Steam OS First 'True' Gaming OS. Final Screens and Steam Controller List - Releasing in a few Hours

Steam OS, the first 'true' gaming os is releasing in a few hours. Here are the final screenshots and the steam controller compatible games list.

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Pain_Killer1803d ago

The UI looks sleek, i bet it will be an amazing experience and i will probably think of building a separate Machine for SteamOS.

My primary rig will still run Windows.

alexkoepp1803d ago

Pretty sure since the PS2 we have had "true" gaming OSs... quit kidding yourself steam you are just rebranding a PC and no one cares...

DomceM1803d ago

you know, your argument would have been fine last gen, or any gen before that.

But you cant get away with saying shit like that when next gen consoles themselves run x86 architecture (ie they are PCs)... except they cant be upgraded.

So yeah your console is a rebranded pc too, but you seem to not give a shit. So relax will ya?

frostypants1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

@DomceM, consoles have architectural differences from PCs. x86 is just a CPU architecture. The SteamBox has much more in common with a traditional PC than a console does.

You could build a PC, throw SteamOS on it, and you've basically got yourself an unbranded SteamBox. You couldn't build a PS4 from the PC parts bin, no matter how hard you tried.

SteamBox is more of a marketing gimmick to sell branded computers. The awesomeness here is SteamOS itself. And it is quite awesome. The challenge will be getting developers to make Linux versions of games on a broad scale.

Orpheus1803d ago

^ Jealousy can make people pour out rubbish out of their mouths.

ShinMaster1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

@ DomceM

You switched the argument from UI to CPU architecture.
That's a different subject.

Steam Machines are branded PCs. They can run SteamOS and Windows, just like PCs can run Windows and SteamOS.

SteamOS and Steam Machines compete with Windows for gaming.

So I assume when they claim "first true gaming OS" they're talking about for PCs because consoles have been doing this for years.

GROTSTOMPA1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Are you insane? A free LINUX-Based Operating System for PC and it's all a joke to you? You think this is some "sell my Box" scheme? The console is a cheap and totally separate choice for the Steam O.S, so NO way...
Linux is the most stable, free-open source, efficient operating system ever developed. We are FINALLY getting the opportunity to choose as a (mainstream) and get what operating system we prefer for gaming, to top it off it's free like it should be and for the gamer so we can rid ourselves of the Counter-productive, progression halting parasites known as Microsoft.
This is the only thing that sets PC's apart from console gaming as far as having a fully-functional social gaming-network experience. PC gets it in the form of Windows, or "Applications" like games/software, but it's spread out and it doesn't connect all gamers as a whole, or as one like consoles can. This is the only reason aside from Exclusive games... (which needs to change in the future).. that people buy consoles, it's for the social experience.
This is a huge leap for PC gaming, beyond some minuscule "Who cares, it's a joke". This is the true Next-generation and progressional leap towards freedom of choice in gaming, sharing and information. Don't kid yourself, get with the program. Thanks

AndrewLB1803d ago

Anyone who says the PS4 and Xbone are not PC hardware has lost their mind. Both systems are essentially laptops where everything has been combined onto a single board.

I think many of you are forgetting that Xbone is basically running windows 8 and PS4 is running FreeBSD based Kernel... which is hardly a great kernel for games. It's based on Unix much like Mac OSX is, and games run much better on Windows than they do on Mac when running identical hardware spces. My Hackintosh benchmarks about 20% better running Windows 7 + DirectX than it does running OSX Mountain Lion + OpenGL. Linux should run even better. I plan on tri-booting my Hackintosh with Steam OS to test it out soon.

s45gr321803d ago

Not to disagree or agree with you but you may be right. Hopefully this rebranded PC cost as low as $500.00. Also it better be as painless as possible when it comes to upgrading but it feels more and more Alienware than a true revolutionary system.

fullmetal2971803d ago

Can the PS2's OS run on different hardware configuration?

MidnytRain1803d ago

It's amazing that a person with so many disagrees is getting marked as "Well Said."

JokesOnYou1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Interesting, I want to see more.

Kemistri1803d ago


I whole heartedly disagree.

The Linux kernel and FreeBSD (BSD in general) are all amazingly efficient kernels that outshine Windows(NT kernel) in most scenarios. Speed, Stability, etc. But that can only take you so far, because the software written to work on top of that, the userland software, all play a big part in the performance of the machines.

The reason for gaming to be an issue on these particular platforms has nothing to do with the kernels themselves, but mostly to do with the series of libraries and graphics drivers that are under-developed due in part to the fact that by nature these platforms are moving targets with constant changes being made, unless you choose a stable long-term branch and backport only the needed pieces to stay current. Which is exactly what SteamOS is doing.

I'm curious to see how this will all play out. Because from my experience a game that is properly ported to work in a Unix-like environment ala FreeBSD or GNU/Linux have yielded much better results in terms of raw performance compared to the Windows version.

This is due in part to the streamlined, unbloated nature of these systems. Much better memory management and over all system stability.

Mac has improved over the years, but it's still suffers from a bloated and poorly implemented gfx layer that performs well only under particular circumstances. Overall, this has never been a focus until recently with iOS getting most of the love and attention in this regard.

This is not to knock on Windows being a BAD platform for games, as that is not the case. However it's not the BEST and alternatives really can shine when optimized for that particular task.

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esemce1803d ago

Partition and Dual boot would be easier.

WeedyOne1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Just buy a new hard drive and boot steam OS on that, no need for two computers. You can always have windows on your original hard drive.

Or you could split the partition on your existing hard drive and duel boot that way like the guy above suggested.

frostypants1803d ago

How is it the first "true" gaming OS? Maybe for traditional PC architectures. Consoles run true gaming OS's by definition.

s45gr321803d ago

Is basically the first gaming OS for PC, but from the pictures it looks like Big Picture Mode.

Sly-Lupin1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I'll need to see an actual reason to switch to SteamOS instead of keeping windows. A mariginal improvement in performance with a handful of games just ain't gonna cut it.

And for the record, since so many people here seem to have a problem with these concepts: "PC" is NOT a platform. Windows is a platform. Linux is a Platform. OSX is a platform.

A "platform" is the firmware used to run applications and interface with the machine.

To yield to metaphor: games are plays, platforms are stages, hardware is the foundation--the bedrock--on top of which the theater is built. (EDIT: this is why hardware is irrelevant to platform--why your PC is still a PC when you swap video cards, or why your N64 is still an N64 when you add RAM).

This is why, for example, a SNES game is still a SNES game when being run on a modern PC via an emulator--the emulator IS the platform.

warczar1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

"My primary rig will still run Windows."

Why? is it because you love buying a new OS every 3-5 years or is it because windows 8 rhymes with great? /s

mixelon1803d ago

Probably because most games don't have linux/steamos support. That would be my guess anyway!

3-4-51803d ago

I got Windows 8, after reading all the negative comments and 90% of them are just untrue or completely false.

Windows 8 might be the best OS I've ever had.

I don't mess with the BS either, I just keep it on " Desktop" and it's perfect. It's as if it was Windows 7, but runs everything that much better.

People are very gullible to believe that Windows 8 sucks.

warczar1802d ago


For your information I had windows 8 forced on me and unless you have it on a tablet or something for a touch screen it doesn't just suck it blows. My favorite part about it is when it gets stuck in an endless loop while trying to log in and you have to do a restart just to turn your GD laptop on. Yeah, Windows 8 rules. I could boor you with every problem I've had with 8 but there isn't enough room on N4G, and besides, my comment is more about how Microsoft pumps out operating systems like yearly releases of COD.

3-4-51803d ago


This STEAM OS, can't even run all the games that are on STEAM that my normal PC can run ?

That doesn't make sense.

I can play 95% of the games on steam, some just don't run well, but almost all work fine.

Why isn't this the case for STEAM OS ?

unless I'm missing something here.

a_squirrel1802d ago

It's linux that boots into big picture mode.

Steam is a distribution platform, games and programs are compiled for specific OS.

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2pacalypsenow1803d ago

windows have been fine for gaming since 95 ill stick to windows


If you are 85 and stuck in your ways. Microsoft Windows is one of the worst gaming operating systems ever conceived.. if you knew anything in the I.T field, or educated yourself in any manner you would retract that statement and weep. You are currently by definition - An Anti-progressor.

IcicleTrepan1803d ago

lol with a statement like that I only think one thing. What are you to IT, disgruntled telephone tech support?

2pacalypsenow1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I could care less what field of I.T you need to play game they run just fine on my windows 7 , have fun with your steam OS .

nukeitall1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I wonder how fixes configuration bugs and issues with Linux.

Manually edit conf files with nano? Try out a few command lines?

Linux has come a long long way, and even with Valve it probably still needs a lot of work. It isn't a system built for user friendliness, but a system hacked togheter to make it easy for developers to do things quickly. Once you dive below the pretty UI, it is an ugly mess.

I look forward to trying SteamOS and have high hopes, but have a feeling it will not be what people think it will be.

Volkama1803d ago

I don't think many people in "the I.T field" would agree that Windows is the worst gaming OS ever conceived...

If SteamOS does offer tangible performance benefits then I'll dual boot. If performance is more-or-less equal I'd consider SteamOS for a new build to same some money, so long as support is up to standard.

Otherwise I'll stick to Windows.

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specialguest1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Windows was the only real option when gaming on a pc, and practically monopolized pc gaming. It was fine because we didn't know any better since there was no real option. With Steam OS making its debut, we will find out if it'll make any difference, or how far behind it'll make gaming on windows feel. Remember internet explorer? Yeah there was a time when it had no real competition and everyone thought it was fine because it was the default browser. Along came firefox which was slicker, faster, and more user friendly.

s45gr321803d ago

I agree with you completely, Steam OS may finally encourage game developers to make games for the Linux platform natively and for once game developers will be able to make PC games without Windows interference (resources, updates, joke of a security system, etc).

Autodidactdystopia1803d ago

I know its unpopular to say this but I like IE just fine.

It is actually faster than chrome and Mozilla atm as well.

Full comprehensive testing has been done. Ie wins 75% of the tests performed. Many different groups have come to the same conclusion.

Chrome is good and so is firefox. but all the realworld testing as of 2013 Ie is back on top of the performance category.

nukeitall1803d ago

Things improve, it still doesn't mean IE is bad. It was the best until Firefox came, and now Firefox is a slow mess and Chrome is the better option.

It is called advancement, and IE hasn't competed in ages.

specialguest1803d ago

I agree about forefox being a slow mess now. I used to love it when I made the switch. Now im using chrome. As for IE, I use that at work.

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frostypants1803d ago

Windows has been awful for gaming. It hogs system resources and creates instability.

curtis921803d ago

If this was ANY other company other than Valve doing this, I'd be absolutely sure it'd be a complete and total failure. I'm still not sure this will ever get any traction but because it's valve, it has a better chance than most other companies.

pwnsause_returns1803d ago

thats because valves track record is positive compared to others.

Maxor1803d ago

I recall a time when the entire Counter Strike community was in revolt over having to sign into Steam to play CS. Nobody thought it would work because they created a service which the PC gaming community, at the time, did not need, and everyone hated.

Look at where Steam is now, the standard which all digital gaming are measured against. These guys are truely the Apple and Amazon of the gaming world.

AgitatedOcelot1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Steam didn't offer much in those days. It was basically always online DRM that was shoved out with Half Life 2. And people absolutely hated it. I hated it at the time as well.

Of course that always online DRM happened to turn into the worlds largest and most progressive digital distribution service for games, but that didn't happen over night. It was a long journey for Steam to go from being complete bullshit to what it is today.

There are so many other imitators out there now like uplay, the now dead GFWL, and origin. But they are just bullshit always on DRM trying to fly in the guise of being just like steam.

Steam is loved now because they give players what they want at a price they are willing to pay, and the software works well. All the other imitators are barely functional pieces of trash with games that cost as much if not more than a full retail release. Valve understands what it takes to sell digital games and that you can actually make more money selling games in a blow-out sale than by being stubborn and staying locked at $59.95 for eternity.

And it's got nothing at all to do with successfully blocking piracy. Because the Steam DRM gets cracked every single time. All the releases of cracked games are usually Steam versions.

DeadIIIRed1803d ago

Sorry I had to disagree, but comparing Valve to Apple and Amazon is comparing apples to oranges. The two latter companies have a giant chunk of the whole markets they operate within. The innovation just isn't on the same scale either.

Valve is just Valve and it has been working for themselves and their customers for years.

tagan8tr1803d ago

@deadlllred think you missed the point at one time amazon wasn't amazon now they lead the way like valve is now starting to lead the way in digital distribution of games, its still a small market but growing just like online shopping was in the 90's

aliengmr1803d ago

Valve is one of the few companies that plays the "long-game". They don't do innovation by the quarter. They put something out and just let it grow over time.

These Steam boxes are going the same route. Valve will wait years for it to take hold, just like Steam.

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Software_Lover1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Its just big picture mode.

Since I game on a powerful mini ITX rig, what I would really like is.......

To be able to purchase the sff cases separately.

Alienware x51
DigitalStorm Bolt
Ibuypower steam box

I currently use a Lian Li brushed aluminum case, but would love to try out one of those mentioned.

frostypants1803d ago could use a shoebox as a case...who cares?

Scrumptious1803d ago

I am skeptical of the controller. I hate playing games on tablets for lack of physical pads and buttons. I am wondering if the concavity of the touchpads will be a good substitute for the traditional crosspad. Other than that I love Ubuntu so a game-centric Linux distro that is free has huge potential IMO as long as they can add some non-gaming features beneficial to a HTPC.

cesuf1803d ago

" I hate playing games on tablets for lack of physical pads and buttons."

You do know controllers have been out for tablets and phones for over 3 years now. Your a bit behind on the "latest" news here fella.

Scrumptious1803d ago

I have a wired xbox controller I hook up to my nexus 7 for playing games and it works brilliantly. However, I do not haul around a controller to play on my tablet or phone on the go. The controller you linked would not be something to put in ones pocket like a wallet or keys.

The point of my comment was that I am skeptical of the controller until I get to try it out in person, while at the same time excited about a game-focused Linux distribution.

cesuf1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

This is even called the Pocket Controller for your convenience. Although if your wielding a 7-10" tablet, Im not really sure why you'd be overly concerned with pocket sized. Nonetheless, here it is:


edqe1803d ago

I guess it depends what kind of games you like to play. It looks like Steam Controller works well with games like Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Civilization, etc. like keyboard+mouse does. To me Steam Controller looks better for FPS than console controller although keyboard+mouse is still unbeatable choice. Personally I have found console controllers good for platformers and FIFA.