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Call of Duty Bingo | Presented by AUTOMATON

1d 3h ago - AUTOMATON's Peter Martin presents: fully interactive DLC (in the broadest sense of the term) for... | PS2

10 Most Annoying GTA Characters Ever

1d 4h ago - WC: The traits of the characters that inhabit Rockstar’s world are a large part of what make it s... | PS2

5 Recommended MMOs of the Week (Aug 17 - 23, 2014)

1d 13h ago - Have you been a little tired of the MMO you are playing now? Are you busy with looking for the be... | Xbox

The fighting games that time forgot

1d 21h ago - Fighting games have been something of a niche since the turn of the millennium, but in recent yea... | PS2

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Four Reasons to Buy the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle

2d ago - "Later this year I’ll finally be picking up an Xbox One for myself. I looked over all the new bun... | Xbox

NFL 2K5 vs Madden 15 vs Madden 10 (Halftime Show)

3d ago - Wesley Wood compares the halftime shows of NFL 2K5, Madden 15, and Madden 10. | PS2

The New Working Model for Video Game Development and Release

4d ago - The launch of two major consoles has apparently ushered in a new working model for video game dev... | Xbox

Dragon Ball Xenoverse gets new screenshots et artworks

4d ago - Bandai Namco shares new screenshots of new races that the player will use to create his charater. | Xbox

Interview with COD & Coldwater star James C. Burns

5d ago - I interviewed James C. Burns regarding his role as SGT Woods in Call of Duty Black Ops 1 & 2,his... | Xbox

The Beastiarium - The Mimic Chest

5d ago - Imagine that you are walking in a dungeon, with low health and suddenly you see a chest in a corn... | GameCube

14 Classic Star Wars Games That Deserve an HD Remake

5d ago - EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Star Wars games have been coming out since the release of the first tr... | Xbox

Here’s who won each console war

6d ago - War. War never changes. Especially console wars. Ever since the Sega Genesis took on the Super... | GameCube

Amazon UK on the hunt for the greatest console ever

7d ago - Amazon wants its customers to pick their favourite console of all time. Up until August 31st,... | GameCube

Top 5 Best Tennis Games for PC,PS3 and XBOX 2014-2015

7d ago - Tennis is one of the most famous sport in the world.Many of you might know tennis quite well as y... | GameCube

Which Controller Is The Loudest? Sounding Off On Controller Noise

7d ago - Game Informer: "Recently, while making my way through Infamous Second Son as the rest of my house... | GameCube

Arcade Sports Games - Where has the ‘fun’ gone?

7d ago - My look at the lack of recent arcade sports games that reach the mark that the classics did, as w... | GameCube

MMO Weekly Review : August 9 - 15, 2014

8d ago - You know what big news has taken place in MMO market during the last week? Read at 2P's MMO Weekl... | Xbox

Five Console-to-PC Ports That Still Need to Happen

8d ago - Kevin from Denkiphile: "The staff consists primarily of PC gamers and Metal Gear Solid fans. We w... | PS2

5 exclusive games that aren’t any more and why we’re better off for it

8d ago - Rise of the Tomb Raider is now exclusive to Xbox for a limited time. Let's look at what other gam... | PS2

Top 5 most scary games ever

9d ago - Are you an ice cold gamer with nerves of steel? Be sure to check out these five games. | Xbox

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Silent Hill 2 retrospective: Horror sequel that still gives us chills

10d ago - Resident Evil reigned unchallenged in the survival-horror genre until Silent Hill came along, off... | PS2

Why Silent Hill 2 is still the most disturbing game ever made

10d ago - Eurogamer: "This week we learned that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are collaborating on a... | PS2

Halo: A Guide to the Expanded Universe

11d ago - The Halo experience doesn't end when the game credits roll. Here's our guide to the Halo expanded... | Xbox

The System Sellers: The Games That Made Their Systems Worth It

11d ago - While gamers deliberate over what the elusive killer app could be for the recently released cons... | GameCube

Top 10 Video Game Sequels

12d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'There are two different kinds of sequels: one is a soulless cas... | Xbox
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