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Ztrigger: James Bond Games

40m ago - With the latest James Bond movie releasing, William and Brandon decide to venture down the nostal... | PS2

Halo 2… 11 Years Later - How Bungie Conquered Adversity at Every Turn and Won

1d 6h ago - COG writes - The development of Halo 2 was quite possibly one of the hardest projects that Bungie... | Xbox

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Glitch in Recent DLC Reveals Future Arkham Knight Skin

1d 17h ago - November's Arkham Knight DLC briefly revealed the Batman: Noel skin to be released sometime in la... | Xbox

Top Five Star Wars Games

2d ago - Matthew from The Game Bolt: "Star Wars hype strikes back. If you’re a fan of Star Wars then there... | PS2

CVS Chooses the Wrong Xbox in Their Black Friday Ad

2d ago - This is the picture of an Xbox that CVS decided to use for THIS YEAR'S Black Friday ad. | Xbox

Lara Croft's Top 5 Moments in Tomb Raider History

5d ago - COG writes - Lara Croft has had many adventures over the history of the Tomb Raider franchise and... | PS2

How Xbox 360 Dominated a Decade

6d ago - Ten years ago today, Microsoft’s second attempt at a dedicated games console shipped to retailers... | Xbox

The evolution of Star Wars Battlefront, 2004-2015

6d ago - MMGN writes: How has Battlefront changed since its beginning in 2004 to today's outing? See how i... | PS2

New Footage of the Cancelled Caveman Game "B.C." Surfaces

6d ago - PtoPOnline has new footage of the cancelled title B.C., which was being developed for the origina... | Xbox

DLC, or Duping Lenient Customers?

8d ago - Steve C. talks about downloadable content, where it started, where it is, and where it seems to b... | Xbox

Skip Battlefront, Get Your Star Wars Fix From These Games Instead

9d ago - writes: ''After years of wanting and waiting for a new Battlefront, Dice’s eff... | PS2

Star Wars: Republic Commando - The Darkest Star Wars FPS

9d ago - Star Wars: Republic Commando wasn't only one of the best Star Wars first-person shooters ever mad... | Xbox

Star Wars: The Best, Worst, & Strangest Games

10d ago - Den of Geeks takes a look at the best, worst, and just plain weird games of Star Wars. | GameCube

Star Wars: Battlefront Review - G4@Syfygames

11d ago - Jason Faulkner writes:"Star Wars: Battlefront continues the massive build-up of new Star Wars con... | Xbox

The Worst Halo Player Ever?

12d ago - Playing Halo 5: Guardians on the Legendary difficulty is tough, VERY tough. Playing it with a tea... | Xbox

The original Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved celebrate their 14th birthday today

13d ago - Microsoft launched not one but two huge worldwide entertainment brands 14 years ago today. On Nov... | Xbox

Fallout 4 is Great, but it is Bethesda’s Frankenstein

14d ago - An opinion piece on the flaws of Fallout 4, why fans are ignoring them and how Bethesda patched F... | Xbox

Fallout 4 – How to Recruit and Woo All 13 Companions

14d ago - The world may have ended, but that doesn’t mean players have to go it alone in the Commonwealth.... | Xbox

Fallout 4 - Enemy Weakness Guide

14d ago - Mutant bears, super mutants, and deathclaws – oh my! All that radiation in Fallout 4 really had q... | Xbox

FIFA 16 Career Mode best young Wonderkids players TOTW 9: Gianluigi Donnarumma,Harry Kane

14d ago - In this week, Europe's top six leagues just finished game Week 12, how many wonderkids have gorge... | Xbox

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Top 10 Star Wars Video Games

17d ago - Bit Cultures writes: The upcoming DICE game Star Wars Battlefront has gamers and fans alike excit... | PS2

Interview: Discussing backwards compatibility, NXOE and the future with Xbox's Mike Ybarra

19d ago - Windows Central discusses the New Xbox One Experience, backwards compatibility, Windows 10 on Xbo... | Xbox

Call of Duty: Ranking the Main Games

19d ago - Den of Geek ranks the main Call of Duty games in celebration of the release of Call of Duty: Blac... | PS2

Should Microsoft Invest In a Handheld Console?

19d ago - Andrew Gonzalez from Xbox Enthusiast discusses whether or not Microsoft should invest in a handhe... | Xbox

Gamer Habits….. Excuses Excuses

19d ago - There is something else that goes hand in hand with gamer rage and that is excuses. We all use th... | GameCube
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