R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Did u play the beta? Is the muliplayer in the final retail version just as balanced and well-controlled (in other words, does it play the same) as the beta?

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Huge comeback in Japan is imminent

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So? Mega Man series and it's creator are more well-known. Doesn't mean Shantae is any less as good a game.

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What was your name on mgo? I was "Salad Snake" and "Endeavor" from North American servers.

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I hope mgo3 ignores the story and lets us do SOP anyway. The limitations in the story shouldn't limit the creativity of the multiplayer. That sucks when games do that.

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What was it like playing a next gen game? Did the graphics feel like a large enough leap? How about animations? Youtube videos don't do next gen graphics enough justice.

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YES! Your the man Nyxus! If anyone could break the news on MGO3, I knew it would be you!

Edit: Can anyone translate the original Japanese of that text please? Everyone knows that google translate totally butchers non-latin based languages.

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Nice. Now all they need is a website so MGO fans can direct them on how not to screw up MGO 3 with too much westernization.

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Whoa. Dem's fighting words.

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@Trafalger: Only a child would resort to such measures just to harrass someone else. DragonKnight is liked alot because he's cool. Get over it.

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Notice the part that says the LA team is NOT involved with MGS V, just MGO. I guess that means we'll see some mgo this tgs since LA studio is being featured!

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This is great for the japanese audience too, since they like their games on the go. And pulling-off a mmo on the go is hard to do, but with remote play it's possible.

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He really said GZ is this year?

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Valkyria Chronicles 3. Sega is such a joke the last few years.

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Just pre-ordered killzone mercenary. The first fps to make me interested in the genre again. I haven't seen a shooting game this balanced in a while. The beta definately made me a believer.

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How does user generated levels get in the way of the campaign's story? It is an ADDITIONAL feature to extend the life of the game. People complain about everything nowadays.

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I don't even like FPS games anymore, but the beta made me a believer. Feels like a fps version of MGO. Very deep balanced game.

A good game is a good game.

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Is there a pre-order bonus?

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I still might get an Ouya just to add to my console collection. It'll be very rare soon.

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