Star Citizen Keeps Shattering Records: $27.000.000 Overtaken, New Art and Stretch Goal Revealed

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen doesn't show any hint of stopping or even slowing down its crowd funding cavalcade. The game has now shattered the mind boggling barrier of 27 million dollars pledged by its fans.

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ifritAlkhemyst1713d ago

Ha! And companies continued to thumb their noses at space-sim fans for all these years. Your loss.

Omegasyde1713d ago

I hope this game comes to consoles.

cyguration1713d ago

No... just no. Really. No.

Did I say "No"? Because no.

dcj05241713d ago

Why not? More money yes?

kingduqc1713d ago

Because the 27 million they got was pc gamer and they don'T care about baby toys?

OhhWerd1713d ago

I really need to donate and get in on this

Hassassin1713d ago

There's a special sale before the 26th

Bladesfist1713d ago

What is on sale? I am interested in buying it.

OhhWerd1712d ago

link? dont see anything on the site about a sale

Hassassin1711d ago

It hasn't started yet... and Idk exactly what will be on sale, but rumors say that it's going to be VERY rare alien ships and some exclusive ships that have been sold only for short periods of time.

GamerXGATT1713d ago

Why the hell do they need this much cash again?!

T21713d ago

Well compare to gta its a pittance ... Everyone seriously barage Chris with ps4 port requests ... He already had wing commander on ps and hes hinted at accepting this ...

RyanBurnsRed1713d ago

No he hasn't. He only said maybe. And even then, you shouldn't get your hopes up. He's making this game for PC only.

T21713d ago

how is maybe different than "hinting at being accepting of this"... it doesn't matter to me either way but ps4 version would be cool.

Meep1713d ago

The whole game is already funded. Right now people are just buying what they are selling. I bought mine a few months ago. For about $40 or $45 you get the game when it comes out access to the beta, and the alpha.

RyanBurnsRed1713d ago

The money they are earning now is being made to develop content that were planned to be added later on, but is now being made for the game's release in early 2015. The base game as been paid off for already, so Chris decided the extra cash will be used to get as much content in the game as possible while still staying on schedule.

deadfrag1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Thats actually my problem the release schedule,instead of adding more stuff i just wished they start contracting more programers because frankly i almost sure this game will not meet the release schedule. They should focus on releasing Squadron 42 mission base game and then focus on open galaxy advancements

CrimsonFox131713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )


They are. They just opened up a new studio in Manchester. That's in addition to their studios in Austin, and Los Angelos. Plus, they've been contracting a few other companies, such has Behaviour Interactive, to do some of the stuff for them. They've probably got over 100 people working on the game right now.

Tctczach1713d ago

What game could this be compared to?

cyguration1713d ago

At first it was just a space sim, but now it can't be compared to anything.

There's nothing really like it since you can land on planets, fly in space, get off (or out) of your ship, manage trade routes. This game will be unlike anything else out there.

ATiElite1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

The X Series and Eve Online would be the closest thing I could compare it too but even then StarCitizen is pushing the Space Trading/Combat Sim thing to astronomical proportions.

Oh I guess Elite:Dangerous can be compared to SC but Elite:Dangerous is still in development too.

Good times ahead for space sim fans


FragMnTagM1713d ago

The only thing I can think of that is remotely close to this is Entropia Universe.

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