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The payment feature has now officially been removed from the Steam Workshop

50m ago - According to a post in the official Steam Workshop group here, the payment feature has now been r... | PC

So Let's Talk About Mods Being Sold On Steam (The Jimquisition)

7h ago - Jim Sterling: "There was no way we couldn't talk about this one today - in fact, I don't think I'... | PC

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Petition to remove Valve's Paid Mods gets over 120,000 Signatures

10h ago - A petition to remove Valve's Paid Mods from the Steam Workshop gets 120,000 Signatures... | PC

Refunding Mods On Steam Locks You Out Of The Market For 7 Days

11h ago - One Angry Gamer "There appears to be a seven day grace period after getting a refund for a mod on... | PC

Why Steam's Paid Mods System is a Horrible Mess

15h ago - IGN: Modders can now sell their work on Steam and that is ruining everything what the modding com... | PC

Pay To Play Mods Coming To Steam

15h ago - Steam recently announced the implementation of a new system allowing mod makers in its Steam Work... | PC

Gravity Error is now on Steam Greenlight alongside a demo.

15h ago - Are you skilled enough to guide Force in his quest seeking emotional stableness? Gravity Error is... | PC

Let Us Talk About Paid Mods

16h ago - No clickbaiting here, just Dr. Strangethumb talking about paid mods on steam. The good, the bad,... | PC

Blowing Off Steam: Paid Mods and Consumer Fallout

19h ago - The recent fervor over mods and how much money modders should be entitled to for their work has p... | PC

Gamerz Unite: In Verbis Virtus Review

20h ago - Gamerz Unite takes a gander at Indomitus Games' newest first person adventure In Verbis Virtus, f... | PC

Publishers Determine Steam Workshop Pay Percentage, Not Valve

1d 1h ago - One Angry Gamer "The monetary or revenue percentage share that modders receive for their mods bei... | PC

'Paperbound' Review (PC)

1d 4h ago - Multiplayer arena combat game 'Paperbound' can be a whole lot of fun -- provided you're not looki... | PC

Petition Against Steam’s Paid Mods Reaches 100k Signatures

1d 12h ago - NerdBite: It’s pretty evident at this point, that many people are upset at Valve for introducing... | Culture

Mods for Money is DLC for Money

1d 14h ago - So Steam is making it so people can now charge money for the game mods they create, and it’s star... | PC

Where’s Our Cut, Fool? On Paid Mods and Steam Workshop — Avoiderdragon

1d 14h ago - The controversy with Steam Workshop having mods for sale has got people fuming. Paid mods may hav... | PC

HomeRow Podcast Episode 6 - No one likes you, Dennis

1d 14h ago - HomeRow Podcast: "In this episode of the HomeRow Podcast, there's a ton of Star Wars, how Stea... | PC

Gabe Newelle Just Did An AMA On Reddit Regarding Paid Mods

1d 14h ago - It seems like the complaints have been heard by the big dog himself AKA Gabe Newelle, CEO of Valv... | PC

Some Modders Denounce Steam’s Paid Mods, Will Keep Their Mods Free

1d 14h ago - One Angry Gamer "Some modders have openly denounced the opportunity to take money directly for th... | PC

Garry's Mod Creator Responds To Steam Workshop Paid Mods

1d 18h ago - Garry Newman, the creator of one of the greatest sandbox mods of all time 'Garry's Mod', has post... | PC

Why Steam’s new paid mods is a bad idea

2d ago - Why Steam new approach towards paid modings can be troublesome for the industry. | PC

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Gabe Newell Responds on Steam's Paid Mods; Goal Is to "Make Modding Better;" $10,000 Earned So Far

2d ago - The introduction of mod monetization on Steam's dedicated platform Steam Workshop has caused quit... | PC

Steam For-Profit Mod System Fallout Grows & It’s Going to Get Worse

2d ago - Community fallout from the Steam Workshop's new for-profit mod system has already started. Even w... | PC

Paid Steam mods: a step in the right direction or disaster in the making?

2d ago - Dealspwn: "If you're a PC gamer, chances are that you've noticed the storm clouds swirling around... | PC

Paid mods: Amazing Idea on Paper, Terrible in Application

2d ago - ASidCast: "When I first heard about Steam supporting paid mods, I was kind of optimistic, however... | Industry

Paid Mods In Skyrim: Is This The End Of Modding As We Know It?

2d ago - Skyrim Fansite writes: "Paid mods in Skyrim roll out today in a controversial new Steam Workshop... | PC
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