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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading - Web App Investments to Make Coins

9h ago - Today I will be showing you how to begin your journey on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App, I'll... | Xbox

The History of Silent Hill: Part 1 - The Team Silent Years

2d ago - As Konami's Silent Hill series celebrates its 15th anniversary, PSU looks back at the franchise i... | PS2

The History of Shin Megami Tensei (1987 – 2014)

3d ago - Did you know that the Shin Megami Tensei franchise has strong ties to the Nintendo brand? Many of... | PS2

Retro Reboot: Steel Battalion

3d ago - In the latest Retro Reboot, 6aming's Jamie went back and played Steel Battalion. | Xbox

Now - Quickly locate just the right card for you. | Promoted post

EGX 2014: Hands on with The Evil Within

3d ago - Praise be to the Old Gods. Triple A horror returns, and it's called The Evil Within. Although... | Xbox

Top 10 Open World Racing Games of All-Time

4d ago - CraveOnline: "When it comes to making automotive racing something anyone can enjoy, nothing does... | PS2

Xbox State of the Game: What would sell the Xbox One for you?

4d ago - G3AR: "The Xbox One has finally launched in South Africa, if a little belatedly, but with it come... | Xbox

Retro Review: Lego Star Wars (PS2/Xbox/Gamecube)

4d ago - GuG Writer, Wesley Wood does a review of Lego Star Wars on the Gamecube. | GameCube

The Games That Make Us Feel

4d ago - A well-designed game forms a connection, a bond, between the player and its protagonist. Hopefull... | Xbox

16 Infamously Banned Games Around World

4d ago - Today you will learn together on the set of the most popular games released in the previous perio... | Xbox

Interactive Narratives: Talking KOTOR and Mass Effect with Drew Karpyshyn

5d ago - Dealspwn's Matt Gardner talks to KOTOR and Mass Effect lead writer, Drew Karpyshyn, about his exp... | Xbox

STR CAST EP24: The Game That Shall Not Be Named

6d ago - In this Forbidden Episode, The Nerds Discuss: Metro Redux, Science Girls, Edna & Harvey: The Brea... | Xbox

The Top Five PSX Rundown

6d ago - A personal list of the top five Playstation 1 games. | GameCube

100% Practical Destiny PvP Tips and Tricks

6d ago - Hello fellow Guardians! I'm going to do my best here to give you some tips and tricks that help m... | Xbox

Top 5 Games That Should Have Sold More

8d ago - These games all deserved more sales than their brief period on store shelves could give them. | Xbox

Today We Celebrate 10 Years of Def Jam: Fight for NY

9d ago - Junkie Monkeys: On September 20, 2004 Def Jam: Fight for NY released in the states and completely... | GameCube

Endless Backlog Podcast Episode 32: Why Can't I Hold All These JRPGs?

11d ago - Endless Backlog podcast crew talks about Japanese Role Playing Games: past, present, and future. | GameCube

Editorial: Who cares if Notch sold Mojang to Microsoft. Why does it bother you so much?

14d ago - Notch, the creator of Indie megahit Minecraft, has sold his company to Microsoft to the tune of 2... | Xbox

Hardcore Gaming 101's Castlevania Compendium Now Available

14d ago - Carl Williams writes, "The team over at Hardcore Gaming 101 have just released the 158 page compe... | PS2

Halo 1080p wallpaper collection

15d ago - all Halo wars, Reach, Combat Evolved, 2, 3, ODST, 4 and Guardians HD-wallpapers | Xbox

Fairy Fencer F (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into Compile Heart’s latest RPG. | Promoted post

Two Destiny Missions Detail Guide

16d ago - There are two missions in destiny, one is Story and other is Exploration. on this guide, you will... | Xbox

6 Awesome Games Based on Movies

18d ago - Mike from Awesome Games writes: 'It’s no secret that video games based on movies get a bad rap –... | GameCube

Microsoft Set to Unveil successor for Windows 8 but will Xbox play any part of it?

18d ago - With all the ups n downs for the Xbox One, right now i'm sure Microsoft is looking at all options... | Xbox

Investing in Video Games Part 4: Disney Is Blistering Hot But Dont Get Burned

18d ago - Welcome to part 4 of Investing In Video Games. In parts 1 through 3, we covered the 5 basic inves... | Xbox

Storm United is getting ready for Betas

19d ago - David Hanson, the CEO of PixelBeam studio is giving an interview for Gaming On Linux, talking abo... | Xbox
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