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Xbox One hacked for Homebrew?

9h ago - Hackers are claiming that they've found an exploit on the Xbox One that will allow homebrew on th... | Xbox

Chadley Plays Shenmue II

17h ago - Chadley of Punch Nerds plays some Shenmue II on the Xbox whilst discussing duplicate AI, unwarran... | Xbox

Top 10: The most epic moments in Call of Duty history

18h ago - Call of Duty has through the years become one of gaming's best-franchises. It is a series that is... | PS2

10 Years Later - The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

18h ago - Pixel Critique's month-long look at the 30 games that defined 2004, remembers a game that had no... | Xbox

Win a PS4!

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Top 5 Worst Superhero Games

1d 12h ago - Lisa doesn't know much about super heroes, so she calls in a friend to help her list off the top... | GameCube

5 Movie Spin-off games that DON’T suck

2d ago - Continue Play's Dale Morgan takes a look at the often-despised world of movie-based videogames, a... | PS2

Fable Franchise Manager Leaves Lionhead Studios

2d ago - Ted Timmins, who has been with Lionhead Studios since 2004, has decided to call it quits. | Xbox

Fighting Games: Looking Through Black Eyes

2d ago - Fighting games are a pinnacle of competitive video gaming. Two combatants, squaring off in the vi... | PS2

Where's My Sequel?: Freedom Fighters

2d ago - Brian O'Donnell of SpawnFirst discusses Freedom Fighters and its sequel that never came to be. | GameCube

10 Years Later - Burnout 3: Takedown

3d ago - Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, relays an important life... | GameCube

I Got Gameplay Ep 70 - Microsoft Xbox Retrospective

5d ago - Episode 70 of the I Got Gameplay radio show is now live! On this episode, the gang discuss the hi... | Xbox

Top 10 Most Unbelievable Video Game Cameos

6d ago - "So that’s what this week’s Top 10 is about — crossover characters so unbelievable that we can’t... | GameCube

Rage Against The Exploding Barrel

6d ago - In the year 1981 a decision was made which would forever alter the face of video games as we know... | GameCube

Magic The Gathering 2015 Will be Showed on PAX East 2014

7d ago - Magic The gathering is one of most famous card games in the world. And Wizards of the Coast has r... | Xbox

Put the gamers in charge of … everything

7d ago - Now that Phil Spencer is running Xbox, it may be possible for gamers across all platforms to bene... | GameCube

Top 25 Killer Apps

8d ago - While we await the games that will define the success of the newest generation of games machines,... | PS2

New gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, low res textures?

9d ago - The Evil Within is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks... | Xbox

Don't Let Your Kids Make These Mistakes

9d ago - For GamersSphere's Wayback Wednesday, one gamer recalls some terrible decisions he made Way Back... | Xbox

Start Replay Episode 21 "Virtual Foreplay" & Arkham Origins Giveaway

10d ago - Episode twenty one of the Start Replay podcast brings Josh, Ben and Tom together, but this time t... | GameCube

Top 5 Cancelled Horror Games

10d ago - Bloody Disgusting writes: Video games are expensive, and because publishers want a sure thing, so... | GameCube

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Gamers In Beta Podcast 047: Able Gamers Charity

11d ago - On this week’s episode of the Gamers In Beta podcast, the crew is joined by Mark Barlet, the foun... | Xbox

The Gamesmen, Episode 14 – Here Be Goats

11d ago - Join Hardlydan, Amras89, and Djleeroy85, for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk abou... | Xbox

top 5 Machinimas... That Aren't RvB

12d ago - With a certain websites URL having unintentionally changed the meaning of Machinima, it has becom... | Xbox

Microsoft Employee Reveals Info on Xbox One Background Tasks/Music & Spotify

14d ago - We're getting early evidence Xbox One functionality is going to match your desktop PC sooner than... | Xbox

Top 10 Zombie Games Ever Created

14d ago - Anthony Martinelli, GIZORAMA - "Though zombie-based videogames have been around for decades, they... | GameCube
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