Why I Was Unimpressed by Sony's PS4

Eldon from Denkiphile: "February 20 was a big day for Sony. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about and aren’t up to date on video game related news, Sony announced the PS4 (or as people who are ABAP call it, the PSQuadruple) along with a number of launch titles like the new Killzone or Destiny. I was pretty disappointed overall with the console itself and other aspects surrounding it because I was led to believe that the hardware would be next-gen material, when in reality it feels more like current-gen but slightly dated."

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Dylila1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

its because you are a fanboy for another and lesser product.
i dont understand silly articles with people not being excited about ps4 but feels the need to tell people they arent excited. its ok not to be excited but when you have a product that you are suppose to be into because its your hobby and its the best doing things youve never seen pushing tech forward and you dont like it, something is wrong. might as well you stop playing video games if you hate the sony conference for ps4 or you just come out and say," im a fanboy for x product and what sony showed was amazing so i hate them".

i know going around on the internet i see a lot of pc fanboys crying and making things up to make themselves feel better. i see people going as far as to say everything shown by sony was fake which is really a compliment to how amazing the ps4 is.

i lost bubbles saying that killzone shadow fall will look better than crysis 3 on ultra and was banned for a few days. i am right but the thought of it being true was enough to drice pc fanboys crazy enough to full my inbox with hate messages saying im a b... that doesnt know about gaming hardware. i dont know a lot but i know ps4 renders high end pcs unnecessary if it can surpass expensive pcs that cost thousand of dollars to run crysis 3. killzone has the graphics crown right now and its in alpha. imagine when killzone goes gold, more crying i guess by fanboys who hates sony

buying ps4 first day.

Knight_Crawler1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I agreed with your comment and gave you a bubble because you look beautiful.

BullyMangler1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

ahh haa haaaaa . i dint even read the fangirl up above you's essay, but funny you are . . I gave you a bubble do to

MarauderShields1944d ago

Smooth move bro, you must be a true player.

Count1943d ago

What's funny is that you actually think this person is a girl.

DatNJDom811943d ago

"Why I Was Unimpressed by Sony's PS4"

let me sum up the article and save u guys a click. He hates PS4 because by the time it comes out pc will have new stuff. oooooooooooooo. Damn the hate the Playstation brand gets is just incredible. Hilarious really.

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Rockefellow1943d ago

Knight_Crawler, King of the Betas

inveni01943d ago

To the article author:

"...more like current-gen, but slightly dated."

Well, which is it? Is it current, or is it dated? You should decide about this before continuing to whine...

ApolloTheBoss1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Don't you know? There are no girls on the internet.

indubitably1943d ago

This has become a beta thread

Saigon1943d ago


Not trying to knock your judgement, but just would like to know, what did Sony lie about during the event on the 20th?

If you are referring to the PS3, please point out the lie that hurt you most. IF it is the Killzone thing, or the HDMI thing, please point it out.

DragonKnight1943d ago

@nlvwithgms: Yeah, everything you say is bull. You've been trolling hard on the PS4 since the reveal so everything you say doesn't matter.

Army_of_Darkness1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

We all know that certain features were removed along with the ps3's price cuts and the reason why most ps3 owners didn't complain about them is because they were features that the majority of us didn't even use... So why would I go off crying about features that I would never use, or have never ruined my gaming experience?!

And your disappointed in the PS4 reveal because the physical form wasn't there?! Boo Hoo! cry me a river bro! cause judging from your bitter comment, I don't think you had any intentions of getting a PS4 to begin with!? so why should you even care?!
I wasn't at all upset that the actual PS4 wasn't revealed because the spec's and games were enough to satisfy my curiosity!
I bet you that if they revealed the physical form of the PS4 but didn't give details on the hardware spec's you would be complaining about that too!

Get over it and play your preferred platform instead of hating on what is gonna be awesome.

BlmThug1943d ago

Your in there Brother /s OT: Why is a person hounded for not liking a certain console? It is a opinion afteral. Btw, I am a PS4 Fan and have already reserved a system so don't disagree and label me a fanboy

Saigon1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


As you can see from my post, I want to know exactly what he is mad at.

Because seriously, if he is one of those individuals that is a ride-or-die Xbox fan, and not notice the stuff MS pulled off, then he needs to grow up. I know what Sony did in the beginning of the PS3 before it was released...

removing the extra HDMI plug for the dual screen view, 1080p at 120fps, or was it 60fps, killzone mistake, and then afterwards removing the other OS, removing the extra media plugin adapters, etc...yeah we know, but as gamers don't care. I found myself being the majority and didn't really care about dual screens or how many fps the system could produce or using the other OS, I cared about the games...

Seriously MS didn't even really allow gamers to access the HDMI plugin until after a revision to the console...the RROD fiasco was much alone for anyone to jump ship, but no one did. to me...this is the first generation i saw a console get a pass...I never saw Nintendo get a pass with the N64, Never saw Sega get a pass with the Saturn...never saw the Atari Jaguar get a pass, so why does MS get a pass this generation...I don't get it. Yet, so many gamers are mad at Sony for lying and being pocket thieves...

Do you see how ironic that statement is...

Relientk771943d ago

I wish I could talk to girls like Knight_Crawler

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1943d ago

i believe love can bloom, even in the N4G comments section
-solid snake

danthebios1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

that was funny,the love thingy lol

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sinncross1944d ago

Im just going to address all of this articles concerns:
Firstly the loss of a select button is non-consequential as the touchpad (yes, not touchscreen) functions as a clickable button: So DMC fans, there is your taunt button.

Secondly, just because Sony wants to employ the Move for PS4 along with Kinect like abilities is hardly detrimental to your experience if you like neither. No one says you NEED to use the move or CAMERA if you dont want to. its an option... there is a demographic that likes that games so be it.

thirdly, the author complains about the video streaming and ability to help your friends in the new social interaction feature of the console. Again.. so what? WHo really cares if lots of people need help beating the first boss in NG... it is OPTIONAL. If they want to cheapen their own experience how does that affect you? Perhaps they are just struggling and really want to press on with the game... have you never been to a friends place and helped them out with one of their games? ts teh same thing but you dont need to physically be there to help out.

The BC (or lack thereof) is a problem but with the change to different architecture it makes sense. SOny are still looking into, they said they are considering various options.

and as for the PSV thing... no one says you need to use remote play... its just another option for those who do happen to have both a psv and ps4. (Ps: remote play was also between Ps3 and PSP)

shivvy241943d ago

Yea it definitely makes sence about bc , its a whole different architecture , im not really bugged about it because I keep my consoles , still have the good old ps1 with all crash spyro games

T21943d ago

Seriously right ? Who the f complains about extra features? Do you complain that you never use cruise control on your car ? "Find me a car with no cruise , jeez " Only a true hater complains about extra features , butthurt little bchez

brave27heart1942d ago

"Why I was unimpressed by Sonys PS4"

- because I wanted hits on my website.

pr0t0typeknuckles1944d ago

i agree, heck on youtube there are a lot of butthurt nintendo fanboys like dr tre81, and nintengod, and they are unimpressed with ps4 but were blown away by wii u,now im more of a sony fan but if microsoft comes in and wows everybody im not gonna be pissed because they did well, now jealous yes, but im still gonna say hey good job microsoft you killed it,you deserve everybit of praise you get.

TopDudeMan1943d ago

inb4 microsoft come out with a console that has no controller.

shivvy241943d ago

Was anyone really blown away seeing the wiiu reveal other than Nintendo fanboys ! I wasnt even impressed and my 10 yr old bro doesnt like the new screen controller !

Reverent1943d ago

I don't know whether you should get a bubble for "Well Said", or "Intelligent"

aceitman1944d ago

another spot looking for hits , why so many articles bashing sony . there are articles that give there opion and say what they like and don't like but things like this is just nit picking and 90% of the article is bashing it . and it goes for any article that bashes any system period . nothing is perfect but u can tell when someone doesn't like a brand . in the media market its said that if u don't like a company ( personally ) u should not wright an article on it .

smashcrashbash1944d ago

Here is a bubble. I know how hard it is to actually get bubbles on this site and you lose them so easily.I am giving you this one for showing how rediculous people can be. Just imagine people think the whole thing is fake. But I keep asking 'If the whole thing is fake then why are third parties buying into it and there is a release time for the PS4' Why would the third parties claim they are making games for the PS4 and lie about it when most of them have no allegiance to Sony? so why would they go through all that trouble to help Sony, the people whose system they complained the most about all this gen.And what is Sony going to do when the time comes to release it like they stated? Tell their investors, developers and employees 'April Fools'?

DivineAssault 1943d ago

That 1st sentence grants u a bubble up buddy.. "lesser product" is correct.. PS4 (though not yet released) is the greatest console the worlds ever seen.. PCs arent considered consoles to me..

Daoshai1943d ago

I think you mean the greatest product never seen.

RTheRebel1943d ago

ohh the hypocrisy of you calling someone a fanboy

Blackdeath_6631943d ago

exactly what i was going to say. i hate it when people who have no clue of the capabilities pc's are able to produce start making silly claims like the killzone4 looks better than crysis3 bearing in mind THE GAME ISN'T OUT YET. how can someone judge the graphical fidelity of a game from a short gameplay clip on a video with out actually owning the game? it really blows my mind.

Armyntt1943d ago

I agree with some of what your saying. But saying it looks better than Crysis 3 on Ultra? That might be pushing it. We dont have a final version so it very well could be. From the trailer i seen a game that was still a step down from Battlefield 3 on PC. And that came out in 2011. Im not a PC gamer im just an unbiased gamer. TBH though i wish for KZ to push the fps genre even further graphically and technical wise.

DigitalSmoke1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Great post Dylila, i agree and couldn't find the
attention span to write it if wanted to :)

The energy for going through the motion of writing a bitter "not impressed" blog wile the entire console scene is wide eyed on what Sony shown has to be drawm from somewhere.

A place of bitterness jealousy and envy is my calculated guess. :)

Realplaya1943d ago

Dylila you are complaining but I see you on every Nintendo article chiming in. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black hungh. Let the companies push there products and just enjoy yours.

zerocrossing1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Don't talk nonsense you never had bubbles to loose when Killzone SF was announced.

Oh, congrats by the way on all those agrees you got from idiots taking you seriously, it just highlights the fact many gamers are too blind and/or immature to accept negative views towards their chosen allegiance, so much so they'd actually choose to side with a user who's widely accepted as a "troll".

Look whether or not you are huge Sony fan try to accept the fact that people may have felt underwhelming by the Sony conference for reasons other than being a "hater" or "rooting for the other team" can we at least try that?

Having said all that though, I think this article may be trolling...

ILive1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

There is a difference between valid criticism and just plain nit picking. The latter is what the hit fishing article presents. There like a billion of these articles. Why are they ever approved? Microsoft announce the next xbox and another billion of these useless articles that contribute nothing will appear.

sway_z1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

@Dylia (whether you're female or male is unimportant, you make sensible comments)

Are you sure you lost bubbles for simply stating you thought KZ looked better than Crysis 3 on Ultra??

If that's evil empire is in full effect!

Slowly we are losing freedom of speech and expression which is unlawful to say the least. If you don't like Sony/PS4 then why are you commenting on it naysayers?

Pathetic is too kind a word to describe this cancer in our videogame hobby.

Link0791943d ago

This girl is true to SONY wow.

OmegaSlayer1943d ago

Having the brass to post such an ugly self portrait on the net makes clear that this guy has no taste.
Jokes aside...he doesn't have good points.

IcicleTrepan1943d ago

The fact that anyone is a fanboy of any product makes me laugh and puke at the same time. These are just products people, no reason to invest your heart and soul into it. You should invest those into your family and loved ones.

If you enjoy games, there's no real reason to limit yourself to one platform. I will never understand people that decide to become free advertisement for a company.

I also disagree with the above because 'lesser product' is something that is pure speculation. You yourself are a fanboy. We haven't even seen the competition yet and yet you are so quick to declare a winner. You're just as bad as the writer of the article then, aren't you, you're just approaching with the opposite viewpoint.

TomOfAllTrades1943d ago

Your completely right, at the end of the day the article above is attacking Sony's PS4 for the sake of making their chosen platform look more impressive (which isn't turning out well for them).I get the same as you in the sense that PC fan-boys can't quite accept something which looks visually better in every area (It's a fact that Killzone Shadow Fall exceeds with it's top-notch graphics and the amount of rendering the engine achieve's).

But hey not everyone was quite born with the intelligence to accept the obvious, and it's nice to know that there are people out the can see the difference between black and white.

Kurt Russell1943d ago

Click the WiiU tab go take a look a all the Sony and Microsoft fans comments there.

However I will say that Killzone doesn indeed look amazing graphically, but it looked as shallow as the previous iterations on gameplay... which in my opinion has always let the franchise down. The fact the PS4 is going to be pumping out games that looks that pretty, gets me a little juicy though.

babis19741943d ago

i think that x-box will also be powerfull but the problem with some people is that they think that x-box is better than ps3 and they can't accept even a good event as we saw in 20/02. i wish they will get a great machine but i believe for the gamers is always about games not consoles!!!

1943d ago
nintendoland1943d ago

you lose bubbles because you hate nintendo for no reason

Reverent1943d ago

And you lose bubbles because you hate everything but nintendo for some reason. Your point?

profgerbik1943d ago

Everyone knows you weren't banned for just that. I can't tell if you are a deliberate troll or not.

You constantly talk about fanboys but I see you in every Wii U thread talking it down like it is completely inferior and not a single person should own one.

How is that any different from the Nintendo fans that are hating on the PS4? There is no difference it is that simple..

I am going to assume you are just a troll but man you sure put a lot of effort into just being a troll.

Moonman1943d ago

I may get some hate for this: but I have been sincerley disappointed by Microsoft for like the past 4 years! Meanwhile I am almost equally excited for PS3 software this year as I am for the impressive PS4. Real talk.

TheSurg1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Killzone demo looked great but believe me it's not as great as Crysis 3 on ultra.. I was playing it just few minutes ago...THE CAVE level just blew me away. The amount of detail is astonishing. I don't usually game on PC, I feel more comfortable playin on a console with my wife but this time I just wanted to try it out since I got this monster PC for work (graphic artist) I'm sure with time next gen games will surpas crysis, those are just first titles we see! Anyway, you do sound like a fanboy, Dylila. You said you hate when people got the need to tell everyone how dissapointed they were with the just do the same right now, having the need to tell everyone how ps4 will prevail bla bla..chill out! Gaming is my hobby just like yours...but you just take things too seriously! Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (oo I think using "x" leter is a crime on n4g whoops)!!!!

hano1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Congratulations Sony marketing lady, you are popular here.

PC rules the pathetic PS4.

Hurry Sony fanboys, there's a girl gamer who likes PS4, you must buy one!

1Victor1943d ago

this comment will unimpressive that's why it ends here...........

BlackTar1871943d ago


Im calling BS you can't reserve a system anywhere that i can think of with out them having a price point. Companies can't take money from you without knowing what the final price is.

Or if i'm wrong link me.

MYSTERIO3601943d ago

Sony will never get credit where credit is due.

ABizzel11943d ago

It's just a trashy website looking for hits. Don't give them the pleasure.

_-EDMIX-_1943d ago

If Deep Down was shown at MS press event, I would like it just as much as I would at Sony's. I think the people posting this crap are not gamers. Period.

Sony showed games, showed specs of a beast system, gave a launch window....stfu. I think to ask for more is just so damn silly. If you didn't like it, you may not like games period. And if you have such a niche for certain types of games, ie I only love Lumines or only play Halo 2, or Starcraft 2 etc. I don't really think you can speak for the rest of gamers the everything compared to your 2 game interest. The PS4 reveal trailer has over 11 million hits by now, weather you like it or not...people kinda care about what they just saw.

To say it was "current gen" is a pure joke. Nothing on PC looks like many of demos shown and for good reason. No publisher on PC has pushed it to such a level. As if you where expecting 16gigs of ram or something. Not even I was expecting Sony to have 8gigs of ram! I was expecting 4gigs or so.

And the whole PS Eye thing.. yeah. Its like saying to MS "its pretty much just a PSEye but its called Kinect"

"our friend control your character to get past a tough boss or puzzle does not sound appealing at all because the fun of games is overcoming obstacles, and this would cheapen the whole experience."

So...your mad at a choice to do something? You don't have to do it right? many people used cross-game chat to help friends in other games? Its like say "cross game chat suck because friends can help you through hard puzzles in games and its not the point in gamez" um.....I don't understand? Your mad at the choice and option to do so? You don't need to do it moron. So what are you going to do, if I told you I beat the last boss on KZ2 for my friend? I went over his house to do it, are you mad at me? Did PS3 MAKE ME do it? LOL! Theses issues are so stupid its not even funny. Its just sad.

Your mad that a PS4 won't let you play a PS3 game too.....not surprised. This was not made to play PS3 games...GASP!

nosferatuzodd1943d ago

you ma lady are a very smart woman bubbles for you
just like you've said Its just that some company not going to call any name coughmscough paying trolls to talk smack just like they did with the scroogle add about Google or apple we all know there schemes cant beat em spread propaganda.

Its a good press conference its not perfect but you can tell Sony really appreciate their loyal fans and they listen to what everyone has to say and implicated it in this new systems the only thing didn't like is no Bc but knowing Sony they'll work really hard to fix that..

DonFreezer1943d ago

At first don't try to make fell bad for the fact that you were banned on n4g because you defended ps4 and Sony.I have been banned several times just for calling people ps3 fanboys so that's nothing. Second let's see the game and judge by ourselves. Killzone 4 surely looks great.

IAmLee1943d ago

One person wasn't impressed... Who gives a fuck. Buy the xbox then.. after all, there show was a lot bet- wait a second...

deno1943d ago

You have a point about him being a fanboy. But what about you? You are usually on every Nintendo article bashing Nintendo. You are supposed to enjoy all video games, remember you are a gamer.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

edit:posted comment in wrong place, pretend this doesn't exist

showtimefolks1943d ago

because you are a fanboy/troll who likes xbox,wiiu or maybe pc

ps4 will be able to compete with pc graphics maybe not on the highest setting but medium for sure and that's saying a lot for consoles

i guess 12 fully owned studios working on ps4 games not enough

i guess many 2nd party studios like ready at dawn,insomniac,QD working on ps4 isn't impressive

i guess still a free psn now with more features and free cross game chat not impressive

and i guess long history of playstation brand delivering content isn't impressive

sony admitted the fact cell processor wasn't a success now let's see if ms comes out and admits they rushed xbox360 and were trying their best to not create another RROD machine

trolls use to try harder now its i hate this and i hate that articles

keep hating while most of us will actually enjoy games

and now if someone pays for xblive on next xbox than they are stupid, when one company is offering everything for free while other charging you for it than you are a moron for paying for what is suppose to be a free service

aysen101943d ago

So I read the article and this comment and I agree with you. The person that wrote the article, just wanted to spread hate. Also, you should wait until killzone shadow fall to come out first before saying anything other than "the gameplay VIDEO looks amazing" because playing a game alway makes the difference. I love most of the features that the PS4 will incorporate. Why? because that will just make every other gaming company up their product and the consumer will have a better experience overall. The touchpad has me concerned though.

xtremeimport1943d ago

I cant tell if this article and his photo at the bottom of it is serious or not..

cj1pate1011943d ago

Ok sonyfan girl thats why kz2 cg 05 was rendered on a computer not a ps3. Thats also why you dont understand computers what so ever. The ps4 is basiclly a mid range pc and all they showed for kz shadow hype was a little bit if game play and nothing that amazing. I didnt even see dx11 character models, dx11 hair nothing special. Amd is bringing you that pricey next gen gaming system with a lack of major dx11 support. Not to mention we get everythin you get but earlier. O and crysis 1 > kz 2 and 3 any day shadow fall is all hype so calm down.

ChickeyCantor1943d ago

"pushing tech forward "

Not to bash on the PS4. However if developers focused solely on PC and not console, tech could have been pushed eons ago.

Ps4 still looks good. But CONSOLES are the reason why tech stagnates.

ALLWRONG1942d ago

The first comment is pure trolling but has 302 agrees.

Welcome to N4G

PhantomT14121942d ago

More like welcome to Sony fanboy base. If you're not one of them, you came to the wrong neighborhood mothaf*cka!