibly the Nextbox
silvacrest  +   1088d ago
developers will go where the install base is, right now, the wii u is selling pretty poorly
nikoado  +   1088d ago
Blu Ray 6x,USB 3.0, and 8 GB GDDR5 Ram.

That all sounds great to me.

I wonder is it a solid state hdd though? Even if it isn't included, it'll probably support them anyway.
#14 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
pody  +   1088d ago
Lets hope.
--Onilink--  +   1088d ago
haha i think you are pushing the boundaries of what Sony is able to put into the market with a purchaseable price if you want Solid State Drive.

With 8Gb DDR5 it really shouldnt make that much of a difference anyway, they can load most of the stuff on the RAM
#14.2 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Zefros  +   1088d ago
I wonder how big Hard drive we will get. Hoping for atleast 250 gigs what i really want is 500gb, that would be perfect. If not i hope we can remove the HDD and insert another one.
ExCest  +   1088d ago
It says built in hdd so the hopes of many (including mine) have been shattered.
Hicken  +   1088d ago
The PS3 has a built-in HDD. Not stopping anybody from swapping that thing out, is it?
BitbyDeath  +   1088d ago
And people thought this wouldn't be as powerful as a PC.
iamgoatman  +   1088d ago
Well you can't say it's "as powerful as a PC." as all PC's are different, but if we're comparing PS4 specs vs max potential PC specs of today, it's still way behind enthusiast level gaming PC's. That's just a fact, PC's will always be ahead of console, but they do come at a cost.
tubers  +   1087d ago
That's a dumb and vague statement at best.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1088d ago
This PS4 is a bomb already.. As a gamer, I'm scared.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   1088d ago
Where is the console?
Tsar4ever  +   1086d ago
The spec haven't been finalised yet, Final hardware specs with casing supposed to be sometime this summer. Most likey E32013
#18.1 (Edited 1086d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Azurite  +   1088d ago
6x BD, that's 216Mbit.
Quite a leap from the current 2x 72Mbit.
#19 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mushroomwig  +   1088d ago
Does that mean no more mandatory installs?
Azurite  +   1088d ago
Good point, maybe.
Skate-AK  +   1088d ago
Yeah probably just optional.
GodGinrai  +   1088d ago
whats crazy is how accurate semiaccurates reports were. This is pretty much the spec they have been saying for nearly a year now. is mine but I think this is good for a console.But the games are looking good. Aint that all that matters?

Drive club dont look that impressive but Im willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. KZ, infamous and deep down look like they will be fun though. Im sold.

But why they being so shy about the looks you would think it was an ugly betty the way they are behaving! lol
r21  +   1088d ago
With that much memory, its hard not to be excited bout open world games. Oh and another game which I will hugely be looking forward to, LBP3!
GodGinrai  +   1088d ago
correction KZ looked amazing..them glass buildings...sheesh!
orakle44  +   1088d ago
Yep when i was watching the vid, i was like well now there just showing off. lol
jagstar44  +   1088d ago
i bet Nintendo are shitting themselves
GoldenMonkey34   1088d ago | Spam
worldwidegaming  +   1088d ago
people crying about Nintendo need to realize Nintendon't care!
Pokemon,monster hunter,Zelda,Mario etc They make money and will continue to be profitable in the future.
we all have real world data to show that Nintendo was well into the Black while Sony was wallowing in losses non stop.
Mario is shitting but he has a throne made of golden coins.
I am curious who is going to have good launch titles.
NBT91  +   1087d ago
I bet they aren't.
Studio-YaMi  +   1088d ago
A beast console,that's what it is,I really enjoyed the meeting seriously too awesome ! can't wait for E3 !!
SkyCrawler  +   1088d ago
Waiting for the usual "My pc is better because..." comments. Seriously PC elitists are acting like whining babies. Every time theres a positive comment about the PS4's capabilities I always see the usual PC elitists ready to throw down their specs. No one asked you. We know what the PC is capable of. They can't make games without them. It looks like they're the underdog crying for attention and its really annoying. At first it was Console fanboy vs. Console fan-boy. Now its PC fb's vs. console fb's. Either way, all of the fanboyism's annoying.
duplissi  +   1088d ago
my pc is better.
kevnb  +   1088d ago
well the titan gives 4.5 teraflops, so it wont be long before mainstream pcs are more powerful. The unified ram thing is interesting though. edit: Well just saying, the titan is expensive right now, but wait a year or two and then that kind of power is affordable. Im not talking about something that matches the ps4 in power, im talking about something that should be able to blow it away.
#26 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
mushroomwig  +   1088d ago
The titan costs as much as a complete gaming set up with no real benefits to the average gamer.
duplissi  +   1088d ago
the titan is only for masochists.... it costs more than my whole pc, which btw can run everyting maxxed at 1080p
Lucreto  +   1088d ago
Official press relese of spec
nevin1  +   1088d ago
any possible DS3 support?
onyoursistersback  +   1088d ago
i had read a week ago that yes....the DS3 will be supported
volcane  +   1088d ago
If it supports the Move controller, I assume it must support the DS3.
volcane  +   1087d ago
Seems I assumed wrong :(
ambientFLIER  +   1088d ago
Hmm, this looks pretty good. Maybe this gen I will actually get into the Playstation brand. My PS3 is collecting dust. Mostly it's the controller...too small, too uncomfortable.
SkyCrawler  +   1088d ago
you do know there are alternative controllers of all different shapes and sizes out there, right?
ambientFLIER  +   1087d ago
I do. I also have a thing against PSN. It's a pain in the ass to use compared to xbl. Downloading updates takes forever, then they have to install for a while as well. Then the game itself has to get updated. I'm just not feeling the overall experience, even if it's free.
Grandmaster-B  +   1088d ago
The RAM is a bomb, but not the X86. The Cell is not much behind this CPU.
Sorry to say, but thats the truth.

Looked KZ4 16xRAM better than KZ3???
nypifisel  +   1088d ago
x86-64 is what all modern PCs uses today... How is that not only a good thing from every point of view?

The obvious advantage with using a PC architecture is with what ease developers will be able to code for it, it doesn't have any disadvantages over the Cell, and as already stated, every single PC in the world have been using this architecture for decades now and it's still standard in every tier. So what the heck do you mean?
#29.1 (Edited 1088d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
3GenGames  +   1087d ago
The Cell is garbage for game calculations. It was designed for a server, and should have been able to give gaming an advantage in theory, but in practice, it never showed. Ever. The Cell was a failure. Failure for Sony, the programmers, everyone.
stuntman_mike  +   1088d ago
it aint gonna be cheap. :( I need to sell some stuff, like a kidney lol.
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