R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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I always assumed that the reason why the graphics are less impressive, and there being a lot less npc's and traffic than the campaign had something to do with the fact that the whole city has to be streamed via internet. I didn't think it was due to cobsole limitations since the cobsoles handled Los Santos just fine. In fact, I notice that the graphics are improved when I play a mission alone, or if I play the roaming mode in solo mode. It looks as good as campaign when I do that. But...

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Try passive mode. That's what it's there for.

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I wish we could see pics of mgo or more info

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His 70 year old mom builds gaming PC's, AND she get's the parts from new egg.

Yeah, I totally believe him. Well, after all, MS reps have a rep for being trustworthy

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Just because a game is "original", doesn't automatically make it good. Only hipsters put a correlation like that together.

Note: I haven't played Beyond, so my comment isn't a stab at that game, but I'm generally saying that about all games. Original games need to also be GOOD games if they are to leave a positive impression.

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But keep it in the 80's. Modern miami isn't as exciting as Vice City game was.

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Oddworld games have always had the underlying theme of harshness, slavery, brutality and mental cruelty as a theme. The creatures were even being forced to work as slaves while they're eyes were surgically removed, only to take the bone's of their comrades and turn them into an ingredient for soft drinks. Weird--yes, but also shows how cruel slavery/captivity can get (think of the cruelty shown towards Holocaust victims and how they were dismembered, tortured, experimented on, and not...

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Now there's an agenda? Maybe they just don't like the movie-to-gameplay ratio found in Cage's games. They are entitled to their own opinions, and are letting us know if they think it is worth a $60 purchase. Yeah people compare Beyond to the Walking Dead games from TellTale, but that game was only $20, had a well written story, and the choices you made gave you reason to replay it. But according to reviews (both positive and negative), they state that Beyond: Two Souls offers NONE...

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That makes no sense whatsoever. That's like saying that you would never watch tv again if you took up an interest in jogging. What does time spent doing one thing have to do with the other?

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Well deserved. Good blog.

Also, shout-outs to Valenka for the GTA V review. Seriously should consider game journalism professionally.

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What are u talking about? U only have to play ONE race, and u don't even have to win it. U can just put controller down and let lamar win. Simple. You're complaints are the LEAST of GTA Online's problems (and it has MANY).

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Now's the time to get SMT IV if u haven't already

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"I can't wait" by stevie Nicks and "Adult Education" by Hall & Oats. Also I discovered Kenny Loggin's music via this game. I never heard that song until playing GTA V. Man, the 80's sound is so awesome. Better than the crap on the radio now.

Also I like indie/underground songs like "Change of Coast" by Neon Indian and "Don't Come Close" by Yeasayer. And "One of Them" rock song song (can't remember artis...

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Damn this is detailed! Feels exactly like how a real heist would go down. Right down to the synchronized timing of where each team member needs to be in order to get the job done efficiently and timely.

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Desperate Article topics like these remind me it's Sunday. Thanks. I forgot.

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So what? It's not even the same demographic. How many times have the "Just Dance" games been the top selling games month-after-month? Doesn't mean anything. People who buy casual crap like that usually ONLY buy those kinds of games (*ahem* COD). Real hardcore gamers spread their dollars across several REAL hardcore games.

Edit: I don't know anything about "my little sister" game. So forget what I said.

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You lose $2000 everytime someone kills u in a REAL match? Or do u lose the money when in free roam? I love killing fools in free roam since there's so much space, but if they lose $2000 even if it's in the bank, then now I feel awful. I just wanna cause a rampage back & forth without any real consequence to the other player's [banked] money.

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I like it arcadey--it's fun again. GTA 4 driving was slow and boring.

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The game is kinda fun but damn is it broken. People maxing out already? Wow.

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How do i get my character back from the cloud?

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