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Star Citizen as a star-studded, single-player space story - Squadron 42 explained

30d ago - What could possibly be worth $93 million? Well, think of it this way: Cloud Imperium now have a s... | PC

Star Citizen Squadron 42 Preview Interview With Erin Roberts

568d ago - Cloud Imperium Games Manchester Studio Head Erin Roberts previews the new Star Citizen Squadron 4... | PC

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

Amazing Star Citizen Video Will Show You a Different Kind of “Next-Generation”

629d ago - What is the “next-generation” all about? Different developers have different answers. Some are al... | PC

Squadron 42 Concept Artwork Finally Grants a Look at Star Citizen’s Single Player Campaign

645d ago - tar Citizen is rushing it’s $39 million stretch goal, with $38,856,117 gathered from pledges at t... | PC

Star Citizen Keeps Shattering Records: $27.000.000 Overtaken, New Art and Stretch Goal Revealed

745d ago - Chris Roberts' Star Citizen doesn't show any hint of stopping or even slowing down its crowd fund... | PC

New Star Citizen Renders and Artwork Show the Avenger, Marines

849d ago - Star Citizen is shaping up nicely, and Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games continues to impress b... | PC

Star Citizen Warps Past 14 Million Dollars In Crowd Funding

872d ago - There seems to be no end to Star Citizen‘s crowd funding cavalcade, as the game by Wing Commander... | PC

Star Citizen Drops a Cargo Load of Jaw-Dropping Renders, Artwork, Trailers and Videos

880d ago - Cloud Imperium Games released ten spectacular videos and a whole lot of renders and artwork, incl... | PC

Star Citizen Breaks All Records, Hits $11,000,000 In Crowd Funding

881d ago - Cloud Imperium Games just launched the new official website for Star Citizen, and is broadcasting... | PC

Star Citizen Introduces the Origin 300 Series Spaceship with Fantastic Mock Commercial and Brochure

887d ago - Cloud Imperium Games just introduced the newest spaceship class that will appear in the upcoming... | PC

Star Citizen Gets a New PreViz Video, and Teaser Artwork for the Origin 300i Interceptor

893d ago - The development of Star Citizen is going smoothly, with the 10 million dollars goal reached and v... | PC

Star Citizen Keeps Breaking Records, Reaches $10,000,000 in Crowd Funding

899d ago - While E3 is in full swing, the people at Cloud Imperium Games are probably celebrating, as Star C... | PC

Brochure for Star Citizen’s Ship Origin 300i Teased

934d ago - If there’s one thing that gets the blood of Star Citizen‘s fans pumping is a brochure for their f... | PC

Check out the Fantastic Brochure of Star Citizen’s Spaceship Aurora

943d ago - One of the best things about Star Citizen is the astonishing amount of detail Cloud Imperium Game... | PC

Star Citizen Flies Past Eight Million in Crowd Funding

1014d ago - Star Citizen reached today a total of eight million dollars in crowd funding confirming itself as... | PC

Holy Batman, Star Citizen Breaks Every Crowd-Funding Game Record & Hits Its $6 Million Dream Goal

1102d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Now this is bloody amazing. Star Citizen's crowd-funding campaign has ended an... | PC

Star Citizen Crowd Funding Campaign Obliterates Records, Closes at Over 6.2 Million Dollars

1102d ago - The crowd funding campaign for Star Citizen just ended a few minutes ago, having gathered $6,235... | PC

Star Citizen Skyrockets Past Five Million Dollars in Crowd Funding, New Gameplay Video Released

1103d ago - When the crowd funding campaign for Star Citizen started a month ago, very few had any doubts tha... | PC

Star Citizen Breaks Crowd Funding Record for Games, Final Count Down Starts With New Stretch Goal

1104d ago - This morning Star Citizen broke the crowd funding record for games, previously held by Project Et... | PC

Star Citizen Surpasses Four Million Dollars in Pledges, Two and a Half Days to Go

1104d ago - Fans of space combat simulators and starships have one more reason to be happy tonight, as Star C... | PC

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

Star Citizen Asks Fans to Choose the Design of the Freelancer

1105d ago - Today Cloud Imperium Games asked the fans to vote between two rather lovely designs for the MISC... | PC

Chris Roberts Issues Last Week Push for Star Citizen Crowd Funding

1108d ago - There’s only one week left for the crowd funding of Star Citizen, and Cloud Imperium Games issued... | PC

New Star Citizen Gameplay Video Showcases Formations and AI Wingmen

1109d ago - Cloud Imperium Games released today a new gameplay video of Star Citizen, showing a wing of Horne... | PC

Star Citizen Pushes Past The Two Million Dollars Goal, Shows Starship Design Document

1127d ago - Chris Roberts' Star Citizen overtook its overall funding goal of two million dollars, and the dev... | PC

Interview: Chris Roberts Gives a Glimpse on Star Citizen and Squadron 42

1128d ago - Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers.com sat down for a chat with Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts... | PC
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